Go Go Paik: Episode 1


These days I don’t get to blog anywhere near as much as I would like to blog, but I couldn’t resist the urge to share with you all news of another food show starring my favorite chef, Baek Jong Won

Now, I’ve been meaning to write up a post about one of his restaurants in the LA area for my corner, “Romps in PseudoKorea,” but I somehow keep pushing it further down my blogging queue. So…when the first episode of his newest show, Go Go with Mr. Paik, popped up on my YouTube newsfeed today from tvN, I just couldn’t resist sharing this one little clip with those of you who enjoy good Korean food. 😉

Video: Released September 23, 2016, and compliments of tvN via YouTube

The series also features SHINEE‘s Onew and DIA‘s Chae Yeon. Enjoy the culinary feast and the comedy! What a great combination! And nobody does this combo better than Baek Jong Won! Ah, the look of satisfaction as his guests relish his food! 😉


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