Glorious Day: Episode 40 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

Song Jung’s green-eyed monster has awakened, and the Seo family are on a campaign to bring their errant Grandmother and Grandfather back into the homestead. Saturday’s episode promises more development…hopefully with Song Jung finally acknowledging her feelings for Young. 🙂

You can catch the raw episode here or here.

Source: SBS (here).

재우네 가족들은 철수와 순옥을 집으로 데려오기 위해 ‘무관심’ 작전을 펼치지만, 식구들 몰래 순옥의 전화를 받은 재우는 가족들에게 꾸중을 듣는다. 한편, 지혜 덕분에 기자간담회를 열게 된 송정은 오지 않는 영이 삼촌을 기다리고, 기자들의 독한 질문에 혼자 끙끙대며 힘들어하는데…

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“In order to bring Chul Soo and Soon Ok back home, Jae Woo’s family starts a ‘pay no interest’ strategy and scold Jae Woo when they learn that he answered a phone call from his grandmother. Meanwhile, thanks to Ji Hye, Song Jung is able to open a press conference and waits for Uncle Young who doesn’t attend. At the reporters’ tough/pointed questions, she has a difficult time dealing with them on her own…”


I have a confession to make and one that some of you may have already noticed: I’ve been calling our beloved Hotel Uncle by the wrong name.

*hangs head*

I honestly don’t know how I could have missed it. Perhaps it’s my assumption that all Korean last names are one syllable, which I recently learned it not the case.

Duh! *smacks forehead*

All I have to do is remember Namgoong Min, whose first name is Min and last name is Namgoong.

*decides to come 100% clean*

OK, I confess that I didn’t realize his last name was Namgoong until I unexpectedly learned that last week and then had that epiphany verified by my parents.

*hangs head in double embarrassment*

So…our beloved uncle’s name is Namgoong Young. Last name is Namgoong and first name is Young.

Drats on the inconsistent Korean last name! LOL

In any case, I’ve now come clean about Young’s last name and will henceforth refer to him as Young. 🙂 Good thing, too, since it seems the story will shift to him and Song Jung. 😉

*scampers off to translate Episode 41 preview with a clear conscience*

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  1. Thanks ever so much. Have you heard if GD will be ending at ep. 50, or if there is a possibility of ep. 51 to even out the final weekend?

    1. As of right now, I think the show’s planning on ending as planned. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary…unfortunately. 🙁

  2. I am still following GD faithfully but have been disappointed with how the writer has been developing DJ’s character. I am not liking her in recent episodes…especially her neglect of JW.

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