Glorious Day: Episode 27 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

It’s Wednesday! It’s Wednesday! *does the Snoopy Happy Dance*

If you’ve been just dying in anguish, wondering when someone was finally going to check Shin Ae in her incredibly infantile and cruel behavior, wait no longer. Twinkles, her day of reckoning has arrived!

Source: SBS (here).

신애는 저녁식사 자리에 소이를 부르고 일부러 소이 앞에서 다정네 식구들을 무시한다. 한편, 신애의 행동이 못마땅한 철수는 뭔가를 다짐한듯 식구들 앞에서 신애에게 호통을 치는데…

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Shin Ae invites So Yi to dinner and purposely insults Da Jung’s family in front of So Yi. Meanwhile, Chul Soo (Grandfather) can’t stand Shin Ae’s behavior anymore and decides that enough is enough; he begins to rebuke Shin Ae in front of the family…”


Yes! Enough is enough, right Grandfather? *nods approvingly* I think it’s safe to say that the wrongs that have been allowed to run rampant in the world of Glorious Day will soon be righted this Saturday. *breathes a sigh of tremendous relief*

You go, Grandfather! *pumps fist*

That’s all I’ve got for this post. Must. Go. Translate. Episode. 28. Preview. *scurries away to do just that*

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  1. Grandpa is in NO mood to listening to her anymore. He is probably worried about the love of his life (grandma) now, and knowing that our turtles love each other as much as he and his wife love each other. I already loved the grandparents. I love them even more now.

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