Glorious Day: Episode 19

GD 19

With this episode, the proverbial cat’s now officially out of the bag!

Sadly, from here on out, I’ll probably forego the longer recaps in favor of the shorter nutshells. Sorry, but the good news is that you’ll be getting the posts a lot sooner, right? 😉

Let’s take a look at today’s major list of events!

You can see the raw video of the episode here

Recap / Nushell:

Da Jung follows Jae Woo to the police station where Jae Woo has already confronted Shady X-Toad, demanding to know if the man is definitely Jung Da Jung’s father. Of course, at Jae Woo’s vehemence, Min Shik immediately catches on to Jae Woo’s feelings for Da Jung. Jae Woo’s anger at discovering that Da Jung has followed him to the police station only solidifies Min Shik’s suspicions.

Wanting to shield Da Jung from the shock of learning that 1) her father is alive and 2) he is a despicable human being, Jae Woo drags Da Jung out of the police station, but not before yelling at her in his overwrought state. Hmm…let’s just say that Jae Woo’s feelings are pretty clear to everyone at the police station now.

As Da Jung asks Jae Woo why he’s mad and what he’s trying to keep from her, Min Shik comes out to reassure Da Jung that everything is all right and tells her to go home.

Once they arrive home, though, it’s to find Shin Ae and In Woo waiting for Min Shik, and Da Jung remains hidden in the car. Jae Woo, sensing the need to come clean about his relationship with Da Jung keeps telling Da Jung to sit back in her seat, but Da Jung insists on remain crouched at the foot of her seat. Thankfully, In Woo comes to Da Jung’s rescue and frantically motions for Jae Woo to get out of the car before distracting Shin Ae from opening the car door to go to the police station herself.

With mother safely back in the house, thanks to In Woo (I’m really liking In Woo now…What a great brother!), Jae Woo unexpectedly asks Da Jung to make him some food. Surprised, Da Jung, nevertheless, takes Jae Woo to her house and makes him a bland bowl of ramen, which Jae Woo later confesses is not at all tasty. LOL

While at the kitchen table, though, Jae Woo tells Da Jung of how he learned about Dr. Kang’s 1-month boarding situation, and Da Jung discloses what Jae Woo already knows–that she’s quit her job and in the process of applying for a transfer.

Meanwhile, Goong Young learns from Min Shik the reason why Song Jung quit her job as his biographer, and Song Jung gives Shady X-Toad her hard-earned money, convincing him to drop all charges against Min Shik. Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and Shady X-Toad then seeks out Min Shik and proceeds to blackmail him for more money. It’s a good thing that both Song Jung and Min Shik have a very savvy business man like Goong Young by their sides as Goong Young directs his resources at preventing Shady X-Toad from causing any more trouble.

As for Min Shik’s discovery of Jae Woo’s feelings, he goes to see Jae Woo just as In Woo cheers his brother up, and Min Shik tells Jae Woo that he hopes Jae Woo will reconsider his feelings for Da Jung; as much as he wants to be different, he finds himself having the cliched reactions of a concerned father–he doesn’t want his son to get involved with a woman who has people in her life that will cause Jae Woo pain. Jae Woo agrees to think more seriously on his feelings for Da Jung (I doubt anything will change, though, since Jae Woo’s decided that Da Jung is his turtle mate for life.) and asks that his father continue to trust him in much the same way that he’s trusted Jae Woo in the past. Min Shik agrees, confident that Jae Woo will soon bring his feelings for Da Jung to a close.

The next day, Jae Woo goes to see Goong Young before work to ask him for advice and is surprised to hear that Goong Young is of the same mind as his father. Jae Woo is told that it’s best if he starts to sort his feelings out for Da Jung and just remain family friends.

Later that day, Jae Woo coerces Da Jung–so cute how he preempts Da Jung’s attempt to let him just work by announcing to his co-workers that she’s bringing them all lunch–to meet him at his office. There, our Director Yoo secretly teases Jae Woo about his first kiss with Da Jung, causing Jae Woo to look at her in discomfort. LOL Oh, and the scene of Da Jung in the lingerie shop? She was buying clothes (in accordance with Korean tradition of buying undergarments for family members with one’s first paycheck) for her mother and sisters. She smiles at Jae Woo’s suggestion that she allow him to help her shop. She tells him that this type of shopping is something that he probably won’t be able to help her with. LOL. I’ll say. 😉

As Da Jung brings the Nature marketing department (Team A) a healthy lunch of chicken soup, Da In drops by to meet Ji Ho and learns to her shock that she’s been dating a high school student. Stunned, she rushes out, and Ji Ho asks Jae Woo if it’s wrong for a college student to meet a high school student. Jae Woo’s only response is that Ji Ho’s question can only be answered by Da In herself.

With nothing to do now that she’s temporarily out of work, Da Jung notices how busy the rice cake shop is and volunteers her help. She then calls Jae Woo that she’ll be a bit late in meeting him at 7pm by the bus stop as Jae Woo had requested. My suspicion is that Jae Woo is going to tell her that he wants to make their relationships known. While on the phone, Da Jung jokes around about a potential fall off her bicycle, and we hear Jae Woo’s increasing familiarity with Da Jung as he calls out her name in banmal, “Da Jung ah!” Pleased, Da Jung returns his informal name calling with her own “Jae Woo yah.” Cute.

Unfortunately, this happy moment is marred as Jae Woo comes upon a scene in which Goong Young has his secretary forcibly shove Shady X-Toad into his car for a trip to the police station. Why? For assaulting Goong Young.

Completely hidden from view, for now, Da Jung sees the scene and is shocked to see a man who looks like her deceased father. The episode ends with both Jae Woo and Da Jung at the scene, but neither of them aware of the other’s presence.


As you can now see, all the major secrets are out of the bag. A couple that I didn’t mention are that Song Jung, instead of telling the girls of their father’s reappearance into their lives, announces that they’ll be moving houses soon and that she allows Da Ae to invite Eun Chan over for a meal.

I’ll keep the musings short since I have to leave soon. I think it’s safe to say that Jae Woo is in this relationship for the long haul. We can clearly see just how much by his range of emotions in this episode, which oscillate from anger, concern, etc. Unfortunately, the adults are now all against the relationship, Grandmother included from In Woo’s encouraging text to his brother. Even Goong Young is advising against pursuing Da Jung any further, reminding Jae Woo that there are plenty of women around. Jae Woo insists that he likes Da Jung and only Da Jung. Aw…I hope you’re all prepared with your tissues. I sense some heartache for these two tomorrow. 🙁

As for the preview to Episode 20, I’ll be back later today for that translation and my further musings at that time. I hope you enjoyed reading this nutshell! Happy Saturday, Twinkles!

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10 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 19”

  1. Oh Nooooooooo! We needed more happy times before all the sad. Thank you so much Grace. I really like these nutshell recaps. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Amy! No need for me to feel guilty about giving up the longer recaps then. 😉

  2. Thanks, ST! I am grateful for your hard work, and don’t mind nutshells at all; whatever is easier for you 🙂

    I can sense major angst is headed in the turtles’ way. Sigh. Let’s hope it doesn’t last for too many episodes. I feel as Jae Woo does, it’s really time to come clean. With the situation hotting up as it is, his mother finding out later that she’s been deceived will not have good results!

    I thought In Woo was wonderful! I hope he has a good story line and ending.

    Just going by what I could see, since I don’t understand Korean, it seems Da Jung’s mother is not completely against Jae Woo and Da Jung dating? She didn’t seem angry or stern when she met him at home?

    Thanks for explaining what Jae Woo’s dad said. I guess he has a valid reason born of fatherly concern. And the Uncle too. That’s what’s clear in this drama, though; however irritating certain characters may be, they do love each other. With the exception of Mr. Toad, of course!

    1. 🙂 Thanks for your feedback, shl!
      Like you, I’m starting to really warm up to our little scamp! 🙂

  3. Thanks, ST1 I really appreciate your fast recap! Your nutshell is still very comprehensive and I could follow the episode even though I don’t understand Korean.

    I realized, precisely because I don’t understand the language, I am paying extra attention to the actors/actresses’ acting and their facial expressions to try to figure things out. This is fun in itself:)

    I like In Woo too. I think he will be JW and DJ’s staunch supporter amidst the opposition from the elders.

    1. Aww…thanks, Sky! I’m glad that you felt the nutshell was still comprehensive enough to compensate for the recap. 🙂

  4. Jaewoo actions are like those of a husband. He has made a clear and definite decision about DaJung. He won’t change his mind. DaJung is the one who will give him the greatest resistance to the relationship once she learns of her father.

    Thanks for the recap.

    1. Heh. Great point! In his mind, he’s already connected to her for life. He just hasn’t popped the question or gotten married.
      I’m glad that you found the nutshell helpful. 🙂

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