Glorious Day: Episode 35 Updated Recap

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So…I made some time to do a recap…by couples. Yes, I couldn’t resist. LOL. I hope you enjoy! 🙂  Today’s episode seems to have couples fighting, making up, fighting, making up…you get the picture. 😉

You can see the raw episode here.  You can also read the earlier truncated recap here.

Recap (by couples):

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In Woo/So Yi:

In Woo reluctantly agrees to carry on with the engagement, but his radar is high up in the air now…or so he thinks. He tells So Yi that he’ll be watching her from now. Marriage isn’t something that she can fake or take lightly. Given his close family ties, he brings up the point that she hasn’t even gone to visit his grandparents in their new homes yet. He tells her to come to his house from tomorrow onward to start acclimating to his family’s household. Yes! *fist pump* In Woo isn’t a fool! He’s still the experienced In Woo that we hoped he would be! 🙂

The next day, So Yi comes to begin her new-bride training but ends up getting Shin Ae to do all the work. Oh no….

Unfortunately, In Woo thinks that he has So Yi in the palm of his hands as he makes her prepare lunch for him and then later for his grandparents, but So Yi continues to use all of her resources–Shin Ae and Da Jung–to do the dirty work for her as she claims all the credit…at least until she’s forced to concede that she received help. *palm face* Pleasepleaseplease, In Woo, wake up FULLY to her ploys and run. RUN FAST! VERY FAST!!

The good thing is that the more time she spends with In Woo’s family, the more they are slowly getting a good feel for her true personality.

Song Jung/Goong Young:

Song Jung sees Da In and Goong Young on yard swing, looking at some pictures for the book.

Each time that Goong Young sees Song Jung, he pretends that he doesn’t know her…and Song Jung consoles herself by telling herself that rather than being awkward, it’s better to be strangers.

Da Jung/Jae Woo:

After the engagement, the grandparents come to visit the old homestead. The two take the grandparents home and spend some quality time with them. Jae Woo plays a Korean board game with his grandfather while Da Jung and Grandmother talk. Grandmother promises Da Jung a better ring, and Da Jung tells her there’s no need; she likes this one just fine.

Jae Woo playfully tells Da Jung that if another ring is offered, she should take it, much to everyone’s surprise. Heh. Gotta love the playful Jae Woo.  When Grandmother asks whom he likes better, Jae Woo replies that he likes them differently. With Da Jung, she’s made him mad a few times when she doesn’t listen to him, but his grandmother has never made him mad. At this, Grandmother chuckles and teases Da Jung that her future husband still likes the grandmother best of anyone, but Grandfather tells her that her #1 spot will end as soon as Jae Woo walks into that wedding ceremony. At the grandmother’s surprise, Grandfather adds that the same will happen to Da Jung once the two turtle loves have a kid. LOL. Da Jung promises to quickly have children…much to Jae Woo’s embarrassment. Aww…

In the midst of the teasing, Jae Woo smells something, and Da Jung quickly apologizes for letting off some gas. Almost immediately, Grandfather claims the fart as his, and the two of them cover up for Grandmother, who belatedly realizes that she’s the one who farted. With a downcast expression, she quickly gets up to leave, and Da Jung catches Grandfather’s silent request for some privacy and takes Jae Woo home sooner rather than later.

On the drive home, Jae Woo confronts Da Jung about her secret, whatever it is that she’s not telling him but shares with his grandfather, but Da Jung pretends to not know what he’s talking about and tells him that she’s merely embarrassed about having farted in front of him. As Jae Woo continues to ask her, citing how Da Jung is purposefully talking a lot, speaking quickly, and mentioning a lot of needless things, Da Jung insists that she’s embarrassed but adds that since they’re going to be married soon, she guesses that he should get to know this side of her, too.

Back at home, Da Jung tries to rush Jae Woo for a summer wedding…while she’s on vacation. Oh yeah, Jae Woo is now fully suspicious.

Later at the rice cake shop, when Min Shik asks Jae Woo if he’s done something to prompt Da Jung to want a speedy wedding, Jae Woo confronts her on the true reason why she wants to rush their wedding. To deflect attention from her real reason, Da Jung demands to know if his love for her has waned; she reasons that if a man proposes and loves a woman, he should marry her quickly! Jae Woo looks at her and comments that her speech has sped up and increased…again.

Frustrated and desperate to throw Jae Woo off the scent, Da Jung tells him to just forget about the wedding if he’s not interested. Jae Woo, as expected, freaks out and tells her that he never said he was uninterested; he just wanted to have a fall wedding.

When Jae Woo sees Da In at his house, he asks Da In if there’s something going on at home that he should know about. Da In says there’s nothing and that Da Jung doesn’t know how to lie. Jae Woo replies that that’s what is even stranger. Da Jung, who doesn’t usually lie, is evading his questions and redirecting their conversations.

After lunch with Goong Young, Jae Woo decides that he’s going to be the man and call Da Jung first, but when he calls, she tells him that she’ll call him back and quickly hangs up. Jae Woo is left miffed, especially since he made the first move to reconcile, only to have her quickly shut him down. And why? Da Jung left her work at the rice cake shop to go help two-faced So Yi prepare lunch for the grandparents. *palms face*

When Da Jung catches a breath and calls Jae Woo, he’s having dinner with his co-workers and In Sung (Da Jung’s father…I’ve decided to stop calling him Shady X-Toad in deference of his hard efforts to redeem himself). He “coldly” tells her that he’s busy this time and hangs up, allowing everyone at the table to know that he’s waging a battle of wills with Da Jung. Incidentally, when Jae Woo tries to introduce In Sung as his future father-in-law, In Sung stops him, telling him that he doesn’t want to embarrass Jae Woo or ruin the dinner by including his messy family background. Aw…

Da Jung and Jae Woo’s little tiff escalates as Jae Woo confronts Da Jung after his dinner with his co-workers. Da Jung asks him to wait for her to tell him her secret because she just can’t disclose it right now. And to make amends, Da Jung takes rice cakes to Jae Woo’s work the next morning as a peace offering.

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Upon hearing Da Jung apologize for having to keep a secret from him, Jae Woo relents and accepts her apology…

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…until she tells him that she has to return quickly to the rice shop and doesn’t really have time for a short date with him.

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At her comment, Jae Woo pretends to see a pretty woman and pointedly tells Da Jung that he doubts she would tell her boyfriend that she can’t date him because she has to go work at a rice cake shop. Pffffft. Da Jung’s jealous reaction is so adorable!

GD 35.10

The two date and eat. Jae Woo tells Da Jung that he plans to eat everything on this block since eating spicy food didn’t alleviate his irritation. Perhaps the sweet snack will. And if he gets full, they’ll walk it off and then go to eat more…until Da Jung feels ready to tell him her secret.

Of course, Da Jung refuses to tell him the secret, and so the two date in their usual cute way, Da Jung refusing to relinquish Jae Woo’s hand for “fear” that he’ll look at another woman LOL and Jae Woo telling Da Jung that he, too, has a secret that he’s keeping from her.

As the two bicker in their usual lovey-dovey way, Da Jung receives a phone call from Song Jung, notifying them of Grandmother’s sudden rush to the hospital…where Jae Woo learns about Grandmother’s medical condition.


In utter shock by the fact that she can’t even smell her own gas, Grandmother tells Grandfather to not let the children come to their house anymore. When Grandfather asks, “What’s the big deal? You’ve farted in front of the kids plenty of times,” Grandmother tells him that this time, it’s different. She can’t pass it off with a laugh anymore. Had it not been for Da Jung the other, she would have burned the entire house down because she couldn’t even smell the bean paste soup burning. She can’t even hold a basket of plums in her hand. Now, she can’t even smell her own gas.

At her despair, Grandfather devises a signal for her, telling her that he’ll wink to let her know that she’s passed some gas. Aww…Grandmother, appreciative of the gesture, scoffs at his attempt, telling him that that’s no wink; he’s blinking…with both eyes. LOL. Grandfather admits that old age has done something to him, too. *sniffles* I love how he’s trying to commiserate with her.

Towards the end of the episode, Grandmother locks herself in the bathroom and won’t let Grandfather in to help her. Inside, we see her struggle to clean her mouth after vomiting in the toilet. When Song Jung arrives to discuss some matters regarding Da Jung and Jae Woo’s upcoming wedding, she witnesses Grandmother’s sudden collapse in the bathroom and helps Grandfather rush Grandmother to the local hospital.

Shin Ae/Min Shik:

Shin Ae freaks out as In Woo tells his father that he didn’t feel comfortable giving So Yi a 3-carat ring. At this, Min Shik asks Shin Ae for a look at the ring, but Shin Ae pretends that she’s already given the ring to So Yi. She then drags In Woo into his room and chews him out for mentioning the ring. When In Woo asks where she got such a large amount of money, Shin Ae lies. Ugh…This woman STILL hasn’t learned her lesson. Pleasepleaseplease, do NOT let In Woo marry So Yi, who hints at being a little Shin Ae but worse due to her wealthy upbringing.

Da Ae/Hyun Bin:

Hyun Bin becomes increasingly jealous about the “love” shown to Jae Woo. He points out that as much as he appreciates Da Ae’s concern for Eun Chan, she should pay a bit of attention to him, too. Jae Woo has her mother’s concern, Eun Chan has his stepmother’s concern, but no one cares for him. Aw…Da Ae lovingly tells him that she’ll have to focus on raising Hyun Bin’s confidence level first before she tackles Eun Chan’s. 🙂

Hyun Bin then suggests inviting Song Jung to his workplace since Song Jung was already invited to Jae Woo’s office on a “date” and marketing meeting for her upcoming book. Da Ae replies that no one in her family has dental issues since they took care to never have to need a dentist; they couldn’t afford dental bills. At this, Hyun Bin wonders if he should get plastic surgery since he feels Song Jung is susceptible to physical appearance and is so kind to Jae Woo. Pffffft. Da Ae teases him that plastic surgery will have to be a MAJOR undertaking. LOL.

The two of them decide to find something that will make Hyun Bin outshine Jae Woo: basketball.

The next day, Hyun Bin, In Woo, and Jae Woo play a little game of b-ball, and as expected, Hyun Bin holds his own…until Jae Woo takes his shirt to wipe off some sweat.

GD 35.3

Even Da Ae is rendered speechless. LOL. Poor Hyun Bin…He just can’t win.

Later when the loser–Jae Woo–is supposed to prepare the cold-bean noodle soup, Hyun Bin watches as Song Jung dotes on Jae Woo. When she gently refuses Hyun Bin a third bowl of noodles, Hyun Bin asks her to please start calling him either Kang Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin, or Bin from now on. Of course, the rest of the group are stunned by his name-calling request, especially as they can’t see him as any of those names. Aw…

Jae Woo/Goong Young:

The two nephew/uncle meet for some soup (sulung tang that Song Jung is always feeding Goong Young) to discuss Song Jung’s upcoming book promotions and begin to tease each other about what happened at the glamping (shorten for glamous camping) site. At Goong Young’s reluctance to disclose what happened between him and Song Jung at the site, Jae Woo comments that he can’t help be the Problem-Solver unless he knows what’s going on.

At this Goong Young scoffs and then shows Jae Woo the letter Song Jung left that day. He explains that Song Jung’s unwilling to start anything with him because her “heart has become hard’ over the years. In addition, he adds that she told him that if he wants to date her, he should marry, have three kids, and then divorce before he even approaches her again. He concludes that Song Jung’s just not interested and that he’s decided to not pursue the matter any further…even when Jae Woo suggests that she might be afraid since her situation is so radically different from Goong Young’s.

Goong Young asks Jae Woo how he might be of help in their upcoming wedding. That’s really the reason why he wanted to see Jae Woo today. At this generous offer, Jae Woo says that he’ll get back to him once his cold war with Da Jung is over. LOL. Goong Young asks if they’re fighting, and Jae Woo retorts that Goong Young isn’t the only one who fights with his other half. At this, Goong Young reiterates that he’s over with Song Jung.


Ha~! I love how this episode pairs up people other than their romantic interests! 🙂 For instance, Da Jung bonds with Grandfather and Jae Woo’s father while Jae Woo bonds with Song Jung…much to Da Jung’s growing “jealousy” if we can even call it that. LOL

As for the major development in this episode–Grandmother’s sudden collapse–this episode hinted at it, but Episode 36 is going to tackle a bit of what it means for a family to take care of an ill loved one.

*braced for lots of tears and angst*

The good thing is that the two families will remain solidly behind those they hold dear…and Grandmother and Grandfather will know that they are NOT alone in their struggle with Parkinson’s. They’ve got a hearty bunch of family members firmly behind them.

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