Glorious Day: Episode 7

GD 7.21

Sadly, it’s time for me to part ways with the traditional recap, which usually takes more hours than I’d like to admit, and shift into the truncated nutshells (mini-recaps) of the entire episode and translated dialogues of certain scenes. *sigh* I know…you’ll miss the longer recaps, but on the bright side, you’ll get these posts a lot sooner. 🙂 After all, Episode 5 and 6 are still pending because my hoobae and I are attempting to write them in the traditional recap format. 😛

Today’s Episode 7 continues to provide viewers with strong plot and character development! Can you tell that I absolutely adore this series? 🙂 Let’s get started!

You can access the RAW video of Episode 7 here


– Da Jung and Jae Woo get to know each other better as they walk down from their morning hike. (Dialogue of scene translated below)

– In Woo and his mother continue in their efforts to get the Jungs/Hans/Kangs to move out. If they can prove to the grandmother that Da Jung moved in next door because she likes In Woo, they can hold the grandmother to her word and kick their new neighbors out. Uncle Nam joins this duo and promises them a sure-fire way to kick out the new neighbors by the end of the episode.

– One aspect of the plan requires that Mama Seo invite the neighbors over for dinner. She barely prepares enough food to show them clearly just how she feels about them. Thankfully, the Jungs/Hans take over some deliciously prepared dishes as a thank-you to the grandparents.

– Da In gets to know Jae Woo a bit more as she visits him at his office. She wanted to ask him if he would model for her photography project. Her visit, however, gives his co-workers the wrong idea, so when Jae Woo returns to the office with a troubled look, they automatically assume that he’s fought with his “girlfriend,” and his boss cautiously approaches him and asks if he still needs the hiking shoes he requested. Jae Woo clears up the misunderstanding and tells them that Da In is the sister of the hiking shoes’ new owner and his new next door neighbor. Jae Woo asks his boss, though, if she knows an “Acha Mountain Flying Squirrel.” He’s pleased to hear that not only does his boss remember Da Jung, but that Da Jung was also looked upon favorably by his boss. She even asks him to tell Da Jung to visit their office sometime. Aw…

– Jae Woo returns home and runs into Da Jung as she carries a dish to the impromptu family dinner (conversation translated below)

-The episode ends with Uncle Nam crashing the dinner party–both families were actually having a good time getting to know each other–and accusing Han Song Jung of fraud. He whips out his forgery results and asks who forged the leasing contract signature. The grandfather? Jae Woo’s dad?

Da Jung: (as she reties her shoe laces after slipping on the leafy ground again) I should have worn another pair of socks. I just got done cleaning my hand, and now, it’s gotten dirty again. (She dusts off her hands and is surprised when Jae Woo appears by her side and offers her his hand.)

GD 7.14

Da Jung: Oh, Seo In Woo’s hyung nim… (hyung nim = the honorific form for big brother in Korean)

Jae Woo: It’s Seo Jae Woo.

Da Jung: Huh?

Jae Woo: My name is Seo Jae Woo.

GD 7.15

At Da Jung’s puzzled look, Jae Woo breaks out into a wide smile and attempts a joke.

Jae Woo: Is one hand not enough?

GD 7.1

He sticks out both hands and makes a sound that means “here.”

GD 7.2

At his joke, Da Jung smiles and takes the offer of his hands to pull herself up…and comes within mere inches from Jae Woo’s face as she does so. Straightening herself a bit, she steps back to a more comfortable distance.

Jae Woo: You should be careful. If you keep slipping down while wearing our product, it’ll look as though there’s a problem with the merchandise.

Da Jung: (smiles a bit at his joke) This is not a problem with the merchandise. It’s a problem with me.

Jae Woo: (continues to tease Da Jung) Are you sure you’re the Mount Acha Flying Squirrel? (referring to her screen name as one of  Nature’s product testers)

Da Jung: (in mock seriousness) Seo Jae Woo shi, haven’t you seen a squirrel slip and fall? You should visit Mount Acha. All the squirrels there slip and fall! (She smiles and runs down the rest of the mountain.)

Jae Woo: (smiles in response to her joke and calls out after her) Don’t run but go down slowly. (He quickly runs down to catch up with her.)

GD 7.3

Da Jung: After 3 years of unemployment, I really looked forward to my first day of work. However, the kids didn’t eat what I prepared. Instead, they ate things like fried food, dumplings, and ramyun. In a genuine concern for their well being, I snatched away their food and told them, “You kids! If you get sick after eating things like these, it’s my responsibility. Go and eat the school food!”

Jae Woo: Kids in junior high don’t usually listen to advice like that very well.

GD 7.4

Da Jung: It wasn’t just at the level of “not listening very well.” (Then mimicking the kids and raising her hand like one of the bullies) “What’s it to you what we eat?! Just get lost!”

Surprised, Jae Woo flinches away. LOL  Aw…Poor Jae Woo.

GD 7.5

He quickly looks around to see if anyone else saw them–or more specifically his flinching LOL–and ruefully scratches his head to cover his embarrassment. Aw…

Da Jung: (completely unaware of Jae Woo’s reaction, Da Jung gives a deep sigh) Nothing’s easy in life.

Jae Woo: So what happened next?

Da Jung: I was insulted, so I said some big words: “If you’re going to hit me, go ahead and hit me! However, if you leave so much as a scratch on my face, you take responsibility and live with me!” (It’s a Korean phrase for “You take responsibility for the situation and take care of me”)

GD 7.6

Jae Woo: You said that to the kids?

Da Jung: Crazy…that’s what I was. I was caught off guard and blurted out those words. I then got called into the principal’s office and was soundly chewed out. I was almost fired on my first day of work.

Jae Woo: Oh no.

Da Jung: That was the day I met Seo In Woo for the first time. That Publisher Lee ahjussi…he asked me to that hotel for no good reason! Had I not gone there, Seo In Woo wouldn’t have had any reason to mistake me for his blind date. Then–

GD 7.7

Jae Woo: (interrupts Da Jung) –That day, you saw me for the first time, too. In front of the hotel…taxi. (Aw…Jae Woo is trying so hard to get himself seen by her. LOL)

Da Jung: (just realizing) That’s right. Now that you mention it, I saw you, Seo In Woo’s hyung nim, for the first time, too. (Jae Woo’s face slightly falls as Da Jung goes back to calling him In Woo’s hyung nim.) Oh, we’re going to be late. Let’s run!

GD 7.8

Jae Woo: She’s already forgotten my name. (Aww….It’s OK, Jae Woo. We remember your name! 😉 )

Da Jung: (jogging in place from a few feet ahead) Seo In Woo’s hyung nim! Hurry up!

Jae Woo: (quietly to himself) I told you that it was Seo Jae Woo.

Da Jung: Hurry!

Resigned, Jae Woo smiles and jogs to catch up with her.

When they return home, Jae Woo gets unexpectedly pulled into Da Jung’s house to fix a “broken” water boiler. When he fixes it and hears Da Jung’s voice confirming that there’s now hot and cold water, he smiles upon hearing her voice, a smile that Da In catches and looks at him in an assessing way.

After getting ready for work, Jae Woo waits by the bus stop and keeps looking for Da Jung. Aw…He contemplates holding up the bus for her, but since she is nowhere in sight, he reluctantly gets on the bus…just as Da Jung rounds the corner and runs after the departing bus. Unfortunately, she misses the bus, and we viewers miss another great opportunity for these two to chat. 🙁

GD 7.9

At work, we find out why Da In was looking at Jae Woo that morning. She goes to his company, Nature. She had found out from Jae Woo’s mother in a roundabout way that morning that Jae Woo is a section/division leader in the marketing department.

GD 7.10

Introducing Da In to his co-workers, Jae Woo is surprised to learn that Da In has a different last name. Da In explains that she usually doesn’t disclose this type of private information to people, but she does so to Jae Woo, explaining that she was born after her father died and that because there was some sort of complication with registering her under her father’s name, the mother had simply added Da In to the Han family genealogy. Aw…I like how Da In seems so comfortable with Jae Woo already, as though he’s already part of the family/brother-in-law. *smiles* Whuh? I’m just anticipating future episodes. 😉

GD 7.11

Da In asks him to model for her because he fits her “young man” concept so well, but Jae Woo politely declines.

GD 7.12

When Jae Woo says that he can’t help her, Da In asks if he can at least catch a man for her then. LOL. She explains that Jae Woo was her second choice because her first choice guy just isn’t working out. And that’s when she receives a phone call which cuts off abruptly as soon as she answers it. It’s quickly followed by a text message that threatens her to pick up the phone on the first ring the next time. She shows Jae Woo the phone and asks how such a rude guy can possibly fit her “young man” concept. LOL

GD 7.13

Jae Woo smiles and tells her that he doesn’t feel too bad now about declining since he was her second choice.  Before they part, Da In asks him for a different favor–help her mother with marketing advice for her first novel. She had dropped by a bookstore recently to see her mother’s book and couldn’t find any. According to her mother, all the books were removed as a marketing strategy, but something just doesn’t add up to Da In. She asks if Jae Woo can help her mother, and Jae Woo (knowing the real story behind the book) tells Da In that he’ll first have to read the book before he can offer any helpful advice.

Later that night, he returns home and  brightens up as he sees Da Jung in the yard.

GD 7.16

Jae Woo: (seeing Da Jung) Oh…Jung Da Jung shi!

Da Jung: Oh…Seo In Woo’s hyung nim! Are you just getting in? (Aw…she still thinks of Jae Woo as In Woo’s brother. Poor Jae Woo…)

GD 7.17

Jae Woo: Yes. (looks down at the dish) What is this?

Da Jung: Bean beef. (It’s basically vegetarian version of beef made out of beans. In the States, we call it veggie meat/veggie patties.)

 Jae Woo: Bean beef?

Da Jung: Beef made out of beans. I tried making some for Grandfather and Grandmother. It’s sweet and should suit the taste buds of the elders.

Jae Woo: Let me take that for you. (Aw…such a gentleman!)

Da Jung: It’s hot.

GD 7.18

Jae Woo: Ah. I brought another pair of hiking shoes. You wear a size 240, right?

Da Jung: Ah. You really brought it. I can just share with my mom. (Yes, I’m noticing that these two have similar speech patterns at times. 😉 )

Jae Woo: If you keep slipping and falling, you can’t properly test the product.

Da Jung: I’ve received two pairs of testing shoes, but since I don’t have four feet to test them, I’ll test twice as hard.

Jae Woo: (chuckles at her comment) You know Team Manager Yoo Nan Seul, right?

Da Jung: Of course! I know her really well! She used to make sure that I received products and looked after me. I haven’t had a chance to contact her recently.

Jae Woo: You should come by the office one day. The team manager says that she wants to see you, Miss Jung Da Jung.

Da Jung: Really? Perhaps I should take her a copy of my mother’s book.

Jae Woo: Me, too. Can you lend me a copy of your mother’s book?

Da Jung: You want to try to read it?

Jae Woo: Yes.

Da Jung: Sure.

Jae Woo: Let’s go on in.

GD 7.19

As the two walk towards the house, though, In Woo returns home from work himself and takes in the scene. Of course, In Woo still thinks that Da Jung is using Jae Woo to make him jealous, but there’s a bit of something in his attitude as he sees his brother walking so comfortably beside Da Jung, too.

GD 7.20

When the two turn at In Woo’s “Hyung,” it’s almost as though the viewers are seeing the future Mr. and Mrs. Seo Jae Woo. 🙂


I’m really liking the pacing of the series so far. There’s plenty of hints and suggestions of multiple relationship possibilities, but the writer quickly clarifies those so that the road for Da Jung and Jae Woo remains relatively clear. Of course, the only “obstacle” in the path to their romantic relationship is In Woo, but I actually don’t mind him. If anything, I am enjoying how Da Jung’s and Jae Woo’s relationship is slowly and, more importantly, solidly being built on mutual enjoyment of each other’s company.

It’s relatively early in their “relationship,” if we can even call it that right now, but at least we know that In Woo won’t be able to wedge himself in between them once the relationship solidifies, clearing the way for a makjang-free drama as SBS supposedly promised recently. 🙂

I’ll keep the rest of my musings to myself…for now. 🙂 Let’s just say that I am thoroughly enjoying this series and hope that you’re finding equal enjoyment! 😉 Until Episode 5, 6, or 8, whichever one comes first…have a wonderful weekend! 😉

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    1. Yes, I noticed their color coordination along with a number of other adorable things that they do and share. 🙂
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        1. LOL. Me, too! I’m going to enjoy watching In Woo squirm a bit now that he’s starting to develop interest in Da Jung. 🙂

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