Happy 4th Birthday to Our Musings Community!

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A great big Happy 4th Birthday to our Musings of a Twinkie community! Woohoo~! *blows noisemaker* Can you believe that our little community has been around for 4 years?! And it’s all thanks to readers like you! 🙂

Let’s get started with the celebration, Twinkles! It’s our birthday as a community! 

Now, in honor of our 4th birthday, I thought sharing with each other how we came to join this community and thoughts on this little community of ours would be a memorable way to start the celebration. Shall we hear from the creative forces here at Musings first and then from you all in the comments below?

The first blogger to join me here at Musings was Jules. You may recognize her from her blog byline:

4th - Jules

Here’s what she has to say:

Jules: I first stumbled upon Musings back in 2011, whilst in search of subtitles for a drama I was–at the time–obsessed with: A Thousand Kisses. Grace’s site was sub-free, but her weekly recaps saved my life (or at the very least my sanity) and provided me with a forum in which I could discuss the drama and, in the second half of its run, complain bitterly about the direction in which it had been taken.

(Side note: I remember when Musings switched over to its current domain name as I could no longer access the old site and became utterly frantic, believing that now I’d never find out what was going on inside the heads of my favourite pairing. [Woo Jin and Joo Mi, in case you were wondering. ^^])

Around the same time, I began watching High Kick 3 and suffered the same dilemma: no subtitles. Luckily, once again, Grace came to the rescue with near-daily recaps and, once again, kept me from losing my mind. Shortly after the show’s end, I volunteered to screencap for Grace’s Rooftop Prince (and then King 2 Hearts) recaps and from there, it was a short hop and a skip to writing the occasional recap and review.

And now it’s three years (and many, many dramas) on, and although much about the site has changed, one thing has not: its creator. She remains one of the best people I’ve ever known and her friendship–and the friendships of those I’ve grown to know and love because of Musings–remains a bedrock of strength in my life.

Thank you, Grace, for creating not only a blog, but a real community, forged of real connections and friendships, at which you remain the centre, the heart. We love our Musings, and we love you. <3

*sniffles* Why do I get the feeling that reading these birthday thoughts/comments are going to bring tears to my eyes?

The second blogger to join me was Mawiie, the resident maknae, or as we like to refer to her from time to time, the sneaky lil’ ninja maknae. 🙂 You may recognize her from her blog byline:

4th - Mawiie

Here’s what she has to say:

Mawiie: Eeep! Has it been 4 years already since Musings has been launched? It seems just like yesterday that Grace welcomed me by approving my first comment! How time has flown, huh? 😉

I first stumbled upon Musings more than 2 years ago, in a moment of post crack drama withdrawal, when I desperately needed to read additional recaps. I was a silent reader at first, but I remember being in awe when I saw the friendly atmosphere in the comment section. It gave me the courage to post comments here and there, and before I knew it, it was as if you guys had accepted this newbie as one of yours as well. So I came back every day, posting more and more, until Grace eventually gave me a chance to contribute as a guest author.

In the last two years, you’ve seen me shamelessly express my bias, followed me on drama dates, ogled at eye candy with me and witnessed my little artistic venture into the clay world. Heck, you’ve even seen me fly all the way to L.A. to meet up with Grace and romp in Pseudo Korea! But most importantly, you’ve talked to me, and you’ve shared your love and expressed your excitement over one thing or another. You’ve made this place a real community where people want to return to.

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been posting anything lately. The truth is that I have been in a k-drama slump (gasp!) for a while now. But you know what? I still come back and check Musings every day because there is always someone around to share tidbits about their newest drama crack, or just to stop by and say hi. So I want to thank you, Grace, Jules, NewKDramaAddict, and YOU, Twinkles, for making this place a home we can always  come back to <3

Hurray for our 4th year, and may we have many more to come! *throws confetti* 

Awww…our maknae. *wipes tears surreptitiously while no one looks*

The third and final blogger to join me was NewKDramaAddict. I often tease her about having learned the secret to bending time. Why? Because while the rest of us are sometimes sporadic with our posts, our fearless NKDA is constant despite her hectic Real Life schedule, and she makes everything look so effortless. Truly.

You may recognize her from her blog byline:

4th - NKDA

Here’s what she has to say:

New KDramaAddict: It is hard to believe that it has been 4 years since Musings beginnings! Surprisingly, I’ve only been a Twinkle for 3 years now. I first came to Snoopy’s Twinkie’s blog because of one drama: A Thousand Kisses. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear that a lot from other Twinkles. A lot of us were drawn to the site because of ST’s wonderfully written recaps. At the time, I was pretty new to reading drama blogs.

ST’s Musings was one of the first blogs that I started reading pretty faithfully because of ATK. Even though the drama drove us crazy, we continued to come back to read and commiserate with each other as the writer went from “writing a great drama” to “totally losing her mind!” Okay, that is how I felt. Talk about a HUGE disappointment!! However, after the drama, the one thing that kept me coming back week after week was the Movie Monday blog segments. Every Monday, we would get a different movie reviewed. Some I had seen and made sure to leave my comment but others I’d never seen before and was so glad that they were mentioned because I don’t think I would have considered watching them otherwise.

I’ve been a BIG fan of Asian movies forever, it seems. Every Saturday, my oldest brother would take me with him to a local theater and we would watch Martial Arts (mostly HongKong/Japanese) movies together. There are a lot of fond memories spent with my brother who has since passed away. I loved going to the movies with him, and he really is the reason for my fascination with the Asian theater that never faded away.

It was in December 2012 that I was asked to become a contributor and take over the Movie Monday postings. It actually made sense because movie weekends are pretty much a staple in my household, but I admit my first writings were for Musings as I’d never written anything before that wasn’t work related. Over 1 + year later, I’m still writing the Movie Monday post. I’ve also done a few “End of the Year” drama reviews and my one (and only) drama recap of You’re All Surrounded. Yes, folks, you won’t see me do another recap anytime soon.

As we have reached the 4th year milestone for our little blog, we are ever grateful to all who visit and post their comments. We are thankful that someone reads it, especially my movie reviews. Most of the time I don’t get any comments, but at least there is a reference there whenever someone is looking for a good movie to watch. I hope to be here another 4 years and continue to bring you great movies to watch!

I don’t know about any of you, but I for one am thankful that NewKDramaAddict accepted my offer to blog the “Movie Monday” posts because I don’t watch nearly as many movies as she does, and I was starting to run out of movies that I had watched and could blog. LOL

As for me, you all know me as Snoopy’s Twinkie or ST as some of you prefer to call me. You may recognize me by my blog byline:

4th - ST

As my byline mentions, I started Musings of a Twinkie back in 2010 during the whole Sungkyunkwan Scandal frenzy, and since then, it’s been an adventure that I could never have imagined. How does one even envision what Musings has become? I can’t even fathom what Musings will become in the next year…next five years…next ten and so on.

What started out as a few blogs posts to help ease some frustrations during SKKS has morphed into a tight little community of hearty Kdrama lovers who take some time out of their precious Real Life schedules to drop by, read, and sometimes comment on various posts. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, your comments are oftentimes much-need encouragements after a long day. And I so appreciate how Twinkles here try to maintain a position and encouraging community, especially during the trying times of our Real Lives.

For me to try to articulate any further how much I appreciate the Musings community would be futile since I can’t. So much has happened over the four years…

Bonds somehow forged with “strangers” despite distance, culture, and language differences.

Random surprise gifts and acts of kindness from incredibly generous Twinkles.

Fun romps through Kdramaland with some of the coolest people that I have had the privilege to befriend.

Unforgettable trips/visits and conversations with Twinkles as Kdramaland blurred into Real Life.

The list could go on and on, and I would never run out of things to say…because you have blessed me so incredibly with your continued support of this blog. Whether you are a silent reader–lurker as one of my little minions calls herself 🙂 –or a Twinkle who leaves comments, I thank you. Thank you for the past four years!


I hope that in my small way, I’ve been able to provide you with some safe and happy moments as you traverse through this thing we call Real Life.

Now, before I become all maudlin and start to cry–you all know that I rarely cry–let me continue the birthday celebration with a special October/4th Birthday giveaway. Heh…I should really clarify and say giveaways, huh? 😉

In honor of our 4 years together, I’m going to be sending out four prize packages with little surprise/mystery goodies of some food and Korean souvenir items. However, what you can see now and indicate a preference for are the four “featured” items shown below:

Prize Package #1: The Special Edition OST to Sungkyunkwan Scandal, the series that was instrumental in starting our Kdrama community back in 2010.

P1020918 P1020919

Prize Package #2: The Girls’ Generation 2011 Concert CD set. With recent news of the 9-member group downsizing to an 8-member group, this CD set is guaranteed to become a collector’s item for you SNSD fans.

P1020920 P1020921

Prize Package #3 and #4: The movie War of the Arrows, starring Park Hae Il and Ryu Seung Ryong. NewKDramaAddict reviewed it this week in her “Movie Monday” post (here). Yes, I’m a big fan of Park Hae Il and Ryu Seung Ryong and purchased two copies for this month’s giveaways. 🙂

P1020922 P1020923

Now for the rules:

1. Must be a subscriber to this blog as this is a thank-you gift to my subscribers. If you’re not already a subscriber, that is easily remedied by subscribing (right side of the screen). :)

2. Open internationally. We are, after all, an international community of Kdrama lovers! ;)

3. You can enter by leaving a comment below. Please feel free to leave comments about what brought you to Musings of a Twinkie, who you are, where you hail from, what you love about kdramas, etc.…anything that you just want to share with the community at large. ;) One comment will count as one entry, and only one comment will be counted per day. However, you’re always welcomed to leave more than one comment if you so desire; I’ll just be counting one per day.

4. The giveaway starts now and ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on October 13, 2014.

You may enter for yourself or give the prize away to a loved one. Good luck, Twinkles! And many thanks for helping our little community reach its 4th birthday! Happy birthday, Twinkles!!!

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39 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday to Our Musings Community!”

  1. Happy birthday!!! <3 I think I've been a subscriber for almost a year. I found your blog/site while I was looking for a Kmovie recommendation. I don't remember which movie it was but I'm pretty sure it was a rom-com. Anyway, I liked the site and I stuck around. I must admit, I'm not a very frequent visitor but it's not because I don't like your site. It's because I'm a pre-med student. But when I do get time, your site is one of the few I like to visit. I really like your Movie Monday and Eye Candy of the Week posts! Happy Birthday once again, Musings of a Twinkie, and I hope you have many many more! <3

  2. Happy Happy birthday!

    I can’t really remember what led me here or when was that. I might be young but my memory is not. I was a lurker at first but the give-aways I think was what initially brought me out of my cave.. haha…

    I find it funny that ATK was a major draw for majority of the community’s co-bloggers.

  3. Woot! Happy 4th, you lovely ladies! 😀 I honestly can’t even remember how I first got here.. I think perhaps I was blog-surfing? I do remember vaguely that after lurking for a while, it was Grace’s warmth that drew me out of lurking. I think it might’ve been a bulletin board or giveaway post, and I just wanted to appreciate the warmth that Grace showed in caring for the community 🙂 Love the blogoversary post, btw! Such a heartwarming treat, to hear how each of the writers found their way here ^^

  4. Happy birthday to Musings♥♥♥ Has it been 4 years already? Wow time flies! Like most of the Twinkles I found Musings because of ATK too, thanks to that crazy drama discovered some good friends with a mutual love for KDramas! The perfect place for me to rant or rave^^

    Here’s to many more years!

  5. Happy Birthday Grace and Ladies. It was fun to read how we all arrived at this site. I was an SS addict. I had just had my second daughter and was at home breast feeding every hour and dying for anyone to talk SS so this place was a heaven for me. It still is.

  6. Happy 4th Birthday! New to kdrama and sounds like everyone, looking for updates on our favorite kdramas, and mine was “Glorious Days” that brought me here.
    Frantically looking for information, came across couple of different bloggers but Musings was the only one I saved. I like it, love the warmth, thank you! Here’s to another great year of musing!

  7. Happy Birthday Musings! Time does fly, I remember when you first embarked on this journey and suckered me into checking in. I must admit I’m not watching any Kdramas anymore… but I enjoy your other posts and giveaways for sure. =) I read the most posts, even some Kdrama ones when TJ was an infant and I was up at all hours pumping and/or breastfeeding. Keep it up!

  8. Happy 4th Birthday, Twinkles! As some of you have stated it before, I also don’t really remember how I stumbled upon this site for the first time. Was it one of Jules’ posts? Was it a Movie Monday? Was it something else? I don’t know and I believe it’s not really important what brought me here, but what made me stay here. I may not comment on the posts here often enough, but without a doubt I read the majority of them! And I can’t even express how I enjoy them and how insightful and eye-opening they are. Thanks to all of you I got to know about many dramas, movies, variety shows, commercials, bands, etc. that I wouldn’t have known of otherwise.
    Once again a ‘happy birthday’ from me and I hope to see and hear from you for many, maaaany more years 😀

  9. Happy blog birthday guys! I started coming here for the “Glorious Days” posts. I have been a k-drama addict since “Coffee Prince” aired. I love your blog and check in every day. For all your hard work Thank You so much. I hope you will continue for many years to come.

  10. Happy 4th Birthday!!!!! I’m not sure what led me here either, but I know I was probably looking for recaps of my favorite KDramas! Thank to you guys for your contributions, witty senses of humor and for sharing a part of yourselves with us! We really appreciate all you do! Again, Happy Birthday and hope to share many more with you!

  11. Happy birthday you guys! 😀 That’s quite a while you’ve all been here so really, congratulations.
    I stumbled upon here long long ago too and subscribed too when I was only getting into a few kdramas and wanted to learn more about Korean pop culture rather than just kpop only. As for this giveaway, I would really love if I could win that SNSD CD because Gee was second kpop song I’ve ever heard and I’ve been a SONE for a long time so with all the news about Jessica it would be kinda nice. ^^

  12. Congratulations and many many many happy returns!!!!!

    May you all be blessed and may you ever be present in our lives sharing and caring in laughter tears and angst (can’t leave out the makjang) – surviving heartbreaks and happiness, real or reel, with us!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!! 😛

  13. Happy 4th Birthday!!! i wasn’t here from the very beginning, but I will definitely continue to be with this blog from now on! I discovered this wonderful blog last year when I was looking for Korean movie reviews.

  14. Whoop Whoop! Happy 4th birthday guys!! You girls definitely keep me entertained and happy. I wish you the best for years to come!

  15. Happy 4th Birthday, Musings! And big hugs and much love to our twinkling Fab 4 🙂

    I stumbled upon this community when looking for K2H news and recaps, and was drawn in by the warmth, kdrama love and the wonderful twinkles! I’m happy to be part of this community <3 <3

  16. Happy 4th Birthday! I started coming here I guess it has been 2 yrs now. I was looking for info on Flower Boys Next Door. The folks that know me my first fanboy love was Park Shin Hye. So after that I would watch the dramas that everyone was going to watch. Then I got to know Grace and found out what a kind and generous person she is. She helped me get somethings in order and got me headed back on the right road. So she has become family with in my family. Kamishamnida Grace for starting this blog. You have touched the lives of so many people with your love, kindness and generosity.
    Then there is Wee One hehe or Mawiie we have become friends and she was the one that told me to try King2heart’s and we would talk about it as I would watch each episode. You could tell she was reliving the first time she watched it as I watched it. Kamishamnida Marie for being a good friend.
    Belinda has become one of my best friends in this whole world. I meet her thru this blog and have watched just about very movie she picks for us. Then last yr in Aug she did movies with my favorite ladies of kdrama. Now we watch all kind of crazy shows together. Kamishamnida YB for being there. “FIGHTING”
    Then there are so many friends I have made here. Some I owe a email to one I owe some flower seeds. They are coming I just have to let them dry before I mail them to you.
    But none of this would have happened if is was not for the head Twinkie. Thanks for making me feel welcomed when I first came here Grace.

  17. And to answer the location question, I am from the Philippines.

    Btw, anyone here watching Abnormal Summit? This is my new variety crack at the moment. I find myself rewatching the eps one after another.

    1. Hay Sis thanks a whole bunch. Happy Birthday ladies oh I see how it is now. You cut me Sis you cut me to the bone. Thanks again hehe tapping foot on the ground. Hehehe 🙂

  18. Another day another comment.. I guess this time I’ll just share something about me too hehe ^^
    I’m from Croatia, Europe. You might hear there are a lot of fans in Europe and it’s totally true but they are so hard to find and I barely actually have kpop/kdrama fans as friends. But that’s why I’m actually trying to get my family into kdramas. My mom is a huge fan of historical series so I am trying to find some subtitles and show her some good kdramas from Joseon era and all that. Hopefully I get to spread the love for those around me 😀

    1. Dobrodosli Lara, if you leave a message with NewKDramaAddict at her Monday movies. She can give you a list that will keep your Mom happy all winter long lol. That is one of her favorite type of drama’s to watch. Just ask her andnl she will help you. Enjoy tour time here this is a great blog.

      1. Thank you! And it’s not the problem in finding the dramas, more like finding the ones that are subbed in our language since she can only speak Croatian and Russian so yeah. But thank you a lot for your suggestion!

  19. I can’t believe that I have let days pass without stopping by again. And I really would love to win some of the lovely prizes. Shows you just how crazy Fall can get. I hope that the weather for all Twinkles family has been as lovely as it has been here in Seattle. I am enjoying each do so much. I hope that you all are too!

  20. Just as a little aside my husband and I share an Anniversary with this blog. Only we have been going strong for 21 years. I hope that this wonderful community can have that kind of longevity.

  21. Awww, no way! Our 4th is this month too! *high-five* Congrats, hon and thank you so much for always thinking of me when you see JHW and leaving me cheery messages or goodies. *hehehe* You’re a true gem.

  22. Just another day, just a time for another comment to increase my chances but also raise the popularity of your post haha. I think it’s really nice of you to give out so many stuff so often, it really shows how much you appreciate your readers and hopefully you get even more feedback on your future post and make the next birthday even better!

  23. Happy 4th anniversary! Thanks for all your hard work and all that you do to keep us all abreast of what’s happening in k-dramaland. I have said it before, but I got here because of A Thousand Kisses, which I didn’t even finish as the story line just got draggy & all.The best part of watching that drama was “discovering” this brand of handbag (Love Moschino) used by Kim So eun’s character, and I love, love it (the bags, I mean)!! ^ ^ Here’s to more k-dramas to watch and enjoy and blog about, cheers!!

  24. I am back! So I have a confession I still have not watched that last 3 episodes of GD. I just can’t. But I am thinking of watching Warm Words to get my Lee Sang Woo fix. Anyone out there recommend it? Once again Happy Anniversary!

  25. To leave my 4th entry here.. I just want to comment that I was going to try watching My Lovely Girl because I love f(x) and Infinite and Rain and even if Krystal and Myungsoo are idols they proved themselves as actors but the huge age gap between Rain and Krystal is kind of too weird for me, at least for now. Maybe I’ll try watching it once it finishes and do it in one seating.

  26. There is a Korean Film Fest currently ongoing in mycountry and the admission is free so we decided to drop by yesterday, hoping to get in and watch my Pavarotti and Hwayi. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people to we only got to see the latter.

    My first exposure to Kim Sun Kyun was through R94 and seeing him cackling while killing a man was soo weird…

  27. So I did it! Last night I watched the last of GD. I smiled, I cried and I wished that it would have gone on for 50. Sigh. I need something o replace it but don’t know what. Happy Anniversary Twinkles.

  28. Even if I live in southern Europe where Korean culture isn’t really that well spread, I still had the chance to watch a couple of Korean movies as a project from the collaboration with our country’s and Korean’s touristic organisations or something, so I’ve seen Mother, My Girlfriend is an Agent, Secretly Greatly, Officer of the Year and The Plan Man. And I have to say, watching Korean movies definitely gives you a different kind of experience, even if most of the audience were younger kpop fans haha.

  29. And for my final comment I just want to say how much I love this blog – it is not the most up-to-date or “professional” but it is ALL heart. I appreciate that no matter how busy Grace gets in her RL she always checks in and always remembers us loyal followers.

  30. Even if it’s too late, I want to send you my earnest expressions of delight for your 4th anniversary. Congratulations on keeping up the good work. I really hope you more success for the years ahead. Fighting ^__^

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