Glorious Day: Episode 33 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

There’s an adorable scene in Episode 32–yes, I’m hoping to recap that episode before this weekend–in which Jae Woo points out yet again that Goong Young and he are in love with the same woman. Translation: Da Jung is a carbon copy of her mother.

In a reversal of roles, Goong Young now takes advice from Jae Woo and tries to get Song Jung to see him beyond a friend…Hmmm…Goong Young’s got an uphill battle on his hands, but I have every faith that our experienced “romance expert” will be able to accurately convey his sincerely feelings to his lady. 🙂

Let the fun commence!

Source: SBS (here).

“영이 삼촌은 송정을 데리고 글램핑장을 가고, 자신을 여자로보는 영이 불편한 송정은 영이 몰래 메세지만 남긴채 글램핑장을 떠난다.
그리고 글램핑장 이후로 영은 갑자기 사라지는데…한편, 다정은 떡집에서 받은 첫 월급으로 재우에게 반지를 선물하고, 재우는 다정을 위한 프로포즈를 준비하는데…”

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Goong Young takes Song Jung to the glamping site while Song Jung, discomforted by the fact that she begins to see herself again as a woman in front of Goong Young, secretly leaves the site, leaving behind only a written message for Goong Young. From then on, after the glamping site incident, Goong Young suddenly disappears…Meanwhile, with her first paycheck from the rice cake shop, Da Jung buys Jae Woo a ring, and Jae Woo makes plans to propose to Da Jung…”


*happy Snoopy Dance*

It looks as though our turtle loves are making a beeline for the wedding altar while the older set is about to switch over from “friendship zone” to “love zone.”

*cheers Goong Young on*

I am hoping to write up that post for Episode 32 before Saturday’s episode, but in the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading this little teaser about Episode 33. Go, Goong Young! *pumps fist*

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  1. So, so looking forward to his weekend’s episodes and can we have In Woo find someone more suitable, please! He needs a soulmate and not a carbon copy of Shin Ae. Still waters run deep and that’s Jae Woo. He would never let his mom make choices for him and playboy IW is being cornered into the land of oblivion and self-sacrifice. He’s such a wonderful brother so JW should rescue him from this impending diaster.

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