Glorious Day: Episode 31

GD 31.13

Glorious Day stays true to its genre as a family drama, focusing on the concerns of each generation as we forge steadily past the halfway point and towards the finale. From potential weddings to retirement and all that the end of a work life may entail, this show explores the various concerns of each generation. First and foremost, though, the series remains centered on family, and that’s what keeps me coming back episode after episode.

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The episode resumes with Jae Woo, Da Jung, So Yi, and In Woo seated in front of the elders as the foursome try to explain the morning’s events, mainly Da Jung’s and So Yi’s gag reflexes.

Of course, In Woo tries to convince everyone of the truth, but given his track record, he has to do some fancy explaining. It doesn’t help that So Yi is determined to do anything she can to turn things to her favor, implicating In Woo as a man needing to take responsibility for her. *rolls eyes*

Thankfully, In Woo’s family is convinced that nothing happened, but In Woo’s in for a rude awakening when he takes So Yi to her home and tries to explain the true situation to her parents: Her father demands that he take responsibility for his daughter! Poor In Woo~!

We quickly learn that So Yi has her whole family behind her scheme to snare In Woo as her husband. What’s our poor In Woo to do?

GD 31.1

Go and complain to his uncle and big brother, of course! 😉 And as chance would have it, Jae Woo is with Goong Young at the hotel, enjoying a sumptuous lunch while ribbing his uncle of the necktie gift from Song Jung. Heh…I’ve mentioned how I love these three and their interactions with each other, right? 😉

GD 31.2

At In Woo’s declaration that So Yi’s clan is trying to trap him in marriage, Jae Woo reaches over and, straightening Goong Young’s tie from Song Jung, tells Goong Young in a loaded tone, “People change.” Heh heh.

Given In Woo’s “crisis” with So Yi, Shin Ae “reluctantly” comes home. Her excuse? She can’t very well have So Yi’s family know that she’s left the house, not when So Yi’s mother comes to visit, can she? *roll’s eyes*

As a fanservice to viewers, the writer weaves in a pointed conversation between the two women, and Shin Ae gets just the tiniest taste of what she’s been dishing out to Song Jung. So Yi’s mother isn’t too thrilled with So Yi’s choice of husband, claiming such diverse backgrounds between the two young people all the while glancing distastefully at Shin Ae’s interior decor.

GD 31.3

With Shin Ae now returned home, the focus shifts to the grandparents as they announce that they will be leaving the homestead to live on their own for a while. Shin Ae, of course, is still self-centered while the rest of the family reels at this announcement, especially since Grandfather turned over the deeds to both the rice cake shop and the house to Min Shik.

Let me reiterate the significance of Chul Soo’s actions: He gave “everything” to his son-in-law, not to his daughter.

GD 31.4

Completely on board with Min Shik’s efforts to get his wife to “grow up,” the grandparents roundly support Min Shik, even as they hear Min Shik threaten Shin Ae with divorce if she’s unwilling to make amends. Even In Woo follows suit by nonchalantly telling Shin Ae that he plans to stay with his father if the two of them get a divorce. When Shin Ae wails that he should support her, he tells her that he is. After all, if he left with her, he’d be strapping her with all of his financial leases and debt. Pffffft!

GD 31.5

Meanwhile, Jae Woo suspects that something is behind his grandparents’ sudden desire to move, and the two little turtle loves plan to uncover the truth, sealing their new “mission” with a clink of their cans.

In a series of hilarious moments underscored by dramatic “Mission Impossible” music, Da Jung trails the elderly couple on their shopping expedition…only to stumble and ultimately blow her cover.

GD 31.7

At that exact moment of discovery, Jae Woo arrives, and the two fabricate a quick we’re-on-a-date excuse, muttering to each other that they weren’t supposed to get caught. LOL

GD 31.8

As for the younger Seo brother, he’s starting to resign himself to the fact that he may just have to marry So Yi. When she leads him into her kitchen for a “romantic” meal together, In Woo can’t help but want to gag at the sight of wine. Heh. According to him, he doesn’t ever want to see another glass or bottle of wine. Aw…poor In Woo and BAD So Yi!

So Yi then gives In Woo a box of presents and cards as a token of her “sincerity.” When In Woo comments that he’s changed and doesn’t want those presents anymore, So Yi answers that he’s still the same In Woo…only seeing the presents and not the cards. Reading card after card, In Woo becomes slowly aware of the depth of So Yi’s feelings towards him.

GD 31.9

Meanwhile, under the mandate from Min Shik to apologize to Song Jung, Shin Ae invites her nemesis to a pojang matcha, and the two women square off in a battle of wits and verbal barbs…all the while, both of them pretending to be drunk.

GD 31.10

Unfortunately for them, Da Jung learns of their impromptu meeting and rushes over…and learns that Shin Ae paid her father 10,000,000 won to split up her and Jae Woo.

GD 31.11

Upon learning of the mothers’ meeting and the fact that Da Jung also went to meeting place, Jae Woo quickly follows in her footsteps…only to find her nowhere near the pojang matcha. He calls her…and Da Jung leads him to stand right in front of a water fountain, which begins a sight-worthy water display almost as if by her command.

GD 31.12

Da Jung then confronts Jae Woo about not telling her about the money and asks him to promise her that he won’t keep any secrets from her again. Ever truthful, Jae Woo says that he can’t promise her that, especially if something that she doesn’t need to know can only end up hurting her. In return, Da Jung tells him that she’ll be keeping a secret from him as well then as revenge. Hmm…I guess she won’t be telling Jae Woo about his grandmother’s shaking hand anytime soon. 🙁

GD 31.13

Later that night, Jae Woo stands in front of the family pictures, deep in contemplation. When the camera zooms in and then out from the pictures, we see Chul Soo standing in front…as if to suggest that Jae Woo and he share the same kindred spirit. *happy sigh* It’s reassuring to know that Jae Woo will love and take such good care of Da Jung in their old age if he’s anything like his grandfather.

GD 31.14

Now officially retired, Grandfather goes to visit the rice cake shop in the wee hours of the morning one last time and bids his final farewell to the shop that had served him so well.

GD 31.15

That morning, Grandmother is in high spirits, and she goes to visit the neighbors with a cheerful, “I’m getting married!” Aw…

Eun Chan, ever the sweet kid, promises Grandmother that he’ll diligently water her flowers so that they don’t wilt in her absence.

GD 31.16

And then just like that, Chul Soo changes the sign to the house from “Kim Chul Soo” to “Seo Min Shik,” signaling a changing of not only ownership but of head of household role. *blinks to clear the welled up tear in eye*

GD 31.17

The move goes without much a of hitch, especially as Goong Young visits and has his men install a small garden for the grandmother. He gives Jae Woo the credit for alerting him to the absence of what the grandmother loves–a garden–and Grandmother thanks her “My puppy.”

GD 31.18

When he suddenly receives a phone call from Song Jung and quickly excuses himself on an “important” matter, Jae Woo astutely asks, “Necktie?” The cryptic comment creates quite the reaction from everyone. Heh.

GD 31.19

Thrilled that Song Jung has finally contacted him and anticipating a positive response to his request to date her–after all, Song Jung tells him that she’s paid particular attention to her appearance just for him–Goong Young can’t take his eyes off of her, even as she orders lunch for them.

GD 31.20

When she hands him her manuscript to the revised book, he still can’t take his eyes off of her face, smiling broadly at her…

GD 31.21

…until her realizes that she just wants to be “friends.” Aw…poor Goong Young. 🙁

GD 31.22

Meanwhile, Jae Woo tells his grandmother that he installed her treasure wall of photos at her new place “on loan” so that she’ll remember to return to her rightful place soon.

GD 31.23

Grandfather, watching unseen from the kitchen, averts his face from the scene because he knows that there’s a great chance that if and when they return to the family home, his wife won’t be in the same state as she is now.

GD 31.24

While Jae Woo spends his time with the first generation, Da Jung seeks out one member of the second generation and offers her the first taste of a rice cake that she’s finally been able to make properly. Unfazed by Shin Ae’s rejection of the rice cakes, Da Jung sits on bended knees in a sign of respect and tells Shin Ae that she overheard the mothers’ conversation that night. She’s come over to Shin Ae’s house to hear something from her.

GD 31.25

Looking at her future mother-in-law directly in the eyes, Da Jung tells her that she doesn’t want to carry this resentment into the future. Instead, she wants to hear Shin Ae apologize to her.


I know that some of the fans have stopped watching the show, but for me, as I mentioned before, the show’s focus on family and how families forge through life together despite the various ups and downs remain the central draw for me. Time and time again, more so than the romance between our turtles, I’m warmed by the interactions between the family members as they cheer each other on, fight with each other, learn from each other, love each other, etc. And as romanticized as their relationships and troubles may be, in context, those represent the broad spectrum of what it means to be a part of a family.

And for that alone, I keep tuning in…regardless of how busy Real Life can get.

In a world that spotlights and sensationalizes the weaknesses inherent in humanity, I’m glad that there’s a little beloved series like this that has chosen to highlight and celebrate the strength that can be found in family.

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20 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 31”

  1. I still watch and I still love it. I am in it for the long haul. I loved this episode and I was so eager to watch it on saturday I did it raw. When I watched it last night I was pleased to note that I understood everything tha had happened when it was raw. 🙂

  2. I am with you. I look forward to wkends because of this heartwarming series. The good far outweighs the bad and I am not saying this because I am a follower of Lsw. GD fighting!!!!!

  3. I agree. Even the pace of GD may be a tad slow, I love it that it celebrates warm moments of the family — it is like Grandma’s photo wall, snap shots of the family’s happy memories together, and this collective memory gives strength for the family to overcome life’s trials and tribulations.

    I love the scene with JW gazing the wall, and a moment later it was Grandpa doing it. It shows the strong bond between Grandpa & grandson and also their love for the family.

    I also love the scene when Grandpa change the name plate at the gate. Such a strong gesture as he decides to pass the baton on to MS, and focus on his life with Grandma while she is still mobile.

  4. I believe that..yesss..maybe a few viewers have left from watching or skipped a few scenes already..but I am here to give my full support to a drama which is so under-rated..I staying on to watch this drama till the end! *fighting!*

  5. I’m watching because of the romance of the leads. They’re are cute and sweet in the beginning and I loved it. BUT after 32 episodes already and they are still acting cute like teenagers, it’s annoying me especially DJ…I thought they should be all mature already with all their family drama going on. Director/Writer what’s going on?

  6. I’m still here, too! As you’ve astutely pointed out, it’s the focus on the family that’s keeping me glued to the screen each weekend. While JW and DJ are cute, it’s not really for them that I tune in, but the others.

    I want to know what happens to Hee Joo! Does Shin Ae ever grow up? When will Grandma and Grandpa tell the others? Will they make it to see their son in the U.S.? How will they cope as the disease progresses? How will Eun Chan cope with his learning disability? And, of course, what will happen to Writer Han and Hotel Uncle?

    And please find In Woo another girl 🙁

  7. I’m still watching for sure. The other long drama taht I followed was Smile, You cos of the strong family content and because Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung killed it as a couple..
    When I saw that Choi Bool Am and Kang Suk Woo were back together in a father & son (type) role I jumped at it.

    Also I’ve said it earlier and I’ll say it again here – I have a serious issue with SY and now with her family to boot.

    Are we SERIOUSLY supposed to root for SY and our In Woo! Surely he deserves better. IW was cavalier and he’s grown up so much. Sy is just downright manipulative and fake and ——I could go on. This is about the only story line that I have major issues with.

  8. I am still watching also! Never miss any single episodes every weekend.
    Thank you for still blogging for us although you’re so busy in your real life. We really appreciate it. It needs lot of determination to keep blogging a 50 episodes drama, I believe. Fighting!

    1. I would be ok if SY was still a bit immature but willing to try and change for InWoo’s sake and for her own and then taking her cue from DJ in how to behave. Cos IW was obviously taken with the new and improved SY – although that all turned out to be a scam!

      BUT – to have the whole family cook up this farce to TRAP a husband – I mean come on – firstly – you are not even noticing that the guy you say you adore and love has changed and is a different man now, secondly – by haranguing and trapping a guy to marry you is some sort of show of love??

      I’m sorry but I just feel IW has been shafted royally!

  9. I want to stick with Glorious Day because there are several storylines I enjoy, but I’ve yet to complete a weekend family drama because the contrived histrionics eventually irritate me to much. Maybe I’ll put it on hold for now and come back when it’s done. Hopefully Shin Ae stops being so annoying and poor In Woo doesn’t get stuck with a carbon copy of his mother.

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