Glorious Day: Episode 2

GD 2.42

Episode 2, here we come! Just as I expected, episode 2 packs in some funny as well as more family time, not to mention more entanglement of our two principals. If there was something I found lacking in this episode, though, then it would have to be the small amount of screen time my Jae Woo and Da Jung–yes, you read correctly; I called them my LOL–shared with each other. But then again, it’s only episode 2, and I anticipate that we’ll soon see more than enough of them together. 😉

Let’s get into today’s episode! 


The episode picks up with Da Jung leaving the hotel in the taxi while Jae Woo rejoins his uncle. It doesn’t take long before Da Jung realizes from the taxi driver’s comments what everyone erroneously assumed back at the hotel entrance.

GD 2.1

When Publisher Lee calls her to cajole her back to discuss their “unfinished” business further, Da Jung yells at him and tells him exactly what people assumed.

GD 2.2

Desiring to clear herself of any slurs, Da Jung emphatically tells the taxi driver that this is the type of woman she really is. At the taxi driver’s lack of interest, she demands the return of the taxi money from that young man from the hotel. I love how she stresses the youn in chung youn (Korean for young man) so that it sounds like a curse. Heh. She tells the driver again that this is the type of woman she really is–honest, prudent, etc. She tells him that she has no intentions of telling a complete stranger–even though he’s a taxi driver (Ha!)–where she lives. She asks to be dropped off at the next drop. Yes, she is this type of woman. LOL

GD 2.3

Meanwhile, Uncle Nam is having a field day with Jae Woo, teasing him about his “manly” ways of saving a damsel in distress.

GD 2.4

At his continued teasing, Jae Woo finally has enough and shoves a pillow in his uncle’s face, especially after the uncle has a conversation with In Woo about the blind date, the girl whom the uncle had dated.

GD 2.5

In Woo, on the other hand, returns to his apartment and is surprised to have his mother enter his apartment with bags of food. She had been so pleased by his date and request for a second date that she had decided to stock his fridge as a thank-you gift. However, now that she finds him home so early, she’s surprised and not just a little bit suspicious. She asks if the date didn’t go well. In Woo, smooth talker that he is, tells his mother that it’s the trend now to not have dinner together on the first date. Suspicious as she is, though, she decides to trust him, and In Woo reminds her to fill his fridge and his bank account.

GD 2.6

Unfortunately for Song Jung, Publisher Lee decides to reveal everything.

He agrees to meet her in front of his house just as Song Jung prepares a celebratory dinner for her three girls. He assumes that Da Jung has told her mother everything, which is why Song Jung has asked to meet with him. What he doesn’t realize until after meeting Song Jung is that she doesn’t know anything and that she only called because she’s about to be evicted due to missed rent payments and merely wants the back pay due to her for her novel and such.

With no money to pay her, Publisher Lee takes her to his “new” living place and reveals everything–that he bought the majority of her novels and catapulted her onto the bestseller’s list. He stresses that he made her a bestseller…and now, he has no money for anything. If she wants her money, she can take these books and sell them herself. Ugh…the cad!

GD 2.7

While her mother’s world crumbles before her eyes, Da Ae (the eldest daughter) waits for her boyfriend and receives a marriage proposal…with the usual rose bouquet and ring…

GD 2.8

…or so we think. LOL. The camera pans out, and we see her fanning herself in sheer delight at the mere thought of receiving such a proposal. Heh

GD 2.9

Once composed, she again practices how she’ll accept his proposal. LOL

GD 2.10

Sadly, the reality is anything but romantic as Dr. Kang (he’s a physician) meets her in his usual black track suit. And when he notices her eyeing his jacket pocket, he happily pulls out two bottles of Korean yogurut. LOL. The poor woman! The look of dismay and her attempts to cover up that dismay…Aw….

GD 2.11

At the Seo household, In Woo arrives to “sleep” since the grandparents think that the nights when he’s not home, it’s because he’s sleeping at the hospital. They have no idea that he has his own apartment, nor would they approve of it and quickly threaten to cut his purse strings if they knew.

He’s surprised and dismayed to come upon his parents and grandparents looking at a picture of Da Jung from his mother’s cell phone. Yup, his mother took a sneak picture of his date. At the elders’ utter delight at Da Jung’s picture, he’s a bit puzzled but muses that the girl must look pretty to their eyes.

GD 2.12

When Jae Woo arrives home with a drunken Uncle Nam, he, too, is shown the picture with comments  from the elders that he missed out on a good thing when he refused to go on that blind date. Needless to say, Jae Woo is stunned to see Da Jung on his mother’s phone.

GD 2.13

When the elders retire for the night, he and his brother discuss the situation, and In Woo charmingly talks his way out of explaining the situation. He reassures his brother that he won’t mess this up with the real blind date since Uncle Nam will take care of the situation for him. As long as his older brother keeps mum, he should be in the clear to quietly resolve this situation. He won’t jeopardize their father’s and grandfather’s reputation with a longstanding customer like the blind date’s father. Jae Woo advises him to make sure he doesn’t embarrass their family.

At Jae Woo’s comment about the girl in the picture, though, In Woo wonders if his brother is attracted to Da Jung…and silently counts to five while waiting for his big brother’s response. Ha! Jae Woo answers “no” but after In Woo finishes counting 5. LOL. As I said before, I’m really going to like these two! 😉 In Woo’s impishness serves as a perfect foil for Jae Woo’s staid persona. 😉

GD 2.14

As the grandparents retire for the night, they discuss how they’re pleased with In Woo’s “future” wife. When the grandfather wishes that Jae Woo would marry first, though, the grandmother reassures him that Jae Woo will marry when he’s ready; he just wants to find his own bride.

GD 2.15

As one conversation about marriage comes to a close for the evening, Da Ae’s conversation and hope of marriage with Dr. Kang is fraught with interruptions as Da Jung frantically tries to locate her mother and calls Da Ae, who keeps hanging up on her because she wants to listen to this “important” talk that Dr. Kang has for her. And what is this important talk? He tells her that given his circumstances–he’s divorced with a child–he thinks that he should break up with her.

GD 2.16

Da Ae promptly bursts into tears and shuts her ears to block out his words. Uh…yeah, not the type of evening Da Ae had in mind. 🙁

GD 2.17

Meanwhile, Da Jung finally locates her mother as she comes out of a real estate office and the mother is about to go in. Makes sense that they would meet there since they have to vacate their current place within two weeks, no matter what the circumstances. Unwilling to burden the other with what they know, both mother and daughter try to pretend that nothing is wrong in front of the other.

GD 2.18

As mother and daughter climb their way up to their place, Dr. Kang walks Da Ae home and tells her that he must have been crazy to try to break up with her. It’s just that he felt bad about always being late for their dates because of his responsibilities to his son and his practice and…Da Ae tells him that instead of thinking of her and his son as two separate situations, she wishes that he would simply think of them as one situation. What attracted her to him in the first place was his kindness as a father, and she’s never thought of them only. In her mind, she has always included Dr. Kang’s son with them.

Touched, Dr. Kang leans in to embrace her…but pulls back, unable to do so given his heavy heart. She’s young and never been married while he’s much older, divorced, and with a child. As a parent himself, he knows how he would react if his child were in a similar situation.

GD 2.19

As he walks away without a proper goodnight, Da Ae rushes after him and gives him a backhug. With her cheek pressed against his back, she asks him if he won’t just marry her. *jaw drops* Whoa~! Gutsy girl! 🙂

GD 2.20

Unfortunately, her mother sees this and rushes over to tear Da Ae away from that morning’s “pervert,” the one that they assumed had followed Da In (the youngest) home.

It doesn’t help matters when Da Ae tells her mother that she’s in love with this man…after the mother learns from Da Jung that the man is the father to one of the children at her school.

GD 2.21

Dragging her daughter home and flinging her into her bedroom, the mother demands to know how her daughter can think about dating a married man. Da Ae quickly corrects the mistake by telling her mother he’s just divorced and with a son.

GD 2.22

At this, the mother asks how Da Ae can even think about raising another woman’s son…when there are times as a mother–like now–when she doesn’t even want to raise her own daughters. She asks if Da Ae even knows how hard raising a child is.

Needless to say, Da Jung and Da In listen to this exchange from the hall.

GD 2.23

As the Jung family’s peace fractures, Jae Woo’s night isn’t all that quiet either as he attempts to sleep with a drunken and sleep-talking uncle. Poor Jae Woo…and Uncle Nam continues to provide us with comic relief. Heh.

GD 2.24

He grabs his pillow and blanket with intentions to sleep downstairs but finds his father reading a book instead. With a slight smile, he heads back upstairs while his father wonders if the author of this novel is truly the Han Song Jung that he remembers.

GD 2.25

We flashback to the past as he bids his orphanage family goodbye and leaves for college. He comforts Song Jung, his birthday twin, that he’ll be back in time to celebrate their birthdays together, so she had better prepare a gift for him; he’ll be bringing her gift with him. Incidentally, young Song Jung cries the same way Da Ae does. 🙂

GD 2.26

And we then return to the present as the adult Song Jung silently and pensively looks in on her sleeping three daughters. As soon as the mother closes the door, Da Ae starts to cry, and her sisters try in their own way to bring comfort to their troubled sister.

GD 2.27

Outside, hearing her eldest daughter weeping, Song Jung looks at the celebratory table that she had prepared earlier that evening…champagne bottle and all. With a resolute expression, she quickly begins to clean up the table. Aw…

GD 2.28

The next morning, Da Jung is worried to find both mother and sister gone. The two Jungs wonder if their mother and sister have really gone out to duke it out in a fight…until they discover their mother’s note telling them that she’s gone out to her book signing and won’t be back for a while.

Clueless, Da In is thrilled while Da Jung worries even more.

GD 2.29

As for Da Ae, we find her watching Dr. Kang try to be the best father he can to his son. As the son rudely refuses his father’s offer of breakfast, Dr. Kang looks at his phone as if to call Da Ae, but Da Ae vainly waits with her phone in hand. Dr. Kang, once again, decides to deal with his loneliness and struggles on his own. 🙁

GD 2.30

Meanwhile, our resident rascal is charging up a storm with his mother’s blessings of a credit card. She had given him her card so that he can use it on his second “date” with the wealth family’s daughter. As the first charge goes through, she calls him, asking what he’s doing using her card for a clothing purchase. He smoothly waylays her with a lie about buying his date some nice clothes since her clothes from the other day wasn’t up to his standards. He then adds that he may be taking her out for drinks later, so the mother should expect to see a rather large charge from a bar later that night, too. 😛 The scamp!

GD 2.31

Although the mother’s not thrilled, she tolerates his flippant behavior and extravagant expenses at the idea of a future alliance with the wealthy family. When the interior designer/renovator arrives to ask her how much they want to redo the house–Grandfather is planning on giving the house to In Woo and his bride since they will “marry” before Jae Woo–the mother decides to spare no expense since she’ll be preparing the house for a wealthy family’s daughter. Uh-oh…

GD 2.32

Song Jung, on the other hand, arrives at the book signing to learn that the “collaboration” event is actually Publisher Lee’s hoobae’s parent’s 70th birthday celebration and that she’s to sit in the hallway to sign books to the guests and meet with a journalist.

GD 2.33

The hoobae, of course, agreed to no such thing and demands that his sunbae remove the books and table immediately. Jae Woo, on an errand for his family’s Korean cake business overhears the publisher and the hoobae discussing the situation and is more than a little surprised to overhear the publisher claiming close relations with his uncle, the hotel’s CEO.

GD 2.34

Said CEO is equally surprised to find a book signing event at his hotel and demands that his secretary follow up on this. Even more surprising for him, though, is to discover a strange man right by his shoulder, looking at the poster of the author. Hmm…this Director Jung sounds suspiciously like the “dead” father of the three girls. 😛 Well, if nothing else, he should provide some comic relief…Hmm…I wonder if the writer is going to pit one “deceased” husband against this hotel CEO in a fight for Song Jung’s affections. Whuh? You can’t see the possibilities? 😉

GD 2.35

Poor Song Jung. She decides that she’s going to swallow her pride and really try to make a hit of her book…but guest after guest just walk by without even a single–forget a second–glance at her table.

GD 2.36

Meanwhile, Da Ae is having an equally hard time as she packs a bag and contemplates leaving her mother’s house. With tears welling up in her eyes, she squats on the ground and cries piteously into her fists.

GD 2.37

When someone finally calls her “Novelist Han Song Jung,” Song Jung jumps up in anticipation of finally being able to sign a book.

GD 2.38

Unfortunately, it’s our playboy hotel CEO who decides to play a little trick on her with a request for an autographed book–first in English and then in Korea, although Song Jung completely mistakes his request and does the reverse–before telling her to clear out of his hotel. She’s unauthorized to do a book signing here.

GD 2.39

Publisher Lee sees the ruckus and brewing trouble and quickly leaves the hotel. When he hears Da Jung, who arrives to help her mother, calling out to him, he makes a dash for it.

GD 2.40

With the publisher nowhere in sight, Song Jung is forced to deal with the situation herself and learns quickly–and rather abruptly–just how low her publisher friend has sunk to arrange this book signing.

GD 2.41

Da Jung arrives on the scene as her mother is forced to vacate the premise with her box of books…just as the books spill out of the box and onto a heap on the floor.

GD 2.42

She quickly rushes to her mother’s aid and helps her pack up the books, much to her mother’s surprise and dismay that her daughter knows her situation and has witnessed her humiliation. When Jae Woo tries to help, having recognized the daughter, the uncle pulls him back and advises him not to get involved, especially with people like that.

GD 2.43

And that’s when the uncle recalls Da Jung’s face and then proceeds to pour insult after insult on the mother…so much so that the mother, who had tried to listen to Da Jung and leave the hotel without another word to the hotel CEO, stomps back to confront the uncle and to give him a piece of her mind. As she shouts at him, she can’t quite get herself to curse him, so she calls him “that” and then delivers a swift kick to his shin…or at least, she tries to…

GD 2.44

…but nimble Uncle Nam jumps away from her approaching foot, and poor unsuspecting and innocent Jae Woo (Awww…Jae Woo!) receives the harsh kick and crumbles to the floor in pain. Momentarily stunned, the mother collects herself and challenges the hotel owner to call the cops on her. If he plans on arresting her for fraud and trespassing, he can certainly add assault to the list of charges! And with that parting comment, she storms away.

GD 2.45

And Da Jung–with tears glistening in her eyes for her mother–threatens to do equal harm to anyone who dares to taunt her mother any further about her book.

GD 2.46

And our hero, Jae Woo 🙂 , he simply looks at this outraged woman with mouth agape and still in pain…on the floor. Heh.

GD 2.47

When the uncle tries to go after the mother-daughter pair with full intent to throw them in jail, Jae Woo has enough wits and strength to grab his uncle’s leg and waylay him. Hee~! I am not ever going to get tired of watching Jae Woo try to come to Da Jung’s aid. LOL 😉

GD 2.48

Once outside the hotel, mother and daughter finally come clean with each other about how much they know…and then in true classic family drama form, Jae Woo’s father comes across them as he arrives at the hotel to deliver the remainder of his company’s Korean cakes to the 70th birthday celebration. Spotting Song Jung, he calls out, “Author Han Song Jung!” to which the mother, completely exhausted now after the day’s events, turns around in utter exasperation to see who’s called her.

GD 2.49

She’s pleasantly surprised to see her old orphanage “big brother” throw up his hands in welcome as he exclaims, “Han Song Jung! It is you!” Aw….


OK, so I’ll keep today’s musings short since I still have things to do. 😛 Let’s just say that despite the contrived plot coincidences and manipulations, I’m loving the family dynamics–of both families–and can’t wait to see how the writer will work in Song Jung’s “deceased” husband, who has conveniently reappeared on the scene now that she’s a “bestselling” author.

As for the various romances, let’s take a look at the budding ones, shall we?

1. Da Ae and Dr. Kang – This should be interesting to see develop since both of them are so kind, and there are so many factors working against them.

2. Da Jung and Jae Woo – Woohoo~! I cannot wait until the actual romance starts for these two! *impatient sigh* I want them to start dating NOW, but I know that good things come to those who wait patiently, so I shall endeavor to wait…Ever. So. Patiently. 😉

3. Song Jung and Uncle Nam – I know it’s really early in the series, but I’m calling it now. I think that they would be the perfect match for each other. Just you wait and see! 😉 I really don’t want the “deceased” husband to worm his way back into Song Jung’s life. 😛

Overall, I’m pleased with the second episode. I hope you had a lot of fun watching/reading it, too! 🙂 I’ll end this post here; otherwise, you know me…I could write about this for hours on end. And we know that Real Life beckons. 😛

Just a quick word about Saturday’s broadcast: Episode 3 looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E! If I have time later this week, I’ll try to translate the spoiler to episode 3…our principals finally seem to get some solid screen time together! Yes! *fist pump* Have a great week, Twinkles! Until Saturday then…!

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