Glorious Day: Episode 25

GD 25

Dear Twinkles,

It’s happened again…Real Life has become a demanding mistress, and I have no choice but to listen to her. 🙁 However, since I know that a number of you are dying to watch the raw episode and rely on my site to do so, I thought that I should at least give you the link (here) even if I can’t blog about it. 🙂 Enjoy! In the meantime, below are some clips from SBS with some brief summaries. 

Clip #1: Shin Ae completely loses it and kicks Jae Woo out of the house.

Clip #2: At Shin Ae’s continued histrionics, Min Shik finally loses it himself and attempts to talk some sense into her. Unfortunately, Shin Ae concludes that it’s either her or Jae Woo who will be moving out of the house.

Clip #3: Grandmother is grieved over Shin Ae kicking out her beloved puppy. Thankfully, In Woo connects her to Jae Woo, and Jae Woo wonders why it’s so difficult to meet a woman like his grandmother. Soon Ok apologizes for raising her daughter like that and gives Jae Woo some advice. Her suggestion? Run away with Da Jung. LOL. Of course, both are joking, and Jae Woo tells her that he won’t be able to see them then.

Clip #4: Shin Ae can’t stand the sight of Jae Woo and Da Jung camping out in the yard and turns the hose on the two, focusing, of course, on Da Jung. Meanwhile, Goong Young tries to stop her. *sigh* Oh dear…At least Jae Woo sticks by his turtle love and tries to shield her as much as he can from the cold water. Aw…

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3 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 25”

  1. Dear ST, Thank you for the links. Do take care of yourself !!

    Watched the episode 25 (raw) but did not quite understand it as the segments had many long conversations…. will have to wait patiently for the subs.

    My heart ached as I watched Grandma going to the hospital on her own for check-ups. She must have felt lonely and scared. From the way the doctor examined her, he is checking her for Parkinson’s. SA should be reprimanded for neglecting her mom. Even the grandsons, they should have taken the initiative to take her to the hospital…. OK maybe young men in love are not the most attentive to older folks, but SA, there is no excuse. It is her own mom !

    I must admit that I found the hosing scene a little too long and not the most natural. While JW’s instincts are to protect DJ by shielding her, but after a while if he knows that his mom is not going to stop, he should just grab the hose from her instead of following DJ around…JW is so much bigger and stronger than SA. If he grabs the hose from her, there is nothing she can do…..

    Is this scene made longer than necessary as part of fan service? I understand most of LSW’s shows have scenes of him showering/swimming — is this part of it?

    But I still applaud LSW and PSY for enduring the cold water for hours in order to bring us this scene.

    Let’s hope that episode 26 will see our turtles finding a way to overcome SA;s opposition. Watching SA yelling away had not been the most

  2. Maybe I have to grow to love Vanessa. I’m just not feeling her yet. Sin Ae, should be ashamed of herself for her uncaring attitude towards her parents especially her mother! Shame on her!

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