Glorious Day: Episode 30

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The hijinks are aplenty in this episode as Shin Ae immaturely “runs away” from home, Da Jung succeeds in making her first dduk-tasting batch of rice cakes, Eun Chan spies Shin Ae in a sauna and tells her that receiving money for a “secret” is a bad thing, Goong Young confesses his feelings for Song Jung, Jae Woo and Da Jung overhear the confession and mimic the older generation’s actions, In Woo gets “tricked” by So Yi, and Jae Woo sees his opportunity and declares to all that “There’s no reverse-order marriage in our house!”

LOL. Oh yeah, the big brother just sold his younger brother down the proverbial river…all so that he could get permission to marry Da Jung. Oh, Jae Woo…When did our slow and steady turtle morph into a turbo-speed turtle? *shakes head*  Devious Jae Woo! Poor In Woo! *chuckles* What a man in love will do to marry his turtle love! 😉

You can watch the raw episode here and here

Pictorial Recap:

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11 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 30”

  1. I seriously awww-ed and giggled out loud throughout this episode – at all the touching, insightful, lovey dovey and outright romantic overtures!!!!! 😛
    Happy happy *skipping away*

    1. Shin Ae totally cracked me up in this episode! Her moment with the homeless guy was hilarious! Even their actions and their “fashion accessories” were the same! LOL. But then again, her scene with Eun Chan was equally hilarious. Those two have some great chemistry together! 🙂 *ponders for a moment* Come to think of it, Eun Chan has great chemistry with both Shin Ae AND Song Jung! 🙂

    1. Me, too! *roars* I’M NOT FEELING HER AT ALL! *returns to regular voice* Oy~! The reaction that little pampered girl can cause in me…*blows raspberries*

  2. I think the writer doesn’t love the character of IW… 🙁 poor IW. He first met DJ but now, DJ is his hyeong’s gf. And now his loveline is SL which is I find really irritating. Writer-nim how can you do this to IW? He deserves someone better than that brat!

  3. The playground scene was simply beautiful. JW was choked with emotions towards DJ… while he merely planted a little kiss on her lips, it was packed with apology/love…..swoon…

    Sigh… JW — the perfect gentleman…

    The parallel scene between HSJ/NGY and JW/DJ was simply hilarious. HSJ’s actions on NGY was mirrored by DJ in the car. And just like NGY, JW had to swallow his saliva and hold himself back for being in such an intimate position with his turtle love.

    I’m looking forward to see how NGY and JW support each other in their love life 🙂

    1. This show just keeps getting better and better, huh? 😉 I LOVE how the writer keeps insinuating that Jae Woo and Goong Young are alike in their love of Da Jung and Song Jung, respectively. 😀

  4. My love for this drama has worn off. I used to watch live, watch raw, watch subbed. But now I just watch live then read recap. I don’t think I will continue if Lee Sang Woo is not there. Some say the writer is good. But I don’t find it’s writing of any special than others.

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