Glorious Day: Episode 18 Video Preview and English Translation

GD 18 Preview

The cat’s about to be let out of the bag, and it’s hardly any wonder given the way these two act around each other *shakes head in amusement* For a couple who is trying to keep their relationship under wraps, these two aren’t doing such a great job of hiding their feelings for each other. *chuckles*

As usual, below is the translation to the preview clip of Episode 18. Enjoy! 

Dialogue Translation:

Shin Ae: *fervent whisper* I don’t think it was Da In but rather Da Jung.

Min Shik: Father, aren’t those two acting suspiciously? (This is said as Jae Woo and Da Jung make googly eyes at each other from opposite sides of the shop window and Jae Woo leans close to the window for an air kiss…see cover picture above.)

Da In: (to Da Jung) Unni, you’re dating Jae Woo oppa, huh?

Da Jung: (quickly covering Da In’s big mouth) Hey!

Goong Young: (to Shady X-toad*) I am no longer working with Writer Han.

Shady X-Toad: (as he’s dragged away to the door) Are you sure you’re not in cahoots with Writer Han and saying this? Da Ae’s mom put you up to this, didn’t she?! (Note: Married women in Korea are often referred to by their eldest child’s name.)

Goong Young: Da Ae’s mom? (He wonders why Shady X-Toad would refer to Song Jung in this way since this is usually only reserved for personal friends and family.)

Min Shik: (to Shady X-Toad) I have a request: Don’t show up.

Shady X-Toad: (demanding his undeserved and long-abandoned parental rights) What do you mean that I’m dead when I’m obviously alive?! The children have a right to know.

Min Shik tries to  usher Jae Woo and Da Jung away from the offending human being, but Da Jung happens to catch a glimpse of the Toad as he saunters away and wonders at his identity.

*From henceforth, I shall refer to the ex-husband as the Shady X-Toad or simply Toad to indicate my utter dislike for the loathsome character. 😛


I just got back from church duties, and translating the preview was one of the first things that I did. *chuckles* This is obviously how much I care for my fellow Glorious Day adventurers. 😉

From the written preview (here), we know that Jae Woo and Da Jung are going to spend some very adorable and squee-worthy moments together at the rice cake shop. Unfortunately, it looks as though Episode 18 is going to introduce the growing presence of Shady X-Toad. *sigh*  I know that he’s going to play a major role in the story as the main “antagonist,” but seriously, can’t we just forget all about the requisite need for an antagonist and just be content with the level of conflict that Shin Ae manages to infuse into the story? PleaseWriter Moon Hee Jung? Please…?

Aside from the pesky presence of Shady X-Toad, though, I’m looking forward to more adorable moments between Jae Woo and Da Jung, especially now that these two turtle loves have confirmed and reconfirmed their feelings for each other. 😉

Until later then…!

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  1. Thanks, ST!

    While I am enjoying the sweet turtle romance, I also appreciate that HSJ is finding out she’s no longer alone with her problems. She has her Oppa to fight for her, and NGY too. Sweetness all around!

  2. I agree, I don’t think we need another antagonist! *sigh* I guess I should be really happy that In Woo isn’t trying to pull any shady stuff? So I’ll be thankful for that. I loathe the ex too, “Toad” is a perfect name for him. *_*

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