Glorious Day: Episode 24 Video Preview and English Translation

GD 24

Isn’t this simply a “glorious” picture to behold?! 😉 Song Jung’s prospective Son-in-law #1 cooking up a storm with and feeding prospective Son-in-law #2…Aw…Warm fuzzies don’t come any better than this. 😉

If you thought Episode 23 was a doozy, you’re in for a treat…because Episode 24 looks even better as Da Jung and Jae Woo parry Shin Ae’s attacks with counterattacks of their own. Hee~!

Let the battle begin! And may the best turtles win! 😉 

Dialogue Translation:

Shin Ae: Fine. If that’s your wish, go ahead.

She walks into the kitchen as Da Jung cooks the breakfast soup, and Jae Woo watches while drinking a glass of water. Aw…Is this a preview of how cozy he and Da Jung are going to be as a married couple? 😉

Shin Ae: Hey hey hey. Is this bean sprout soup or water?

Da Jung merely smiles in response.

Shin Ae: The toilet bowl, the tub, and the mirror…make sure you clean them all spotlessly.

Da Jung: (gesturing for the laundry) You can give me the laundry.

Shin Ae: (to Da Jung) You’re really putting in a lot of effort towards something that won’t happen.

In Woo: Where’s hyung, though?

The scene shifts to Da Jung’s house as Jae Woo pares an apple.

Jae Woo: (takes Song Jung a plate of apples) Mother-in-law, please try this.

In Woo: He’s already become a part of their family.

We see scenes of Jae Woo cleaning and even cooking with Dr. Kang. Pffffft.

In Woo: At this rate, you might just completely lose a son.

 Song Jung: Despite this, are you happy? Are you happy?

Da Jung: (in full smiles) I’m happy.

As Da Jung gives In Woo his food, he asks a question that brings everyone to attention.

In Woo: You guys are going to have a shotgun wedding, right? (Loose translation is “You’re pregnant, right?”)

Da Jung: (caught off-guard) Huh?

Min Shik chokes on his food.

Shin Ae: (stops eating) What?!

Jae Woo looks sharply at his brother as Da Jung does the same, both of them in complete disbelief over his question.


Heh. Leave it to In Woo to stir Shin Ae’s bee hive. LOL. Episode 24 is going to be a blast from the looks of this preview. I hope you all enjoyed the dialogue translation. 🙂 I’ll try to bring you Ep. 24 and the rest of the missing recaps/nutshells if and when time allows. Until then…Here’s to a “glorious” Glorious Day, everyone! 😉

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  1. Hi grace

    Thank you for the recap just today there aren’t any subs available yet so can’t enjoy that much yet but thank you you done a good job

  2. ST, Many thanks for bringing us this despite your hectic schedule:)

    I was wondering what IW said that made everyone choke? Trust IW to come out with wild ideas… although I don’t think JW will take up this one…

  3. Thanks for this!! I am going on a trip and may not have a chance to watch but hopefully I will have time to at least catch up on your recaps. Thanks Grace and I hope you are having a great summer. Blessings to you! 🙂

  4. O_O Now I have to wait for subs, which is gonna make me crazy. Maybe I should reorganize my desk while I wait. *hee* Thanks so much!

  5. I love Uncle Nam. He is such a strong supporter for HSJ and JW.
    I love how he scares SA with JW’s comment — Love is not stoppable.

    And I love how JW teases him about his feelings for HSJ. They have such a good relationship!

  6. Ep 24 da bomb!
    I think I’m gonna have to learn to rap – there’s soooo much to ahhhh!! and kyaahhhh!!! and wooot wooot!! and words just come out in a rush as to how awesome it is to have Jaewoo-itis!!!!!

  7. Watched the subbed version so can now understand the conversations better — JW really has IW and NGY to thank. With both IW and NGY suggesting to her that she might lose her son, her instinctive reaction was to stop JW from leaving the family home. Hence the opportunity for JW to twist her words around to say that she would give them her permission if he did not leave the house !! This is so funny….SA, you are no match to JW, IW and NGY.

    JW’s teasing of NGY that they both like the same woman was also very funny — because DJ will be like her mom when she grows older — so essentially NGY and JW like the same woman! LOL!

    I just love to see how the different characters interact with one another. There is so much warmth and care – like the scene where all the youngster gather to play the board game. No wonder it is a “Feel Good” drama.

  8. i look forward for your comments every week as the eng subs are a few days late in my country.keep up the good write up and may there more good famiky dramas like this in the future.

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