Glorious Day: Episode 6

GD 6.14

Hello, everyone! I apologize for how long this has taken to come out. I was suddenly hit by a lot of real life things to take care of, including my graduation. I’m sure by now most of you have already caught up to the latest episode, but I hope you still enjoy reading through this. 🙂 I promise these recaps will start coming out faster now that I’m finally enjoying my summer break. I will still try to complete a full recap, especially for those of you who enjoy or prefer knowing every single story line within the drama.

Also, thank you for the encouraging comments! I didn’t have time to respond to them at the time, but I will be better about responding to comments from now on.

This will be a bit of a challenge to recap and blog since I’ve also already seen a lot of clips from the later episodes; I’ll have to try not include things from the later episodes I wouldn’t have known had I watched this when it first came out. 


This episode starts exactly where it ended the last episode with In Woo staring at Jae Woo hugging Da Jung.

GD 6.1

(You can check out this scene below.)

GD 6.2

A few awkward seconds pass by with In Woo staring at his brother tiredly…

GD 6.3

…before Jae Woo quite forcefully pushes Da Jung back to her house. Jae Woo certainly doesn’t want In Woo to also notice how soaked her shirt is.  Inside her house, Da Jung stands around confused until she finally thinks to look down at her shirt…after Dr. Kang also runs away at the sight of her.

GD 6.4

Da Jung stands horrified while back at Jae Woo’s house, In Woo bugs Jae Woo about why he covered Da Jung with a towel. Jae Woo tries to shrug off In Woo, but his brother relentlessly and quite absentmindedly asks Jae Woo if Da Jung fed him beans, too, expanding on the pun made in In Woo’s dream. In Woo creates a bit of a ruckus trying to “help” his brother from having sleepless nights, which In Woo says were caused directly by Da Jung, and ultimately attracts his mother and grandmother.

GD 6.5

In Woo then proceeds to tell both his mother and grandmother exactly what he saw, reporting that Jae Woo hugged Da Jung so that Jae Woo could cover up her chest after he looked at it.

GD 6.6

Jae Woo angrily (as angry as he can get anyways) tells In Woo, his mother, and his grandmother that he didn’t see anything before covering her up and then storms away to his room.

GD 6.7

Jae Woo enters his room, seemingly calm, only to destroy that facade by trying to gather the papers on his desk, only to absentmindedly crumple them instead.

GD 6.8

He moans that his efforts to pretend he didn’t see anything just went to waste and that he should have just done nothing in the first place.

GD 6.9

Jae Woo’s moans meld with the more feminine moans of Da Jung who also laments the embarrassment of having her chest seen. All the while, Da Ae tries to comfort her.

GD 6.10

Her laments wake up Da In who heatedly states that there is NO point in her moaning as everything is see-through in today’s fashion anyways. She instead sasses that they have no fashion sense, to which Da Jung strips her blanket off to pointedly say that her see-through shirt isn’t “fashion” but instead a huge embarrassment.

GD 6.11

Da In comments how Jae Woo probably didn’t care about her appearance anyways while Da Ae goes on another short rant about how she also only has eyes for Dr. Kang. This reminds Da Jung that Dr. Kang also saw her soaked shirt which prompts Da Ae to actually react to the situation and call Da Jung crazy for walking around like that.

GD 6.12

Next, we see that the Grandmother has become quite fed up with Shin Ae’s and In Woo’s relentless complaints about the next door family. In Woo goes into quite the delusional rant about how Da Jung is seducing (for lack of a better word) Jae Woo to get revenge at him for not noticing her, even though she moved in next door just for In Woo. His mom adamantly supports his position, but the grandmother skeptically wonders how an entire family would move in next door and suck up to them just so Da Jung can see In Woo. Not very likely. She proposes that if they STILL have doubts about Da Jung, then they should just ask her directly about her motives, and if Shin Ae and In Woo turn out to be correct, the grandmother will PERSONALLY kick them out by force if she needs to.

GD 6.13

We flip back to the Jung and Kang family (sorry for this constant flipping, but I see no other way to write out the change in scenes between the two families). Song Jung complains a bit about having to do so much laundry for so many people. She tries to sit and use the bathroom, only to fall straight through as the toilet seat has been left up (which guys tend to do when they use the toilet; Song Jung never had to think about the toilet seat being up because she lived in a household of only females).

GD 6.14

Song Jung screams out in pain after falling through the toilet, bringing to attention everyone in the house and also Shin Ae, who is at that moment snooping around the house.

GD 6.15

Song Jung angrily demands to know who left the seat up (and honestly, there’s only two choices really), and Dr. Kang sacrifices himself to cover up for Eun Chan who sneakily slides away. He earns some disapproving glances from the ladies and is readily banned from urinating while standing up. LOL I sort of feel bad for him….

GD 6.16

Song Jung sends both Da Ae and Dr. Kang out to set the table, only to reveal to her other two daughters that she greatly exaggerated the pain she feels. (Honestly, it doesn’t hurt that much. The feeling of falling into your supposedly safe and stable toilet MAY BE extremely surprising, but not painful.) She uses this opportunity to issue another warning to Da Jung and Da In about Dr. Kang and Da Ae, a relationship she refuses to acknowledge. (You know, I commend her for raising all of her children for so long by herself in a society that’s so male-dominant and one that demands the presence of a male in a household for its prosperity, but I really dislike the way she’s so closed-minded when it comes to Da Ae and Dr. Kang.) Da Jung tries to stand up for Dr. Kang, only to be shut down by Song Jung who claims that children who don’t listen to their parents are doomed to fail, just like the Little Mermaid. (Mind you, she didn’t mean the Disney version with the happy ending, but instead the Hans Christian Andersen one in which the Little Mermaid basically dies, or to be more accurate “turns into sea foam.”) She states that falling into the toilet is just one of the necessary steps to bring Da Ae out of her delusions…

GD 6.17

…but instead, Da Ae and Dr. Kang do the opposite and are actually being quite lovey dovey with each other in the kitchen. They act adorably like a newlywed couple, cooking together and taste testing the food they make. They even make little gestures that say “I love you” to each other without getting caught by the others. (That’s what the little snapping motions Dr. Kang did were supposed to be.) Da Ae replies with her own “secret” sign, which isn’t very low key at all. Da Ae tries to feed Dr. Kang his favorite “tofu,” when Song Jung walks in on them and starts to lecture them…again. Poor Dr. Kang tries to respond to Song Jung while choking on the extremely hot tofu that just got slid into his mouth.

GD 6.18

Da Ae tries to cover things up, but only ends up making things worse, leading to the Kang family being separated from the Jung family during dinner (which sort of makes sense considering the fact that he’s only supposed to be a boarder). Eun Chan quite blatantly eyes Da In’s attire from his table, which prompts Song Jung to tell her to put on her clothes. Da In responds that she’s put on all her clothes and actually causes Dr. Kang to snort. Da Jung notices and uses the opportunity to repeat the words Da In said to her earlier back at her, which quickly backfires on her. Song Jung tells her to dress properly to which Da In complains about the awkward and uncomfortable nature of their living situation. Eun Chan smartly replies that HE’S perfectly fine with it and that they should just carry on, earning quite interesting glances from the entire group.

GD 6.19

Da Jung stands to leave for work and rejects Dr. Kang’s offer to drive her to work, which she does in order to stop by the dduk, or rice cake, store that the Seo men manage so that she can formally say her thanks and greetings to the grandfather. Song Jung follows Da Jung out and asks that Da Jung pretend not to know Min Shik because the Seo family doesn’t know of their “sibling” relationship yet.

GD 6.20

Da Jung reassures her and then ushers her mother inside before rushing out, only to be stopped by the sight of In Woo waiting for her at the gate. Clearly uncomfortable with both the situation and his presence, Da Jung tries to leave without acknowledging In Woo only to have him block her way.

GD 6.21

In Woo confronts her and asks her if she has anything to say, prompting her to apologize again for making him feel uncomfortable. Jae Woo witnesses the scene on his way out and watches from a distance, ready to step in if necessary. Jae Woo had felt that his brother was in the wrong when Da Jung left by herself after repeatedly apologizing for a mistake that had been largely made by his family.

Suspecting ulterior motives, In Woo tries to get Da Jung to be “honest” about why she moved into the house; however, before he can get anything in, she interrupts him and begs for just one month of leniency before running away.

GD 6.22

In Woo looks at her running, confused by her statement that everything will be resolved in one month. Jae Woo tells In Woo to stop bothering her, which In Woo tries to argue against again…until he sees his grandmother coming out and runs away from the house. In Woo looks at Da Jung’s retreating figure and decides to stalk her by car.

GD 6.4

In Woo follows Da Jung all the way to the Seo family’s rice cake shop, where he sees her greet both Min Shik and his grandfather. He mistakes the situation for Da Jung  wheedling the grandfather.  Meanwhile, the grandfather and Da Jung get closer as they right the misunderstandings wrought by what the grandfather also claims was all In Woo’s doing and reminisce about old rice cake stores in market places. Here, we really get to see the kindness of the grandfather who tells Da Jung that he had wanted to give the neighborhood kids all a piece of rice cake but couldn’t because he also had to receive payment for the rice cakes to survive. I really like their dynamics; I feel as though the grandfather is like the grandfather she never really had while she was growing up (or even a father figure really considering how her actual father is) and Da Jung is the granddaughter he never had as well (I know he has grandsons, but I’ve learned that to grandparents, there is a huge distinction between a granddaughter and grandson). It was really nice seeing them bond over sharing rice cakes together. I found it interesting how she says that the rice cake is “warm,” and I may be reading a bit too much into this (blame AP literature and language), but to me it felt as though the rice cake was physically warm in her hands, but also that the moment she had with the Grandfather was also figuratively “warm” and “homey.”

GD 6.5

As Da Jung leaves, In Woo looks on at the exchange between Min Shik and Da Jung, wondering when Da Jung had become so close with both Min Shik and his grandfather.

(You can check out the scene below.)

GD 6.25

In Woo looks on pained that his plans aren’t working out…

GD 6.27

…only to be scared by his brother knocking on his window. LOL In Woo is so scared by his brother possibly finding out about his new car that he refuses to roll down his window at first.

GD 6.6

He repeatedly tells his brother that the car isn’t his, but Jae Woo just hands In Woo a handkerchief before telling In Woo to call their grandmother and thank her. He then cautions In Woo to be careful with someone else’s car. Since he’s a man who hates lying, he also really can’t tell when others are lying. In Woo offers him a ride, but Jae Woo just walks off to catch the bus instead.

GD 6.7

The bus arrives, and as Da Jung is about to get on, Jae Woo shouts at her to hold the bus. She holds the bus for him, then quickly walks away to sit down. This sort of confused me until I remembered that the wet shirt scene happened that morning. (It’s scenes like these that are hard to write because I’ve already seen later clips of them getting closer, so scenes where Da Jung is still feeling awkward with him feels like a contradiction to what I already know…but moving on.)

GD 6.29

He thanks her for holding the bus for him, as he would have been late had he missed the bus. She thanks him as well, which confuses Jae Woo until she clarifies that it was meant for the morning’s incident.

GD 6.30

The bus rocks, and she finally feels comfortable enough to move aside and invite him to sit next to her. Woot~ Considering how uncomfortable I feel even sitting next to my close friends on small seats like this, I think it’s so nice how she invites him to sit down next to her despite the many empty seats around them.

GD 6.31

Once seated, Jae Woo looks down at the rice cakes on her lap and remembers her previous comments that morning with her see-through shirt. Also the little flashback confirms that he did indeed see through her soaked shirt, as he flinches and looks up right after glancing at her in the flashback scene. He brings out his work papers, and she immediately recognizes the company. She had tested products for them in the past. She quite proudly tells him of the product tests she did as the “flying squirrel” and is disappointed when he doesn’t recognize the nickname. It’s quite cute how she relates to him the pride she had felt while testing the product.

GD 6.8

Da Jung even gives Jae Woo a “tip,” now that he’s part of the marketing team, telling him that it’s best to use unemployed people for marketing tests because they usually have the time to test the products well. She also goes on to state how nice it was to get free things while product testing, how she felt while unemployed, etc. Although she talks about her past brightly enough, Jae Woo reacts to it with genuine concern for her, as in he genuinely sympathizes with all the things she had to go through. I love how properly and formally he speaks to her, but how casually yet formally she speaks to him.

GD 6.33

He’s genuinely shocked by how she tested the product for three years, and I really love her outlook on life. It’s hard to think as positively as she did when unemployed, and it was really her positive attitude that she states got her the job she’s so proud of now. LOL she takes off her shoes to show him an example of well-worn shoes, only to realize she’s wearing her new boots because of her job.

GD 6.34

Awwwwww…Jae Woo invites her to do testing for his company again, stating that there’s a hill behind his house she could use to test the shoes. I think it’s so sweet how he gives her an opportunity to do something she likes again, especially right after she said she likes hiking around hills but can’t now because the trails are too far.

GD 6.35

Awwwww…She’s also really excited and readily agrees to test the product for him. I feel like more than anything, this is the first gift he gives her.

GD 6.36

Lol. Meanwhile, it’s a bit sad how Song Jung and Min Shik have to meet secretly in the car so that they can just talk with each other without getting caught. He immediately notices her nervousness and feels sorry about the situation, and they both go on talking about their families. Both the grandfather and Min Shik have decided not to accept rent from Song Jung. He gives her a list of places in the neighborhood and the phone numbers of the places, which touches her and prompts her to ask if she can gift the grandfather a copy of her new book. (Woah, I apologize for both the abruptness and brevity of this part)

GD 6.37

The Uncle drives by the neighborhood and notices Song Jung as he drives by. He questions her presence in the neighborhood, and she coldly brushes him off before trying to walk away. The uncle tells his driver to follow her, and he amusingly reveals indirectly that he’s not only read her entire book, but he’s STILL carrying around her book with him everywhere…obsessive much?

GD 6.38

Song Jung decides to ignore him, and he continues to relentlessly follow her and taunt her like a teenage boy teasing the girl he likes. He taunts her saying how the quality of her clothes don’t add up to the quality of the neighborhood she’s walking in. He finally gets a reaction from her by telling her to change her book’s title to “Daughters, DON’T Live Like Your Mother,” and she just releases a torrent of anger at him in a very informal speech that one would use towards a little child, and once again, the Uncle is shocked by what she says to him. He tries to get her to tell him what “that” is, which she had called him during their first meeting…until the car stops and both his driver and he realize just where she;s walked into. Uh oh…and the trouble begins…

GD 6.39

He follows her inside the gates and tries to stop her from going into the house, asking her why she’s trying to go in the house, to which she haughtily replies that it’s HER house. She tries to go inside, but instead reacts angrily when he says that HE was going to live there and then wonders how the grandfather could give the house to a swindler after refusing to give it to him this whole time.

GD 6.40

Song Jung tells him to take it up with the owner, but the uncle doesn’t budge. In retaliation, she first tries to taunt, then eventually threatens him into leaving “her house.” Goong Young is so shocked by her threat that he flails backwards, about to fall off the edge, so that Song Jung tries to help him NOT fall by reversing his momentum by pulling him TOWARDS her. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really help their situation as he ends up sort of landing on her in a hug. Outraged, she brushes herself off and storms inside while he is left shocked by both what happened and her reaction.

GD 6.41

Goong Young exasperatedly drinks several bottles of water while ranting about Song Jung. Shin Ae agrees with his rants while slowing revealing how Song Jung was, in simple terms, flirting with and leading this guy on first thing in the morning. Immediately, Goong Young gets a bit jealous and asks who the guy is, a question that Shin Ae completely doesn’t notice. Apparently, In Woo’s fanatic idolization of Dr. Kang has rubbed off on the mother, too, as she defends Dr. Kang when Goong Young calls him a swindler, too. She comments how Dr. Kang is probably about 10 years younger than them, which slightly offends Goong Young, who claims there’s already a significant age difference in Shin Ae and Goong Young. According to him, they are NOT of the same age.

They then try and formulate a plan to get the Jung and Kang family to move out of the house. Goong Young just tells Shin Ae to see how much Song Jung is paying for rent according to the housing contract and then just give her 3 or 4 times that amount in exchange for her leaving the house.

GD 6.42

Meanwhile, Song Jung has been worriedly looking out of the house, worried that the uncle has been calling her a swindler and saying things about her to the Seo household. Goong Young notices Song Jung spying on them and tells Shin Ae not to turn around and instead follow his lead. He then pretends to no longer have any interest in the house and tells Shin Ae not to call him over anymore; Song Jung completely buys it and thanks God before trying to go back into her house.

However, before she does, Shin Ae calls out to Song Jung and asks to see her housing contract. Of course, Song Jung doesn’t have a housing contract; the men aren’t even accepting rent from her. Song Jung makes an excuse that she misplaced the contract while they were moving everything, and Shin Ae decides to ask her father for it instead.

GD 6.43

Song Jung immediately calls Min Shik who tells the grandfather that Shin Ae is coming over to ask for the housing contract. Grandfather starts writing a housing contract on the spot, while Shin Ae reports to Goong Young that Song Jung didn’t even show or say she’ll look for the housing contract. At this, Goong Young automatically says Song Jung probably can’t because she doesn’t have one. He tells her not to worry and that they’ll take care of this completely and drives off.

GD 6.44

We then flip to Jae Woo, who seems to be in an outdoor meeting with his management team. Jae Woo interestingly eyes the legs (I think it’s more feet and her high heels) of the girl across from him, who notices and tries to appeal to him more with her legs. As the team manager finishes up the meeting, she asks Jae Woo for any inputs, and he asks the girl about her hobbies. All of his co-workers are surprised that he’s showing some interest in a woman for once.

GD 6.45

When asked, the girl says that her hobby is to watch movies quite obsessively as she’s watched all the latest movies. Jae Woo asks what she’s doing this weekend. Now at this  point, everyone thinks he’s asking her out on a date. She thinks the same and says she likes to go on a drive or go to the amusement park. Jae Woo says that a visit to an amusement park requires lots of walking and asks if she likes walking. She replies that she doesn’t at all.

GD 6.46

She asks if he’s asking for a date, prompting the team manager to ask Jae Woo if the rest of the people should clear out. Instead of asking her out on a date, though, like everyone thinks he’s going to, Jae Woo instead starts to berate the girl for her work ethics and asks how she can test their new products if she’s so busy with other things and hates walking. His co-workers’ faces are hilarious as they all realize that instead of asking her out, he was totally grilling her.

GD 6.47

He tells the other people in the testing group to keep to their schedules for testing, while indirectly telling the girl not to bother taking shoes home to test.

GD 6.48

He then tells his team manager that they should pick more unemployed people who actually have time to go hiking and running a lot. Awww …he totally took Da Jung’s advice to heart.

GD 6.49

We then switch to the younger Seo brother who’s trying to set up a lunch meeting with Dr.Kang…only to be repeatedly interrupted because of the fuss the mother behind him is making.

GD 6.50

In Woo goes to take care of the fuss and proves that he is actually a pretty skilled dentist.

GD 6.51

He takes care of the bleeding boy and has him set up for a more official check up before leaving.

GD 6.52

We flip from the youngest Seo to the oldest ones (I’m trying to make the flipping around a bit more interesting), as Shin Ae complains to the grandfather about how the family next door not only didn’t greet him when they moved in but that they even misplaced their housing contract. She asks for the housing contract so that she can make sure that they’re only really staying for a month. Min Shik tries to shoo her out saying the grandfather is busy, but she relentlessly asks him. Grandfather hands her his impromptu housing contract, and while she stares at his badly forged housing contract and the part in the contract where he accepted no rent from Song Jung, Goong Young saunters in (uh oh…if I remember correctly, he carries around the book she signed with him everywhere). Both Shin Ae and Goong Young raise a fuss about the situation, as Goong Young hands the contract over to his secretary to take.

GD 6.53

Meanwhile, In Woo drives up to Dr.Kang’s place to see both Dr. Kang and Da Ae flirting with each other…uh oh. He tries to figure out what they’re doing…but his thought processes are quickly interrupted when he’s spotted by Dr. Kang. He laments that he can’t be seen with his new car and looks up to see Dr. Kang staring right back at him.

GD 6.54

He smiles while ranting under his breath about how he’s getting caught by everyone today. He comes out of his car once again repeating his excuse that the car is his sunbae’s. Dr. Kang states how nice the car is before In Woo asks what the relationship between Da Ae and Dr. Kang is. Dr. Kang awkwardly states that they’re just flatmates, nothing more. They’re introduced briefly and she goes in…

GD 6.55

…only to come out with Da Jung and Eun Chan in tow.

GD 6.56

Both In Woo and Da Jung are visibly socked by each other’s presence LOL.

GD 6.57

Looking as though he’s in literal physical pain, In Woo tells Dr. Kang that he thought they were just going to have dinner, just the two of them. Dr. Kang completely doesn’t catch the awkwardness and says if In Woo really wants to eat with just the two of them, they can simply get another table next to the others. In Woo moans that there’s no point anymore while Dr. Kang cheerily explains that they’re all like a family anyways.

Next we flip to Song Jung who’s found out from her publisher’s landowner that he has abandoned his apartment and hasn’t come back or paid rent in quite a while. She manages to convince the landowner to let her take back all her books instead of throwing them out. After finishing her business, Song Jung calls Da Jung who called to tell her mother that she, Da Ae, Eun Chan, and Dr. Kang won’t be home for dinner as they’re all eating with In Woo today.

GD 6.58

Song Jung tells Da Jung to dispel any misunderstandings with In Woo here and also keep Da Ae from being too conspicuous with Dr. Kang while In Woo is around. Da Jung comments that she’ll probably get a stomachache today LOL.

The happy atmosphere at the table is replaced with an awkward one once the seating arrangements are shuffled so that Dr. Kang and Da Ae are separated. In an effort to dispel the awkwardness, Da Jung tries to take care of both Dr. Kang and Eun Chan. Da Ae and In Woo look on with exasperation as Da Jung tries her best with Da Ae looking a tad bit sadder that she can’t be the one in Da Jung’s place. LOL

GD 6.59

Of course, In Woo completely misunderstands the situation and mutters to himself that Da Jung must be really desperate if she’s trying to use even Dr. Kang to make him jealous.

GD 6.60

As a test to see Da Jung’s true motives, In Woo asks if Da Jung can give him food as well…and her already forced smile immediately falters. Da Ae doesn’t help as she tells Da Jung to give In Woo some food as well, using the opportunity to feed Dr. Kang herself.

GD 6.61

Da Jung gives out a weak “yes” while reaching for the food. Da Ae merely looks on in amusement as Da Jung fills his plate while trying not to look at him. He stares at her full-on while asking Dr. Kang how he came to live with the Jung family at his family’s spare house. In Woo barely looks as though he’s listening, however, as he stares Da Jung down.

GD 6.62

Dr. Kang quickly changes the subject from his awkward answer to say how it’s fate that he and In Woo happened to meet again, but In Woo doesn’t give up as he continues with the difficult questions, addressing them towards Dr. Kang while continuing to stare Da Jung down.

GD 6.63

He asks why they moved so far away from all of the family’s workplaces, and no one knows how to answer…until Eun Chan smartly chimes in how nice the house is with its yard and everything. Dr. Kang wistfully wishes that they all live together for forever instead of just for one month. He eyes Da Ae as he says this, causing Da Jung to choke in shock.

GD 6.64

Da Jung reaches for her water, and In Woo grabs her hand while repeating the words he said to her in their first meeting.  She starts to breathe in and out, as In Woo asks her if she remembers their first meeting. Of course, she does. Da Ae asks if they know each other, and Da Jung immediately runs away to the bathroom.

GD 6.65

Da Ae tries to chase after Da Jung, only to be stopped by In Woo who follows her instead. As In Woo goes after Da Jung, Da Ae and the Kang family look confused by the situation.

GD 6.66

While In Woo waits for Da Jung to come out, he reports to his mom his plans to make Da Jung admit she moved next door for him. His mom tells him to be careful in case she starts liking him more…or worse yet, he starts liking her!

GD 6.67

In Woo brushes off his mother’s worries and hangs up so he can “set the mood” when Da Jung comes out.

GD 6.68

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Da Jung gives herself a pep talk, telling herself not to fall for his ploys as he’s just messing with her.

GD 6.9

She heads out…and walks straight into In Woo. She refuses to look at him at first, and her awkwardness has In Woo convinced that Da Jung really likes him.

(You can check out the scene below.)

GD 6.10

In Woo directly asks her if she moved next door because of him, but instead of becoming flushed and nervous as he expects, Da Jung calmly and steadfastly says no, effectively flushing both his plans and ego down the drains. (bathroom pun intended 🙂 )

GD 6.11

In Woo asks her again, only to be met with the same firm “no.” He’s genuinely shocked and put down by her answer, as he expected a resounding, or at least flustered, yes to his question. When she tries to walk away, he stops her and at least tries to get her to admit that she likes him.

GD 6.72

Unable to answer yes or no, Da Jung runs away before he can stop her again.

GD 6.73

The scene flips to Jae Woo who looks at the Jung family’s house because he has something for Da Jung. He starts heading back to his own house when he realizes no one is at the house but stops when he hears Song Jung coming in. He immediately inquires after Da Jung, and upon learning that she is not back yet, Jae Woo hands Song Jung a bag for Da Jung and starts to head back home again.

GD 6.74

Song Jung stops him before he gets far, and the two finally have a moment to reconcile as Song Jung apologizes for kicking him when they first met. He accepts the apology and heads back as Song Jung looks fondly on him while commenting that Min Shik raised him well.

GD 6.75

From the quite quiet car ride that Da Ae, Da Jung, Eun Chan, and Dr. Kang have as they head back home, we flip to an extremely loud and active club where Da Jung has apparently been working by taking pictures for the club to use to attract more customers. She takes several pictures of many different people, when suddenly, she starts taking pictures of only one guy (pictured above). She comments that he’s the catch for today (I guess she means he’s the most photogenic and best for publicity), only to look up and realize he’s gone.

She soon finds him dancing (very awkwardly in my opinion) with a group of girls and starts to blatantly take more pictures of him while making very loud comments to herself. She finally realizes this guy is the same guy as the one she lost track of before when her camera is snatched out of her hands by the guy in question. He takes her memory card before coldly stating that she shouldn’t have taken pictures without thinking. He tries to walk away, but Da In stops him to ask him to model for her. Their very pointless conversation ends with the guy getting her phone number so that he can return the memory card after he deletes his pictures and Da In getting nothing as he doesn’t promise to model for her despite her fervent requests. He walks away coldly, but Da In is unfazed by his attitude as she continues to snap pictures of him in her head.

GD 6.76

We switch to a more quiet bar/club where the Uncle receives news from his secretary that Song Jung’s handwriting on her book and on the contract don’t match. This prompts Goong Young to question who exactly signed the contract then.

GD 6.77

Back home now, Da Ae finally gets to interrogate Da Jung about her relationship with In Woo only to be cut off very curtly by Da Jung. After realizing that Da Jung has a one-sided crush, Da Ae finally states how awkward it must be for Da Jung to live here. Da Jung tries to reply…

GD 6.78

…when she finally notices the bag beside her desk. She opens it to find the new test product and the questionnaire/survey for it, along with a note Jae Woo wrote asking her to test if for him. Hmmm I wonder if that’s Lee Sang Woo’s real handwriting or if someone else just wrote it for the prop…it’d be pretty awesome if that was his real handwriting.

GD 6.79

Da Jung comments that Jae Woo really went through with his promise to bring her new products, and the scene switches to the next morning. We see Jae Woo walking through what I assumed is the “forest behind his house” that he had previously mentioned, eyeing the shoes of everyone he passes to try and find Da Jung. The shoes he gave her are test products, so he would know that she’s one of the few who has the type of running shoes he gave her.

GD 6.80

He finally spots the shoes he gave to Da Jung, and the camera slowly drags up from Da Jung’s shoes to a full shot of her as she runs up a hill. He looks on as she climbs and hesitates in getting her attention…when she suddenly falls down.

GD 6.81

She seems to have actually hurt herself, and that finally prompts Jae Woo to approach her. But when he finally starts to walk towards her, Da Jung quickly stands up and runs away in the opposite direction. He smiles a bit as he watches her run away.

(You can check out the scene below.)

GD 6.12

The camera then switches to Da Jung who has apparently decided to rest on a bench and brush the dirt off her hands. Jae Woo smoothly sits next to her, offering his water bottle so that she can wash the dirt out of her scratches. When she greets him as “Seo In Woo’s older brother” instead of by his name, he makes a very subtle disgruntled face…poor Jae Woo. Alas, she’ll call him by his name soon enough. She takes him up on his offer, but instead of just washing out her wounds as he expected her to, she first drinks from the water bottle. Hehehehe, considering how flustered Jae Woo was when she put the bottle to her lips, I’m guessing HE also has taken a drink from the bottle before he offered it to Da Jung…making this their first indirect kiss! Woot! Cheers!

GD 6.13

However, Da Jung takes no notice and starts to wash her hand as per Jae Woo’s original intention in giving her the water bottle. He asks her how the shoes are to which she tells him a few of her first impressions before telling him to look at her report for the product for the rest of her comments.

GD 6.14

All of a sudden, she puts her hand up to her face, and he looks on, quite puzzled by her actions.

GD 6.15

She stays with her hand up for a while until she remembers to take out her rice cakes and offers Jae Woo one as well. He immediately recognizes it as his family’s shop’s rice cakes, and she almost lets it slip that her mother and his father are “siblings.”

GD 6.16

She quickly covers up the mistake and starts munching on her rice cakes. The silence finally prompts him to ask why she has her hands raised like that.

GD 6.17

She cheerfully answers she’s doing it to dry her hands because if she wipes the water away on her clothes, more germs are going to get in the scratches. Jae Woo smiles at her answer and looks fondly at her when he realizes something is off about her shoes.

GD 6.18

He freaks her out a bit as he sort of grabs her leg and feet and feels around, which confirms his suspicions that her shoes are too big for her. (Man, how in the world did he just notice that…he’s either dedicated to his work or just sharp).

He comments that he should get her another pair in her size, which she says is unnecessary because she and her mom always wear shoes like this.  She stands up and tells him she’ll run ahead because she’s late but tells him to take his time (LOL their height difference is huge and also adorable). He smiles as she runs ahead, before he, too, heads back home.

GD 6.19

As he runs practically right behind her, he sees her falling once again. This time, he has enough time to get to her, and as she leans to stand up, he looks down at her with a smile…

GD 6.20

…and offers her a hand. Surprised, she again calls him “Seo In Woo’s older brother,” but this time, he tells her his name, “It’s Seo Jae Woo”  which confuses her until he clarifies by saying “My name is Seo Jae Woo.” He then smiles his dashing smile as the episode comes to a close.


Wow, I apologize for how long that’s taken. *shamefully hides my face* I actually skipped the translations this time around so I could get the post out. If there’s a huge demand for translations, then I will take the time to translate the requested clips, but for now you will have to do with my paraphrasing. It did feel a bit awkward doing a past episode, especially since Da Jung and Jae Woo’s relationship has changed so dramatically between this episode and the latest one. What motivated me to finally finish this was actually the latest episode as I saw Snoopy’s Twinkie’s snips this past Sunday from episode 16.

Episode 6 marked the start of Da Jung and Jae Woo getting close to each other as they start to converse outside of a group setting. In an indirect way, this is also the episode when Da Jung receives her first gift from Jae Woo (the shoes) and when Jae Woo and Da Jung have their first indirect kiss. 😉

Aside from all the sweet moments between Da Jung and Jae Woo, I, for one, enjoyed how Da Jung gave In Woo such a steadfast “no” to his question. His shock was quite welcomed, especially because he was so confident just seconds prior to her answer. From here on out, I will be happily watching their roles reverse as the episodes progress. 

I didn’t comment on this in my last musing, but it was also quite refreshing to see Park Se Young (Da Jung) and Lee Sang Woo (Jae Woo) act together. The whole cast of Glorious Day is extremely talented (and I’m including all the production company including the editing and stage crew), but Park Se young and Lee Sang Woo have such skill and chemistry together that their past characters and roles don’t come to my mind at all. When I’m watching them, I sometimes forget this is not my first time watching them in a drama. What was also interesting about the cast is that the model Da In has her eyes on is a member of the k-pop idol group VIXX. I actually followed the group a bit before I started this drama, and seeing one of the members act was a bit…interesting. I’m not really sure how to describe it since it’s my first glimpse of him acting, but we’ll see soon enough.

What also enhanced the drama for me was the background music in each scene. I usually don’t like the background music in a drama (unless it’s a historical drama; weird quirk of mine), but I really enjoyed how the music changed with each scene. The music really enhanced the atmosphere of each scene; my favorite so far has to be the music that was playing as the scene first changed to the morning when both Jae Woo and Da Jung go out to run.

Well, looks like this (sort of) peaceful state won’t last long as Goong Young starts to snoop around and investigate Song Jung and her relationship with the older Seo men.

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  1. Great job! Definitely a labor of love, Aulia! 😉

    By the way, I like your comment about the possibility of the note being written personally by LSW. If so, the man has very nice penmanship! And you know how I feel about penmanship. 😉

    One last comment: First indirect kiss! Ack!!! It seems quite tame, though, since we just saw their actual first kiss. Nevertheless, I appreciate the indirect one just as much. 😉

    Looking forward to your Ep. 9 recap! Hee~! No pressure… 😉

    1. Hehehe, I thought you would like that comment. 😀 I also really love nice penmanship (maybe because mine’s so terrible), and the prospects of it made me excited!

      I think what was funniest about that indirect kiss was that Da Jung was so clueless about it, but Jae Woo was so aware of it, as shown by their respective reactions.

      Thank you, and Ep. 9 will start…after the World Cup match today between S. Korea and Russia. WOOOT!

  2. Good Job Aulia! Well done and glad you persevered regardless that we are now at episode 16!
    Builds character to never give up in life!

    Idol actors, hmm not fond of them because most can’t act though we do have the occasional one or two who can but then it’s a minor role so I’m not that bothered though I must admit DaIn acts better than the guy and she’s also idol, I’m told by one friend of mine who I won’t name!

    Can’t wait to see more from you
    Aulia, hwaiting:)

    1. Thank you 🙂 !! I think recapping it actually was a bit harder since it was older…we’ll see as I start recapping 9 and 10 as well.

      I have to agree with you on the idol actors comment. I don’t want to generalize all of them, but more often than not, they’re not the best at acting. I tend to avoid dramas that are commercialized and promoted as “idol dramas” and stick to the dramas with more veteran actors.

      Also I didn’t know at all Da In’s actress was an idol member. I actually thought she was just an actress (as in she didn’t start her career as an idol). Thank you for reading and that new piece of knowledge!

  3. Thank you, Aulia! I enjoyed reading your recap and especially your comments on the conversations and interactions. Even with subs, I sometimes miss the underlying meaning of what is said and done. And can I say I love that screencap of JW contorting his face!

    I think the cast is pretty talented, too. I am not fond of Da Ae, though, not sure if it’s the character or the actress. Da In gets on my nerves, but I’m given to understand that’s usual maknae behaviour! In Woo is so pale! Each time I see him, I picture him in a Twilight movie or something 😀

    Thanks again, and looking forward to more recaps! Congratulations on your graduation, too 🙂

    1. Hee~! I get the credit for the screencaps. 😉 Glad you enjoyed that particular picture…I must have tried several times before I got that one, which was the closest I could get of his “anguish.” LOL

    2. Thank you! Also, I forgot to credit this time, but as Snoopy’s Twinkie commented, these screencaps were ALL hers..I just wrote to them this time around.

      I also completely agree with your comments about the cast. I’m really not too fond of Da Ae, but with me, I think it’s just I don’t really like how she takes so little responsibility within her own family despite being the oldest. I do sympathize with Da Ae’s situation with Dr. Kang, but still, Da Jung has a lot of the duties that Da Ae should get as the oldest one. Da In gives me the same feeling she gives you as well…she’s spoiled, but I guess I’m to understand that since she IS the maknae. I actually didn’t notice In Woo’s skintone before, but now that you mention it, he IS really pale and I can totally picture him in one!

      Thank you for reading and your congratulatory message 🙂 !

  4. Thank you for your recaps, etc. and congratulations on your recent graduation. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

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