Glorious Day: Episode 35

GD 35

It’s Saturday! Woohoo~! Another Glorious Day! Pun intended. 🙂 And since Dr. Kang rarely gets LOTS of love from Glorious Day fans, I thought that I would shower him with some love by featuring him as this post’s cover. 🙂

Much happens in today’s episode…especially as Jae Woo finally learns the truth behind Grandmother’s ailment. I confess that I haven’t watched the full episode yet, but I wanted to get this post out to you as soon as possible, so…I give you this very truncated recap of the video clips released by SBS. Many thanks to the studio for making these clips available to its viewers! 🙂

You can access the raw episode here

Clip 1: Inspired by Jae Woo’s humble proposal to Da Jung, In Woo explains to Shin Ae that he decided to forego the ring she gave him so that he can give to So Yi a humble ring that he picked out, a ring that symbolizes who he is right now, someone who has nothing but a car lease to his name. He had intended for him and So Yi to start their lives together afresh without the extravagant trappings of their parents. However, she had rejected his ring. It wasn’t he who had ruined the engagement but So Yi. Jae Woo tells In Woo to make a wise decision based on reason and not on emotions…regardless of what In Woo ultimately decides. So Yi profusely apologizes to In Woo, telling him that she is completely sincere in her feelings, that she had just been taken aback by the ring. In Woo tells her firmly that this ring is the level of what he can give her; he’s not going to try to match her previous lifestyle nor does he need her expensive watch.

Clip 2: The grandparents come to visit for a while, and Jae Woo and Da Jung drive them back. Of course, as Shin Ae tells her mother to call her when she arrives safely at her new place, Grandmother shoots her a pointed look, causing Shin Ae to mutter why her mother’s glaring at her. LOL. Alone with Goong Young, Shin Ae asks what’s going on between him and the next door neighbors. She wonders if Goong Young has a thing for Song Jung, but Goong Young merely explains that they had a working relationship to republish Song Jung’s book, nothing more, and now, even that’s at an end. Shin Ae presses him about his “mock dad” role and asks him why he would go beyond politeness and offer to help them out. Seeing an opportunity to address Shin Ae’s behavior towards Da Jung, Goong Young gently asks her to be nicer to Da Jung. If not, as Da Jung’s mock father, he might just step in and prepare the wedding himself then. So Yi’s parents may be rich, but they’re nowhere near his level of wealth. If he exerted his mock-father duties, he asks if Shin Ae would be able to match him dowry for dowry. At Shin Ae’s amazement, Goong Young continues that the girls would, of course, reject his offer, but that makes him want to give to them even more. Aw…

Clip 3: Aw…Hyun Bin finally says something. 🙂 As Song Jung dotes on Jae Woo and prompts the other boys at the table to ask for seconds, she gently reminds Dr. Kang that he’s already had seconds; he shouldn’t ask for a third dish of noodles, of he might get an upset stomach. Of course, Dr. Kang only sees the rejection and gets miffed, ultimately refusing to do his Saturday household chores–vacuuming the upstairs. He then quietly asks Song Jung to call him Kang Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin, or Bin from now on…not Dr. Kang. After all, he’s part of their family now. Aw…

Clip 4: The episode ends with Jae Woo and Da Jung rushing to the hospital after hearing that Grandmother has collapsed. Song Jung asks Da Jung if she knows what’s going on since the grandfather won’t allow her to accompany him. Da Jung says nothing and follows after Jae Woo. Meanwhile, Jae Woo finds Grandfather, who is in consultation with the doctor. The physician suggests possible surgery, and Grandfather reveals that Grandmother has Parkinson’s and that the physician should speak with Soon Ok’s attending physician to confirm whether surgery is appropriate given her medical condition. Soon Ok hadn’t been able to eat for a few days now. Unfortunately, Jae Woo comes across Grandfather at just this moment and demands to know who has Parkinson’s. Where is his grandmother? Seeing this scene unfold before their eyes, Song Jung asks Da Jung if she already knew about this beforehand.


Needless to say, this weekend is going to be packed with lots of revelations and plot development…not to mention character development!

Here’s hoping for another great weekend romping through the world of Glorious Day! If nothing else, we know that it’s going to be family–biological as well as in name–that’s going to see the Seo and Jung households through this new crisis.

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  1. Just finished the raw. Thank you for the fast recap. It’s more clear now. So sad seeing grandpa so helpless at the hospital.

    1. Hi, Jennifer! No, Hee Joo isn’t living with them…although I have hopes for his eventual inclusion into the Jung family. 🙂

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