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GD 3.18

After a noticeable lack of screen time between our two principals in the first two episodes, this episode finally gives us our heart’s desire not just once, but twice! And if the trailer to episode 4 at the tail end of episode 3 is any indication, their association with each other is going to get a lot more frequent. Whee~! And when I say a lot, I truly mean A LOT. Cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode!

But first things first…Our heroine finally starts piecing together various bits of information, and it’s not for anything that our main character is the first one to figure out everyone’s relationship with each other…much to her dismay. Heh. I especially love her horrifying discovery at the end which completely throws her for a loop.

Oh yes, *fist pump* I’d say the series Just. Got. That. Much. Better. Seriously. *nods*


The episode begins with a quick recap of the past events and then picks up with Dr. Kang rushing home because his son called to tell him that Da Ae is in their house, cooking dinner for them.

GD 3.1

Despite the son’s obvious rudeness, Da Ae calls him adorable and talks to him as though he’s listening…which he is, the little scamp! 🙂 She leaves after telling him to enjoy the dinner she’s prepared for them and that she’ll be back tomorrow.

Dr. Kang wants to rush after her but hesitates because of his son, who thankfully tells his dad to go after her and not to mind him. He tells his father that Da Ae must be a bit off kilter tonight since she told him today that she’s quit her job as a pharmacist and plans on reporting to their house for work as a housekeeper…every day!

GD 3.2

Meanwhile, Song Jung and Seo Min Shik catch up on old times as well as on their present lives. Da Jung, sensing the need to give her mother some privacy, excuses herself to go get a sturdy box for her mother’s books since the other one is torn. As Da Jung gets up, though, Min Shik comments that she seems familiar to him. Ha! Yes, think In Woo, Min Shik! 😉

GD 3.3

Nearby, Song Jung’s shady husband lurks behind a newspaper, spying on his wife after being absent for over 20 years. Ugh…I already dislike him. 😛

GD 3.4

Just as Min Shik and Song Jung discuss their children, Jae Woo calls his father. As his father tells him to come join him because he has someone he’d like Jae Woo to meet, his uncle (Nam Goong Young) shouts that Jae Woo should rush himself to the hospital and that they should sue that fraud. LOL. Oh, the irony. The fraud in question is at that moment talking with Jae Woo’s father. 😛

At his father’s concern, Jae Woo brushes aside worries by telling him that his injury is nothing and then tells his father that he’ll leave his car at the hotel for his father to use.

GD 3.5

As he leaves, he asks his uncle why the uncle is so intent  on getting involved in this book signing “fraud” case when his motto has always been to just steer clear of messy entanglements. Gesturing with his hands, Jae Woo emphasizes his uncle’s “steer clear” philosophy with a jjook. Ha!

GD 3.6

The uncle hurriedly stops him from leaving and asks for his help, to which Jae Woo replies that he doesn’t want to; he plans on taking a leaf from his uncle’s book and steer clear from this messy business. Heh…I really love the play of words here. 🙂

GD 3.7

Unfortunately, Uncle Goong Young can’t seem to get over what the author could have meant by “that” when she insulted him in the hotel, and asks Jae Woo what he thinks she could have meant. Jae Woo, being the smart man that he is, declares that he neither knows nor cares to know, a dismissal that drives his uncle crazier since he was hoping Jae Woo would know…or at least help him find out. Ha! I guess our resident playboy doesn’t like the idea of a woman resisting his charms and not just resisting but insulting him in the process. 😉

GD 3.8

Meanwhile, Song Jung continues to catch up with her orphanage big brother and tell each other about their children while shady husband lurks and spies. Ugh!

GD 3.9

While Song Jung and Min Shik catch up-, the younger generation run into each other…sort of. As luck would have it, Da Jung finds some sturdy boxes in which to carry her mother’s books but gets her hair caught on the packing tape as she gets distracted by the fact that she’s missed her second date with Seo In Woo back at the hotel…just as Jae Woo walks by. LOL. Seriously, I love how both brothers catch her messing with her hair. 😉

GD 3.10

He briefly glances back at her as she tries to disengage her hair from the packing tape without ripping any of her hair. Deciding to ignore her after his past two disastrous encounters with her, he continues to walk away but stops short when he hears her mutter a name that he never expected to hear…at least from her lips.

GD 3.11

Seo. In. Woo.

As she sits there muttering his brother’s name wistfully for what could have been but can’t now be, he flashbacks to his family talking about In Woo’s blind date…the blind date that should have been his. 

GD 3.12

He remembers his mother handing him her cell phone and showing him the picture of Chairman Jung’s “daughter.”

GD 3.13

He decides to just keep walking away without drawing attention to himself. Things are already too messy where she’s concerned.As he limps away, Da Jung finishes with her boxes and catches a glimpse of him hobbling away and belatedly remembers some unfinished business she has with him.

GD 3.14

Meanwhile, our ever conscientious Jae Woo contacts In Woo to ask him about the situation with Chairman Jung’s “daughter” and whether he’s cleared that situation up. Of course, our little playboy is partying it up with a different girl and doesn’t want to deal with that responsibility. Raising the volume of his car’s stereo system, he tells his brother to text him or talk to him at home later since he’s at a club right now and can’t hear him very well. Hmmm…brat. 😛

GD 3.15

As Jae Woo tries–unsuccessfully–to get his brother’s attention over the phone, Da Jung catches up with him and thrusts some bills at him.

GD 3.16

When he refuses to take it, she forces the money into his hands and then tells him that he was sorely mistaken about what was going on at the hotel that day. He apologizes if he was mistaken, and Da Jung clarifies for him that it isn’t an “if.” He was definitely mistaken.

GD 3.17

Then wanting to pay for his medical bill because he got hurt from her mother–even though she points out that the swift kick in the leg wasn’t originally intended for him–Da Jung asks him for his contact information, a request that he quickly declines.

GD 3.18

At her continued insistence that he let her pay for his medical treatment, Jae Woo tells her that he doesn’t want her to pay fro his medical expenses. He doesn’t want to give her his contact information.

In what is quickly becoming a very Da Jungesque response, she bristles at this supposed slight and insists that he give her his contact information because she merely wants to pay because she feels guilty that he got hurt. She certainly isn’t trying to hit on him and get his number from him.

GD 3.19

He stops walking away as Da Jung positions herself in his path. He reiterates that he doesn’t want to give his information or receive her help. When Da Jung says that she is only trying to help him even though some horrible things were said to and about her mother, he quickly corrects her by reminding her that he didn’t say a single word.

GD 3.20

Fishing out her cell phone, she asks him to go on record then as declining her offer for medical compensation. Giving her an exasperated glance, he does so, much to her surprise and dismay, and quickly makes his getaway on a departing bus.

GD 3.21

So quick and effective is his escape from her that Da Jung is left feeling impotent and wronged again as if he’s continuing to mistake her intentions. She screams out her frustration at the departing bus…just as her mother tells Jae Woo’s father back at the cafe that her second child is the calmest and most reasonable daughter of the three siblings. Heh.

GD 3.22

When asked about her husband, she tells Min Shik that her husband died 20 years ago, an announcement that prompts her shady husband to spew water right through his camouflage of a newspaper. Ha~Serves him right!

GD 3.23

Song Jung notices in the course of their conversation that Min Shik doesn’t wear a wedding ring and quickly asks him a series of questions about his wife and his life with her. Aw…she’s trying to see if her oppa is available.

GD 3.24

At her forced cheerfulness, Min Shik unexpectedly takes hold of her hand…

GD 3.25

…and tears up as he sympathizes with her over how difficult it must have been for her to raise three girls on her own without a husband. He has enough trouble with two boys, but she had to deal with three girls! Had he known, he would have made an effort to seek her out earlier to look in on her and help her.

GD 3.26

Da Jung returns to the cafe in time to see her mother smiling at this new person and leans back against one of the columns.

GD 3.27

With the day’s events now seeming to have calmed down for her mother–at least enough for her mother to crack a smile–Da Jung forces out a small “ha.”

GD 3.28

As if to cheer herself up as well, she lets the ha’s get a little louder and a little more frequent until they sound almost natural. Almost.

GD 3.29

Then smiling a genuine smile for the first time that day, she waits while her mother finishes her conversation with Min Shik.

GD 3.30

Back at the Seo’s residence, Min Shik returns home to tell his wife about meeting his old orphanage dongseng, but the wife shoots him down and tells him to focus on their family. If he were better situated in life, she would be able to do more things…like call Chairman Jung and ask what his daughter thought of her meeting with their son. As it is, she has to listen to In Woo, who has expressly told her to not say anything and just leave things to him.

As she goes into the kitchen to help her mother, the grandmother takes her daughter to task for always nagging and belittling her husband. She reminds her daughter that the husband could have done better than marry her, but that he did marry her because he was kindhearted, especially when she threatened to do bodily harm to herself because she was so head-over-heels in love with him.

The daughter retorts back that it’s thanks to her that her parents have such a dutiful son-in-law who has taken the place of their real son currently living abroad with an unlikable daughter-in-law. Besides, she reasons, her husband married her because he genuinely loves her. No matter what she does, her husband would never cheat on her. Uh-oh, why do I sense the writer toying with us here with this bit of potential foreshadowing. Ugh…No likey! Writer Moon Hee Jung, I hope you keep this series clean and clear of makjang tendencies or else… 😛

GD 3.31

Jae Woo returns home and interrupts his mother’s narcissism, and grandmother is upset to see her favorite grandson sporting a leg injury.

GD 3.32

Her exclaims of shock soon gather the elders around him, and his mother astutely concludes that the injury is from a woman. A man would have just taken a swing at Jae Woo, not kicked him in the leg. Ha! Good point, mom.

The elders, of course, are none too pleased that he somehow got himself involved with an older woman who kicked him, and the mother insists that Jae Woo be prepared to start meeting blind dates. If he’s going to get involved with a woman, it had better be his future wife!

GD 3.33

As grandmother helps Jae Woo deal with the swelling, Jae Woo tells her that he’s decided to go on a blind date after all. He figures that the girl–whoever she is–will dislike him and that will be the end of that. At least this way, he’ll be pleasing his mother.

At his grandmother’s puzzlement, he explains to her that he suspects that there’s something wrong with him; otherwise, why else would women who meet him end up yelling at him. Aw…he’s thinking of his boss (hair cut incident) and Da Jung.

Grandma cheers him up and tells him that it’s because he hasn’t met the right girl. Jae Woo, in turn, compliments her and tells her that he just needs to find a woman like his grandmother, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone like her around anymore. Aw…Grandmother asks him what he likes so much about her…her big tummy perhaps, she jokes. Aw…I love this family. *warm fuzzies*

GD 3.34

Back at the hotel, Uncle Nam is still bothered by his encounter with Song Jung, especially when the secretary comes in with news that she actually is a bestselling author…just as she claimed.

Meanwhile, mother and daughter have returned to their apartment, and Da In pesters Da Jung about why she was able to attend their mother’s book signing while Da In was forbidden to attend. Both mother and daughter distract Da In from discovering the truth, and Da In cajoles her mother for money for a professional model for her final college project.

GD 3.35

Da Jung offers herself as a model for her sister if she needs someone because she’s got an awesome figure. Heh.

GD 3.36

Not to be outdone, the mom gives Da Jung a playful smack to grab hold of her senses–no daughter of hers is going to pose nude–and then offers herself as a replacement model, claiming that she’s a better choice. Heh.

GD 3.37

With Da In sufficiently placated and sent to bed, Da Jung checks with her mother about the day’s events. When she asks her mother that things are all right as long as the end is a good one, her mother reassures her that yes, the day ended well.

She then retires for the night with a renewed determination to start her writing from scratch…

GD 3.38

…only to lose it and panic when she opens her laptop and reads a note left for her from Da Ae, her eldest daughter.

GD 3.39

She tells Da Jung to stay put and rushes out to find Da Ae, collapsing on the street pavement as the pain of her daughter’s note hits her hard. Pounding her chest to clear the ache, she resolves that this will not be happening to her daughter…not if she can help it.

GD 3.40

And into this angst-ridden scene enters more angst as her shady husband reveals himself to her…for the first time in over 20 years! When she hears her two younger daughters calling after her in their efforts to help her, she quickly hides her husband, whom her girls think is dead, behind a corner.

GD 3.41

She threatens him with bodily harm if he ever tries to contact them again, especially when he asks her who was with Da Jung. O-M-G! He doesn’t even know about his third daughter?!

GD 3.42

With the pesky husband dispensed with, she continues on her mission to locate Da Ae, checking Dr. Kang’s apartment first. However, when she barges into the place, she discovers that Da Ae is nowhere to be found. The good thing? Dr. Kang now knows that Da Ae has left her mother’s house, and he joins  in on the search.

GD 3.43

Changing clothes, he walks through the neighborhood and texts her from “their” bench/wall. He writes that he just wants to know that she’s safe. Mere seconds later, Da Ae texts back that she’s fine and in a “warm” place.

GD 3.44

Smart man figures out that Da Ae is at a jjim jil bang and braves the intense heat of 78 degress Celsius. Heh. I guess our good doctor doesn’t like heat. LOL

When he comments on the heat and whether Da Ae isn’t hot, Da Ae answers that she’s actually cold. Her heart is cold and about to burst with grief and frustration over their situation. If he can’t help her, she at least asks that he trust her and wait while she does all the work. Aw…

In stark comic relief to Da Ae’s serious talk of their relationship, Dr. Kang tells her that he can’t handle it anymore (referring to the heat but Da Ae wonders if he’s referring to their relationship) and runs out of the hot room.

GD 3.45

Completely unaware of Dr. Kang’s dehydrated condition, Da Ae continues to give him a speech on her position. Ha! I love his rosy cheeks! LOL

GD 3.46

Of course, he looks like he’s about to faint, but his imminent collapse is waylaid when he spots a cold drink of another patron, runs and jumps “hurdles” to get to the cold drink, and guzzle it down.

At this obvious lack of interest in their “serious” discussion, Da Ae walks away in disgust.

GD 3.47

Thankfully, Dr. Kang runs after her as soon as he’s gathered his wits and hugs her with a promise to fight for them alongside her.

GD 3.48

As he hugs her tightly to him, he is oblivious to the shocked glances from the rest of the patrons.

GD 3.49

And then we see exactly why the patrons were glaring at them in disapproval. The sign on the wall clearly warns, “You should not behavior like this.” Heh.

GD 3.50

Meanwhile, Song Jung returns home after Dr. Kang texts her that Da Ae is safe at a jjim jil bang, and Da Jung tells her that she just learned of the same from Da Ae’s friend on the phone. Apparently, Da Ae was with her earlier in the day.

As Song Jung checks on Da In, she sees the residual scar on Da Jung’s hairline. Stroking Da Jung’s hair, she tells her second daughter to get some good rest, too, and retires for the night…for real this time.

GD 3.51

Locking herself in her room, Song Jung then recalls how Da Jung came to have that scar. While her husband was yelling at her that he wanted out of their marriage–that he was in love with another woman and that even if things didn’t work out with this woman, that he would never want to live with her–Da Jung had run to her mother in fear and for comfort. Her husband, incensed and claiming to be in the throes of a passionate affair, had torn Da Jung away from her mother’s arms and flung her away, causing her to hit her forehead on the edge of a wooden furniture.

GD 3.52

When Song Jung had exclaimed that their daughter was hurt, the husband had yelled that he didn’t care. Ugh…the cad!

GD 3.53

After a night’s melancholy reflection, Song Jung wakes up to a phone call from her oppa, Min Shik, who had called her out early in the morning to deliver some freshly made Korean cakes.  Aw…He boasts a bit that he made this batch himself and that he hopes she’ll enjoy it with her daughters. Um yeah…I can see the beginnings of her future crush on him. *sigh*

GD 3.54

She brings the dduk in, and Da Jung happily munches on her favorite piece…until her mother’s words sink in: Her oppa is the owner of a Korean cake shop…the very same shop of Seo. In. Woo.

Ha! Here we go! The story’s just taken a definitive turn towards Da Jung spending more time with Jae Woo. *excited*

GD 3.55

Meanwhile, Mama Seo comes out of the second house with the renovator and greets Uncle Nam, who has come by to see Jae Woo and  magnanimously offers to finance and take care of the whole renovation when he learns that the house renovations is for In Woo and his “bride.” Of course, the uncle is fully aware that In Woo isn’t going to be marrying anyone anytime soon, and he uses this knowledge to tease Mama Seo. Incidentally, we learn in this episode that Uncle Nam is not actually Min Shik’s real brother; he’s a hoobae who’s claimed Min Shik as a brother and treats his family like his own family. He had disclosed this information during his conversation with Song Jung back at the cafe, and I love how Song Jung totally belittles the uncle without even having seen him. LOL. Oh yeah, their eventual pairing–when it happens–is going to be fun. 😉

GD 3.56

Inside the Seo residence, Jae Woo composes and sings a song about his family’s dduk. *chuckles* Seriously, I was about to swoon in anticipation of his singing…until he actually started to sing. LOL. You’ll know what I’m talking about once you hear him. 😉

GD 3.57

Uncle Nam tells him to stop singing, focus his talents elsewhere, and make sure that his future girlfriend never hears him sing. Jae Woo retorts that as long as he enjoys his singing, it won’t matter what others think. LOL. As I said, I really like this character! 😉 He’s a man with clear likes and dislikes…sure of himself. I likey! 😉

GD 3.58

Meanwhile, Song Jung finds herself about to be evicted as the owner brings in the new tenants to look around the house  and negotiate renovations.

GD 3.59

While this is going on, Da Jung has been sent on an errand to deliver a thank-you gift to her mother’s oppa at his workplace, Sparrow Mill.

GD 3.60

As she braces herself to meet In Woo’s father, she hesitates and wonders if this thank-you gift is a bit too much. Just as she’s about to leave, she finds herself face to face with a woman who is more than just a little happy to see her.

GD 3.61

Mama Seo introduces herself to Da Jung and then, grabbing her firmly by the hand, takes her home with her, and as she does so, she calls In Woo.

GD 3.62

Unfortunately, In Woo is sleeping off his previous night’s carousing and barely registers his mother’s words.

GD 3.63

At least until she gives the phone to Da Jung, who introduces herself to him over the phone again. Ha! I love his startled look. Serves him right! Scamp! 😉

GD 3.64

Da Jung is pleased that he remembers her, and his mother teases him that he must really like Da Jung to wake up to her voice. She tells him that if he wants to see his sweetheart, he should fly himself home right this instant since that’s where they’re headed. LOL. Oh nooooo…*anticipates fireworks*

GD 3.65

To add to the craziness of the approaching home visit, the grandfather and dad learn from an employee that the mother’s been by the shop and has taken home a young woman who’s supposed to be “In Woo’s bride.”

GD 3.66

Meanwhile, Song Jung is dealing with a situation of her own as she receives a phone call from Da Jung to meet with her. She’s less than pleased to see both her daughter and Dr. Kang. She directs all of her questions to Da Ae and barely spares Dr. Kang a glance.

GD 3.67

She’s particularly irked when she sees Da Ae clutching Dr. Kang’s jacket for support. Their proposal for her? Allow Da Ae to live in his house for a month, and he promises not to touch even a strand of hair on her body.

GD 3.68

Of course, mom is livid and delivers a proposal of her own: He has the baggage of a divorce and son; Da Ae has the baggage of her mother and two younger sisters. If he wants to live with Da Ae, then he can…BUT with the rest of Da Ae’s baggage, too! LOL. Clever way to deal with the imminent eviction, Song Jung! She finally looks at Dr. Kang as she delivers this revised solution to their situation. Needless to say, her unexpected solution leaves both Dr. Kang and Da Ae mentally scrambling to make sense of her words.

GD 3.69

As Mama Jung deals with an undesirable boyfriend, Mama Seo absolutely relishes her time with Da Jung, telling her that she needn’t come bearing gifts the next time she comes to visit.

GD 3.70

As Da Jung and Jae Woo’s mother “bond,” Song Jung returns to her empty apartment and cries out her frustrations over her recent life events. Of course, it doesn’t help that she opens the refrigerator and has things fall on her foot. Poor mom…talking about adding insult to injury. 🙁

GD 3.71

Jae Woo *gazes a bit at his dazzling smile 😉 * is completely unaware of his next encounter with Da Jung and walks out of his house, smiling broadly as he hears his grandmother singing as she gardens.

GD 3.72

Before he can tease her or make her aware of his presence, though, his mother comes bounding into the house…with Da Jung’s hand firmly clasped in hers. She happily introduces Da Jung as In Woo’s future bride. Yikes!

GD 3.73

Despite her expression in this screencap, the grandmother looks at Da Jung in anticipation while Jae Woo views this new development with dismay and shock. His brother’s little misunderstanding just got a lot bigger!

GD 3.74

Of course, Da Jung’s eyes widen is shock as she recognizes Jae Woo…and what his presence there might imply.


This episode was simply too fun to watch. I loved how the staff edited sounds and scenes to maximize the funniness of the various stories and relationships. Seriously, the more I view this series, the more I hope that the writer stays true to this pacing and tone and not veer off into makjang land. Here’s hoping because I can’t foresee this writer doing such a dastardly thing to us loyal fans, right? 😉 *crosses fingers*

Anyhow, I’m going to keep the musings short tonight since I know many of you are waiting anxiously for this recap. Enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow to episode 4 recap. Oh, one thing about episode 4…there’s a huge hint about how Da Jung and Jae Woo are going to be thrown into more situations so that they can fall in love. Heh.

I love how Jae Woo’s mother adores Da Jung already. I know…she adores the girl because she mistakes her for Chairman Jung’s daughter, but still, I love the picture of her and Da Jung hand in hand. Can you imagine what great mother-in-law/daughter-in-law they’ll be to each other once Jae Woo and Da Jung get around to realizing that they love each other? 😉 *giddy with anticipation* CANNOT. WAIT. 😉 See you all tomorrow!

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