Glorious Day: Episode 38 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

The proverbial other shoe has finally dropped for Shin Ae, and in all honesty, I don’t know why the family kept this secret from her. Granted, the woman may be self-centered and all, but as the daughter, she should have been the first one to be told of her mother’s medical condition once Chul Soo became aware of the diagnosis. Hmmm…I guess we’ll see this Sunday how Shin Ae reacts to her discovery…

Source: SBS (here).

다애와 다정은 철수가 순옥을 잘 요양 할 수 있도록 요양 전문 학원을 보내주고, 함께 순옥의 요양을 돕는다. 한편, 순옥에게 돈을 받으려고 순옥의 집을 찾아온 신애는 순옥 몰래 서랍을 뒤지다 철수의 병상일지를 보게 되는데…

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Da Ae and Da Jung enroll Chul Soo (Grandfather) in a recognized nursing-care program so that he can learn to take better care of Soon Ok (Grandmother), and the two of them help him take care of her. Meanwhile, Shin Ae goes to visit her mother to borrow money and secretly searches her parents’ cabinet drawer behind Soon Ok’s back only to discover Chul Soo’s journal recording Soon Ok’s medical care…”


My only concern as Shin Ae learns of her mother’s condition is that traumatic discovery doesn’t become all about her. Somehow, I can see Shin Ae throwing a hissy fit about how no one told her and how she’ll suffer because of her mother’s condition instead of putting aside her childishness and rallying to her mother’s aid.

But then again, perhaps I’m underestimating Shin Ae…after all, we only have a certain number of episodes left in the series.

My hope is that this becomes a wake-up call for our narcissistic self-involved mother and that she finally sees what she needs to see. We’ve got 12 episodes left…Here’s hoping! *fingers crossed*

Oh, as for So Yi, let’s hope that she goes FAR. FAR. AWAY!


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7 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 38 Written Preview and English Translation”

  1. That’s been my biggest fear too, it will be all about her. I also thought she would blame DJ for not telling her but guess we’ll see. I pray it’s her wake-up call, I’m beyond ready for Shin Ae to grow.

  2. It’s time for SA to grow up. How much must it pain her parents to have to hide their condition from her and to see her behave so immaturely.

    I will join in the chant, Shoo So Yi ! Go away !

  3. Wait a minute! Shin Ae was trying to steal from her parents? (She’s searching the cabinets, just as she searched the drawers at the rice cake shop) mutter . . . mutter.

    I’ll join in hoping she doesn’t make it all about her, as she usually does. You’re right, only 12 more episodes to go, and it’s not likely her husband would divorce her, so she’s got to wake up!

    And I’ll join in the chant, too – shoo, So Yi, shoo!

  4. Shin Ae still does not get it!

    Imagine rifling to your parents drawers for money! I’m sure they must have told her they would not lend her any which resulted in her resorting to stealing – cos that’s what it is!

    Oh and SHOO!! So Yi SHOO!!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree SA was stealing not borrowing and from her parents who are not working, she is beyond out of order. The thing about this preview is the likelihood of them showing her discovery of her mother’s illness at the end and not in the middle as I hope. Let’s see what her reaction is going to be – is she going to continue being an unripe plum or will she actually start her maturation here?

    As for the son who shall remain nameless & absent, its likely that will be the case for him to stay so. The PDs just needed a justification for SA/MS living with the elders and not the oldest son according to the culture.

    For HSJ its about time, she realizes what she will be losing by dropping Yeong, wonder if she is finally going to take some action.

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