Glorious Day: Episode 21 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

Wednesday evenings have just become my “glorious” Wednesdays! 😉


It’s the day when SBS uploads its written previews of the weekend’s upcoming episodes, and I can now spare some time on Wednesdays to blog about them!!! *blows noisemaker* I’m too excited about the previews to write my usual introduction. Let’s just get started! 

Source: SBS (here).

“신애와 순옥은 현빈과 다애의 다정한 행동을 보고 둘의 사이를 의심하고, 아이가 있는 현빈은 안된다며 송정을 말리지만 송정은 잘 지켜봐달라한다. 한편, 다정으로부터 오빠가 되어달라는 말은 들은 재우는 일부러 식구들이 이상하게 바라 볼 정도로 다정에게 ‘오빠같은’ 행동을 하는데… ”

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Shin Ae and Soon Ok (Grandmother), noticing Hyun Bin and Da Ae’s warm actions toward each other, begin to suspect their relationship and tell Song Jung that Hyun Bin, who has a child, is not acceptable for Da Ae. Despite their well-intended advice, Song Jung asks them to just keep watch and see. Meanwhile, from the moment that Jae Woo hears Da Jung ask him to be her oppa, he deliberately overacts the role of said “oppa” in front of family members so that they all look at him oddly…”


Ha! That’s our turtle! You go, Jae Woo~! *happy dance*

I’ll leave you with this because the preview to Episode 22 is even better, and I only have a set amount of time to blog tonight before Real Life demands that I stop frolicking in Kdramaland and return to my “responsible” duties. 😉

BUT! I will say this: We have one smart–and dashing!–turtle on our hands as he puts his own interpretation on Da Jung’s “oppa” request. LOL. He’s most definitely living up to my predictions and expectations! Yes~! *pumps fist and then skips away to blog about Ep. 22*

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  1. thanks for the translations Grace! Just keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to live stream on Saturday and Sunday. XD

    Fighting uri turtle!!!

  2. I can’t believe it!!! Yippee!! Best July 4th celebration ever! Lol… thanks for the preview, you made my day. I love the turtle couple or at least Jae Woo is sprinting. Lol.

    1. LSW has puppy eyes? Hmm…you’re right. I see it now. 😉 Cute puppy! *in quiet voice* Even though the man is 34. LOL

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