Glorious Day: Episode 22 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

If you just missed my post to the Episode 21 written preview, then you’ll be surprised to learn that Wednesday evenings have just become my “glorious” Wednesdays! 😉

Heh…after a looooong day today in Real Life, the written previews to both Episode 21 and Episode 22 are a much-needed balm for this little twinkie’s weary soul. 😉

I just about squeed when I read Ep. 21’s preview. Imagine my reaction when I read Ep. 22’s! Curious? 😉 

Source: SBS (here).

“철수와 순옥은 술취한 인성에 대해 의문심을 갖고, 송정은 철수와 순옥을 찾아가 인성에 대한 이야기를 고백한다. 한편, 재우는 떡집 출근을 하려는 다정을 태우고 막무가내로 여행을 가는데…”

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Chul Soo (Grandfather) and Soon Ok (Grandmother) begin to have doubts/suspicions about the drunken In Sung (aka X-Toad), and Song Jung goes to Chul Soo and Soon Ok to tell them the truth about him. Meanwhile, as Da Jung gets ready to leave for work at the rice cake shop, Jae Woo takes Da Jung for a trip/vacation in his car, regardless of her protests…”


Yeeeeeessssssss! Our turtle is, indeed, a very determined turtle! 😉 Jae Woo, you do me proud~! *happy dance to SJS’s “Boy Go” song* (you can see the post on that here since it’s become my go-to song for exercise workouts and grading since yesterday LOL).

Anyone now REALLY excited for this weekend? 😉

Can I hear some screams?

Can I hear some stomping of feet?

Can I hear…?

OK, I’ll stop being silly. LOL. But you’ve got to admit, the next two episodes are going to be glorious! Yes, the pun is most definitely intended because I’m just “punny” like that. 😉

Anyhow, I hope this brightens your Wednesday!

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26 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 22 Written Preview and English Translation”

    1. 🙂 I’m not at all worried since there are PLENTY of other characters that the writer can spend time developing once Jae Woo and Da Jung are happily married. I liked how Family’s Honor structured its storyline. Hoping the same happens here. 🙂

      1. I’m doing the happy dance. I love this Jaewoo character. What I really like about this drama is the characters are written to be relateable. And they act normal for dramas… No makjang.

        Thanks for the trans.

  1. Doing a little jig here!!!!

    And here I was feeling a little in the doldrums after the “oppa” request – 3 cheers for the writer – for not going down the mopey road!!!

    1. LOL. We should choreograph a Glorious Day dance… 😉
      Didn’t I predict that our Turtle was going to fight? Hee~!

  2. Thank for the previews:) I like knowing what will happen. For me this isn’t spoiler or joke-killing, because I always imagine how will these scenes after written previews:):):)
    No I’m curious about overact-oppa and the trip scene:D:D:D:D So we can expect more cute moments from our pair (I’m glad that not completely breaking up, but I think maybe DJ disagrees, fortunately JW will not accept)…
    I’m happy if Han writer tell truth about ex to grandparents. I think they are authoritatives in the family’s and JW-DJ’relationship’s accepting.

    1. What a nice little walk down memory lane! Thanks, Keya!
      For some reason, this song makes Jae Woo THAT much more awesome! LOL

  3. Thanks so much for the preview translation. I am with you doing the dance it is almost the weekend. I am loving this drama it is really done well. Characters are feel real and normal like you best budds.

    Thank you again for your time to help us non Korean speakers out
    Blessings my friend.

  4. AHHHHHH!!! I’m so glad they love this drama so that I get to watch it subbed on the day (our time) it comes out! YES!!

  5. I am so excited and I like it!! Thanks so much for this, you really make my day, can’t wait for Sat to come sooner.

    Now let’s get back to me singing ” i’am so excited, and I think I like it”

  6. You’re punny hehe.came in late to the drama , sleep here.I like always recap gems that no one else is ie AThousand kisses.And you go to church .hihi saranghnyeeeooooo(picture cute uncle saying this for proper effect)

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