Glorious Day: Episode 34 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

I’ve never been a fan of scheming people and have been patiently biding my time for the proverbial “other shoe” to drop…and it looks as though that patience has finally paid off. YEEEEEESSSSSSSS~!

Our younger “Casanova”–or shall I say “reformed” Casanova–finally learns the truth about the girl who’s been pushing and pulling with all her might to drag him to the altar. And in my opinion, his revelation couldn’t have come at a better time!

Source: SBS (here).

재우는 인성의 도움으로 프러포즈를 준비하고, 식구들을 모두 초대한자리에서 다정에게 프러포즈를 한다. 한편, 인우는 약혼식날 식을 올리기 직전에 소이가 계획적으로 인우에게 접근 했다는 사실을 알게되는데…

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“With In Sung’s help, Jae Woo makes preparations for his proposal, and he invites all the family members and proposes to Da Jung in front of them. Meanwhile, on the day of his engagement, just before the engagement ceremony itself, In Woo discovers the truth that So Yi deliberately planned things so that she can get close to In Woo…”


Yes! *pumps fist and romps around the room in triumphant glee*

On the Jae Woo front, it looks as though the Seo family tradition will hold with the elder son marrying first. *beams*

On the In Woo front…we got glimpses in Episode 32 of In Woo’s awareness that So Yi won’t fit well with his family, but this new “revelation” may just be the turning point for him. No matter how he felt about So Yi’s background or the circumstances that he found himself in with her in the past, he’s always tolerated and even looked upon So Yi with fondness because he thought that she was “sincere” and “genuine.” Now that he realizes she manipulated certain situations and schemed to purposely place herself in his life, I’m hoping that he’ll run…and run hard and fast for safety! Anywhere is fine as long as it is FAR AWAY FROM SO YI!

*resumes normal sane blogger mode*

To all of us on the Sincere-Woman-For-In-Woo campaign, things are looking up for him! Having laid down such a solid foundation for In Woo’s character as a good brother and friend, the writer had better do right by In Woo and write him a truly “sincere” and “genuine” counterpart whom he can love.  Given So Yi’s track record of scheming and manipulating, the writer is going to have to do some MAJOR damage control if she’s going to convince us that So Yi is “worthy” of In Woo.

Personally, I would prefer that Writer Moon Hee Jung simply write So Yi out of the story and introduce a new love interest.

Whuh? We still have a good 16 episodes left. It’s been done before. *shrugs*

Too bad that I don’t live in Korea and exert influence on legions upon legions of rabid fangirls and fanboys to “suggest” to the writer the need for a new In Woo love interest. 😉

Ah well…Here’s hoping that this weekend’s journey into Glorious Day is just a “glorious” as ever! 😉

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9 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 34 Written Preview and English Translation”

  1. Hurray. I am with you. Bring in a new girl for In Woo. There are entire dramas that only have 16 episodes where the OTP hate each other; their families hate each other, but love triumphs over all and we get a wedding and ta time jump to see a baby! You can do it, too, Glorious Day!!! You can do it!

    However, at least he is starting to see her for the scheming, childish, two-faced person she is. She would be another Shin Ae without the balance of Grandma (to clean and cook and raise the children). He has seen how that has worked out. He is smarter than that; he learned to value Da Jung after all.

  2. Jumping up and down, jumping up and down!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!! Finally!!!!!
    Please IW – don’t try n reform SY. If even settle for IW having an airport-going to study scene just to get him out of her clutches. Cos I’m not sure telling her to get lost will work.
    Still jumping up and down, jumping up and down!!!!

  3. i think the writer is making parallels with the grandparents’ story with the leads, and the parents’ story with in woo… at least based on the many similarities in terms of characteristics of the characters.

    so, if so yi is like in woo’s mother, in woo will be like the dad in the relationship. i think it was hinted in a few episodes that in woo’s mom stalked the dad and was in love with him so much so that the parents, although they were initially against the dad, accepted the match.

    if that’s the case, which i fervently hope not, i feel sorry for in woo. he is one of the best second male leads to grace the land, in the sense that he even pushed the lead couple together, and he really showed growth from how he was before to how he is now, and i suppose, well, i just want a better woman for him.

    or a better love story altogether, at the very least. to finally surrender to the relentless pursuit of a woman is not a good story from his point of view, but definitely great from so yi’s point of view.

  4. That is a huge relief. Inwoo is saved. I hated that her parents indulged and convoluted right along with her plans to trap him. He needs a new love interest.

  5. IW had warned So Yi that he would RUN if she pushed him to the edge…. looks like he may just do that. Hmmm… another runaway… would love to see Shin Ae’s face if IW does not appear at the engagement ceremony 🙂

    On another note, JW getting Toad’s help to prepare for his proposal ?! How? Setting up the venue?…. I suppose that is JW’s way to get Toad to contribute and redeem himself, so that he can meet the family amicably and perhaps pave the way for Hee Joo to “reunite” with his sisters.

    Looking forward to a Glorious weekend !

  6. Yay! Yay! Yay!

    Yes please, write out So Yi and bring in someone new for In Woo. He deserves much better. (Altho Shin Ae deserves to have to deal with haughty in-laws).

    Another yay for Jae Woo’s proposal!

    I have a question, please help! When Shin Ae told Da Jung about In Woo’s probable engagement, she also said JW and DJ could get engaged too, but insinuated that her family wouldn’t be able to afford it. Writer Han also previously mentioned her worries about the financial aspect of an engagement. What happens at an engagement? Is the girl’s side expected to bring gifts, a dowry, something?

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