Glorious Day: Episode 26

GD 26

With Da Jung and Jae Woo still lobbying for their mothers’ permissions, Dr. Kang and Da Ae progress to the next phase of their relationship and remove one of the objections against Da Jung on Shin Ae’s list–they decide to marry and receive permission from Song Jung. From what I’m hearing, there were a lot of warm fuzzies. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all in the next few days! In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the clips and their accompanying summaries. 🙂

You can watch the raw episode here

Clip #1: With two yogurutu bottles in her hands, Da Ae waits for Dr. Kang. When he arrives with his hands behind his back, she jokes that he shouldn’t have brought yogurutus of his own since she is only supposed to have one bottle per day. LOL. Recalling her previous anticipation of his proposal, the camera spans out to show that this time, Dr. Kang has brought flowers and ring with the intent to propose…not to break up with her. Aw…On bended knees, Dr. Kang asks her if she’ll live with him for 30 days. At Da Ae’s questioning look, Dr. Kang concedes that a month is too short and amends it to one year…no, 10 years…he asks if she will live with him for the next 100 years. Da Ae smiles, her dreams of marrying Hyun Bin finally a reality.

Clip #2: Dr. Kang waits for Song Jung outside the house and asks her for Da Ae’s hand in marriage. He acknowledges that a month is too short of a time period to show her all of his true self, but if she will allow him, he plans to spend the rest of his life showing her just how wonderful a husband he will be to Da Ae. He hopes that she will view him as a son, not as a son-in-law. Protecting his health so that he can live long for Da Ae, he’ll spend the next 100 years being a wonderful husband, brother, and father to Da Ae. Song Jung tells him that news has spread already of his and Da Ae’s co-habitation, so Da Ae won’t be able to marry anyone else. She gives Dr. Kang her permission to marry Da Ae.

Clip #3: Da Ae returns home from her proposal dinner with Dr. Kang and proposes to Eun Chan, asking him if he will accept her as his new mother. In return, Eun Chan haltingly asks if–just if he can’t read or write–she will still stay by his side and not go anywhere. With tears in her eyes, Da Ae smiles brightly and promises him that she’s not going to go anywhere. At her assurance, the teary-eyed Eun Chan breathes a deep sigh of relief and slips the ring, the same ring that his father had previously placed on Da Ae’s hand earlier that evening, on the finger of his new stepmother-to-be. *sniffles*

Clip #4: Jae Woo sings a song, and Da Jung cheers on her turtle love. At the conclusion of the song, Jae Woo asks for a drink of water, and Da Jung rushes off to get him the water while Jae Woo asks Song Jung if he really sings as well as Da Jung says he does. LOL. The things that love will do to people. LOL Song Jung, likewise, just chuckles and tells him to come see her again once he acquires his mother’s permission. Jae Woo is thrilled at Song Jung’s quasi-permission.


I’ll be frank with you all. I haven’t had a chance to watch either Episode 25 or Episode 26, hence the lack of musings in the previous episode’s post. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up sometime this week in time for Saturday’s Ep. 27. Until then, I hope you enjoy what little tidbits I can provide you. 🙂 From what I’m hearing, there are a great number of warm fuzzies for me to watch! 😉

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8 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 26”

  1. You will not regret taking time out to watch these episodes. There was so much love going around. We’re introduced to the girl who has crushed on IW since her adolescence (a bit annoying, but it is another facet of love), hyung/donsaeng love between IW and JH (too cute for words), stepparent/stepson love, parents getting a little snooky love, and the best love of all – halabeoji and halmeoni who are still in love after so many years. DJ and JW prove their love is strong (jealousy was a them dealt with this weekend) and halmeoni hugging DJ because she’s going through hard times with SA and halabeoji spying on JW/DJ and witnessing how great they are together will fill your heart. Sahmchon finally gets recognition from SJ that she sees him as a man. He was so happy! Happy Monday!

  2. You have to watch 25 and 26 as a balm to soothe the spirit. This is family. I can even understand Shin Ae (although I wish she’d tone down the screechiness a bit).
    But really – family and love that keeps it going through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, til death do us part.

    The cockles of my heart are so warm and fuzzy I feel the need to go out and hug someone.

    The one that got me today is Eun Chan. (sniff sniff)

  3. I agree that Episode 26 is so sweet that it leaves us with so many warm fuzzy moments.

    Especially love the scene between DA and Eun Chan. DA is so sweet and considerate to ask Eun Chan to put the ring on for her as an acceptance of her as his new mom — poor Eun Chan, he probably has had it tough till now — parents’ separation, bullying in school, etc.,

    And the scene between Dr Kang and HSJ. Not only is Dr. Kang seeking HSJ’s approval to marry DA, he is also asking to take care of the entire family, and to be the older brother/father to DJ & DI.

    Of course, the scene where Grandpa held Grandma’s hand as they left the hospital. True love — in sickness or in health, they will hold each other’s hand till the very end.

    Last but not least, our dear little turtles –as JW comforted/assured the jealous and hurt DJ, as they practiced walking down the aisle humming the wedding march, as JW sang “Don’t Worry” for DJ, lots of warm, warm fuzzies.

    Hope my JaeWoo-itis will not act up too badly this week.
    LSW may not be the best singer, but I really like how he sang “Don’t Worry” — simple & sincere. Now the tune is stuck in my head….
    Sigh… it is only Monday. Five long days to wait before the next GD day.

  4. I can understand SA to a point. The catty behavior of NOT introducing DJ at all to Seo Lee was a bit much! She basically called her the hired help! Hey, not introducing her as JW’s girlfriend was one thing; but to not acknowledge her existence was something different. Very unforgivable but we know DJ will forgive everything. But IW doesn’t seem the bit interested in SL! She has a road to climb, it seems. I wonder why?

  5. I felt my heart breaking at the end of this episode. There is going to be so much bitter sweet feelings on this road that the writers chose.

  6. I had the glimpse of uncle standing in front of the rooftop house…betting when the family moves in, it will be like the place in Rooftop Prince. If so, then Dr. Kang, So Hye, and Eun Chan all have a place to stay with the greater family they have become. Otherwise the wedding is going to be a bittersweet day.

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