Glorious Day: Episode 42 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

Woohoo~! Crack open the noisemakers, Twinkles! *blows noisemaker* The news that many of us were suspecting in Episode 41 has now been confirmed! 🙂 Read on because you’re going to love the preview…yes, despite the fact that there are only three episodes left. >.<

Source: SBS (here).

순옥과 철수는 극장 데이트를 하던 중에 다정이 임신했단 연락을 받고, 재우네 집에 며칠 머물기로 한다. 한편, 민식과 신애는 소이부모를 만나 소이를 데리고 갈 생각이 없다면 소이를 딸삼아 데리고 오겠다하는데…

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Soon Ok and Chul Soo are on a date at the theaters when they hear news of Da Jung’s pregnancy and decide to stay at Jae Woo’s house for a few days. Meanwhile, Min Shik and Shin Ae meet So Yi’s parents and tell them that if they have no intentions of taking her back home with them, then they (Min Shik and Shin Ae) will take her home with them as their daughter…”


Hee~! Saturday can’t come fast enough! Da Jung is confirmed as pregnant, and the grandparents move back in–albeit for “just a few days”–but we know how that’s going to work out. Hee~! A few days will extend into a week, and a week into a month…and before Soon Ok knows it, she’ll have permanently moved back and help Shin Ae take care of the fourth generation. *beams at the image*

This is certainly a tidy way to get the grandparents back into the homestead. 🙂

As for Min Shik and Shin Ae meeting up with So Yi’s parents, I’m glad to see the Seo couple working together as a united front. This bodes well for Shin Ae’s maturity as the newly established matriarch of the family now that her mother can no longer carry on that mantle as she did in the past.

I hope you’re all excited for Saturday. We’re going to have to savor every last minute–no, every last second–of the remaining episodes!

*skips away to read and translate the preview to Episode 43*

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