Glorious Day: Episode 32 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

With Da Jung and Jae Woo’s relationship now firmly established–they are “officially” a recognized couple–attention shifts to Song Jung and Goong Young as our favorite uncle continues to pursue his love. Anyone anticipating hijinks because I am?! 😉 Knowing Goong Young, I’m expecting lots of poignant yet funny moments.

Ha~! Let the fun commence!

Source: SBS (here).

다정은 신애가 소이에게 옷을 사줬다는 말에 부러워하고, 소이처럼 애교를 보이라는 다인의 충고에 신애에게 애교를 부리고 옷도 사달라한다. 한편, 영이 삼촌은 송정에게 정식 대답을 요구하고, 송정은 영이에게 친구로 지내자 하는데…

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Learning that Shin Ae bought So Yi clothes, Da Jung becomes envious and starts to demonstrate some aegyo to Shin Ae as Da In suggested, asking her for some clothes as well. Meanwhile, Goong Young asks Song Jung for an official answer to his request, and Song Jung asks him to be friends…”


*palms face* Song Jung…WHY?!

OK, I know why, but still…poor woman. She’s been on her own for so long and burned by her ex-husband so badly that she’s afraid to let another man into her heart. *sigh*

The good news is that we know Goong Young will persevere and convince her to give love another shot…and with him. 🙂

I hope you’re all ready for another weekend frolicking in the world of Glorious Day! 😉

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  1. Cannot wait!! I love that VIki and others sub it so fast! I just download both and watch from my TV. What better way to watch our DaJae couple at their finest! Now on to Momma and Uncle!

  2. Powers that be please stop making Da Jung pathetic for Shin Ae’s attention, the woman though JW’s mother is not worth it, your mom is 100 times the woman she is. Its time to make Dae Jung stronger than this begging for scraps. Respect the mother but do not change or beg to be appreciated, that’s what I want this show to do.

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