Glorious Day: Episode 8 Preview with English Translation

GD 8

We are finally entering into the very beginning stages of Jae Woo and Da Jung’s, and I for one am thrilled that as Jae Woo and Da Jung seem to get closer to each other, In Woo is left feeling a bit unsettled. Yes! Seriously, I am so looking forward to the day when In Woo realizes what a great woman he’s let slip through his fingers. Heh. Anyhow, let’s take a look at the preview to episode 8. 🙂

You can watch the RAW video of episode 7 here.

Dialogue Translation:

Goong Young: (outraged that Song Jung’s slapped him in the face) Are you crazy?! YOU HIT ME?!!

Song Jung: (shoves an envelope of money into his hand) I may have lived without much, but I haven’t lived like that. This money is like blood to me. Please, take this and get lost!!!

Eun Chan: (raises his voice to Da Ae and shoves a wrapped sandwich to the floor) Take this away! In any case, you’re not my mother. (sneers) Just be good to my dad.

Song Jung: I am Han Song Jung. An autobiography? The payment for writing is $30,000?! (aka 30,000,000 won)

In Woo: (jogging up to his brother and Da Jung) Miss Jung Da Jung. You two can spare some time today, right?

Da In: (to In Woo) Are you interested in my sister?

Da Jung: (with tears brimming in her eyes) Mr. Seo In W0o, I didn’t realize that you were having this hard of a time. I won’t like you anymore.

At her announcement, In Woo looks disconcerted…as if he wasn’t intending on Da Jung not liking him.

Rest assured, my little hoobae and I are working on recapping ep. 5-6. Hang in there with us until we can get those finished. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this translated preview to tomorrow’s episode! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 8 Preview with English Translation”

  1. So I marathoned eps 4 to 6 last night and more than the JW and DJ relationshhip developments,I was crackling with glee on the rest room scene between Inwoo and DJ. The look on his face when she wouldn’t confirm that she likes him and that she did not move in just for than reason. Serves him right!

    1. Hurray! You’re joining us on this adventure! 🙂
      I totally agree with you, although I still adorethe JW-DJ moments. I love how In Woo is bothered by Da Jung right now. Hopefully, by the time he realizes just what a gem she is, Da Jung will be firmly attached to Jae Woo. 😀

  2. Thanks for the Preview
    I hope that Jae Woo will make his move first before In Woo realise what a great girl is Da Jung ;p *fighting*

    1. Me, too!
      Already in the recap/nutshell to Episode 7, you can see Jae Woo making jokes and taking “initiative” with Da Jung. 🙂
      From the preview to Ep. 8, it looks as though he and Da Jung are going to make these morning hikes together a routine. 🙂
      Can you see it now? They see each other first thing in the morning and take quiet hikes together…and then ride to work together on the same bus. Lots of potential for relationship development! 😉

  3. Regarding In woo, I am hoping that the writer will use him just as comic relief and made him regret later,,,….same as she did with lee min jung’s ex in her previous family drama;Smile,You ( I love the OTP so much in that drama)

  4. Well I am up to ep 8 and I do love it! The so-called Uncle is an azz! And hate to say I have no love for the younger brother but I hope to see a nice transformation in him. His immaturity level is just too high for me to find it endearing! But Da Jeong/Jae Woo? I love and cannot wait for their romance to develop!

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