Goblin: Episode 6 Squee Moment

Episode 6 continues the story in much the same vein as the previous episodes–further development into the characters and story with a liberal smattering of humor nicely mixed in with the drama.

Despite the number of memorable scenes today, though, I’ve got to admit that Kim Eun Sook knows how to plan her cliffhangers. This is the last scene of the episode, and we get our first kiss in a way that makes sense. And yes…it’s not a trick of the camera angle as in Weighlighting Fairy Kim Bok Joo this past week. 🙂

Video: Compliments of tvN DRAMA via YouTube

Heh…You gotta love Eun Tak’s analysis of the situation and her remedy. Ha!

Episode 7’s preview promises that next week’s story development is going to be a zinger! We’ll have to patiently wait–I know it’ll be hard!–to see Kim Shin develop a marked case of jealousy–Oh! the hilarity!–followed by a heart-wrenching horror as he watches the bus carrying Eun Tak collide with a car. *anticipates heartache*

However, that roller coaster ride will have to wait for next Friday. Until then, we get to relish in our adorable ending. Enjoy!

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