Glorious Day: Episode 22 Video Preview and English Translation

GD 22.1

I’m liking the assertiveness that Jae Woo is showing in his relationship with Da Jung. Although he would love to force her hand and announce their relationship to everyone at large, he’s respecting her wishes and instead finding ways to get her to rethink their relationship…without breaking his promise to her about trying to be her big brother. He’s waiting for her to change the parameters of their relationship, a chivalrous position that does nothing but endear him to us all the more. 😉

Below is the usual translation of Sunday’s preview…enjoy! 

Dialogue Translation:

Shin Ae: (screams as she catches Jae Woo embracing Da Jung) Seo Jae Woo! Drop her hand!

Min Shik: (furious with Shin Ae and her histrionics) Just leave them alone! If it’s not an accident (Shin Ae opening the door pushed Jae Woo into Da Jung’s arms), then he likes her! How can we keep them apart?!

Shin Ae: (pleads her case to Song Jung) I’m begging for your help. To you, does Jae Woo make sense? (referring to Jae Woo wanting to date Da Jung). The kids’ dead father is now alive, and…!

Da In: (coming down the stairs and overhearing the conversation) What did you just say? My father is alive?! What is this woman saying?

In Sung: (seeing his youngest daughter) Da In!

Jae Woo: (at a camp site with Da Jung after he “kidnaps” her for a vacation) Can’t you like me? I’ll treat you well…I will.

GD 22.2

The preview ends with Da Jung cradling Jae Woo’s face before placing a kiss on his lips.


LOL. Yes, this series is definitely raising the romance up a notch as Da Jung initiates the first “real” kiss the two share. 🙂

I hope you are just as excited as I am about how this series is progressing! 😉 Until next time…!

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14 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 22 Video Preview and English Translation”

    1. Hi, heesoup! No worries…the writer has PLENTY of material for the next 28 episodes. 😉 *imagines all the possibilities*

  1. I thought they were in the kitchen when Shin Ae caught them. The preview looks like they’re in DJ’s room?

    Like a proposal..will you married me? I’ll make you happy…oh sweet JW…how can DJ not kiss him? There’s more from the kissing stills, so are we in for a long hers and his kisses?

  2. I like how JW looked from afar when DJ was sobbing in DA’s arms. Could see his heart aching for his turtle love, he must have wished that he could be the one to embrace and comfort her. How sweet!

    I am also glad that MS realized that his words have caused DJ and JW much hurt when he asked DJ to treat JW as her Oppa. JW is showing DJ and everyone how far he would go as an Oppa. Good strategy! Cute !

    Looking forward to the episode tonight.

  3. I don’t understand. Everyone is saying how they love the series. But why are the ratings so low in Korea…..

    Go GD go ! Fighting !!!

    1. Low rating? Hmm…”Different strokes for different folks?” There are some series that do really well in Korea and flop overseas and vice versa. Here’s hoping that this series builds more of an audience. 🙂

  4. I immediately went here to look for more pictures of them kissing. I like how their noses are touching! Looks like Da Jung initiated it! I still have to catch up!

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