Glorious Day: Episode 20 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

Despite whatever ugliness that odious amphibian can throw our way, it’s nice to know that the various relationships will remain intact and actually become stronger. Knowing the writer’s penchant for minimal “drama,” at least we can rest assured that the episode on Sunday won’t be too stressful, right? 😉  

Source: SBS (here).

“현빈으로부터 다애와 헤어지고 집을 나가게 된 이유를 듣게 된 송정은 현빈에게 다시 집으로 들어오라하고, 약속 기한 한달을 채우라 한다. 한편, 재우는 다정이 인성의 존재를 눈치 챈 것 같아 다정이 상처 받을까 불안해 하고, 인성이 아빠인가 의심하던 다정은 인성의 집에 찾아가는데… ”

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Learning the reason behind Hyun Bin (Dr. Kang) and Da Ae’s breakup as well as the reason for his premature move out of the house, Song Jung tells Hyun Bin to move back into the house, insisting that he fulfill the full one-month requirement as promised. Meanwhile, Jae Woo becomes anxious as he suspects that Da Jung has learned of In Sung’s Shady X-Toad’s identity (I refuse to call him by his actual name) while Da Jung goes to Shady X-Toad’s house, wondering if this man is her father…”


All I can say is this: “Here’s hoping that the toad disappears quickly.”

*gathers up all magical thinking to wish the odious man away*

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6 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 20 Written Preview and English Translation”

  1. Grace,

    On a happier note I love the way they are all dressed in the photo above, The men are all handsome and the women are all beautiful – some of those dresses I want! I love seeing that photo every time you post GD update.

    It’s sad because I have really loved the actor playing the toad in other dramas. So I find it double irritating that I dislike him here SOOOOOO much when I like the actor that is playing him. I guess that is a testament to how well he acts for I believe he is meant to be loathsome and he is!


    1. Me, too! 🙂 I adored Kang Nam Gil in Capital Scandal and Goong to name just a few. *sigh* So sad that he portrays such a despicable character here and that I find him as distasteful as I did this one character Uriah Heep from David Copperfield. 🙁

      On a brighter note, thanks for the feedback on the cover picture! I decided that since pictures of the upcoming episodes aren’t available when I write the written preview posts, the series picture would suffice. Definitely a beautiful picture! I love how they all seem so excited/happy! 🙂

  2. I am getting ready for bed and the mantra running through my head is “tomorrow is GD, tomorrow is GD.” I need serioous help.

    Tomorrow I get together for Korean BBQ with like mimded friends that I met last year at a DB meet-up and I can’t wait to talk (face-to-face) with someone about GD. Wish you could be here for that Grace.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for giving us the little nuggets that sustain us untill GD gets subbed.


    1. LOL. Amy, you are too cute!
      Have a lovely weekend yourself! Are you getting any sparks of inspiration from Glorious Day for your next felt creation? 😉

  3. I became interested in this drama because of Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Hyung (am I correct?). I love the tandem of them two. They are so sweet! Also, I could relate to the hardships and/or struggles of Da Jeong’s mother because I too has suffered the same. Well, in fairness to my late husband he is not a scammer. It’s just that I faced the hardships financially just because of my narrow-minded husband. But still, just like her, I managed to send my children to college. I love this drama and I wonder why it has a low rating in Korea. Anyways, thank you for the recaps. I always look forward for your recaps weekly and I can’t help but to sleep late because I wanted to be one of the first to watch this drama every week (even without sub). Actually, I always watch each episode twice.

    1. Definitely loving Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young. 🙂 You almost got her name right; it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the Korean characters/words when you just watch the show.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Marilyn. It’s encouraging to hear how you managed to stay strong, especially for your children. Kudos, my dear Twinkle! May you always shine and twinkle!

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