Glorious Day: Episode 30 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

*happy sigh*

The preview to Episode 30 hints at many many warm fuzzies, Twinkles! 😉

Source: SBS (here).

“신애는 민식마저 자신의 편을 들어주지 않자 서러운 마음에 쪽지 한 장 남기고 가출을 하지만, 식구들은 버릇을 고쳐야 한다며 연락하지 않는다. 한편, 신애가 없는 집에 소이와 다정은 식사 준비를 한다. 소이가 실수로 다정의 발에 뜨거운 음식을 쏟자 재우는 소이에게 화를내고, 인우는 그런 재우앞에서 소이 편을 들어주는데…”

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Saddened by the realization that even Min Shik is no longer on her side, Shin Ae writes a note and leaves the house. The family members, determined to fix her of her bad habits, decide not to contact her. Meanwhile, with Shin Ae gone, Da Jung and So Yi prepare the family meal. In the midst of cooking, So Yi accidentally drops scalding food on Da jung’s feet, and Jae Woo explodes at So Yi while In Woo takes So Yi’s side in front of Jae Woo…”


Hee~! Can you imagine the Seo brothers each defending their sweethearts in front of the other? *imagines all the lovely possibilities*

Yup! This weekend is going to be a “G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S” weekend! Just you wait and see! 😉

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20 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 30 Written Preview and English Translation”

  1. Hmm. I do not like So Yi. She reminds me too much of Shin Ae. I don’t think she has changed as much as she makes it appear. I like In Woo too much to have him saddled with her, but maybe she will change. We have enough episodes left for that, right? In fact she is the only person I really dislike. Of course I don’t like Shin Ae very much, but I tolerate her because I do not think she is going to be rewarded for her bad behavior; however, So Yi seems to be getting what she wants without really being a nice person. Her decision to be on good terms with Da Jung is only because she sees Da Jung as a future in-law with whom she will have to deal rather than just because Da Jung is a nice person. In fact she seems to dislike Da Jung because she is a nice person and everyone treats her well because of it. I just never understood those types of people or why In Woo would find her attractive when he could choose anyone. Sigh.

    1. I feel exactly the same way and was hoping another girl would appear for IW. I thought this girl wasn’t going to be around long. *sigh*

      Thanks so much for the translations, Twinkie! *hugs*

  2. Haha, SA is trying to use old tricks (leave home) again but this round no one will take her side….

    I just hope DJ would not be hurt too badly. Poor JW, he must be really upset to see his turtle love getting hurt because of having to cook for his family…. First she was ill treated by his mom and then this… poor JW would feel really guilty.

    I hope it is only simply an accident, and not any scheming tricks by So Yi. So Yi can’t do any housework so she should not be in the kitchen just because she wants to impress IW or Grandpa/Grandma.

    1. *sigh* I want to like So Yi, especially since it seems as though the writer has her set up for In Woo, but I’m just not FEELING IT! *sobs*

    1. As sad as I am about the whole Shin Ae debacle, the family’s trying to teach her a lesson so that she can’t emotionally blackmail them anymore. *sigh* Emotional blackmail is the worst!

  3. With SA leaving the house, does that mean we will see less of her on Sunday? Ooohhh…. I like that coz I think SA has gotten way too much screen time of late. Thanks for the translation.

    1. You’re very welcome, Swee! As I’m sure you’ve already seen, Shin Ae got just as much screen time, but because it was away from her family, her scenes were interesting to watch…especially her scene with Eun Chan, who I’m beginning to really ADORE! 😀

  4. In Woo is too good for Soyi. I’m disappointed that Inwoo likes her. I tried my best to like soyi but the fact that she pretended to be nice to dajung and then gossip about her right after, makes me boil. Dajung and soyi are complete opposites in personality and background. I can’t imagine the household with dajung and soyi together as in laws because I would just see dj doing everything and being trampled on by soyi.

    1. I agree! Why on earth would In Woo like So Yee? Especially as he’s said (ever since Da Jung) that he likes sincere girls. I am not sure why the writer is trying to make her In Woo’s love interest the way she is now.

    2. I agree about So Yi, although I doubt JW would allow So Yi to run all over his little Da Jung. 😉 Did you see the way he snapped at So Yi after she gave Da Jung that burn? JW has become a regular snapping turtle when it comes to DJ. 😀

  5. Thanks a lot for your previews it helps a lot especially when we are not treated to the video ones for the weekend. Its a known fact for us & JW that Uncle likes HSJ a lot, wondering when the feelings will be reciprocated. I have yet to see a k-drama in which they have a ‘mature’ couple actually kiss each other, it would be nice if they did that in this one to show that these couple have some real passion too, its not just companionship between them. PDs do not reserve the passion to the young ones alone please.

    As for So Yi, she appears to be a younger Shin Ae which is not acceptable to us, personally prefer someone to keep IW on his toes, she is just playing a prospective daughter-in-law right now and appears to be winning which is a shame. But we’ll see in more episodes, hopefully she improves because right now she is annoying. Another thing of note is that we have not seen anyone from So Yi’s side friends etc. which is a little disturbing.

    Thanks again and take care

    1. Eh…I’m not too concerned with not seeing So Yi’s friends since involving them right now will disrupt the main focus of the story. Perhaps when So Yi is more firmly established as part of the family…

      As for Song Jung and Goong Young…I think we could very well kiss some kissing going on in this Kdrama with the “older” generation! 😉

  6. I too have issues with Soo Yi – I mean – its a good thing that she wants to appear to have changed and not be clingy possessive girlfriend – and I was hoping that superficial as that may be at first, SY would learn to be a better person while hanging with DJ – BUT – her Janus like personality really does not sit well with me.
    I think In Woo deserves better too

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