Glorious Day: Episode 29

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Hurray~! Lots of plot development and best of all…our turtle loves are firmly established as a couple now! Aren’t they so adorable together?! 😉

Episode 29 packs in a lot of “glorious” moments as Da Ae and Hyun Bin tie the knot, Eun Chan gains a mother, Hee Joo’s true identity is revealed to the “Knights in Shining Armor” (aka Jae Woo and Goong Young), Goong Young’s growing attraction to Song Jung becomes more apparent to Jae Woo’s family, Shady X-Toad gains a conscience and tries to do the “right” thing, and Song Jung finally has it out with Shin Ae. Yup, An awful lot happens! 🙂

You can catch the raw episode here and view some pictures below. Enjoy! 

Pictorial Recap:

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All in all, Episode 29 was a worthwhile episode as we got to see Da Ae’s happily ever after and the beginnings of several more storylines. Truthfully, like many of you, I’m not really liking So Yi’s character as she seems to be “unworthy” of In Woo. *sigh* I so wanted a better girl for In Woo, especially after all the maturing In Woo has done over the span of the series thus far. *double sigh*

And am I the only one who missed seeing Director Yoo? She always makes me smile whenever she appears on screen. 🙂

At least we got one happily ever…for now. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of the Jung/Han family get hitched. What a fun journey this is proving to be! 😉

GD 29

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6 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 29”

  1. I not only really really dislike So Yi, I also think it unfortunate that the writers seem to be determined to make her worse and worse. Every time I think she has potential, she slides back into that house being Shin Ae’s spy, but also proving how blind Shin Ae is. All the characters have layers, but So Yi’s character’s only function seems to be to show how Shin Ae is unreasonably refusing to see that Jae Woo has better taste than she does. When So Yi shows up and does not help her with the food?!?!? Anyway, the other bad part here is that all the couples are so strong from the grandparents to Goong Young (I am in his age bracket and would marry him in a heart beat!) and Song Young to our newly married couple. This show know how to do love and falling in love and commitment, so to see In Woo thrown away . . . Still lots of episodes left to have her turn it around; maybe she has to learn from Shin Ae’s mistakes.

    I cannot say how much I love the way Jae Woo handles learning who Hee Joo is. That was a great scene that made me misty. Hee Joo is so lonely and so wants to be in that family but not drag them down by his father.

  2. No, you are not the only one not feeling So Yi’s character is worthy of In Woo. When she had the audacity to literally put down Song Jung’s accomplishments as a writing, because “she never heard of it”, I was through with her! Her not helping Shin Ae should have been expected so there is no surprise there. Right now, I don’t see that In Woo has a attraction other than as a sister. We will see if the writer decides to change that. Right now, my perception of her isn’t very good other than SA’s puppet on a string that she won’t be able to control because the string is frayed.

    1. You may have to hold a barf bag open for me if In Woo falls for So Yi in her spoiled state. Here’s hoping that the experienced player In Woo knows how to deal with So Yi, but for now, it seems as though he’s being maneuvered left and right by So Yi. *shakes head*

      I can’t wait for In Woo to stop seeing her as a little sister to be indulged and as a potential wife. Perhaps then, he’ll start putting his “experience” dealing with his mother and other “pampered” women to use. However, I’m still not liking the writer’s choice for In Woo. *sobs at the thought of what could have been*

  3. I am really glad that Toad is turning around…. For the sake of his daughters, and his poor son, who is trying to make amends on his behalf, I am glad he has returned the money and gone back to work.

    Poor Hee Joo…. he felt so bad about his own existence. I am glad that he could at least confide in JW.

    1. Agreed! And Hee Joo…he just breaks my heart, poor thing…

      On the bright side, I can’t wait until Hee Joo and the girls become really good half-siblings with each other. They’re going to love having a brother around the house! 😉

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