Glorious Day: Episode 5

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Snoopy’s Twinkie: I’d like to introduce to our Musings community my little hoobae (she’ll be entering college this fall) who has unwittingly generously volunteered her recapping services to our Glorious Day adventure. 🙂 Hurray! I hope you’ll enjoy reading her recap and musings as she and I work together to recap this weekend drama…for as long as we can. 😉

As for this episode…Ha! The Seo and Jung families are finally within physical proximity of each other! Are you imagining all the hilarity that can ensue in the coming months? Or at least while the two families are living next door to each other? 😉 Well, if you’ve already seen this episode, you’ll know that the hijinks have already started…and with our favorite pairs–Da Jung and Jae Woo! LOL

Let’s jump into Aulia’s very first recap for our community!

You can access the RAW video here.

Recap: Brought to you by Aulia…

This episode resumes with the Jung family moving in, this time from the point of view of In Woo, Mama Seo (taking my sunbae’s nickname for her), the Grandmother, and Jae Woo as In Woo causes a ruckus trying to get the others to believe that there are moving trucks in front of the house.

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The scene then immediately switches back to Min Shik and Grandfather who are both taken aback for completely different reasons: Min Shik due to Song Jung’s abrupt appearance and the Grandfather due to her gender. Despite his surprise, the Grandfather allows her to move in.

As Song Jung proceeds to assist the movers, the Grandfather chastises Min Shik for leaving out the fact that his dongseng…is a woman, a fact that Min Shik had overlooked because of his long sibling relationship with Song Jung, but one that the grandfather states not many would overlook as he has (I’m guessing he means Mama Seo here).

As Song Jung eyes their conversation wearily, Da Jung talks herself into overcoming her own embarrassment. However, as soon as she gains the courage to approach them, her mother immediately orders her to start unpacking as the atmosphere has soured.

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In Woo, Mama Seo, and the Grandmother chooses this moment to join the scene. The rest all question Min Shik and the Grandfather’s decision to have a family move in without any consultation while Da Jung reacts in horror to In Woo’s comment on who the people are.

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Jae Woo lags behind the rest of his family in coming out…just in time to see Da Jung trying to hurriedly (and sneakily, though she fails hilariously) run away from the scene.

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He tries to confront her and questions her presence at the house which results in a short staring match, which concludes as she runs away from him while begging him to keep silent.

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These two are so adorable!

The scene then jumps to the rest of the family as Min Shik and his Grandfather are grilled by the rest of the family. Min Shik tries to explain how her husband had died to leave her to take care of three daughters, and they need a place to stay. Mama Seo reacts quite badly to this news and proceeds to question his sanity, letting a family of daughters live so close to a family of sons. In Woo cluelessly decides this is the perfect time to ask for their ages…and is quickly shushed by Mama Seo…who is in turn shushed by the Grandmother as Song Jung approaches to greet them.

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Just as Song Jung begins to greet the family, Jae Woo enters the scene, and man are they both surprised! Their faces both change into one of shock and surprise as Song Jung remembers their previous encounter. She manages to recollect herself and finishes her greeting to the family…while stealthily asking Jae Woo to keep quiet. Like mother, like daughter LOL.

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While the rest of the family is dismayed by the Jung family’s appearance, In Woo quite openly celebrates the face that three daughters (for him to make a move on) will be moving in as well to which Jae Woo responds if In Woo has seen them. The little player misunderstands his brother’s question to be about their looks and earns himself a slap from his mother when he replies that the daughters’ looks must be good, as their mother is a looker.

GD 5.9

As the Grandfather predicted, Mama Seo steadfastly has a problem with the fact that a family of only four women will be moving in and blames her husband. Taken aback, Min Shik tries to explain the situation and is interrupted by the Grandfather who (followed by some dramatic music) surprises everyone by exclaiming that he allowed it without thinking and orders everyone to head inside and stop being rude to the family moving in.

As Jae Woo walks out to meet the new neighbors, he looks up to see Da Jung try to sneak in the house. With a confused face, he tries to approach her.

Jae Woo : Ah excuse me, (Da Jung sees him and immediately covers her face) what are you doing here?

Mama Seo : (in the background) One month? Who gives out rent for only one month?

Da Jung makes her cute and hilarious shushing motion and then runs away.

Min Shik : Well they said they only needed to use it for one month so…

Grandmother : How many are in the family?

Min Shik : There’s four of them. The husband died, so she’s taking care of her three daughters all on her own…(he looks up) the situation seems kind of tough (rough translation)

Mama Seo : DIED? It’s a woman living on her own? And with three daughters too? (Grandmother tries to shush her and momentarily succeeds) Honey, are you crazy? Does it sound okay for a household full of daughters to move in next to a household full of sons?

In Woo : (while sort of jabbing his mother) Of course, it’s okay. How old are the daughters?

Mama Seo: You stay quiet.

Song Jung slowly approaches the group.

Grandmother : You stay quiet too.

Song Jung : (while bowing) Good evening, how are you? I should have contacted you all beforehand…you must be very surprised.

Jae Woo comes out and both Song Jung and Jae Woo are shocked. Song Jung flashbacks to when she kicked him.

Song Jung : Anyways, I really apologize for everything. (She quickly shushes Jae Woo covertly)

In Woo : She only has three daughters. Daebak. (This loosely means “awesome.”)

Jae Woo : Have you…seen the daughter?

In Woo : Who cares if I’ve seen her or not…just look at the mother! (Mama Seo slaps him into silence)

Mama Seo : Well uh I’m the owner here…

Song Jung : Ah yes, um I couldn’t find a new place before my eviction date; I’ll be able to find a new place in one month. Please, I beg you for just the one month. We’ll use the house cleanly.

Mama Seo : The problem isn’t about keeping the house clean; you said you only have four females…

Min Shik : Honey…

Mama Seo : Are our houses even a bit far from each other’s? We’ll be sharing one lawn with each other. (Flips briefly to Song Jung who’s starting to feel bad) Honey, are you in your right minds or not?

Min Shik : Fine! What happened is–

Grandfather : (interrupts Min Shik) That’s right! I gave it to them while I wasn’t in my right mind! Are you happy now?!

Min Shik : Father…

Grandfather : Why are you complaining so much while these people are trying to move in! Get inside!

Grandmother : Yeah uh that’s right. Your grandfather must have made the decision with some thought. (to Song Jung) Please move in. (to the rest of her family) Go inside all of you.

GD 5.10

Song Jung finally breathes a sigh of relief, until Da Ae and Dr. Kang chooses this moment to come in with a moving truck (and silly soundtrack) of their own, devolving her face from relief into horror in a split second. She urges them not to come as the Seo family looks on, but fails to do so as Da Ae cluelessly proceeds. The Grandmother asks about them, and Song Jung tries to lie by saying that her daughters aren’t married, which just causes the Grandmother to pry further. (This is slowly becoming one of those funny scenes that makes me too embarrassed for the characters to watch).

GD 5.11

Song Jung (foolishly in my opinion) lies that the Dr. Kang and his son are boarders and gains incredulous looks and statements from the family…until In Woo saves the day (for once…you can probably tell by now that I don’t like him much).

GD 5.12

In Woo recognizes Dr. Kang and excitedly greets him and his son, who, surprisingly, responds to him both warmly and politely.


Although the situation resolves nicely, Song Jung is furious with the group and lectures her daughter for her thoughtless behavior. Da Ae tries to defend Dr.Kang, but Song Jung yells SHE had wanted to stay and leave quietly, which has now been made impossible by In Woo’s warm greeting to Dr. Kang. Interestingly, her anger fizzles a bit when she sees Eun Chan who, throughout the scenes, has abandoned his characteristic scowl for what can only be described as…a puppy-dog look.


The tension is shortly broken by In Woo and Mama Seo, as In Woo makes some noise when his mother bars him from helping the group unpack. Song Jung calls Dr. Kang to attention, and while one may think the tension from before will return, the scene is instead backed by light music and opens with Dr. Kang, Da Ae, and Eun Chan all turning their heads toward her simultaneously. After threatening Dr. Kang and keeping him to his promise of not touching a single hair on Da Ae, Song Jung finally lets the group in.


The family is pleased and shocked by the quality of the house, until they are bombarded with questions from both the Seo family’s movers and the Kang family’s movers.


Flustered, Song Jung walks into the kitchen where she sees a depressed Da Jung who questions her until she confirms that they received permission from the Grandfather to live there.


They’re joined by the Kang family (I’m just going to include Da Ae into the Kang family for now) as Da Ae restates the question and Eun Chan’s eyes expand to twice their normal size, shocked by Da Jung’s presence.


Their meeting is interrupted by the movers who are understandably impatient with the family for not getting a move on, especially so when Song Jung tells Da Jung to count the rooms.


The scene finally switches back to the Seo family where we see In Woo rambling by himself as the rest eat dinner, until he is interrupted by his mother who asks the Grandfather why he let the people in next door. Both Min Shik and the Grandfather stay silent. Mama Seo keeps trying to get an answer until she’s shushed by the Grandmother, and the rascal In Woo uses this opportunity to continue his story about Dr. Kang which leads him to thoughtlessly reveal that Dr.Kang is a divorcee.


At this point Mama Seo raises a fuss about this new piece of information which even the Grandmother finds troubling. Except, the Grandfather is hearing none of it and leaves the table, quickly followed by Jae Woo.


We switch back to the Jung and Kang family, who have finished moving all their things. As the movers prepare to leave, they ask for some water which Da Jung quizzically tries to find. To her (and to be honest my) surprise, Eun Chan leaps up to get them and politely offers them to the movers. Da Jung pointedly asks if he really is Kang Eun Chan.


As the camera stays on Da Jung, we hear, then see, the Grandfather and Jae Woo discuss how In Woo’s fake blind date is one of the daughters. After a few moments, the Grandfather suddenly stands up and walks away, leaving Jae Woo even more confused than before.


The Grandfather walks out and hears In Woo defending Dr. Kang before leading Min Shik away to the bathroom. He reveals the most recent news to Min Shik who finally realizes why Song Jung’s daughter looked so familiar to him. The Grandfather acts as though he’s going to get an aneurysm when Min Shik states that he knew about Da Jung beforehand. At this point, the grandfather decides it’s best to just keep away from them and have them leave peacefully after a month and orders Min Shik to silence the Jung family. Their secret meeting is interrupted when they overhear the family (Grandmother, Mama Seo, and In Woo) leaving to greet the Jung family, and Min Shik hurriedly leaves to execute the plan.

Grandfather : Wait, by match, do you mean In Woo’s blind date?

Jae Woo : Yea, I saw her go in with some luggage. She is a daughter of the family next door. Grandfather, didn’t you know before you permitted it?

Grandfather : Oh gosh.

Jae Woo : You didn’t know?

Grandfather : You think I would’ve let this happen if I knew?

Jae Woo : Oh..then what should we do? If In Woo and mother finds out, there will be a huge mess.

Grandfather : (abruptly stands up)

Jae Woo : (also stands up) Geandfather!

Grandfather : You just stay here.

Jae Woo : May I ask how you came to give the house next door to that family?

Grandfather : You don’t need to know. It’ll just give you a headache. Just pretend you don’t know anything and stay here.

Jae Woo makes a confused face, and the Grandfather heads out.

In Woo : (in the background) : …and so when he was getting divorced, he also stopped teaching.

Mama Seo : (in the background) Then he’s not even your teacher anymore! Honey! (there’s the sound of a chair moving)

Min Shik : Just going to the bathroom! (While looking back, gets caught and dragged by the Grandfather) Yes? What, hunh, father?

Jae Woo comes out in time to see Min Shik and the Grandfather disappearing into the bathroom.

In Woo : (in the background) Once a teacher, always a teacher. Stop talking badly of the neighbors.

Min Shik : What?

Grandfather : One of the daughters of that younger sister of yours is the young lady who came to our house as In Woo’s blind date.

(Flashback start)

Grandmother : Wow, she’s so pretty…

Min Shik : You’re the middle daughter right? I feel like I’ve seen you before..

(Flashback end)

Min Shik : Ah! I thought she looked familiar!

Grandfather : You know the lady?

Min Shik : When I first met song Jung, she was there. We even greeted each other.

Grandfather : Oh boy! Then before both sides find out, you go over and warn the family and keep their mouths closed. (Min Shik keeps gasping and muttering incoherently) Whether you’re her brother or she’s your little sister, don’t let the situation explode out of control, and let’s just live quietly as strangers and send them away after the month is over.

Min Shik : Father…I don’t think we can keep the situation under control. The way they’re talking…

Grandfather : Then…what do you want me to do?

Min Shik : Ahh that’s…

Grandfather : I kept it a secret for you all this time, and you’re trying to run away from the problem by yourself?

Grandmother : (in the background) Why are you following?

Mama Seo : (in the background) I want to see how far they’ve moved in!

In Woo : (in the background) Me, too! Me, too!

Min Shik and Grandfather slowly come out.

Grandfather : Hurry and go! (grabbing and directing Min Shik) Why are you going that way? Go this way!


Min Shik goes through a passage connecting the two houses and holds his own meeting with Song Jung in their bathroom. LOL What is with this family having meetings in bathrooms? Min Shik wants to reveal everything, but Song Jung states she wants to live and then leave as quietly as possible. Their talk is interrupted by both the power starting to turn off and the voice of Mama Seo.


Song Jung stealthily tries to head upstairs to warn Da Jung but is seen by In Woo who alerts Mama Seo and the Grandmother. In Woo and the Grandmother warmly give her some food to eat for dinner while Mama Seo stays quiet and standoffish. In Woo tries to worm his way in and is immediately thwarted by this mother who tries to un-volunteer him by saying he doesn’t even come home because of his work to which In Woo curtly replies that he doesn’t even go these days. LOL. Despite my dislike of their individual personalities, I’m really enjoying their mother-son dynamic.


This blissful scene is, once again, interrupted by Da Jung gracefully lugging the vacuum downstairs, and chaos breaks loose as they all recognize each other. They’re all shocked as Da Jung is introduced, and In Woo reacts the fastest by running out the door, followed by his mother and grandmother who walk out. Da Jung tries to chase after them but is stopped by Song Jung who is worried for Min Shik and the Grandfather.


We have a nice, peaceful scene of Jae Woo silently working, until In Woo’s voice pierces through to call after his grandfather. Instantly, Jae Woo knows what’s up and manages to stop In Woo…except his mother runs in screaming about the same issue, soon joined by the Grandmother and In Woo. As the family runs to the grandfather’s room, Min Shik slowly sneaks back into his house.


We flip to the grandfather’s room….where we see the grandfather has decided to “go to sleep” and avoid the issue for the night. LOL smart man…except the Grandmother notices he’s not sleeping and shoos them out.


After they leave, he wakes up as she exclaims that he should have kept her if he liked her so much. He exclaims he didn’t know and the Grandmother doesn’t believe him at first, but soon believes him while exclaiming how such an outrageous thing happened and teasing him how happy he must be that the girl he favored so much has moved next door.


We then cut from their playful relationship to a slightly more awkward one between Mama Seo and Min Shik. Not understanding how Min Shik can sleep in this situation, Mama Seo begins a tirade about how terrible In Woo must be feeling while insulting the family. Oh man, so much hate towards the family, and Uncle Nam hasn’t even gotten wind of the situation. Min Shik tries to convince Mama Seo to stay quiet for the month, to which Mama Seo replies with a whiny ‘no’ without noticing how put down Min Shik looks. Man, I really have no love for her character.


Finally, we cut to In Woo who has decided to respond to the situation by whining to Jae Woo, who half-heartedly pays attention and responds. While whining, In Woo proves himself sharper than he looks, as he had also noticed his Grandfather pretend to sleep. However, Jae Woo proves to be the more mature one by telling In Woo to forget and go to sleep as his Grandfather made his decision for a reason.


In Woo makes a face, and then we cut to Da Jung who looks as if her soul has been drained out of her.


After rambling for a few seconds, Da Ae finally notices Da Jung’s state and tries to talk to her, but she is interrupted by Da Jung’s rather comical question on the difference between Eun Chan’s behavior at school and home, which results in her asking if Eun Chan has an identical twin.


In the Kang family’s room, Dr. Kang asks his son the exact same question. His son curtly responds that both Da Ae’s mom and Da Jung are not normal and are instead intimidating, especially Da Jung. His father lightly responds that HE can stand his ground too and tells Eun Chan not to worry about him, thankful that Eun Chan even decided to come with him.


When Da Ae comes in, smart kid that he is, Eun Chan automatically smiles and runs out to “get things to wipe the desk with.” This surprises Da Ae, and it seems Eun Chan’s support has also encouraged Dr. Kang to work hard to get Song Jung’s approval of marriage before the month ends. He then questions what his “charm point” is, and the cute little couple both ponder then get excited as Da Ae claims he has one. Left unsaid, the scene cuts to Song Jung trying to fix the light bulb.


As she struggles, she is suddenly surprised by Dr. Kang who arrived to help…but the poor man is instead chastised for surprising her. He tries to play it off by making his usual joke about his face before offering to help but is coldly rejected as Song Jung walks out.


Da Ae soon walks in to see if their plan worked, and he sadly tells her that his smile didn’t work. She tells him not to give up as even SHE had found his smile scary at first but now finds it cute.


Meanwhile, Song Jung rants about how surprised she was and questions what Da Ae likes about him. Then finally…someone in this episode questions where in the world Da In has been the whole time. Our first glimpse of Da In in this episode is an angry one as her portfolio teacher once again rejects her work, stating it doesn’t display her theme at all. She frustratingly replies that her model didn’t fit the theme, and her teacher just tells her to find the perfect model and get it done before their next meeting.


Her mother calls and is a bit irritated how she didn’t come home to help move in, and she blames her teacher for not letting her go.


As soon as she hangs up, she tells her shocked teacher that if she went she would have to clean, so she decided to stay here instead. Man, what a brat!


She and her teacher are joined by an acquaintance of her teacher, whom Da In believes she has seen before. The stranger and she listen to her teacher rant about art until a guy finally catches her eye.


The sound effects equate her blinking to the shutters of a camera going off as she takes pictures in her mind of the guy, and eventually, she runs after him, only to be left disappointed as she loses sight of him.


Next we switch back to Da Jung who thinks back to In Woo. Poor girl. She deserves so much better than In Woo….which she’ll get as dictated by the rules of kdrama…but moving on.


Suddenly we skip to a dream-like scene in which In Woo is tied up and his dream places Da Jung as a delusional stalker who feeds him black beans.

In Woo tosses restlessly in his sleep and is fed black beans. He starts coughing.

Da Jung : (blows hard twice and giggles as In Woo wakes up and notices her)

In Woo : (screams in panic) You!

Da Jung : (giggles a bit) Yes, me. Jung Da Jung if you say it straight, and Jung Da Jung if you say it backwards. (She’s basically saying her name is a palindrome) Jung. Da. Jung. (Clears her throat) I’m a nutritionist, so you can trust me. (Brings two beans near his mouth)

In Woo : (while struggling) What is this!? What’s going on!? Let me go!

Da Jung : (while holding him down) Please stay still! You can only cheat on me if you’re still alive. (In Woo whimpers a bit) As I stalked you, I pondered what playboys do. At the hospital. In this room. And even in your secret apartment.

In Woo : Apartment? You can’t do that! If my grandfather finds out…

Da Jung : Don’t worry, because I’m your ally, no, I mean, your fan. (She made a pun here as pyun which means “ally” and pan which is the fobby way of saying “fan” both sound similar.) You…have good luck. Ah, that’s right. Your grandfather had a picture of your new blind date. Can I see it?

In Woo : Blind date?

Da Jung : (takes out a picture and gasps as she looks at it) Oh my goodness! It’s me again!

In Woo : (whimpers) I have a blind date with you again? (whimpers some more)

Da Jung : So why did you promise to meet again and not show up. (She places the picture on his chest) You probably have no idea how happy I am. Let’s do this properly this time. (She feeds him something) You have to eat this. As your body processes the nutrients in these beans, your heart will beat faster, and you’ll feel like you’re falling in love as you look at me. (She feeds In Woo more beans and he spits them out) Ba (as the bean goes flying) dump (as it hits the floor) As I thought. Your heart started to beat faster too. (As he looks at her in horror) Now, let’s have our hearts beat faster all night long. If it’s beans, I’ll give you all that you want. Mr. Seo In Woo, you shouldn’t have played around with me from the start. (She smiles) But, I still love you.

(The whole bean thing was a pun. Beans in Korean are called kongs, pronounced using the o as it is pronounced in hotel. Ba dump, or a heartbeat, becomes kong dak in Korean when said cutely. Because kong is pronounced the same in both words, Da Jung makes a very cute pun and feeds him more beans to make his heart go ba dump more. Hope this made sense!)


As the dream ends, In Woo wakes up in cold sweat to find that he’s alone, so he runs to Jae Woo, who tells In Woo to just apologize to her for ditching her on their second date and shooing her away from his house. In Woo dramatically claims he doesn’t know what to apologize for except being too handsome…Really dude? To which Jae Woo coolly responds that In Woo should just date Da Jung as she is still better than he. Throwing another tantrum, In Woo tells Jae Woo that Jae Woo should date her instead. For once, I agree wholeheartedly with him.


The next scene was just too adorable. Acting like a bunch of high schoolers, both Da Ae and Dr. Kang text each other while everyone is asleep then eventually end up sneaking out of their rooms to meet up once before they sleep.


They finally make their way to the kitchen…


This scene, and some other extremely well edited scenes, really accentuates the hard work done by the editing team. Just as Dr. Kang starts to notice Da Ae’s lips, some romantic background music turns on…only to be immediately cut off when Dr. Kang regains his senses. This repeats repeatedly throughout the scene, as they are both tempted but resist.


The scene finally reaches its climax as the couple look as though they’re going to kiss…


…only to be interrupted by Song Jung as she screams “Are you crazy?” The couple panics, thinking the question is directed towards them. However, we soon find out it was meant for Da In who had been drinking this whole time after losing the model. While Song Jung had been distractedly calling Da In, Da Ae and Dr. Kang swiftly hid under the dining table and Song Jung returns to her room, none the wiser.


The scene immediately cuts to Song Jung walking outside, with Dr. Kang running after her, as they go to pick Da In up. Despite being repeatedly rejected by Song Jung, Dr. Kang continues to follow her. She tells him to go back as Da In, who had been scared by him earlier, has not seen him yet. He tries to reason with her and calls her “mother” which exasperates her, especially when she finds out how old he is.


Da In comes back at this moment in a taxi, and Dr. Kang and Song Jung chase her into the house since it looks as though Da In in going into the Seo’s residence. Uh-oh…


We see that her teacher’s acquaintance had followed her back.


In a drunken stupor, Da In mistakes the Seo family’s house for hers.


Completely thrilled with the huge house, she causes a ruckus, effectively waking up everyone in the house.


And that’s when a panicked Song Jung sends Dr. Kang to restrain her, which he manages to do and causes her to panic even more as she recognizes him from before.


The Seo family all wake up and the boys go out to investigate who has been causing the ruckus…to find no one outside.


Mama Seo suspects Da Jung to be the culprit, and Jae Woo goes to investigate.


Jae Woo comes across Song Jung and Dr. Kang trying to shush Da In quite forcefully.


Kind man that he is, he pretends not to see the group and instead convinces his mother that it was a stranger who came and left through the gates.


Inside the house, Da In is immediately lectured for drinking, but she claims the alcohol has all burned out because of Dr. Kang.


Da In throws a tantrum about Da Ae’s choice, and Da Ae tells her to look at him with her heart instead of her eyes LOL.


This irks Song Jung who lectures all of them and tells them to all be back at home by sunset every day, even making Dr. Kang tell everyone his promise not to touch Da Ae before marriage. As he says the words, Da Ae once again starts crying.


Eun Chan looks on at the scene, then decides to go to bed while slowly shaking his head.


The next morning, the Grandmother happily walks out of her house ready to garden…


…only to be greeted by the whole Jung and Kang family cleaning and gardening. After she sees the Grandmother, Song Jung warns Da Jung not be so awkward and just act naturally around them before she brightly greets the Grandmother. The family makes some small talk with the Grandmother who finally acknowledges Da Jung.


As Da Jung heads off, the Grandmother asks if they heard a ruckus last night. Song Jung claims ignorance, stating they all knocked out after moving in while Da In lowers her head in shame. Song Jung hilariously calls Da In crazy which earns her a glare from her daughter.


Aww…another sweet scene. Jae Woo returns home to see Da Jung happily stomping on the grass before awkwardly greeting him. They are unfortunately interrupted by Da In who quickly familiarizes herself with him and tries to get him to model for her.


He awkwardly greets the rest before questioning his Grandmother who had noticed that they purposely woke up early to clean and impress them. Jae Woo says he’s glad she’s in a better mood to which she replies she should at least be on good terms with the family given how her own daughter (Mama Seo) is acting the way she is. Jae Woo looks at the working family before his eyes rest on Da Jung again.


We then switch to Mama Seo who is complaining to the uncle about her new neighbors. They both converse about how it’s not right for the Grandfather to give the house to the Jung family instead of to the uncle who had been asking for so long.


The uncle tells Mama Seo he’ll be there right away to take care it…oooh boy, looks like more trouble will start to brew. The uncle leaves what looks like a business partner to run to the house. Uh oh.


Dr. Kang, in his efforts to appeal to his potential mother-in-law, tries to be helpful to Song Jung.


Hilariously, Mama Seo comes out to see Dr. Kang try to gain Song Jung’s favor and mistakes it to be that there has got to be something between the two.


Song Jung notices the Grandmother and Mama Seo are talking about them, eavesdropping when she hears their mistake.


She quite sarcastically says how his face was worth something today (as in he looked old enough to divert suspicion from her eldest daughter).


Both Da Ae and Dr. Kang see this as the biggest compliment ever. LOL.

GD 5.40

We then flip to a quite frazzled In Woo who looks as though he hasn’t slept for several nights instead of just the one. He looks on at the cleaning family, flinching whenever Da Jung dusts her shoe. Jae Woo finds him watching them and questions his rumpled state, to which In Woo once again rambles about Da Jung. His suspicions are close…but on the wrong daughter.

GD 5.41

In Woo melodramatically states that if he disappears, Jae Woo should look in their house first. Jae Woo nonchalantly just tells him to sleep so that he doesn’t scare his patients. LOL I’m really loving Jae Woo and his sense of humor.

GD 5.42

Jae Woo goes down to ask his Grandmother to cook something up for In Woo, taking the bowl of water from his Grandmother to water the plants, while Da In yells at Da Jung to hurry and leave the bathroom.

GD 5.43

When Da Jung finally leaves the bathroom, she notices another door she hasn’t seen before and walks in to the area connecting the two houses and sees Jae Woo watering the plants.

GD 5.44

He looks up at her entrance, but before he can greet her warmly, he immediately notices her wet chest area and looks away.

GD 5.45

Clueless, she walks up to him to thank him for pretending not to know her and her mother the previous night.

GD 5.46

He tries to go back when she blocks his path LOL. In Woo asks where Jae Woo is and heads towards the area…where Da Jung and Jae Woo continue to talk.

GD 5.47

Awkward man tries hard to look away so as to not see her chest, but she once again moves right in front of him.

GD 5.48

He tries to tell her that they can talk later when In Woo comes walking in. Jae Woo, gentleman that he is, quickly tries to cover her and ends up hugging her to cover her with his body.

GD 5.49

His sudden action elicits shock from both In Woo and Da Jung.

GD 5.50

The episode ends with In Woo looking dumbly at Jae Woo, not quite believing what his eyes are telling him.


Hello, everyone! This is Aulia! I apologize for the lateness of this post. Before I go into a short musing, I wanted to use the section to welcome any suggestions you may have for the formatting of the post. For the most part, I followed Snoopy’s Twinkie’s format with some minor revisions. If the revisions make reading the post any harder, please let me know! Now, onto the musings!

So this is the first episode I watched while recapping, and it was a bit awkward at first, but I’m thankfully getting used to it. I started watching this drama mainly because of Snoopy’s Twinkie’s recommendation but also because I loved both Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young in their respective dramas Feast of the Gods and School 2013. Not only are they both amazing at acting, their actual personalities were to my liking as well. So despite having a hard time starting Korean dramas most of the time, I actually started this one pretty easily and quickly.

So far, the drama (and this episode) has been fun to watch, a tad embarrassing at times, but still enjoyable (I’m one of those people who gets really embarrassed watching people in awkward situations).  Lee Sang Woo has especially gone way beyond what I expected, as Jae Woo fits perfectly into the profile of “my perfect type.” 🙂 It makes me wonder at times how a perfect guy like him can exist, even within a Korean drama. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for In Woo who, despite his comedic appearances and his bouts with his mother, still hasn’t grown on me yet. I have to say I DID enjoy his panda eyes and disheveled appearance after his traumatizing dream.

My favorite parts in the episode were of the two developing couples: Dr. Kang and Da Ae throughout the episode and then towards the end Da Jung and Jae Woo. Despite Song Jung’s explicit disapproval of Dr. Kang and Da Ae’s relationship, I love how their relationship is still slowly developing. Their little “meetings” to find ways to please Song Jung along with their nightly rendezvous were cute and a nice break from some of the drama created by (mostly) Mama Seo. And of course, there was the scene towards the end with clueless Da Jung and Jae Woo trying to be the gentleman. I’m really looking forward to seeing their relationship develop further.

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it. As I get more comfortable blogging, I promise that the posts will come out faster.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 5”

  1. Yes, In Woo is really full of himself! Can’t wait for them to introduce a woman to take his inflated ego down a peg.

  2. I skimmed and read only the parts of my fave couple, Jae Woo and Da Jung. Apparently, only LSW is the only guy that exists in Korean Drama as a perfect gentleman! I’ve watched 3 dramas he lead and so far, he fitted that kind of role. The last drama he starred, his role was not of a perfect gentleman, but it still showed when he act. Hehehe.

    Just keep the recap coming! Love them!

    1. LOL. If you’re like me and usually only rewatch the Da Jung/Jae Woo parts, you’re going to love the way I recap/nutshell from here on out. LOL. I just uploaded Episode 8. You’ll soon see what I mean. 😉

      I’m hoping to recap ep. 9 and 10 within the next few days. Here’s hoping I can stay on track! 🙂 Thanks for your continued support! My little hoobae, Aulia, is going to try to pick up the slack when Real Life gets too busy for me. I’ve relinquished Episode 6 into her capable hands while I try to finish off 9 and 10 this week. 🙂

  3. Hi Aulia! Thank you so much for helping out Snoopy’s Twinkie with the recaps of GD. You have no idea how grateful I am of both your efforts in helping the non-Korean speaking fan of GD (like me) to understand what was said in the drama. Keep up with the excellent work, you’re doing a fantastic job! Cheers!!

    1. Awww…I’m sure Aulia will appreciate the warm welcome…once she comes out of her academic daze from this week. 😉
      Thanks for the continued support, J!

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