Glorious Day: Episode 42

GD 42

Good morning, everyone! Today’s one of the busiest days of the week for me, but I wanted to pop in here and provide you with some Glorious Day links before I start the day. I haven’t seen the whole episode yet, but the clips on YouTube are doozies as we have some major developments…just as we approach the penultimate episode of the series! *reminds self not to cry*

You can view the raw episode here.

Clip 1: Da In pays Hee Joo a surprise visit to deliver some food from her mother and discovers Hee Joo together with In Sung. Unwilling to listen to his explanation, she feels only a sense of betrayal. Unfortunately, Ji Hoo shows up as Hee Joo begs her for a chance to explain himself. Misunderstanding Hee Joo’s plea and confession that he “just wanted to be by her side. He liked her,” Ji Hoo takes a swing at the guy he’s always considered a rival.  

Clip 2: Jae Woo takes Da Jung to the doctor’s because he thinks that she might be pregnant, and the two are thrilled to learn that they will become parents. Overwhelmed, Jae Woo sheds some tears while Da Jung tries to explain to the doctor that her husband isn’t normally like this. Heh. Meanwhile, the grandparents receive a call about the happy news from Jae Woo while they’re enjoying at date at the movie theater and quickly get up to leave. Fortuitously, Song Jung and Young are at the same theater and learn of the good news simultaneously. Back at the rice cake shop, Min Shik congratulations a very smug Jae Woo and praises Da Jung for bringing the next generation of Seos into being.

Clip 3: At the conclusion of their date together, Song Jung thanks Young for giving her such wonderful memories and then tells him that the dream has to end now. She can’t very well go to him with her complicated background and tells him that she feels comfortable with him, sharing with him some concerns in her heart–Da Ae not wanting to have kids out of consideration for Eun Chan. Despite how well he treats her and how she feels about him, she can’t allow herself to go to him with her background. She concludes that he shouldn’t have treated her a bit less well.

Clip 4: In Sung debates whether or not to join Hee Joo inside the house for fear that his appearance will worsen the situation but pained that his son has to deal with the situation all on his own. Inside, Hee Joo finally delivers his mother’s will to Song Jung, and the daughters start to realize Hee Joo’s identity. In Sung tells Hee Joo to get up; his only crime is having been born his son. Then kneeling, In Sung sincerely apologizes to Song Jung, who screams at him to get up from off his knees…and to not to show this type of image in front of the children. Young enters the house at this moment.


The major revelations are now out. The only thing that remains is for Young and Song Jung to get together, Hee Joo to be accepted by his stepfamily, and the grandparents to move back into the house…permanently. 🙂 It’s going to be a bittersweet last two episodes. *sniffles*

I hope you enjoy the episode, Twinkles! I probably won’t be able to watch it until later, but rest assured, I’ll try to post GD-related news as soon as I can. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 42”

  1. Pls. Dont focus the leader im we want every seconds of the 2 remaining ep is meaning ful she’ s not the main cast she’s only a guest pls make it her out of the remaining ep. Stick to 2 families. More scene DJ & JW soon to be parents. Uncle & HSJ and how grandma control her sickness. And for the last minutes of ep 44 what is the glorious day in the ending?.

  2. I just SOBBED watching this episode RAW and my Korean is not good. That poor boy. I just want to hug him and I hope that his half-sisters feel the same (once the shock wears off). I will be sad to see this show go. It has been my little ray of sunshine on the weekends.

  3. Good acting of half brother i almost cry, its heart-warmer to JW the times he knows that he become a father soon. This drama is so nice its lite not heavy drama but full of mystery in real everyday life of family like i said every ep. Of glorious day my family we laugh together, we cry together, we think together we pick some scene to do in our everyday life.I almost watch many korean drama its to heavy drama and not realistic unlike thats why i cant watch together with my kids only glorious day is our family day sat & sun watching with my kids so sad really sad this drama will end we thought theres a season 2.

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