Goblin: Episode 5 Squee Moment

I’ve been doing errands left and right today, but I managed to take some time to watch today’s Goblin episode, and oh my cuteness! I just had to log in to blog about this short but squee-worthy moment. Sure, there are a great number of them in this episode–as with the other episodes–but this one is particularly cute. Enjoy~! 

Video: Compliments of tvN DRAMA via YouTube

The word play in this series, demonstrated so brilliantly in this little clip, is classic Kim Eun Sook. Love! Nam chim (boyfriend) and nam pyun (husband). LOL

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2 thoughts on “Goblin: Episode 5 Squee Moment”

  1. Goblins little smile at the end of that clip is so cute. So many cute scenes in this episode. The bromance between the Goblin and the Reaper is quickly becoming my favorite part of the drama 🙂

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