Glorious Day: Episode 20

GD 20.20

Oy~! I did it again…as I’m sure some of you suspected that I may. 😛 I’ve recapped another episode after telling myself and you that I was switching over to the nutshell form.

Dratted good episode! LOL. I blame it all on In Woo! 🙂 The Love Doctor is definitely in the house! I’ll explain in the “Musings” section. 😉 In addition, with this episode, In Woo becomes the possessor of everyone’s secrets. In retrospect, it makes sense since he and Goong Young are probably the most savvy in the necessary fields of love and finance, more so than Jae Woo or Min Shik anyhow.

Now, due to my Sunday duties, I ended up watching the episode a lot later than I expected, and during that time, I got increasingly nervous reading all of your comments about the angst and sadness of Episode 20. Surprisingly, I didn’t find the episode too sad. In fact, I found it heartwarming as the author balanced the angst of Da Jung and Jae Woo’s imminent troubles with Song Jung’s welcoming Dr. Kang and Eun Chan back into her home–and as a potential husband for Da Ae now!–and Goong Young taking care of Song Jung’s problems with Shady X-Toad. I’ll muse more about why I found this episode so enjoyable in the “Musings” section as well. For now, let’s just say that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, so let’s get started on the recap! I have much to say about this episode. No surprise, given my return to the recap form, huh? 😉

You can see the raw video of the episode here


The episode resumes with both Jae Woo and Da Jung witnessing Shady X-Toad’s rude “arrest” by Goong Young’s secretary. As Goong Young leaves with X-Toad, Jae Woo runs up to Min Shik and asks what’s going on. Min Shik, not wanting Jae Woo to involve himself any further, tells him that everything’s all right and to not concern himself. After all, what will he be able to do?

To Min Shik’s dismay, Jae Woo replies that if there’s something he can do, then he’ll do it.

*hums dramatic “Dum dum dum”*

With Jae Woo’s answer, Min Shik now fully knows how vested Jae Woo is in Da Jung’s life.

GD 20.4

None too happy, Min Shik continues to walk away from Jae Woo while Jae Woo stares silently at his father’s retreating back…and Da Jung watches the entire scene from her tree, hidden from the view of both men.

GD 20.5

Meanwhile, In Woo visits Dr. Kang to find out why he’s moved, and Hyun Bin tells In Woo the whole story about him and Da Ae since In Woo will find out about them soon enough in due time. In this way, In Woo learns Secret #1–Dr. Kang and Da Ae were dating and this was the reason for Hyun Bin’s boarding situation.

Of course, In Woo is surprised…but not by the fact that Dr. Kang would even think to date a much younger and never-before-married Da Ae, but that he would give up so easily.

When Dr. Kang asks In Woo how things are going with Da Jung, In Woo tells him that Da Jung likes his older brother and that he’s given up on her. At Dr. Kang’s pitying comments, In Woo replies that he couldn’t have wished to lose the girl that he likes to a better man. His older brother is the best man that he knows  in the whole world. Aw…

GD 20.6

He then tells Hyun Bin that the two are secretly dating and that he’s been helping them in their romance by acting as their guardian angel, emphasizing his role with fingered wings and all. Ha~! Too cute, In Woo!

GD 20.7

Too bad In Woo isn’t aware of Da In’s love problems, or he might be able to help her with her current problem. She can’t seems to get over the fact that she’s been dating a minor and tries to escape from the situation by dancing in her room. When her mother asks why she’s turned on the music so loudly and dancing like a crazy person, Da In confides in her about Ji Ho’s age and how she was deceived.

GD 20.8

Song Jung comments that Da In’s friend’s underaged status isn’t anything to get so upset about prompts Da In to show her the ring that Ji Ho gave her as a promise of his affections. She wails that she wouldn’t be this upset either if Ji Ho were only a friend.

At this news, Song Jung pithily comments that her daughters are a piece of work. One’s dating an older man with a child, and another is dating a child! LOL. I love the word play here. 🙂

Meanwhile, the daughter dating the older man with child goes to visit the grandmother to help her improve her blood circulation, cautioning her that blood circulation is nothing to be ignored, especially as one ages.

GD 20.9

In Woo returns home from his visit with Dr. Kang just as Da Ae demonstrates an exercise and blatantly mentions that he’s just returned from seeing his mentor. When Da Ae asks how Dr. Kang is doing, In Woo dramatically clutches his heart and feigns a heartache. He then straightens up and tells Da Ae that Dr. Kang is not well, mentioning to Grandmother when she asks if Dr. Kang isn’t on a journey that life itself is a journey, especially if one doesn’t know one’s precise destination.

GD 20.10

When Da Ae asks the now serious In Woo for confirmation that Dr. Kang is truly all right, In Woo looks at her and repeats what he said earlier: Dr. Kang is not all right. Da Ae, of course, is concerned.

GD 20.11

As the evening gets later and the designated meeting of 7pm comes and goes, Jae Woo starts to get worried and impatient for Da Jung’s return from her “delivery.”

GD 20.12

Checking his watch again–whuh? Snipping pics of JW is what morphed this supposed nutshell into a recap…as if you haven’t guess by now 😉 –Jae Woo is about to call Da Jung when he receives a text message from her.

GD 20.13

Text Message: “Sorry. I met/ran into someone. I’ll see you at home. Jung Da Jung.”

GD 20.14

At this sudden text and uncharacteristic behavior from Da Jung, Jae Woo’s frown deepens, but he decides to return home and wait for her there as asked. Da Jung, hidden behind some cars parked in front of the store, watch as Jae Woo returns home. Hmm…she’s doing a lot of back watching in this episode.

GD 20.15

As she slowly walks back home after returning the store’s bicycle, she meets Jae Woo, who’s been pacing in front of their houses, impatiently waiting for her to return. He asks her if everything is all right; he was worried that she might have gotten into an accident since she wasn’t picking up her phone.

Da Jung, remembering Jae Woo’s actions and anger at the police station, tells him that she’s fine and that she just met someone she knew on the streets. She apologizes to him for not making their date and then wishes him a good night with the excuse that she has to wake up early for her first day at the rice cake shop.

GD 20.16

Reassured that nothing is wrong, Jae Woo reaches down to take her hand…as is his habit now, the fast turtle that he is. Da Jung, however, quickly shifts the bag of lingerie gifts for her family to her other hand and neatly avoids Jae Woo’s outstretched hand.

GD 20.17

At this obvious evasion of his touch, Jae Woo looks sharply at Da Jung, about to ask what’s wrong, but Da Jung just excuses herself and wishes him a good night.

GD 20.18

Enter In Woo, our resident Love Doctor, who teases the couple about this “cold wind” that he feels. Da Jung ignores the teasing and wishes the two a good night before walking quickly into her house, leaving Jae Woo with more questions than answers and a small mountain of worries now.

GD 20.19

In Woo, sensing that something really is up, asks if something is wrong. He tells Jae Woo that if he needs any help in the romance department, he can come ask his little brother. Dr. Seo’s office door is always open for him. Aw…

GD 20.20

Jae Woo smiles at his brother’s concern and thanks him, and the two walk into the house.

GD 20.21

As for the despicable X-Toad, Goong Young uses his business savvy to maneuver the odious man  into taking the defense, telling him that unless he wants to negotiate a settlement, they can head out to the police station to settle the matter by law.

GD 20.22

Back at the Jung household, Da Jung gives her family the lingerie gifts and explains that she’ll be transferring to another–and closer–school in a few weeks. When they ask if she was fired, Da Jung reassures them that she was the one who asked for the transfer, explaining that she’s requested a school closer to their house. She tells them that during her transition time, she’s planning on learning how to make rice cakes from the grandfather. Her family asks if everything is truly all right, and Da Jung reassures them. After all, she alleviates their concerns by asking when she will ever get the opportunity to learn how to make rice cakes.

GD 20.23

Upon hearing news of Da Jung’s transfer, though, Da Ae seeks Da Jung out in private and asks if her sudden request had anything to do with Eun Chan. Aw…she’s such a good older sister and concerned future mom. Da Jung assures her that it was all because of her. After three years of unemployment, she just had difficulty adjusting to her new work.

GD 20.24

Da Ae then congratulates Da Jung on her new relationship with Jae Woo, telling her that their mother will be so pleased. Da Jung apologizes for not telling Da Ae sooner but that she had held off telling her older sister because of her troubles with Dr. Kang. Da Ae reminds her of the words her sister had comforted her with–“the one who is prepared does the waiting”–and tells her that she’s in the waiting process.

GD 20.25

Da Ae’s smiles quickly change to all seriousness, though, when Da Jung asks about their father. When Da Jung tells her that she thought she saw someone who looked like him in the streets today, and Da Ae sternly warns her not to say a word to Da In. Even if Da Jung doesn’t remember, she does and has absolutely no desire to remember him. As far as they’re concerned, their father died 20 years ago.  Poor Da Ae…she remembers everything her father did to their family…even at such a young age.

GD 20.26

Meanwhile, Jae Woo is tormented and debates whether to text Da Jung.

GD 20.27

He has his usual “I’m sleepy” text ready to send but can’t get himself to push the send button.

GD 20.28

Instead, he decides to take In Woo up on his offer for love advice. Seeing In Woo studying diligently in his room, though, Jae Woo asks why In Woo is suddenly studying. LOL. In Woo comments that this is his way of quieting his thoughts so that he doesn’t think of other things. Aw…In Woo’s such a good little brother.

GD 20.29

Then looking at his brother, In Woo asks if he’s come with a concern for the Love Doctor.

GD 20.30

At In Woo’s teasing, Jae Woo returns a serious “In Woo, I need your help.”

GD 20.31

In Woo, of course, immediately cracks up and comments that Jae Woo’s intent gaze is how he lost Da Jung to his hyung. He then tells his brother to step outside with him for their consultation.

Once outside, Jae Woo sincerely thanks In Woo for stepping aside regarding Da Jung, and In Woo replies that his brother would have done the same for him. Besides, his revenge against women who don’t like him is to shower them with kindness.

GD 20.32

Watching In Woo on the swing, Jae Woo asks In Woo how they might have turned out had their father not been in their lives. He explains to In Woo that Da Jung’s father has unexpectedly appeared…that he isn’t dead as they thought and that Da Jung may have somehow found out about it. In Woo is now aware of Secret #2–the BIG one that Shady X-Toad is Da Jung’s supposed dead father.

GD 20.33

All seriousness now, In Woo asks Jae Woo what he’s going to do about this, and Jae Woo comments that he doesn’t know but that Da Jung seems to want to just pretend that things are all right. In Woo advises him to follow her lead then and just ignore the situation until she’s ready.

GD 20.34

When Jae Woo tells him of how things have suddenly changed between him and Da Jung, In Woo surmises that Da Jung must have seen something and now knows the truth about her father. In Woo concedes that it’s a good thing Jae Woo is the one dating Da Jung because he doesn’t think that he would have been quite so patient and considerate about Da Jung’s position. He probably would have blurted out the secrets to Da Jung. Aw…In Woo is so supportive of his weary brother, encouraging him in his relationship.

GD 20.35

Like his sons, Min Shik is equally troubled and talks to the sleeping Shin Ae. He admits that he’s caught between two difficult situations. He doesn’t want his son to have a hard time…yet he also pities Da Jung. He just doesn’t know what to do.

GD 20.36

Unable to go to sleep, Jae Woo spends the bulk of the evening sitting in the mid-garden, phone in hand…fully aware that Da Jung did not send him a good night text.

GD 20.37

He stares at her door in growing concern. Hmm…who wants to bet that he spent all night in the mid-garden? Our poor little turtle…

GD 20.38

Completely unaware of Jae Woo’s sleepless night, in the wee hours of the morning, Da Jung creeps downstairs to start her first day at the rice cake shop and is surprised to find her mother with a warm mug of a breakfast drink for her. She jokes that she’s going to get drunk on her mother’s kindness and promises to do her best at the rice cake shop.

GD 20.39

Assuming that Da Jung had just been polite about wanting to help them out at the store, the two men are surprised to see Da Jung waiting for them outside the house. Of course, the grandparents welcome her help while Min Shik, knowing her relationship with his son, is uneasy by her further involvement.

GD 20.40

As Da Jung goes about her task of preparing the shop for business, cleaning the windows and such, she keeps recalling flashbacks–scenes of what looked like her father being shoved into Goong Young’s car and of her time with Jae Woo as they helped out at the shop.

GD 20.41

As she wonders why life keeps throwing her secrets that she needs to keep from Jae Woo, the man in question jogs up to the window.

GD 20.42

Having decided to pretend that he knows nothing–at least until Da Jung lets him know that she wants to talk about it–Jae Woo flashes her a good morning smile and waves at her from the other side of the shop window.

GD 20.43

Stunned up his unexpected appearance at so early in the morning, Da Jung rushes outside. Jae Woo continues his “ignorance” and explains that he dropped by while on his morning jog. When Da Jung apologizes for last night, Jae Woo feigns puzzlement and then “remembers” that she didn’t send him a good night text message. He lightly warns her to not do that again.

GD 20.44

Da Jung promises to not repeat the previous night’s missed text and tells him that she has to go back inside. Jae Woo cheerfully wishes her good luck on her first day and jogs away, his mission to see Da Jung, check up on her, and pretend that everything’s all right completed.

GD 20.45

Back inside the rice cake shop, Da Jung begins to receive her first baking instructions from Grandfather, who praises her for her expert skills in the kitchen, especially on her first day when Min Shik used to make so many mistakes as a beginner. Embarrassed by the praise, Da Jung explains that precise measuring is what she does every day as a nutritionist.

GD 20.46

As Grandfather continues to praise Da Jung for her knack at following his instructions, Min Shik looks on in concern. Oh yeah, I’d be concerned, too, if I were Min Shik. Da Jung just fits too naturally here as the next generation of rice cake baker.

GD 20.47

During his lunch break, Min Shik goes to see Goong Young about the “other” situation–what to do with X-Toad. 😛 Goong Young tells him to not concern himself with that situation any longer. After learning of how Song Jung quit her job as his biographer in order to protect him from the blackmailer’s schemes, Goong Young tells Min Shik that helping her out now with her ex-husband is the least that he can do. Aw…So funny how the uncle and Jae Woo are so similar in how they want to help the women who will soon become their mates. 😉 They’re more like buddies than uncle and nephew. LOL

GD 20.48

Meanwhile, Song Jung invites Dr. Kang over to the house to discuss the situation with Da Ae, and he comes bearing a huge basket of fruit. Commenting that it feels as though he’s visiting their house for the first time with that gift basket, Song Jung, nevertheless, gracious thanks him for the gift and tells him that the family will enjoy eating the fruits.

She invites him into the kitchen for tea, and that’s when she learns of Eun Chan’s learning disability and how that was Hyun Bin’s reason for leaving. Acknowledging that his situation with Eun Chan’s condition–not officially diagnosed yet–isn’t as serious as those of a parent with a terminal-ill child or a runaway child, Dr. Kang still feels the responsibility of a father and wants to do right by his son.

GD 20.49

As a way to test Dr. Kang’s character, Song Jung asks about Eun Chan’s mother’s whereabouts and suggests that Hyun Bin send Eun Chan overseas to the States to live with his mother. At this suggestion, remembering how much harm Eun Chan’s mother did to his son, Dr. Kang immediately rejects the option, reiterating that Eun Chan is his son. Even if he loses his second chance at happiness, he won’t risk hurting his son for the sake of his happiness. Hmmm…I get the feeling that the ex-wife’s abuse of Eun Chan was one of the primary reasons for Dr. Kang’s divorce.

Realizing that Dr. Kang is a man of integrity who would be willing to forego his own happiness for the sake of his child, Song Jung asks him to move back into their house with Eun Chan and fulfill their original 30-day agreement. If the man that her eldest daughter loves is this type of man, then she’s willing to reassess Dr. Kang with new eyes as a potential spouse for her daughter.

Woohoo~! Mama Han, you are awesome!

GD 20.50

Meanwhile, Jae Woo’s situation with Da Jung worsens. Jae Woo uses his lunch time to call Da Jung for a lunch date with the excuse of showing her the final picture selections for the upcoming Nature advertising campaign. He smiles just at the sound of her voice. However, Da Jung tells him that she’s unable to vacate the store right that moment.

GD 20.51

Gesturing with his hands to gather his patience as well as to improvise a new strategy, Jae Woo then tells her that he’ll pick her up after work. Da Jung replies that she’s not sure when she’ll be done with work, so she’ll meet him at home and is about to quickly hang up when Jae Woo calls out her name before she can do so.

GD 20.52

Exasperated, he asks if he can’t even see her face, to which Da Jung replies that his father and grandfather are around. Knowing how Da Jung wants to keep their relationship as secret as possible, Jae Woo reluctantly agrees to meet her at home then.

GD 20.53

But once he hangs up the phone, he is troubled by Da Jung’s increasing distance and unwillingness to spend time with him.

GD 20.54

Back at the hotel suite, Goong Young has bullied X-Toad into signing over 10,000,000 won ($10,000) to him as a settlement for the assault. Noting the discrepancy between the money Min Shik gave the man and the money that he mentioned in the settlement, our sharp CEO inquires what happened to the other half. At the pathetic man’s quibblings of how he has repented and is hoping for a 50% discount, Goong Young takes pity on the wretch and allows him the discount. Hmmm…so generous of Goong Young. I would have insisted the toad return the ENTIRE amount.

GD 20.55

When Song Jung arrives–Goong Young had asked his secretary to bring her–Goong Young pretends that he thinks Song Jung and X-Toad are trying to scam him together, all the while pretending that they are a divorced couple. Of course, Song Jung knows that Goong Young doesn’t truly think this and remains silent, especially since Goong Young gives her a specific verbal warning to not say a word under the guise of ranting at the “scheming couple.” Totally hoodwinked by Goong Young’s theatrics, though, X-Toad denies any collaborative scheming with Song Jung and insists that they are truly divorced.

GD 20.56

Sensing his advantage and X-Toad’s gullibility now, Goong Young begins to scream at the two, warning them that if he ever ever sees them together again, he’ll really take legal action then and make sure that they both end up in jail.

Heh…what an effective way to keep X-Toad away from Song Jung! I heartily approve, Goong Young! *nods in approval*

GD 20.57

As Song Jung walks out of his hotel, Goong Young watches from above, quietly pleased that he could lift a burden from her shoulders just even a little bit.

GD 20.58

Back at the rice cake shop, Grandmother brings lunch and Da Jung shares the story of how she was motivated to become a nutritionist. As a child, she had wanted to eat meat and sausages, but her mother, who couldn’t afford such expenses, had told her that rather those things, Da Jung should eat foods like bean sprouts which will make her tall. In hindsight, of course, Da Jung realizes that her mother couldn’t afford to buy her such things and was merely finding a way to get her to appreciate what she did have. She, nevertheless, became interested in the healthier foods because of her mother and decided that she wanted to make a career of providing people with healthy foods as her mother did for her when she was a child.

GD 20.59

As the group chuckles and enjoys their lunch, In Woo drops by and asks to have some lunch with them. When Da Jung offers him her seat, calling him Seo In Woo shi, Grandmother corrects her and tells her that Da Jung should now call In Woo “oppa,” which Da Jung reluctantly does since she’s never had the opportunity to call anyone an oppa before. In Woo tries to make it easier for Da Jung by joking around and telling her that he’ll help her take baby steps and prompts her with a “Who am I?”

Heh…this moniker is going to be useless once Da Jung becomes his sister-in-law. LOL.

GD 20.60

After lunch, In Woo tries to gather some information for his brother and follows Da Jung around the store, commenting that her face looks as though it is filled with worries. When Da Jung refuses to confide in him, In Woo blithely replies that he’ll just ask his brother then; after all, her boyfriend should know what’s bothering her. At Da Jung’s silence, though, In Woo asks if she’s having problems with Jae Woo. Da Jung answers no; there’s nothing like that between her and Jae Woo. In Woo then muses that since there are no other men around her, it surely isn’t his grandfather who’s causing her trouble? When Da Jung says no, In Woo then correctly guesses that it must be his father then and attempts to call out for his father before Da Jung detains him.

GD 20.61

As luck would have it, Shin Ae walks into the store at just the moment when Da Jung grabs In Woo’s hand. Not wanting to draw unnecessary attention to Da Jung, especially since Shin Ae sharply eyes Da Jung, In Woo pretends that Da Jung was trying to stop him from taking some dduk for free. Telling her in a loud and “miffed” voice that he’s the son of this store’s owner, he purposely grabs two boxes of dduk and leaves, prompting Shin Ae to wonder why her second son wants rice cakes all of the sudden; he never eats rice cakes. Heh…gotta love our quick-thinking In Woo! 🙂

GD 20.62

Min Shik soon returns, and overhearing Shin Ae’s comments to Min Shik about the crazy man from yesterday, Da Jung asks Jae Soon for details. Completely unaware of Da Jung’s motives, Jae Soon tells her everything…and I mean everything, including how the three men were escorted to the police station in a police car.

GD 20.63

Back at the Jung household, Da In receives a visit from Hee Joo who brings her a peace offering of ice cream. She feigns that she’s barely forgiven him and comments that Hee Joo is an enigma to her. It’s obvious that he is pleased she’s no longer seeing Ji Ho, but she doesn’t get the jealous vibe from him. Hee Joo tells her that he thinks of her as a younger sister, and when he notices a new ring on her finger (apparently, Da In still likes Ji Ho because she hasn’t taken off his ring.), his “little sister” quickly hides her hand from her “older brother.” Aw…I am looking forward to the day when Hee Joo can openly act as her brother.

GD 20.64

Outside the house, In Woo runs into Ji Ho and invites “Da In’s ring owner” inside for a consultation with the Love Doctor. LOL

GD 20.65

As for Jae Woo, he decides to drive by the shop on his way home. Standing outside the window, he takes a moment to observe Da Jung manning the front desk of his family’s business. Aw…anyone else seeing this scene repeating itself on a regular basis in the near future? 😉

GD 20.66

Da Jung looks at her phone, torn between her desire to call Jae Woo and her desire to keep him protected. Jae Woo takes the initiative and calls her, but Da Jung decides to ignore his phone call. At this, Jae Woo, who is already inside the store, asks her pointblank why she would ignore his phone call. Startled, Da Jung can only say his name, and Jae Woo lightly tells her that it’s a good thing she still remembers his name (reference back to Ep. 6 when she had reverted back to calling him Seo In Woo’s brother after learning his name). He was afraid that she was beginning to forget him again.

GD 20.67

Pretending to ignore her distant attitude, Jae Woo cheerfully asks if she had a good first day at work and whether his grandfather and father have been treating her well.

Da Jung nods yes and then proceeds to tell him that every one of his family members has treated her so well…that she feels sorry towards them. Jae Woo, understanding her feelings, tells her that he feels the same way with In Woo right now as he helps them in their relationship.

GD 20.68

Unfortunately, their conversation is cut short as Da Jung, seeing Min Shik return, abruptly excuses herself to go help the grandfather. Jae Woo tries to smooth Da Jung’s sudden exit with his dad by commenting that Da Jung’s a bit odd, leaving as soon as she sees the father. Min Shik bluntly states that Da Jung probably left because she got caught meeting Jae Woo.

GD 20.69

Jae Woo has nothing to say to that. LOL. Caught red-handed, he tells his father that he’ll meet him at home.

GD 20.70

Meanwhile, Love Doctor In Woo holds his next consultation and learns Secret #3: Ji Ho is a minor. As Ji Ho blames his mother for giving birth to him a year too late (LOL), In Woo tells Ji Ho that he’s in the worst situation. According to In Woo, the girls next door are reenacting the roles of Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. According to In Woo, Juliet #1 (Da Ae) has to deal with her family’s objections while Juliet #2 (Da Jung) has to deal with the guy’s family’s objections. As for Juliet #3 (Da In), In Woo concludes that Ji Ho has the worst situation…since the entire government/nation is against him. LOL. So true when In Woo puts it like that. 😉

Ji Ho wisely points out that there’s no problem in 6 months. Besides, he’s not planning on marrying Da In right now. There’s no crime in dating her as a minor.

GD 20.71

In Woo reassesses the situation and tells Ji Ho that he’s actually in the best situation then. His solution? Wait 6 months until he’s an adult in the eyes of the the law. Heh…Let’s just say that Ji Ho, hot-blooded teenager that he is, isn’t too thrilled with that solution. He immediately asks In Woo for a better and more immediate solution to wooing Da In.

GD 20.72

As for Da Ae’s love story, Dr. Kang tells Eun Chan in his usual “jokey” way that the two of them have been invited back to live with the ladies. Dr. Kang asks how Eun Chan feels about this, and from Eun Chan’s expression, it’s clear that he’s not adverse to the idea. Quite the contrary by the look on the kid’s face. ;).

According to him, as long as his father doesn’t act foolish, he’s all right with the move. After all, he tells his father that his desk and his bed are there. Aw…he’s missed his future stepmom and his future stepgrandmother and stepaunts. 🙂 Dr. Kang reminds Eun Chan that they’ve been invited this time, so Eun Chan doesn’t need to lead a double life. Both father and son agree to give it a good go this time around.

GD 20.73

Meanwhile, Jae Woo visits the Jungs, and everyone assumes that he’s there to see Da Jung. He corrects them and asks to see Song Jung since there’s something he wants to discuss with her. As he waits for Song Jung, Da In tells Jae Woo that she’s going to pretend to be mad at him for a while for keeping Ji Ho’s age a secret. LOL. I love all of these family dynamics! *warm fuzzies*

GD 20.74

Back at the store, Da Jung gathers up her courage to ask Min Shik about that man from the police station. She asks if his name was Jung In Sung. At Min Shik’s hesitation, she guesses the truth and comments that everyone at the police station must know the truth…including Jae Woo. She mutters to herself that her mother must be worried because of her and that Min Shik must be worried because of Jae Woo…because she’s dating Jae Woo. Aching for Da Jung, Min Shik asks her if she can’t have a brother-sister relationship with Jae Woo instead.

GD 20.75

Completely unaware of Da Jung’s discovery, Jae Woo tells Song Jung of his suspicion that Da Jung may have seen her father and asks if Song Jung can tell Da Jung the truth. It’s during this conversation that Min Shik calls to see if Da Jung has returned home yet. He fills her in on Da Jung’s discovery, much to Song Jung’s shock.

GD 20.76

Of course, Jae Woo overhears that Da Jung has discovered the truth about her father.

GD 20.77

Rushing outside to wait for her by the bus stop, he smiles in anticipation of seeing her and comforting her…but his smile fades as bus after bus comes and goes without a single trace of Da Jung.

GD 20.78

Meeting Song Jung outside, Min Shik relates to her what he knows–Da Jung went to the police station to find out her father’s current address. Song Jung is beside herself with worry for Da Jung and the shock that her beloved daughter will receive.

GD 20.79

And shock she receives, indeed, as her first true encounter with her biological father is anything but warm.

GD 20.80

The two exchange words/insults, and Da Jung rudely asks for money to wipe away the scar that her father gave her so many years ago. *sigh* The symbolism of how she wants to wipe out her father’s memory from her life is duly noted, writer. 🙁

GD 20.81

In the course of the conversation, she demands to know from whom her father’s going to demand for money next. Min Shik? Then after Min Shik, who’s he going bother/blackmail? Aw…she’s afraid that Jae Woo’s going to become a target for her father. Hmm…she’s right. If X-Toad ever finds out about Jae Woo…*shudders*

She demands that her father never show himself to her or her family again, and her father tells her to leave with a warning for her mother to not try something like this again–sending Da Jung–or he won’t be responsible for what he does next.

GD 20.82

Rocked by what her father’s sudden appearance portends, Da Jung walks slowly out of her father’s neighborhood…and eventually sinks to the ground, sobbing in a tight ball of misery. 🙁

GD 20.83

When she gets off the bus, it’s to see Jae Woo’s warm arms opened wide in welcome for her.

GD 20.84

Resolved to not ever allow her father to cause Jae Woo the type of pain that he’s inflicting on her, Da Jung wordlessly walks past Jae Woo. From a few feet’s distance, she turns back to face Jae Woo, who slowly approaches her, his face a perfect study in gravity.

GD 20.85

Once Jae Woo is close enough, she asks, “We…are going to be seeing each other for a very long time you said, right?”

Jae Woo nods solemnly, waiting in dreaded anticipation of her next words, and Da Jung continues that she hopes to be able to do the same.

Relieved at her words, Jae Woo smiles briefly and tries to approach Da Jung to take her hand, but Da Jung’s next words stop him dead in his tracks. Her face completely devoid of the life that usually animates it whenever she’s with Jae Woo, she asks, “Seo Jae Woo shi…become…my big brother.” (You can see the translated dialogue scene here.)

GD 20.86

It takes our turtle a long second before his brain fully processes the import behind her words, but when he finally makes sense of her request, his eyes flash in anger. The screen freezes on Jae Woo’s face as he stares into Da Jung’s eyes in disbelief and muted anger that she would ask such a thing.


I think it’s safe to say that the Jae Woo from Episode 15, who was willing to patiently wait for Da Jung to give him an answer, is a thing of the past. Now that he’s confirmed for himself Da Jung’s feelings for him and now considers her his future wife, I don’t think he’s going to quietly comply with her request…not if the look in his eyes is an indication of his emotions.

We got to see a glimpse of Jae Woo’s temper at the police station and how fierce it can be when roused. It’s a toss up as to whether he’s going to raise his voice at her in the next episode–after all, if he already considers her his future wife, he’s not going to just let her break up with him. On the other hand, sensing her fragile state, Jae Woo may very well resolve to wait…and wait…until Da Jung is ready again. After all, he did tell her that the one who is prepared should wait for the unprepared one.

Whatever happens in Episode 21, one thing’s for sure: He’s not going to back down from this relationship…not after he’s gotten Da Jung’s confession of her feelings for him. As I said before, Jae Woo’s character is that of a one-woman man. Like his grandfather and his father before him, when he commits to a woman, he commits.

As for the other Seo brother, he totally shined in this episode as In Woo totally flitted from story to story, dispensing sage advice left and right. *happy sigh* Thank goodness for In Woo! 😉 I’m really looking forward to seeing the writer turn the focus on In Woo’s story once this current upheaval with Jae Woo and Da Jung is settled. Heh. In Woo’s certainly been “belly-aching” about it long enough to his grandmother and anyone else who will listen. He wants a “genuine” woman of his own. 😉

Ideally, I would love for Jae Woo and Da Jung’s story to “end” happily with marriage by about midway through the series–I’ll even concede two-thirds of the series–and then have the writer devote the bulk of the attention to fashioning our Kdrama happily ever afters for the other characters…like In Woo~! 🙂

Whuh? *blinks innocent eyes* It’s happened before…and in some of the longer series that I adore! Take Family’s Honor (hereand 1% of Something (here). I can totally see the writer going down this route with this series. Think about it: Da Jung and Jae Woo’s story is proceeding at a rapid pace. We could very well have a marriage by the halfway mark. Just sayin’… *hopeful*

Man seh (Korean for “cheers” or “hurray”) for solidly paced stories! *nods vigorously*

OK, there’s obviously more that I could expound upon, but I think some of you are dying to read this recap, so I’ll end it here. I hope you enjoyed reading some of my thoughts as well as the recap! Until next time then…!

Oh! One last thing: For those of you wondering at the choice of the cover picture for this post, I thought that the brothers’ relationship should get some special love. 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 20”

  1. I so enjoy reading your recaps. Thank you. I did love this episode and hope things proceed as you describe. I really the characters in this drama and the way this writer has them behave.

    1. From your lips to the writer’s fingers. 😉
      Glad that you enjoyed the recap! Here’s looking forward to Saturday. LOL

  2. Having put all my other dramas on hold until I finish First Wives Club, I have no choice but to read the recaps!
    Thanks, Grace:)
    Not that sad and as per what you said, reading the comments in Soompi scared me too but we knew this was coming since we have another 30 episodes to go

    I am currently three episodes behind for Glorious Days and hopefully I will catch up by this weekend!
    All I can say is things are running along smoothly, all secrets are out ( well, almost) and I am still rooting for CEO uncle and writer Han:!

    1. Right? I was dreading the episode but ended up really liking it. 🙂
      I can’t wait for you to finish FWC and catch up on GD so that we can gush and gush and gush… 😉
      BTW, I’m really starting to like Goong Young and Song Jung. They are individually such awesome characters. I can’t wait to see how much greater they become once they join forces!

  3. Thank you ST, for the full recap !! You are amazing!
    I love how IW is supporting his big brother and his role as resident relationship consultant for everybody including Ji Ho.

    Thank you also for the many still shots of JW in his different expressions. I have not watched that many LSW dramas, but have read someone commenting that his expressions are almost the same for every drama — could be because of the types of roles he has had so far?

    But like you mentioned, I really like the range of emotions he is displaying in GD, from bashfulness to playfulness, from jealousy to anger, makes his character so much more alive and real.

    Sigh.. it’s only Tue, 4 more days before we know what will happen next…

    1. Aw…you are very welcome, Sky! I’m glad that you appreciate the “hard” work that I did of snipping pictures of LSW. 😉

  4. Can I just say In Woo is absolutely the best now! He has matured so much, transforming from a selfish younger son to a selfless wise oppa 😀 I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet, so your “mini” recaps are heaven sent.
    I loved Family Honor and 1% of everything, especially because I saw the lives of the other characters. Also remember the honeymoon scene Family Honor, I want our turtles to have that also. Pregnancy wouldn’t hurt either, make it happen writer nim!

    1. Hi, Keya! I’m so glad that my recaps helped. 🙂
      Woohoo~! You’re a fellow FH and 1% of Everything fan!

      Too bad you and I aren’t helping to write the story, huh? 😉

      1. I started kdramas in 2008, sophomore year of undergrad and 1% of everything was one of my first kdramas on mysoju… Oh the good old days! FH is still one of my favorite dramas and although it was 54 episodes I watched it 5-6 times over the years.
        I sort of miss the old dramas, especially because recent ones are filled with so much makjang. I’m so glad SBS has that new no makjang policy 🙂

        Back to GD, it hurts to know that there are parents who are so hurtful and negligent of their own children, but there are so many of those who are victimized in reality. It amazes me how Author Han has managed to stay strong, but then again she is a mother. Mothers are often so selfless and strong, especially for their children.

  5. Love the recap… thanks so much for doing them…

    I have to agree about the Turtle.. I can not see him ideally sitting by and taking this when he knows she cares for him to. He has to know that her father and perhaps his is behind this sudden decision to be “siblings”. I am interested in seeing how he handles this as well.

    Also I would love as well if they got them married half way through too..It would be perfect. But I expect they will send Da Ae down the aisle first and then Da Jung…

  6. Yes, In Woo definitely shined in this ep! I had so many quotes from him! My favorite was when he said if there ever was a better man, it was my brother. I literally teared up! They better have a story for him even though I don’t see anyone in the cast so far. JW/DJ? I understood where she was coming from. With a father like that who would want to burden their spouse. But like you said, JW is not going to take this lying down and will definitely fight for his woman!!

  7. Thank you, ST!

    I enjoyed this episode too; although the angst was clearly imminent, there were many heartwarming scenes too. In Woo’s character is brought out really nicely here and I love how the characters’ concern for each other is shown in ways big and small. I love the storylines of the ‘older generation’ too, and can’t wait to see the relationship between NGY and HSJ develop!

    I appreciate that the writer is keeping the pace steady. (In comparison, although I am still enjoying Wonderful Days, the OTP have broken up and made up so many times that it seems the writer had no other idea what to do with the time!)

    I do wonder how the writer will resolve the Mr Toad issue. She can’t kill him off, can she? He has to go somewhere, though, otherwise HSJ can’t have a happy ending and Da Jung/ Jae Woo will have an uphill climb. Hmm.

    1. *heavy sigh* Shady X-Toad…

      Words really defy me when I think of that character. Knowing the usual trajectory of Kdramas, though, I’m sure the writer will figure out a way to “redeem” the father and all will end happily ever. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll mind the “happy” ending for the X-Toad once he’s been redeemed. After all, everyone deserves a chance to make amends, right? 😉

  8. I too am trying to figure out how Toad is gonna be dealt with. I cannot wait for Hee Joo to be revealed. I think that he will have a role to play in resolving the Toad issue.
    I think that Da Ae walks down the aisle first- but I hope its after Da Jung and Jae Woo issue is resolved. Or is could be a double wedding!!

    1. P/s
      Thanks Snoopy for the recap. There were too many good things happening in spite of the drama created by toad – and all of them not insignificant events.

      1. The recap was my pleasure, Madkdr. 🙂 I’m glad that you enjoyed reading it. And of course, thank you for always leaving such kind comments for me. 🙂

        Hmm…a double wedding might be a bit cheesy, but then again…I wouldn’t put it past the writer. 😉 Double wedding, huh? I like the idea. LOL

  9. Hi! I found your blog while looking for GD recaps and have been lurking for some time. Just wanted to say thanks for your awesome (and speedy) recaps! Loving the brotherly love that exists between IW and JW; it’s so refreshing to see two guys NOT fight over the girl but instead have one helping the other! Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Janet!
      I’m so glad that you’ve joined us! 🙂 Welcome to our Musings community!
      And yes, I totally agree with you about the guys. 😀

  10. This episode was definitely In Woo’s moment to shine. Who would have thought he would become a matchmaker? OMG! I’m dying when I think of how being a catalyst in all the loveliness is suiting him to a tee (of course he is wiser for having lost Da Jung).

    His bromance with Ji Ho rocked and with Dr. Kang, awesome, but with his brother it is off the charts! I love our poopy puppy and have even grown fond of his nasal laugh, which of course he “inherited from grandma” and his “Howdy Doody -like gestures”. I hope he gets a loveline once he’s resolved all the love issues, including uncle and Song Jung’s. If not, he should change fields from dentistry to couples’ therapist.

    I know it’s difficult but please continue your recaps as they are so much fun and insightful.

    1. Aw…Thanks, Mara! I’ll try, but my “Real Life” duties are kicking into full gear once again, so I’ll probably have to modify the posts that I write for GD. 🙁
      However, rest assured that I’ll try to keep writing about GD-related things, though. 😉

      1. Understandable! I’m with you 150% because there are so many interesting dramas right now (we hit the drama lotto/jackpot) and not enough hours in the day with all our real-life responsibilities. Praise the lord! there is something for everyone, but Glorious Day is definitely my guilty pleasure for live watching. Today’s episode was too much and this weekend I fell in love with uri poopy puppy (In Woo) all over again. LSW stole the show in Feast of Gods and he is definitely leaving his mark in GD.

  11. Each time I see Toad man on my screen, I literally seethe with anger. His face alone triggers my emotions, that dumb look seemingly feigning innocence when all the while he’s just ashjkasfdlka I can’t believe how wonderfully written and portrayed his character is (and I’m rather surprised that Toad man’s actor was the dad in Goong/Princess Hours, I knew he was familiar!)

    Got so much love for In Woo, he is really amazing, I love his Juliet comments! Especially the one about Ji Ho being in the worst (and suddenly the best) situation. He’s really funny! I was a bit worried at the beginning that he would be kinda stiff or whatnot because he lost to his older brother, but noooo he’s so graceful about this. I hope the same, that he’ll get into a good relationship too.

    And yay, Mama Han! I’ve been wanting for Dr. Kang and Da Ae to really just take off, I mean, they’re a world on their own, and I’m glad it’s all working out for them. I bet the next problem to be resolved will be Da In’s, and then the last battle would be Da Jung’s. How exciting! I haven’t been hooked in a drama for so much, since.. I think, Oh My Lady.

    I really love how you’re striving to recap all episodes! You’re amazing, kudos to you! I’m late for two episodes, and reading these while watching it is really helpful, so thank you!

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