Glorious Day: Episode 4

GD 4.24

Oh my goodness! I was afraid that this would happen: When an episode is good, the number of screen captures increases…and consequently, my blogging time slows down. *Sigh* But in my defense, there were just Too. Many. Great. Frames. To. Snip. -.-

On a positive note, this is going to be a more detailed recap…just a little later than I planned. OK, make that a lot later than I planned. 😛 However, since this is the best episode thus far, I’d like to think the wait was well worth it! 😉

You can access the RAW episode here.


The episode resumes with Mama Seo bringing Da Jung to visit the family.

GD 4.1

Of course, Da Jung is mortified to learn that Jae Woo is In Woo’s older brother. She can barely lift her head to look at him properly given their past encounters with each other.

Grandmother, sensing her discomfort, tells her daughter to invite Da Jung into the house. Needless to say, Grandmother is pleased with her first impression of Da Jung.

GD 4.2

This is not the case with Jae Woo. As soon as the women are in the house, he calls In Woo to find out exactly what’s going on. Didn’t In Woo take care of the misunderstanding with Chairman Jung’s daughter as he said that he would?

GD 4.3

In Woo, of course, is panicked and asks his brother to help him make sure that Da Jung doesn’t say anything about Chairman Jung or let slip that she isn’t his daughter. He thinks better of this suggestion, though, when he realizes that his brother doesn’t lie or help promote lying and simply asks him to drag Da Jung out of the house immediately. Jae Woo refuses to do so, especially when he thinks back to his past interaction with Da Jung at the hotel when he mistook her for being involved in an illicit affair and had forcefully dragged her away and shoved her in a taxi.

Jae Woo tells In Woo to just hurry and take of the situation himself. Whining, In Woo asks if he should press the gas pedal harder and just die in an accident. Silly man! Jae Woo–wisely–tells him to hang up because useless threats like that won’t work on him.

GD 4.4

Jae Woo is surprised, though, when their grandfather runs past him in his excitement to see his future granddaughter-in-law. At Jae Woo’s stunned “Grandfather!” In Woo freaks out even further and hurries his trip home.

GD 4.5

Once inside, the grandfather is more than just a little thrilled at his first look at Da Jung.

GD 4.6

Slacken-jawed, he stares at Da Jung talking with Jae Woo’s mother as Jae Woo’s mother compliments Da Jung on her cooking/gift.

GD 4.7

When the grandmother asks if he wanted to see In Woo’s future bride so badly that he ran out of the shop with his apron, his daughter teases her father while Jae Woo creeps back inside to gesture for Da Jung to come outside of the house with him.

GD 4.8

Of course, Da Jung can’t easily excuse herself, and poor Jae Woo is left waiting ever so impatiently outside the house. Heh. I love how he can’t understand why she’s not coming outside when he asked her to. LOL

GD 4.9

Jae Woo: I told her to come outside! Why isn’t she coming out? (LOL. His deep sigh of frustration is so adorable.)

GD 4.10

Meanwhile, Da Ae talks with Dr. Kang and discusses plans to move their families together for the next 30 days to show her mother that he’ll make her one very wonderful husband. When Dr. Kang talks of the three of them living together, she gently reminds them that there will be 6 of them now. Oh dear…LOL.

GD 4.11

She goes inside to find her mother cleaning up the mess on the floor. She offers to clean it for her and thanks her mother for giving her permission with Dr. Kang. Of course, Song Jung is livid and firmly corrects her that she’s not giving Da Ae her permission. She’s giving her daughter the time to realize just how unsuited the two of them are for each other.

Then making it seem as though they have to quickly move because of Da Ae’s situation–she tells Da Ae that she doesn’t want anyone in the neighborhood to know that her daughter is going to live with a man and child–Song Jung rushes off to meet with a real estate agent.

GD 4.12

Jae Woo, on the other hand, is on the phone again with In Woo, who asks for an update. Has his brother been able to drag Da Jung out of the house? Jae Woo asks how he could possibly do that when their grandfather is here, and In Woo counters that it is exactly because Grandfather is at home that his brother has to get Da Jung away from there.

GD 4.13

Meanwhile, the grandfather is pleased as punch with Da Jung and even jokes that Da Jung’s cooking is better than his wife’s. Aw…

When Jae Woo hobbles back inside, the grandmother offers him a taste of Da Jung’s delicious cook, but Jae Woo politely declines and slowly walks to the kitchen. Da Jung, seeing him still limping, feels bad. However, the grandmother misinterprets Da Jung’s look of discomfort and explains that Jae Woo really wants to try her food but that he’s just too shy to do so. Aw…

Grandfather agrees that all guys are like Jae Woo and then asks when they’re having dinner. Grandmother’s surprised that the grandfather is planning on staying for dinner.

GD 4.14

While the grandparents get to know Da Jung better, Jae Woo is just dying inside the kitchen. Peering through the paneling, he waits impatiently for Da Jung to get the hint and join him in the kitchen.

Jae Woo: (sighs) Why is she so clueless?

His mother tells her parents that she’s going out to do some shopping for dinner. She invites Da Jung to wait and have dinner with In Woo.

Jae Woo: Dinner?!

GD 4.15

While Jae Woo freaks out and peers through the paneling again, Da Jung is puzzled by an unfamiliar taste in the grandfather’s dduk.

GD 4.16

Heh. As luck would have it, Grandmother catches her favorite grandson peering at Da Jung. LOL. You can view the adorable scene below. 🙂

Grandmother: Aigoo. (Korean for “geez”) You’re wishing things were different, aren’t you? That you lost a great opportunity?(Loose translation)

Jae Woo: (in stunned whisper) Grandmother!

Grandmother: I’m wishing the same thing! You should have been the one to go out on that date! You said that you were going to pick a woman just like your grandmother. She’s just like me when I was young.

GD 4.17

At Jae Woo’s surprise, she continues:  I’m only saying this because of the way your grandfather has fallen for her.

GD 4.18

Grandfather and Da Jung discuss how Da Jung tastes an unusual ingredient in the dduk which makes the grandfather chuckle with delight. At Da Jung’s awkward explanation of why she suspects this unusual ingredient, he confirms that she is, indeed, correct. He’s added a bit of the unusual ingredient to his mixture. Da Jung sees the benefit of such an ingredient and further endears herself to the grandfather with her knowledge of food. Grandfather is surprised to learn that she’s a nutritionist at a local junior high school.

GD 4.19

Meanwhile, Grandmother views this scene from the kitchen and comments, “Look at your grandfather! He’s dying from happiness!”

The grandfather and Da Jung discuss dduk further, and Da Jung admits that she loves dduk and that her favorite is incidentally the same kind that Jae Woo wrote about in his song. Heh. They have this in common, too? 😉 The grandfather and Da Jung discuss the various ways to eat this particular dduk. 

Grandmother: In the 60 some odd years that I’ve lived with your grandfather, I’ve never heard him speak so much! Your grandfather must be really happy!

GD 4.20

Jae Woo can only weakly say, “Grandmother…” while the grandmother bustles off to start dinner. Patting his poor heart–Aw…he must be so strained–Jae Woo goes to drink a cup of water to cool down but quickly chokes on it when he overhears his grandfather asking Da Jung about  her father (aka Chairman Jung). Yikes!

GD 4.21

Jae Woo quickly hobbles over and gestures for Da Jung to come see him. She stops in mid-sentence while trying to answer the grandfather that “My father is…”

Sensing that she has to go talk with Jae Woo this time no matter what, she quickly gulps down her water and then asks if she can go refill her cup with water from the kitchen.

GD 4.22

Meanwhile, Jae Woo’s mom finally caves into her desires and calls Chairman Jung’s wife to gush about how she’s adoring the daughter. And that’s when the proverbial shoe falls, and Mama Seo learns that the chairman’s daughter is actually vacationing abroad with her friends.

GD 4.23

She hurries back home…just in time to catch In Woo jumping out of his car and sprinting into the house. Seriously, this frame took me sooooo long to capture. LOL

GD 4.24

Da Jung makes it safely into the kitchen to have that all-important conversation with Jae Woo.

Jae Woo: Please go home!

Da Jung: I’m sorry about your leg…

Jae Woo: That’s not the reason. Just…(looks deeply at her)…can’t you just go home?

Da Jung: (stunned) There was the incident with the taxi as well. Why do you ask me to go home every time you see me? I know that you don’t have a good impression of me, but…do you still mistake me for a weird woman?

Jae Woo: (a bit exasperated) It’s not me this time, but you who’s mistaken something!

Da Jung: What…?

Jae Woo: That…that you can hear from In Woo directly. That’s between the two of you. For now, you should go home–

Da Jung: –Go home? What do I say so that I can leave?

Jae Woo: (getting angry) So why did you come to the house of a man you’ve only met once?!

Da Jung: (stunned by his outburst) I didn’t come here. Seo In Woo’s mother…(takes a calming breath) In all honesty, I was planning on returning home myself. Although I came here using the excuse of the dduk because I wanted to apologize for missing my date with him yesterday, I realized that I shouldn’t–

GD 4.25

Jae Woo: (raising his hand in exasperation and cutting her off) Just…Can’t you just do as I ask?

GD 4.26

At Jae Woo’s earnestness, Da Jung looks at him in wonder.

GD 4.27

The two stand there, looking at each other for several seconds in silence.

Meanwhile, the grandmother picks some vegetables from her garden and sees In Woo and then her daughter run past her into the house.

Back inside the house, the conversation between Jae Woo and Da Jung continues:

Jae Woo: I’m not saying this because I have bad feelings about you but rather because I’m concerned for you, so please listen to me without any misunderstanding. Leave! For right now, please leave this place!

GD 4.28

Their conversation is interrupted by the grandfather who comes into the kitchen to see what’s keeping Da Jung. Overhearing the last past of Jae Woo’s request, he asks Jae Woo why he’s rudely asking their guest to leave. Da Jung apologizes, tells the grandfather that she seems to have made a mistake/social faux pas, and suggests that she had better leave.

GD 4.29

As she tries to grab her purse to leave, In Woo rushes into the house and tries to drag her out, the operative word being “tries.”

GD 4.30

Grandfather stops him, followed shortly by his mother who’s rushed into the house right on his tail.

GD 4.31

Even grandmother comes in, and the entire family learns of the mistaken identity as Mama Seo demands to know who Da Jung is when the Chairman’s daughter is abroad right now. Who did In Woo meet yesterday?! When Da Jung tries to excuse herself, the mother’s anger at her son’s duplicity redirects from In Woo to Da Jung.

Mama Seo: How can you leave right now? If you’re not Chairman Jung’s daughter, who are you, miss? That day, why were you at the blind date meeting place?

At this question, Da Jung recalls how she met In Woo and realizes how the misunderstanding happened.

GD 4.32

As his mother demands to know why Da Jung pretended to be Chairman Jung’s daughter and even followed her home today, Jae Woo steps in and reminds the family that she’s never once said that she’s Chairman Jung’s daughter. As for the house visit, he points out that his mother brought her here.

In Woo steps in and explains that he had gone to the blind date without knowing the girl’s name, so he just assumed that she was his date. Since his mother pestered him so much, he just let things pass.

He then takes Da Jung outside while the rest of the family process the new development.

GD 4.33

Of course, Grandfather is completely crushed and tells him daughter to calm down. No matter the misunderstanding, they shouldn’t have chased away a guest to their home like this.

GD 4.34

Meanwhile, Jae Woo hobbles outside in time to hear In Woo’s conversation with Da Jung: (you can view the clip of this scene below)

In Woo: So why did you come here? What did I do to you–? How did you find out about this place to come by and create such a mess? Because of you, my entire household has been turned upside down, and it looks like I alone am going to die and take responsibility for this. Do you have no sense at all? If I didn’t show up yesterday, then you should have gotten the hint.

GD 4.35

Jae Woo moves to stop In Woo from saying anything more hurtful but stops in surprise when he sees Da Jung bow in apology.

Da Jung: (after coming up from her bow) I’m sorry.

In Woo: Huh?

Da Jung: I misunderstood. That day, I thought you, Seo In Woo, was…(pauses as she reconsiders what she was about to say) I did think it was weird, but…your request to meet yesterday, I thought that was genuine. Something came up, so I wasn’t able to meet you…

Jae Woo flashbacks to the previous night as he overheard Da Jung say his brother’s name, “Seo In Woo. In Woo. Even his name is beautiful.”

Da Jung: …I remembered that you said that you were the second son of Sparrow Mill…(bows deeply again) I’m sorry for creating such a ruckus.

In Woo: (feeling a bit bad at her heart-felt apology) Well…fine…this happened because things just got messed up. For today, please leave.

GD 4.36

As In Woo refuses to look at Da Jung anymore and Da Jung looks at In Woo with regret, Jae Woo can only stare after her.

GD 4.37

Of course, once Da Jung leaves, Jae Woo has a few choice things to say to his rude little brother, insisting that he run after Da Jung, formally apologize, and offer to give her a ride home. In Woo resists, and Jae Woo asks if he should then go in his stead.

GD 4.38

Their conversation is cut short when the grandfather comes out. In Woo apologizes, followed immediately by Jae Woo who also apologizes. Grandfather wants to hear none of their apologies. Instead, he curtly tells them that he won’t ask them to get married anymore and stomps back to his store.

GD 4.39

Da Jung, on the other hand, tries to stifle her tears as she remembers her conversation with her mother this morning. She hadn’t even told her mother that she was planning on coming to Sparrow Mill. She wonders what her mother will say when she learns of this and how her daughter has created such a mess in her oppa’s family.

GD 4.40

The oppa in question waits impatiently for his last batch of dduk so that he, too, can go home and check out In Woo’s future bride. As he finishes up his last batch and anticipates finally being able to go home himself, he receives a text message from Song Jung, thanking him for the dduk. He realizes from her text that she must have really had a difficult time and resolves to be like a biological brother to her in the future.

GD 4.41

Meanwhile, Song Jung goes to see her publisher and shockingly learns that her publisher has disappeared and vacated his office.

GD 4.42

Min Shik calls Song Jung as a reply to her text, but as the two talk about helping each other in the future and thinking of each other as biological siblings and how she should come visit his house, the grandfather returns with a startling announcement that has Min Shik stunned and quickly saying goodbye to Song Jung.

GD 4.43

His announcement that has Min Shik doing a double take?

Grandfather: From today onward, there’s no marriage in our family…Sell the house next door!

GD 4.44

Back at the house, Grandmother gives Mama Seo a piece of her mind about how irresponsible her daughter had been in her duties, not telling In Woo even the girl’s name, etc.

Their conversation is cut short as Min Shik storms into the house, fuming at his sons’ actions.

GD 4.45

In typical traditional Korean fashion, rather than In Woo getting the brunt of his anger, the father takes Jae Woo to task, scolding him for helping to cover up his brother’s irresponsible actions with lies instead of setting him straight. He demands to know if that’s how he raised them. If he dies tomorrow, Jae Woo has to be a father to In Woo. That’s what the role of a big brother is. He huffs and puffs and tells Jae Woo to take In Woo out and properly educate him.

Wow~Did the dad just push his parenting responsibilities onto Jae Woo? *not pleased*

GD 4.46

Before stalking off, the father tells his boys that for the time being, there will be no marriages in their house. They can’t even behave responsibly. He apologizes for pushing them to get married when they’re obviously not mature enough.

GD 4.47

As soon as Min Shik walks out of sight, In Woo sits more comfortably from the traditionally respectful kneed position and reaches over to massage his brother’s knees, too.

He apologizes and mutters that their father should just chew him out instead of Jae Woo, but the dad always rebukes his brother.

GD 4.48

Jae Woo silently stands up and quietly says two words: “Follow me.” *swoons at his stoic awesomeness*

Like the kid that he still is, In Woo reacts by hugging his brother’s leg and refuses to comply.

GD 4.49

Outside, In Woo is subjected to some physical disciplining. 🙂

In Woo: 36…37…38…39…40!

Jae Woo: 40.


He springs up on his feet, trying to curtail his punishment by trying to shift the blame to his mother.

Jae Woo: You have 60 more left.


GD 4.50

As In Woo then turns his fire in Da Jung’s direction, Jae Woo once again defends her.

Jae Woo: She’s better than you!

In Woo: Huh?

Jae Woo: She’s better than you who doesn’t even know how to apologize after doing wrong. She didn’t say one word of resentment to you before she left. Why do you think that was?

In Woo tries to play it off by saying that he has more than one girl who’s like that towards him. If he counted all the girls who liked him, he’d need about 10 houses like this one.

Jae Woo: (disgruntled at his brother’s lack of remorse) Do 50 more. You have 110 left.

GD 4.51

At his brother’s unflinching punishment, In Woo brings his head close to his brother and tells him to just beat him. He’d much rather prefer that than any more of this punishment.

In Woo: (shoving his head towards Jae Woo) Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!

GD 4.52

Jae Woo takes a menacing step towards his brother, causing In Woo to pause.

Jae Woo: Want me to really hit you? (He pauses for dramatic effect.) Really?

GD 4.53

Wordlessly, In Woo falls onto his butt and commences counting and fulfilling his punishment: 41…42…43, etc.

GD 4.54

The father and grandmother come outside to watch the two brothers. Hearing that Min Shik is all right after the ruckus, the grandmother expresses her regret at losing Da Jung, whom she’s already started to adore.

GD 4.55

As Song Jung tries to find her publisher at his house, the shady publisher is at that very moment meeting with Song Jung’s philandering husband of 20 years ago, negotiating the sale of the copyright to her book.

GD 4.56

Their comical “negotiations” come to an end with Shady Husband offering his gold necklace as payment. The publisher, desperate for any type of payment, reluctantly accepts. Ugh…these two make me want to vomit. 😛

GD 4.57

Back at the hotel, Goong Young moves into the next phase of his plan to persecute Song Jung, stopping only long enough to retrieve his personally signed copy. Aw…Despite his mean plan, his subconscious actions belie his intentions. 😉

GD 4.58

Back home, Da Jung learns from Da Ae that their mother has relented to all of them living together. She asks her sister how much she likes Dr. Kang to act like this, and Da Ae responds, “A spoonful of sugar.” Dr. Kang is like a spoonful of sugar to her. In just the same way as their mother used to make the bitterness of medicine go away with a spoonful of sugar, Dr. Kang makes life wonderful like that.

GD 4.59

Outside, Shady Husband lurks below the Jung’s residence and comes across Da In as she returns home. He smiles a sleezy smile and makes the connection that Da In is his third daughter. Ugh.

GD 4.60

Back inside, Da Jung tries to cheer up her mother and reminds her that her daughter now has a job that can help pay for their new housing. Mother, as thankful as she is, refuses to take her daughter’s money.

GD 4.61

When she hears from Da In that there is an aged fan of her mother’s in a trench coat lurking outside, Song Jung pretends nonchalance and goes out to meet him. Once outside, however, she rails at him. Shady Husband wants to at least know the name of his child, and Song Jung tells him emphatically that since he didn’t want them associated with his genealogy anymore, her daughter’s name is Han Da In.

Unfazed, Shady Husband waltzes away, humming to himself while Song Jung is left fuming.

GD 4.62

Early the next morning, Jae Woo helps his grandmother plant some bright flowers in front of the house next door. *stares for a bit* 🙂 Whuh? He has a beautiful smile. 😉

GD 4.63

As the grandmother mentions that the scent of the flowers reminds her of the time when she dated her grandmother, Jae Woo asks her to tell him. She laughs and tells him that she shouldn’t because Jae Woo will start to see his grandmother in a different light.

At this comment, Jae Woo tells her that he’s curious more than ever now and wants to know.

GD 4.64

While Jae Woo tries to apologize to his mother with flowers, In Woo takes a different approach. He jumps onto her bed and attempts to hug his mother to death…or at least suffocation.

GD 4.65

Mama Seo asks to be let up for some air and demands that he return the money that she’s given him. He’s also to move back into the house and move out of his apartment.

GD 4.66

She storms out to leave, trailed by the still-persistent In Woo, when Grandmother stops her. She tells her daughter to look at the beautiful flowers that Jae Woo went out so early in the morning to buy and plant…all to make his mother feel better. Aw…see? He’s such a great guy, no? 😉

GD 4.68

At Mama Seo’s disgruntled comment of why he would bother to plant flowers when there are plenty, the grandmother reminds her to accept his generosity. Mama Seo walks over to Jae Woo to thank him and comments that her elder son is ever so thoughtful.

GD 4.69

Seeing his brother’s gesture, In Woo rushes over to his brother and accuses him of not playing fair.

GD 4.70

Jae Woo breaks into a smile when his mother thanks him and compliments his work on planting the flowers.

GD 4.71

As their mother appreciates the flowers, In Woo teases his brother, calling him a bat that flits from here to there.

GD 4.72

Of course, as soon as their mother gets up from admiring the flowers, In Woo goes from bat to heart in a split second. Scamp! LOL

GD 4.73

The mother asks why Jae Woo planted the flowers in this spot, though, and the grandmother pats her favorite grandson and tells her daughter that he thoughtfully wanted to beautify this house so that the mother would be cheered by it instead of depressed as it remains empty.

Mama Seo muses to her mother if she shouldn’t just ask her father if she can live in this house, especially since Uncle Nam is going to renovate it for them, and that’s when she learns that Grandmother and Jae Woo sent the employees from the hotel packing. After all, they don’t want Grandfather more upset than he already is, and he would be so royally upset if he knew that his daughter had accepted an expensive renovation from Uncle Nam, who’s not really a family member.

GD 4.74

In the midst of this conversation, Jae Woo receives an “urgent” phone call from none other than Uncle Nam, who asks him to come quickly to the hotel.

GD 4.75

He’s told that something urgent has come up! LOL. Hmm…yeah right. Something urgent my foot! LOL. *stares at yet another great picture of Jae Woo* Seriously, Lee Sang Woo really looks great in pink, no? 😉

GD 4.76

Rushing to the hotel, Jae Woo is disgruntled to learn exactly what the “urgent” business is: Uncle Nam has learned that the fraud of a publisher forced all of his employees to write comments on websites, praising the author’s book.

GD 4.77

Jae Woo looks at his uncle in growing disbelief and asks if writing comments online is a crime. He asks his uncle if he’s this bored. If so, he should go take himself off to Jeju Island. Uncle Nam finally confesses that he’s still bothered by the author’s “that” comment. He wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes just wondering what “that” could mean. LOL.

GD 4.78

Jae Woo tells him to not call him again if it’s for something like this and tries to leave, but Uncle Nam waylays him. He tells him that there’s some place that Jae Woo has to go with him.

GD 4.79

Of course, Jae Woo is completely clueless…but follows nevertheless…

GD 4.80

…right into a blind date setup. Heh!

As Uncle Nam tries to build up Jae Woo in front of the woman, who is a former Miss Korea contestant, Jae Woo corrects him with the truth.

Uncle Nam: He’s an ace at his company.

Jae Woo: I’m just a section leader.

Uncle Nam: (puts his hand on Jae Woo’s knee to quiet him) Just be quiet.

GD 4.81

Date: Can I say this to a man? You’re cute.

At her boldness, Jae Woo is startled.

GD 4.82

The date tells Uncle Nam to leave the two of them alone so that they can get to know each other on their own. However, when she asks if he has a hobby, and Jae Woo answers that he likes to write songs, Uncle Nam hurries back to Jae Woo’s side…just as Jae Woo begins to talk about his most recent song.

Uncle Nam: Jae Woo! Surely, you’re not talking about that dduk song?

Jae Woo: Uh-huh.

At this, Uncle Nam eases himself back into his seat.

Uncle Nam: Aigoo. Today, let’s stay together. (Turns to the girl) Talk about something else other than writing songs.

Date: Why?

Uncle Nam: Asking about an unfinished (?) work is impolite.

Date: Ah…Then besides song writing, what other hobby do you have?

Jae Woo: I raise goldfish. Two of them.

Date: Gold…fish?

GD 4.83

Uncle Nam: (intent on doing damage control) It’s name is “Goldfish.” It’s about this big.

He spreads out his hands to an exaggerated length. Giving the girl a weak smile and Jae Woo an exasperated look, he pushes Jae Woo’s coffee towards him.

Uncle Nam: Just drink this.

Heh…in other words, just drink and be quiet. LOL

Date: Goong Young oppa says that you’ve never had a girlfriend. Is this true?

Jae Woo: No.

Uncle Nam: (so startled that he spits out his straw) You had one?

Jae Woo: I had over 20. (The girl frowns a bit) There was one in kindergarten–

GD 4.84

Uncle Nam: –You!

Date: (laughs) You’re funny. I happen to like humorous men. I’m interested in you, Seo Jae Woo. What do you think of me?

Annnnnnnd…we hear the sound of a clock starting to tick.

Date: Why? Do you not find me attractive?

Jae Woo: A little.

Uncle Nam sighs audibly.

Date: Fascinating. I’ve never met a man who didn’t like me.

Uncle Nam: (resigned) Now that you’ve seen one, just leave.

GD 4.85

Uncle Nam: (repositioning his chair to look at Jae Woo directly) What’s the problem?

Date: (in complete disbelief) Unbelievable!

GD 4.86

Not even noticing the woman’s departure, Uncle Nam tries to figure out exactly what’s going on in Jae Woo’s head.

Uncle Nam: She’s a runner up; she’s the second most beautiful woman in Korea. If you don’t like her, what do you want me to do? Shall I bring Miss Korea herself?! Secretary Yang! (hails his secretary who’s waiting nearby and his loud rudeness catches Da In’s attention and her disgust as she sits at the cafe in search of a model)

Jae Woo: Uncle!

Da In: (observing the scene) Just what I hate. No manners!

Uncle Nam: You told me that In Woo got caught yesterday. With the family in an uproar, I was giving you a chance to be the dutiful son, but why do you dislike her? She’s such a pretty girl!

Jae Woo: I didn’t say that I didn’t like her.

Uncle Nam: You just said that you weren’t interested.

Jae Woo: One can’t be completely interested in someone… I merely said that I was a little…a little uninterested.

Uncle NamUgh! Secretary Yang, go and bring the girl back.

Jae Woo: No! That’s all right. I can’t answer someone who asks me as soon as she meets me if I’m interested in her or not. Instead, I need a woman who gives me time to think. I’ll find her.

Aw…Da Jung certainly gives him time to think. 😉

GD 4.87

Meanwhile, this woman who will give him time to think is herself thinking and wondering where her mother might be and why she’s not calling her with news about the housing situation.

GD 4.88

Impatient, she calls her mother and asks for an update. The mother replies that she’s still looking, and Da Jung brightly reminds her mother of her salary. Aw…

GD 4.89

Meanwhile, Da Ae is on a date with Dr. Kang…and his son. And as requested by Eun Chan, they decide to set up their picnic blanket on the concrete walkway instead of on the grass. When Dr. Kang asks if she wants to relocate, she insists on staying where Eun Chan likes. LOL

GD 4.90

She walks over to Eun Chan and tells him about the new development–how her mother will only give her permission to live with them if they all live together. She asks Eun Chan if he’s all right with that. Eun Chan asks how many are in her family, and she replies four, including herself. Eun Chan tells her that if there are more people around, there’ll be less attention paid to him, which is fine with him. After all, he’s going to amount to nothing, so his father should just not concern himself with him. Isn’t that why his mother left?

Aw…he thinks that his mother left the family because she didn’t like him. 🙁

GD 4.91

As Eun Chan walks away to leave, the father blocks his way, but it’s Da Ae who’s able to penetrate Eun Chan’s wall of hurt.

Eun Chan: Don’t expect anything from me.

Da Ae: I can’t promise you that.

GD 4.92

At this unexpected answer, Eun Chan looks at Da Ae.

Da Ae: However, no matter what disappointments you may give me, I won’t go anywhere. I can promise you that. My mother told me this when I told her that I wanted to try to live with Dr. Kang and Eun Chan: I can’t send you by yourself. If you want to live, then let’s all live together. I’m my mother’s daughter. When I become Eun Chan’s mother, I’m going to live like this, too…

GD 4.93

Da Ae: …like my mother.

GD 4.94

Meanwhile, Da Ae’s mother remembers that Min Shik had promised to be like a big brother to her and decides to call him up for help since she’s having such a difficult time finding a suitable place. Pretending that she forgot to renew her lease because she was so immersed in her writing, Song Jung asks if Min Shik’s father-in-law would possibly–just possibly–allow her to rent out the house that the grandfather’s planning to put up for sale for just one month.

Min Shik tells her that he’ll ask but due to some new developments at home, asking his father-in-law may be a bit difficult. She should continue to look at other options just in case. Song Jung pretends to not be in such desperate straits and thanks him.

GD 4.95

Returning home with Uncle Nam, Jae Woo greets his grandfather and is unexpectedly pleased when his grandfather compliments him on his planting of the new flowers, all signs of yesterday’s upset and disappointment gone from his grandfather’s face.

GD 4.96

As Jae Woo goes in to change, Uncle Nam tries to convince the grandfather to let him move into the vacant house. Min Shik returns to overhear this conversation.

GD 4.97

Meanwhile, Song Jung returns home herself and looks over her three daughters…worrying over how she’s going to provide for them when it looks as though they’re going to be evicted soon.

GD 4.98

Fortunately that night, Min Shik has the opportunity to talk with his father-in-law about the housing situation and gains permission to allow his dongseng to live in the house for no more than one month.

GD 4.99

The next morning, he calls her with the good news, and Song Jung can barely contain her excitement.

GD 4.100

Min Shik, likewise, is pleased that he can help her out and muses at how much Song Jung seems to appreciate the news.

GD 4.101

Song Jung can hardly believe her good fortune and decides to move in that very day. She doesn’t want to risk losing this opportunity.

GD 4.102

She calls Da Jung and tells her that they’re moving today and insists that she can pack their belongings on her own while Da Jung is at work.

GD 4.103

Meanwhile, Da Ae rushes over to tell Dr. Kang that they’re moving today. They need to move fast and move in when her family is moving.

GD 4.104

Completely unaware of this, Jae Woo returns home from work and takes a moment to admire his flowers and look pensively at the vacant house. Heh…he doesn’t know yet that his future bride is already on her way to move in. Hee~!

GD 4.105

He smiles broadly as In Woo welcomes him home, and Jae Woo comments that the family will be all at home for dinner for the first time in a very long while. Of course, In Woo starts to whine. LOL. Ha! Serves the little scamp right! 🙂

GD 4.106

Da Jung sits next to her mother on their way to the new house, and when she learns of their destination, she begins to explain the past events and how her mother has already met her oppa‘s older son and all. Upon hearing the entire story from Da Jung, the mother suggests that they apologize and just make the best of things. Besides, the mistaken identity wasn’t completely Da Jung’s fault, and they have no where else to go.

GD 4.107

Da Jung agrees but can’t seem to be as calm as her mother since she’s already met the two brothers and the rest of the family. Pulling at her hair, she tells herself to calm down and make things work. After all, it’ll only be for a month.

As the grandfather and Min Shik walk back home from work, the grandfather asks when the dongseng will be moving in, and Min Shik replies that the dongseng will first drop by to say thank you.

GD 4.108

And just as he says this, the moving trucks–yes, trucks in the plural–drive up.

GD 4.109

Min Shik is surprised to see Song Jung, who greets him and the grandfather, her new landlord, brightly. The grandfather, for his part, is more than a little surprised to learn that Min Shik’s dongseng is a woman…not a man as he had assumed.


Hee~! The story just got cranked up a notch, wouldn’t you say? 😉

It’s really late, and I have to get some sleep. So…I’m going to skip the analysis/commentary on this episode.

However, because I know that many of you have been patiently awaiting this recap all week, I pushed through to finish it tonight. Besides, with episode 5 scheduled to air today, I knew that if I didn’t finish the episode 4 recap, I will slip behind and possibly stop recapping altogether. 😛

Anyhow, that’s not a concern since I was able to finish the recap! 😉 I hope you enjoyed reading this post and finding out exactly what was said during episode 4.

All I can say is thank you for your patience. Real Life is just not…conducive to blogging and frolicking in Kdramaland. 😛

Anyhow, enjoy! I’ll see you soon for episode 5, which looks oh so awesome from the preview! 😉

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    Well, after this episode I certainly lost all the fuzzies for In Woo. Putting the blame on everyone but himself. I hope he gets his heart broken and after knowing what that’s like starts treating people with more respect.
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      Welcome to “Musings”!

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