Happy Birthday, Twinkles!

Happy Birthday Musings 2015

We’re turning 5 today, Twinkles! Can you believe it? *stunned by the passage of time*

Musings of a Twinkie is a big F-I-V-E years old today on this October 4th. *sniffles* Our little baby is growing up so quickly. *wipes tears*

To celebrate our community turning five, you’ll be seeing the return of the “Walk down Memory Lane” and a few other surprises. I hope you’re ready to forge boldly into our fifth year as a community with me! 😉

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Created Musings back in 2010 when viewers were frantically searching for SungKyunKwan Scandal recaps. She currently blogs and comments from the US. You can also find her on FB (@SnoopysTwinkie), twitter (@twinkiedramas), and YouTube (Twinkiedramas).

18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Twinkles!”

  1. Thanks for taken in one of your first fanboys and making me feel as one of the gang.. I been coming here 3 yrs now my goodness time does fly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY M.O.T I hopefor many more fun yrs ahead. Grace thanks for putting your site up thru it I have made so many friends. I miss talking with them but life has lots of twists and turns and I am sure the next turn will put us back talking like the old days. Hugs Grace you are the best!!!

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