Glorious Day: Episode 28 Video Preview and English Translation

GD 28

The campaign to separate these two little turtle loves takes on a new intensity as Shin Ae crosses the point of no return and compromises whatever trust Jae Woo had in his mother. Poor Jae Woo…

As usual, here’s the video clip and dialogue translation for your viewing pleasure! 🙂 

Dialogue Translation: 

So Yi: (looks at Da Jung with envy) Da Jung shi, you must be happy. The oppas take such good care of you.

Shin Ae: (hits In Woo repeatedly) Why are you treating Da Jung so well?! Why are you?! In order to marry you both off well, the things that I’ve resorted to–

She catches herself, but not soon enough as In Woo, ever the keen observer, senses trouble.

In Woo: What things?

We then flash to a scene of Shin Ae reluctantly giving Shady X-Toad an envelope of money. Ugh…She just had to go there…*shakes head*

Shady X-Toad: (to Jae Woo in a sauna together) Break up with Da Jung. Don’t answer any questions. Don’t argue. Just break up with her.

Goong Young: (in conference with Jae Woo in the mid-garden as they try to figure out how Shady X-Toad got the money and as Shin Ae eavesdrops in on their conversation) Surely…you don’t think…

Jae Woo: What?

Goong Young: Madame Kim Shin Ae.

Visiting the hotel, Jae Woo catches sight of Shin Ae brushing past Shady X-Toad, who smiles broadly at her in welcome.

Jae Woo: (confronts his mother) It isn’t true, right? My mother isn’t the type of person to do such a thing.

Shin Ae: (concerned) Jae Woo…

Jae Woo: (shouts) YOU’RE NOT!!!


Wow~! I haven’t had a chance to watch Episode 27 yet, but this video preview of Episode 28 is something else. Who knew that Jae Woo could have such an emotional outburst?

*ponders a moment*

Actually, I take that back. Jae Woo’s been doing a lot of emotional things, so this latest and reprehensible act from his mother may just be the last straw to break his camel’s turtle’s back. The ties of filial piety can only stretch so far.

*deep sigh* Poor Jae Woo.

If we were hoping for something to stop Shin Ae’s downward spiral into unrestrained craziness, this may just do the trick. Jae Woo’s outburst may just be the thing to snap her out of her self-centered and self-destructive world.

But then again, it may not. Hmm…I guess we’ll have to wait and see exactly what Episode 28 has in store of us. In the meanwhile, it looks as though the Seo brothers are going to be showering Da Jung with lots of love. Yes, both of them. LOL

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, Twinkles! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 28 Video Preview and English Translation”

    1. As much as I would LOVE that, our filial little turtle won’t, and neither will Da Jung…which is what endears them to me as much as they do. They have such respect for their elders. *warm fuzzies* Now, if only Shin Ae will see reason and stop acting so irrationally…

  1. I just love love love this series. After watching ep 28 how that outburst broke my little heart. Its so sad to see someone so smiley and turtle like cry. eugh . I think Shin Ae might see what shes done , but i can see Jae Woo becoming a bit of a rebel after this little crying session.

    1. Welcome, Caroline!
      I can totally see this happening, too. I think it’s about time that the other family members start asserting some boundaries of “acceptable” boundaries for Shin Ae. Even though he’s respectful towards his mother, I can see Jae Woo doing so in his relationship with her from this point onward…or at least needing some time/distance from her.

  2. Totally agree. I believe that JW will not back down from pursuing his own happiness with DJ. Hw was already resolute in the past to take care of DJ and her family. Now that he knows that his mom had passed money to Toad to have him harassed the family, I believe he would feel a even greater obligation to protect them. We have seen JW acting resolutely to win back DJ in episode 21/22, I am sure we will see more resolute actions from him — and he knows he has the support from Grandpa, Grandma and NGY, not to mention his lady boss. I am sure he will draw strength and wisdom from these great people around him.

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