Glorious Day: Episode 37 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

With the anticipated wedding behind us and our two love turtles safely returned from their honeymoon, it seems as though focus will shift to our other interest–Song Jung and Goong Young. 🙂 Yup, this Saturday looks like it’s going to be a fun episode! 😉

Source: SBS (here).

신혼여행을 다녀온 재우와 다정은 친지식구들에게 감사인사를 전하고, 다정은 떡집과 학교 중 미래에 대한 선택을 고민한다. 
한편, 송정은 새로 출간될 책의 출판사 편집장 지혜가 영이 삼촌과 친근하게 지내는 모습에 질투심을 느끼는데…

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Returning from their honeymoon, Jae Woo and Da Jung express their thankful greetings to their families, and Da Jung struggles to decide her future between her work at the rice cake shop and that at school. Meanwhile, Song Jung begins to experience jealousy as she sees the friendly relationship between Goong Young and her new publisher…”


*beams* I am looking forward to seeing how Song Jung reacts to Goong Young now that she’s become aware of his presence. 🙂 Needless to say, Saturday promises to be filled with some heartwarming, squee-worthy moments as we see Song Jung’s green-eyed monster begin to rears its lovely little head…finally! 🙂

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