Glorious Day: Episode 8

GD 8 cover

Ugh~! I had a sneaking suspicion that the writer wouldn’t leave Jae Woo and Da Jung’s bus rides to work alone, and my suspicion proved to be correct…unfortunately. :'( Why, oh why?! I had so much fun imagining–and I can have quite the vivid imagination at times–the two of them getting to know each other every morning during these bus rides. *deep sigh* But alas, a good thing was simply not allowed to stay unaltered. 😛 Well, at least Jae Woo still gets to learn things about Da Jung on his bus ride to work from an unexpected source (Da In)…at least until his boss insists that he again start using the company car. Phooey! *perks up at a thought* Perhaps now that Jae Woo drives a car again, he can start giving Da Jung rides to her work.

Whuh? *shrugs* As I said, I can have quite the powerful imagination. 😉 Without further ado, let’s get started on this lovely episode…so many wonderful developments, not to mention the pictures that contain glances worth a thousand words. 😉

You can see the RAW video here

Mini-Recap / Nutshell:

Goong Young discloses the discrepancies between the two signatures and insists on calling Song Jung a fraud in front of her daughters. Jae Woo tries to stop his uncle from continuing to create a fuss. Song Jung takes the offered pen and declares that she’ll prove that she signs a different way when she signs formal contracts. She then tries to duplicate the signature but stalls, and that’s when Da Jung stops her, telling her that she doesn’t need to do this.

At this, the grandparents yell at Goong Young and asks Min Shik to take his hoobae out of the house before embarrassing their guests any further. In Woo and Jae Woo are mortified by this scene.

When Min Shik takes Goong Young outside, Song Jung follows and takes Goong Young inside her house. Once inside, she slaps him and then hands him the money that Grandfather had said she needn’t pay. She yells at his that she hasn’t lived as recklessly as he thinks she has and to take her hard-earned money and get lost. The money is as precious to her as blood, but if it means that he’ll get off her back, then she’ll gladly hand it  over to him for whatever compensation he thinks he’s due. She had no idea that her publisher had illegally arranged the book signing.

Song Jung gets a fan email and request for a ghost writer for an autobiography, and the payment for her services is $30,000, a year’s salary for her! She later learns exactly who her “fan” is, though, much to her dismay.

Eun Chan’s true colors come out as he gets angry with Da Ae for looking through his bag. Da Jung, in support of her sister, tells him to be very clear in his two-faced plan…play the roles that he has intended effectively.

Now, with the nutshell dispensed with, let’s take a closer look at some noteworthy scenes! 😉

GD 8.1

Jae Woo tries to get Goong Young to stop him from humiliating Song Jung in front of her daughters.

Jae Woo: Uncle! Let the elders take care of that situation. To do this here is…

GD 8.2

When Goong Young tries to further humiliate Song Jung by taunting her to then show everyone that the signature on the lease is hers, Jae Woo tries to stop his uncle again.

GD 8.3

Da Jung: (With tears in her eyes, she grabs her mother’s pen.) Stop it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it, Mom. You don’t need to do this. Get up.

Both brothers–Jae Woo and In Woo–look at Da Jung with concern.

GD 8.4

When the fuss dies down and the girls help the grandmother clean up, the grandmother tries to make up for the previous awkwardness by praising the girls. In particular, she compliments Da Jung on her bean beef dish and asks her how to make it. She wants to be able to make it herself. She especially makes it a point to tell Da Jung that everyone kept eating the bean beef and ignored everything else that the grandmother had made. Aw…I love the grandmother. She’s so sweet!

Da Jung offers to wipe down the table…just as Jae Woo comes down the stairs.

GD 8.5

Is it just me, or does this seem like a future scene between Jae Woo and Da Jung has a married couple? 😉

GD 8.6

Wanting to ease the awkwardness and mortification of the evening, Jae Woo spots the bag that he had brought home from Nature.

Jae Woo: Jung Da Jung shi. 

Da Jung: Yes?

Jae Woo: This…I’ll put this in the mid-garden?

Da Jung: The mid-garden?

Jae Woo: Ah! There’s a garden between your house and ours.

Da Jung: Huh?

GD 8.7

Jae Woo: (hesitates) By…mistake…

Da Jung: (repeats in confusion) By mistake…? (She flashbacks to that embarrassing moment when Jae Woo saw her in a wet T-shirt and gasps in further mortification. Wow~! Talk about reliving an embarrassing moment! Once was enough! LOL)

Jae Woo: (clears his throat) When you leave later, go that way. It’s faster.

GD 8.8

Ever thoughtful Jae Woo leaves the bag by the door, but as he turns around to return to his home, he rethinks his decision and walks back to the bag.

GD 8.9

Meanwhile, In Woo is equally troubled by the evening’s events and comes down the stairs to talk to Da Jung. He arrives just as Da Ae and Da In are saying their goodbyes to the grandmother and Da Jung joins them.

Da Jung: Unni! There’s–  (She was trying to tell her sisters about the mid-garden passageway and how it’s quicker when In Woo interrupts her.) Unni…

In Woo: Jung Da Jung shi…Let’s talk.

(video clip of their conversation below)

GD 8.10

Once outside in some relative privacy, In Woo begins to speak.

In Woo: Jung Da Jung shi

Da Jung: (cuts him off) We’re going to live in this house. It won’t matter if you say that we’re audacious. The reason why we came to this house…it’s not because of Seo In Woo shi…My mother…receiving this type of mistaken assumptions…There’s no reason for us to leave this house. We’re not going to leave.

In Woo: Ah, Jung Da Jung shi. That’s not what I’m saying…

Da Jung: (as if she hasn’t even heard him) You asked if I like you, Seo In Woo shi?…So you feel burdened by this?…So you’d like for us to leave?

In Woo: (after some silence) Jung Da Jung shi…

GD 8.11

Da Jung: Seo In Woo shi, I…the fact that I like someone…just the feelings alone…to the person involved…I didn’t realize that this would be such a burdensome…and tormenting situation. It would have been better if we hadn’t had to see each other again. I’m sorry that I added to this by moving here. When I was riding in the moving van…and learned that we were coming here…I was a bit surprised, too. That day when I first came to your house…Grandfather…Grandmother…and your mother…they were all so kind to me. I didn’t even get to bid them a proper goodbye when I left. I suspected that they would be shocked to see me again…that’s what worried me. I never thought that you would have such a difficult time like this because of me.

In Woo can’t say anything and simply listens in acute discomfort at causing Da Jung such pain.

Da Jung: I won’t like you anymore…I won’t even have those feelings for you anymore. (In Woo looks as though he wants to say something, but Da Jung continues as if he’s not even there.) In this house that Grandfather has lent us…I told him that my family will make lots of wonderful memories together while we’re here before we leave. Because of the house…tears or pain…I’m planning on ending those as of today.

GD 8.12

Meanwhile, our silent knight laces up the shoelaces to Da Jung’s new shoes in his quiet way to comfort her.

GD 8.13

Da Jung: Also, the reason why we moved into this house…I know that your uncle and you are all curious. I suppose that’s why a day like today happened. As you’ve figured out, it’s true that your father and Grandfather helped us…(In obvious pain) That reason…should…I…disclose…that…too?

In Woo: No. There’s no need…I didn’t ask to see you because I was curious about that…

As In Woo struggles for the right words to say to Da Jung, Da Jung breaks the growing silence.

Da Jung: I’ll discuss it with my mother…and try to leave as quickly as possible, even one day sooner…within the month.

She then wishes him a good night, leaving In Woo feeling like a total cad for causing her such pain.   

GD 8.14

As Da Jung quickly returns to her house, Jae Woo stretches his shoulders and arms from the evening’s events atop his balcony overlooking the front yard. Spying Da Jung, he looks at her in concern.

GD 8.15

He unexpectedly sees In Woo enter the front yard soon after her, his little brother obviously bothered by whatever transpired between him and Da Jung.

GD 8.16

Jae Woo’s look of concern deepens even more, and he hurriedly seeks out his brother who collapses on a sofa upstairs.

GD 8.17

Jae Woo: Hey, In Woo…you didn’t…by chance…say anything to Jung Da Jung shi, did you?

In Woo: (surprised) How did you know that I met with Jung Da Jung?

Jae Woo: I was out in the terrace.

In Woo: (thinking) Did you hear everything?

Jae Woo: No! I only saw you coming back in.

GD 8.18

Jae Woo: What did you talk about?

In Woo: (sighs) I didn’t even get to say anything. She did all the talking and then went inside.

Jae Woo: You know that Uncle went a bit too far today, right? Let’s not ever talk about the house again, OK?

In WooHyung, the day that Jung Da Jung first came to our house…You said that Jung Da Jung was better than me. Why did you say that? Is Jung Da Jung really better than I am? In what way?

GD 8.19

Jae Woo: She seemed genuine…in her feelings towards you.

In Woo: (thinking) Genuine?

Jae Woo: To my eyes, that’s what it looked like.

GD 8.20

Meanwhile, Da Jung consoles herself, telling herself that all will be all right and that she did what was right.

GD 8.21

Later that night, she goes into her mother’s room and tries to comfort her mother a bit by leaning heavily against her.

GD 8.22

When her mother tells her that she’s heavy and that daughters are a burden, Da Jung jokes if she should call down two more burdensome daughters so that they can weigh her down even more. Aw…I love this mother-daughter relationship. The two quietly process the night’s events while mom is pleasantly surprised by a message from a fan, and Da Jung advises her to return the message with the words “I love you, fan” as a greeting. LOL.

GD 8.23

The next morning, Da Jung goes out for her usual morning jog and catches up with Jae Woo when she sees him ahead of her.

Da Jung: Good morning!

Jae Woo: Oh! Did you sleep well?

Da Jung: Yes.

Jae Woo: You’re in a good mood.

GD 8.24

Da Jung: (catching her breath) Since yesterday was like that, I’ve decided to spend today twice as cheerfully.

Jae Woo: That’s a great idea. I need to learn that.

At his comment, Da Jung smiles.

GD 8.25

Jae Woo: (Thinking of her shoes) Ah! Last night…

GD 8.26

However, when he looks down, he’s disappointed to see her wearing her old pair that’s too big for her.

Da Jung: Ah! The mid-garden…(Seriously, they have the same speech pattern sometimes. LOL)

Jae Woo: You can get it later. It’s not as though the shoes are going to run away by themselves.

GD 8.27

Jae Woo sees In Woo run by them and calls him. In Woo runs back and invites both Jae Woo and Da Jung and the rest of the younger set at Da Jung’s house to an impromptu welcome party as an amends for the previous night’s disaster. He tells them to meet in the mid-garden at 8PM that night and runs off.

GD 8.28

Da Jung: Why is he acting like that?

Jae Woo: (momentarily at a loss for words) You heard him. He wants to get along with you all. This is good.

GD 8.29

When she returns, Da Jung goes to retrieve the new shoes and is pleasantly surprised to find this pair completely laced up. She comments that the previous pair wasn’t like this and then chuckles in glee at the present of a new pair of shoes. 🙂

GD 8.30

Knowing her sister’s cried from an earlier altercation with Eun Chan, Da Jung foregoes her usual bus ride and asks Dr. Kang for a ride to school with Eun Chan. She tells Eun Chan to scoot over for her, that she plans on benefiting a bit from him by saving on her bus fares.

When she sees Jae Woo coming out of his house, she quickly thanks him for the shoes.

Da Jung: Ah! They fit perfectly now.

She stamps her feet for good measure.

GD 8.31

He looks down and smiles.

Jae Woo: That’s a relief.

GD 8.32

As Da Jung hurriedly gets into the car beside Eun Chan and drives off, Jae Woo looks on. Too bad he and Da Jung won’t have those morning bus rides together anymore. 🙁

Da In, though, is ecstatic to see Jae Woo leaving for work and quickly links arms with him.

GD 8.33

At his discomfort, she asks if he doesn’t like her linking arms with him. Heh…ever the truthful Jae Woo, he quietly tells her “Yes.” *chuckles* You’ve got to give him that; he doesn’t mince words when asked questions. LOL.

GD 8.34

On the bus, Da In seeks out advice from Jae Woo regarding her “boy” model. At his useful advice, Da In thanks him and leans against his shoulder, only to have Jae Woo cough slightly in discomfort.

GD 8.35

Ever perceptive, Da In asks if he doesn’t like her leaning on him either, and Jae Woo replies, “Yes.” LOL. Oh, my! Jae Woo kills him with his truthfulness! At least we know that he clearly favors Da Jung. 🙂

GD 8.36

When Da In tells him about how she’s met some good people–like him and her new assistant–she credits it to her name’s meaning. Jae Woo then asks what Da Jung means, and when he learns that it means “someone with a big heart,” he smiles and comments that his grandfather, like her mother, says the same thing–that even though people with big hearts can suffer loss, their affections usually bring them great gains.

GD 8.37

At Jae Woo’s pointed interest in only Da Jung, Da In mentions that she has another sister, but Jae Woo doesn’t seem all that interested in learning her name’s meaning. His look of total confusion as to why he would even be interested in learning Da Ae’s meaning is hilarious to behold. At Da In’s comment that he’s being unfair favoring Da Jung just because they work out in the mornings together, Jae Woo awkwardly plays with his tie. Awww…why is he so adorable? 😉

GD 8.38

Meanwhile, Da Jung gives Dr. Kang some advice on how to win some points with her mother: Make sure her sister laughs a lot and is happy; that’s what her mother wants. Then leaning over to Eun Chan, she ominously advises/threatens him to make sure he’s clear in his two-faced life.

GD 8.39

In Woo, on the other hand, is now slowly getting pulled into Da Jung’s spell. As he meets his current girlfriend, he tries to duplicate a similar response from her that he gets from Da Jung and is completely disgusted by her lack of “genuineness” and tells her that he can’t meet her tonight because he has an event with his next door neighbors. Heh…he’s starting to fall. Can’t wait to see the results of just how swiftly and securely he’s caught in Da Jung’s “genuineness.”

GD 8.40

Unlike In Woo who spends his lunch with his current fling, Jae Woo decides to seek out Uncle Nam during his lunch hour to see how his uncle is doing after last night’s debacle. En route, he is intercepted by his boss, who gives him his company car keys again. Actually, they’re pressed upon him by his boss. Their conversation was too cute that I had to translate it:

Director Yoon: Division Leader Seo! I heard that you returned your car keys.

Jae Woo: Yes, the bus is more comfortable for me.

Director Yoon: (holding up the keys) Take it when the company offers it to you. There are a lot of events that require transportation. Not having a car can become a hassle. By the way, when is our flying squirrel going to come by the office?

Jae Woo: I don’t know. She didn’t say when she would drop by.

Director Yoon: Oh, give me her phone number.

Jae Woo: I don’t know it.

Director Yoon: Are you sure that you live next door?

Jae Woo: (not missing a beat) Do you know your next-door neighbor’s phone number? 🙂

The two of them chuckle at this brief exchange.

GD 8.41

Jae Woo: Instead of talking on the phone, it’s better to speak directly in person, looking at the person’s face. I’ll ask her when she plans to drop by.

Director Yoon: (wonders to herself as Jae Woo walks away) Is he saying that he likes our Flying Squirrel or that he doesn’t like talking on the phone? *squeals* I know! Ask me! 😉

GD 8.42

Jae Woo arrives to join Uncle Nam for lunch but is met coolly by the man, who gets up to leave when Jae Woo sits down to have some lunch.

GD 8.43

When Uncle Nam tells his secretary to clear the table, Jae Woo grabs Uncle Nam’s now abandoned rice bowl and starts to dig in, telling him that it’s too close to the end of lunch and that he hasn’t had his lunch yet and won’t have time to get anything else. Aw…

GD 8.44

Meanwhile, Da In meets up with the “boy” model and her new assistant. After a brief photo shoot, she leaves them both when she receives a call to meet at home later that night for a welcome party with the two Seo brothers. When the two college boys try to detain her, she dismisses them as mere “boys” and leave to join the “real men.”

GD 8.45

Jae Woo, now driving his company car, receives a call from In Woo.

Jae Woo: Yeah.

In Woo: Hyung, where are you?

Jae Woo: Ah, I’m on my way. But In Woo…What’s the reason why you asked everyone to meet?

In Woo: We should get along with our neighbors. They say they’re here for only one month. One month. Don’t you know the saying, “Love for a neighbor, love for a country”?

 Jae Woo: You’re really trying to get along with them, right?

In Woo: Geez, you can’t trust your little brother? Just buy lots of good food. And alcohol, too.

Jae Woo: You want me to buy things…when you’re the one who invited them?

In Woo: You’re the big brother. I’m busy enough getting my heart ready.

Jae Woo: I’m really placing my trust in you. You know what I mean, don’t you?

GD 8.46

The “young” set gather and have a first round of beer while they wait for Da Jung to arrive. In Woo, especially, asks Dr. Kang to go easy on the alcohol since not everyone has arrived yet. Aw…he’s starting to definitely think about Da Jung. Hee~!

GD 8.47

At that moment, Da Jung arrives and peeks her head in to ask, “What are you all doing?”

GD 8.48

At this, In Woo gets up from his seat and ushers her inside while Jae Woo quickly looks up and immediately moves his house slippers to the back to make room for Da Jung next to him. LOL Ah…these Seo brothers are killing me with their chivalry. LOL

GD 8.49

When Da Jung tries to sit next to Jae Woo, In Woo pulls her back towards him and tells her to sit next to him.

GD 8.50

As Da Jung sits awkwardly next to In Woo, Jae Woo looks at her…and Da Ae, perhaps sensing something between the trio, looks from Jae Woo to Da Jung and In Woo.

Jae Woo: Did you have dinner?

Da Jung: I can eat what’s here.

In Woo then tries to break the ice and tells everyone to start afresh, forgetting all memories of the past and no acting awkward or avoiding each other. He introduces himself first to Da Jung in a smarmy way and then urges Jae Woo to do likewise. It’s only when Jae Woo introduces himself to everyone that Da Jung loosens up and introduces herself, too.

GD 8.51

With the mood lightened, Da Ae comments that the two brothers don’t look much alike. Jae Woo comments that he takes after their father while In Woo takes after their mother. At this, In Woo protests and says that he takes after their grandfather, even offering a mimicry of their grandfather’s gruff cough to everyone’s amusement.

Da In turns to Jae Woo and asks if he has a fun talent to share with them, too, but In Woo stops his brother from even speaking by telling him not to show it. Does he want to wake up the entire household? LOL. Oh, that dduk song. LOL. It’s reputation sure precedes itself. 😉

GD 8.53

As In Woo continues to be the life of the party and makes a concerted effort to talk to Da Jung, Jae Woo keeps a steady eye on her.

GD 8.56

Jae Woo is pleasantly surprised when Da In comments that although In Woo may have more charm, Jae Woo is the better looking brother, an assessment that Da Ae seconds.

In Woo tells Da In that Jae Woo only gives what he has, but he, he gives what he doesn’t have, too.

At this, Da In asks if it’s not at the expense of an incurred debt, and Da Jung looks at In Woo after studiously avoiding his glance all night long.

GD 8.58

In Woo: (quietly comments after noticing her look at him): Ah, she’s finally looking at me now.

Da In: (picks up on his comment): Oppa, are you interested in our sister?

Da Jung: (grits through her teeth) Da In, don’t concern yourself with useless matters and just eat your food.

GD 8.59

As In Woo tries to explain that he may be interested in Da Jung, Jae Woo keeps a close watch on Da Jung’s reaction.

GD 8.60

Unwilling to sit through what might be another awkward moment for her, Da Jung abruptly gets up.

GD 8.61

Jae Woo’s eyes, of course, follow her. Thankfully, Da Ae, quick on her feet, asks if Da Jung plans to sing. Da Jung realizes how her actions may ruin the welcome party and reluctantly sits down. In Woo quietly apologizes, explaining that he was merely trying to make the party a bit more fun but that he seems to have overstepped his bounds.

Da Ae then turns the conversation to the pictures in the house, and Jae Woo explains that collecting pictures is a hobby of their grandmother’s. She claims that when she sees those pictures, she finds herself unable to get mad at them. She just remembers the good times. He then suggests to Da Jung that they try the same thing.

Unfortunately, Da Jung relates how their mother was too busy when they were children to take very many pictures of them.

GD 8.62

Moved by the sadness of her comment, both Jae Woo and In Woo look at her.

Da Ae tries to lighten the mood by replying that they can start by taking pictures now, and Da In offers to start right that minute by taking pictures.

GD 8.63

And so the impromptu photo-shoot session begins…with Dr. Kang and Da Ae side by side, Da In literally plastered to Jae Woo’s arm, and Da Jung sandwiched between the two brothers. *sigh* Oh yeah, I can see the foreshadowing here. No need to be so heavy-handed here, Writer-nim.

GD 8.64

As the shutter keeps snapping away, we see In Woo try to make a move on Da Jung and rethink the wisdom of that at the last minute…

GD 8.65

…and instead he decides to place his hand on his brother’s shoulder as all three of them smile broadly for the camera.

GD 8.66

More clicks of the camera, this time to silly faces and gestures…

GD 8.67

…and the last one highlights a closeup of just Jae Woo and Da Jung. *happy grin* They make such a beautiful couple. 😉

GD 8.68

The group decides to move on to round 2 of their welcome party with a jaunt to the local noh reh bang, and Grandmother, who’s never been to one, decides to tag along, much to the delight and amusement of everyone.

GD 8.69

As Grandmother belts out song after song, Da Jung and Jae Woo listen in, fully in the moment.

GD 8.70

From time to time, Jae Woo sneaks a look at Da Jung as she claps along with Grandmother’s singing.

GD 8.71

He can’t seem to help smiling as he sees Da Jung enjoying herself. Aw…

GD 8.72

Of course, the two youngest in each family are less than thrilled by Grandmother’s hogging of the microphone as she belts old song after old song. LOL

GD 8.73

When Da Jung receives a text and frowns a bit at it, Jae Woo becomes concerns. Aw…He seriously plays the knight in shining armor waaaay too much with her. 😛

Jae Woo: Why? Is anything the matter?

Da Jung: No. It’s just my mother telling me that she’s going to be a bit late.

Jae Woo: Ah…

Da Jung: Do you sing well?

GD 8.74

Jae Woo is stunned by her question and self-consciously brings up his two fingers.

Jae Woo: A little.

GD 8.75

Da Jung: A little…? I’d like to hear you sing.

GD 8.76

At Da Jung’s comment, Jae Woo can hardly contain himself and looks to and fro, as if he’s about to sing right then and there. Aw…He finally found a girl to whom he wants to sing.

GD 8.77

Da Jung looks on knowingly as Dr. Kang surreptitiously serenades her older sister, and Jae Woo just smiles at the song, completely in the dark about Da Ae and Dr. Kang’s relationship.

GD 8.78

When In Woo interrupts Dr. Kang’s ballad to Da Ae, Da In steps in to liven up the mood with an upbeat song, eliciting laughter and excitement from the entire group.

GD 8.79

Eventually, the entire group is called up to the floor, and a round of enthusiastic dancing ensures…even Grandmother gets in on the action. 😉

GD 8.80

Towards the end of the episode, as Da Jung looks for a song to sing, In Woo looks at her, deep in thought.

(video clip of the scene below)

In Woo: Jung Da Jung shi, have you selected a song yet?

Da Jung: Not yet.

In Woo: I’ll go last. There’s a song that I’d like to sing for you…

GD 8.81

But before In Woo can fully finish his sentence and reach for the song book, Jae Woo starts singing and completely captures Da Jung’s attention.

GD 8.82

Jae Woo: (sings…and boy, has his singing improved since his “Shark” and “Dduk” song *swoons*) My dear, don’t worry about anything. Let’s sing together. All of your painful memories, my dear, bury them deep within your heart. The things of the past, leave them in the past with their own meanings.

GD 8.83

As Jae Woo looks directly at Da Jung and serenades her, Da Jung listens carefully to his words and finds solace in them.

GD 8.84

Jae Woo: (still sings) The things in the past, as they pass, they have their own significance. Let’s sing together.

GD 8.85

Da Jung continues to listen–even joining in Jae Woo’s song by mouthing the lyrics along with him–and falls more deeply into the beauty and message of the song while In Woo gazes at Da Jung’s back. *sigh* In Woo’s going to be doing a lot of this–looking at Da Jung’s back–I suspect.

GD 8.86

Jae Woo: Let’s dream so that we have no regrets…

The episode ends with Da Jung smiling at Jae Woo, completely unaware of In Woo’s focused gaze.

GD 8.87

As for Jae Woo, he breaks out into a wide smile of his own as Da Jung smiles at him. Mission completed! He got Da Jung to smile and forget about the past.


Now that I have a bit of time to reflect, a few things that I want to bring up.

Goong Young’s inability to let Song Jung think badly of him is indicative of his personal interest in her as a woman. The fact that the shady ex-husband hasn’t shown up…yet…is a much-appreciated thing. After all, it makes sense that he’ll have a difficult time tracking them down since they’ve moved without posting a forwarding address. However, I can see him making trouble for them later on down the line when Song Jung and Goong Young eventually get together, especially when the ex-husband learns how much money Goong Young has. *shudders in distaste* Hopefully, Song Jung’s divorce from her husband was ironclad and gives him no recourse to cause her any further trouble. (Although, having seen ep. 9 and 10, I now know the purpose of the shady ex-husband in the story…at least for now. *sigh* Not happy about it but resigned to this inevitable plot development.)

The blossoming love triangle…and I don’t think it’ll be a love square since Da In just seems to have a case of puppy love for Jae Woo right now. The writer has given Da In two possible love lines already with the prickly model and the “assistant” who is the darling of her photography professor. However, we learn very quickly in episode 10 that the “assistant” actually may have an ulterior motive for wanting to get to know Da In. Since I’ll take a few days to get episode 10’s post up, I’ll tell you now: He’s her half-brother! Yup…)

Anyhow, back to the love triangle…I must have sat in front of my computer for what felt like hours last Sunday trying to capture all the pertinent details of Da Jung and Jae Woo’s interactions. When I reviewed the pictures, I was pleased to note just how many times Jae Woo’s eyes kept coming back to Da Jung, and how at the end of the episode, Da Jung’s eyes were finally doing the exact same thing.

And none too soon from the looks of In Woo’s eyes as they constantly wandered over to Da Jung’s face. Too late, In Woo! *chuckles at his comeuppance* You noticed her genuineness and charm just a bit too late. Jae Woo has started to make his move, first joking with her and now serenading her with a song that comforts her as well as encourages her to move on and let the past be just the past. *warm fuzzies*

OK, that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you for your patience! I’m going to try to get the recap/nutshell for Episode 9 up…soon. 😉

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  1. Ahhh, I watched this raw! I might have to go back and watch it with subs. But the visuals were great! In Woo? You don’t stand a chance and Da In? Give up. But it will be fun watching as they both try to keep them apart; definitely.

    1. Wow~! You saw this raw? Now that’s what I call dedication to this series! 😉 I’m so glad that you’re loving it as much as you are. I’d feel so sad if you weren’t frolicking with me on this journey. 😀

  2. This drama is so good it reminds me of hot cocoa on a cold winter’s night ’cause it just warms my heart every weekend. I am already so sad that it has to end ’cause I could watch this group of actors for years, like on American soaps. Between grandma’s nasal laugh, JW’s beautiful smile; DJ’s listless energy; Dr. Kang’s love for DA; the bickering going on between the elders; DI’s sassiness and IW’s “Hyeongggggg”… I say Hallelujah!

    1. Definitely agree with you! This series is a keeper! Let’s just hope the writer stays true to the tone set by these first 8 episodes…for ALL 50! 😉

  3. I never noticed that he moved his slippers to free the are beside him. That’s some eye you’ve got there!..

    1. LOL. Thanks for noticing. 🙂

      Before I started to blog and snip pictures, I used to just soak in everything, but these days, depending on how I go about the blogging process, my “powers” of observation have sadly waned. 😛

      Have you seen episode 9 and 10 yet?

      1. I have been a bit busy with Ugly Alert marathons so current dramas and varieties are in the back burner.. 🙂

  4. Watched this AND episode 9 and 10 raw as well!!

    Just could not wait to see what happens next – “see” being the operative word.
    Now waiting for mini-recaps to find out what was said!
    That’s how captivating the OTP is.

    1. Agreed! They are just too adorable! And did you notice how their speech patterns are often the same? 😉

  5. I didn’t notice that In Woo’s hand extended on his brother’s shoulder when I watched the raw. I was just looking at Da Jung’s shoulder, waiting for his hand to place.

    I was mesmerized at Jae Woo’s singing prowess, this has been the longest scene I’ve watched him singing! The first time I watched him sang, was on his interview at Hwasin for the Goddess of Marriage drama. He played the guitar and sang the Shark song. 🙂

  6. Thanks for recaps! Gahh, I love this show. Question, do you know where I can download the raw videos for the episodes?

    1. Unfortunately, I usually watch via streaming. 🙁 However, I believe other Twinkles download and can help you. 🙂 If you haven’t heard from anyone by Saturday, I’ll make an announcement on the “Bulletin Board” this Sunday. 🙂

    2. But if you video downloader apps, koreandramaonair(dot)blogspot(dot) also uploads Raw eps, only it’s split in half and the highest resolution you can have is at 480P.

  7. I just started watching this drama and I’m so happy and grateful that you are summarizing the episodes! I have been wanting to know what Da Jung said to In Woo. And this episode, even though no bus ride, there are so many nice moments between our leads. And Jae Woo is so loveable with his perfectness!

  8. I’m late to read the recaps but thanks, you saved me since I won’t be able to watch it until next week after I get back from my conference!

  9. Thanks for the enlightening re-caps. This is a super charming show with great acting and truly sweet interactions. I am so glad it is getting yours and others attention. Great to read everyone’s comments!

    1. Welcome to our community, Laura! Glad that you’re joining us for this Kdrama adventure through Glorious Day!

  10. HI, i was rewatching this episode today and i really fell inlove with the song do you happen to know the name of the song so i can look for the full version.

      1. Hi, Klava! I can’t remember off hand, although I know to what song you’re referring. 🙂 Let me see if I can find out for in soon. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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