Grrrrrrreat News!

I just got a phone call!  I made it through to the final round of interviews!!  Woohoo!!!  Thank you for all your well wishes…January 11th is the big day when I meet with the college president!  😀  What an incredibly awesome early Christmas gift!?! 

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6 thoughts on “Grrrrrrreat News!”

  1. wow, congrate miss twinkie, i am so happy for u. God bless u for being so nice and helpfull to us. May new year bring a very wonderful whole world to you. A happy twinkie make us happier:)

  2. What's a WONDERFUL news….. GREAT DONE…… Twinkie ^,^ you're deserved all the best X'mas & New Year giftssssssss….. bless you! xxx

  3. First up … CONGRATS!! And you get to enjoy the christmas break even more with the news! And next up … unveiling of twinkie! hahaha Thanks for including that cute picture of you with the bears. That was the best of the lot! Thanks for the JYJ shot too. I know you took it for Yoochun heheh. I am a JYJ fan, esp Junsu. I got to 'know' them thru SKK and Yoochun – who by the way is getting many plaudits for his acting as a first-timer. Talks are in the works to get the trio to perform the title OST at the KBS awards celebration. School must be wrapping up for you before the break? I have another week left myself. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos (especially for someone who has never been to SKorea and is a Kdrama fan.) : ) Have a wonderful day! It is positively cold here in new york!

  4. p.s from big apple above (is that keun sagwa in korean?)
    I hope you will have time to post some of your own original works/writing. Would be interested to read them!

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