Glorious Day: Episode 18 Video Clip (Da Jung and Jae Woo at Rice Cake Shop)

GD 18.1

I hope you’re ready for cuteness overload because Episode 18 is going to have many of you squeeing in such delight that the immediate people around you are going to give you odd glances as you watch this new installment of the series! 😉

What’s odd is that these two are so obvious about their relationship that it’s really only a matter of time before everyone–and I mean everyone at the rate they’re going–discovers the truth. You’ll see what I mean after you see this clip…if you haven’t already watched it, probably more than once, huh? 😉 Only in Kdramaland can such an “obvious” relationship be kept under wraps. LOL. I’ll give our turtle loves about one more episode before everyone learns of their relationship; half of the characters already know after all. 😀

And here’s an interesting tidbit for all you Korean language aficionados: Jae Woo and Da Jung start to become more informal in their speech with one other, oscillating between the informal (banmal) and the formal, a clear indication of how quickly their relationship is progressing. 🙂

Also, for you Han Song Jung-Nam Goong Young shippers, these two move on to a new level of their relationship in this episode as well! 😀

You can watch the raw video of the episode here

Dialogue Translation: Jae Woo, in an excuse to meet with Da Jung so early in the morning, quickly volunteers himself to go help his understaffed Grandfather at the rice cake shop. He meets with Da Jung outside of the house, and the two of them head over to help but also to spend time together on an impromptu “date.” LOL. This scene picks up from their greeting Grandfather and then preparing to finish making the rest of the in jul mee rice cake while Grandfather takes a break to use the restroom. Jae Woo, increasingly playful as his love for Da Jung grows, suggests an old game that he and In Woo used to play as children–rock, paper, scissors with the loser eating the rice cake.

Jae Woo and Da Jung: Scissors…rock…paper!

Jae Woo puts forth a “rock” while Da Jung “scissors.” Jae Woo wins this round! He breaks into an adorable smile of victory while Da Jung sighs in disappointment. Aw…poor Da Jung. She seems to lose all the time they play games or race.

Da Jung: Geez…I was going to use “paper.” Hurry up and eat. (She erroneously thinks that the winner gets to eat the rice cake.)

Jae Woo: The loser has to eat. (This totally makes sense since the boys, having grown up all of their lives around rice cake, probably wouldn’t want to eat anymore.)

Da Jung: Really?

Jae Woo: Mmmm…However, you can’t use your hands.

Da Jung: That’s manageable…

As she leans down to grab a piece of the soft rice cake with only her mouth, Jae Woo uses his index finger to push her head down into the in jul mee powder while preparing his camera for what will soon be their first photo together as a couple.

Da Jung: (sputters) Ack~! Seo Jae Woo shi!

Jae Woo clicks away at his phone camera as Da Jung brushes away the powder from her face and glares at him.

Da Jung: What is this?! Give it to me. (Jae Woo merely chuckles in glee and continues to snap away at his camera as Da Jung jumps in the air to “try” to reach his phone. Of course, the man’s too tall.) Give it to me! Give it to me!

Jae Woo: This is really funny…Wait a minute. (He puts his arms around Da Jung for a “better” picture.)

Da Jung: Hey~! What is this? Hurry! Give it here. Hurry! Hurry!

Jae Woo: Wait a minute. Don’t frown. Say, “In jul mee.” In jul meeeeee. (very much in the same way that we say “Cheese” when taking pictures)

Da Jung: What?!

At Jae Woo’s continued preoccupation with snapping endless photos of them together, Da Jung glares at him before getting a glint of revenge in her eyes. Stealthily scooping up a handful of the powder, she tries to play it cool.

Da Jung: (pretending to sound calm yet a bit hurt) Still…since it’s our first picture together…you should show them to me at least once.

Jae Woo: (thinking it over and seeing the wisdom of her words) All right. There are some good pictures of us.

Da Jung: (watching him carefully before throwing the powder at his face as he searches for the good pictures) Ah~! Revenge!

She then snaps picture after picture of Jae Woo while he sputters out the powder, completely in shock at the unexpected attack.

Da Jung: How you do feel?

Jae Woo: (in counterattack, he grabs her arm) Got you! I’ve got you!

Da Jung: (grits her teeth) Let go!

Jae Woo: I’ve got you!

Da Jung: Let go!

The two keep repeating “I’ve got you!” and “Let go!” until Da Jung feigns an injury.

Da Jung: M…m…my a…a…arm!

Jae Woo: (almost inaudibly) I’m sorry.

With Jae Woo loosening his grip, Da Jung smiles before skirting far away from him reach, and the two circle the table like children play tag (catch-me-if-you-can)

Jae Woo: Lies are bad…When I catch you…!

Shop Boy (aka Jae Soon): Hyung!

At this interruption, Da Jung squirms out of Jae Woo’s arms, and he reluctantly lets her go in order to do some explaining.

Jae Woo: Umm…The thing is Jae Soon…

Jae Soon: (completely upset and not at all concerned with Jae Woo’s relationship) What the..! How can you play with food…you, the son of a rice cake shop?! Do you know how much this bean powder costs?!

Speechless to say anything more, he finally looks at Jae Woo…only to find both Jae Woo and Da Jung nowhere in sight. *chuckles* Escape is certainly one way to avoid an awkward situation. LOL

The two relocate themselves to the front of the store and set about straightening the displays of rice cake. Of course, Jae Woo just has to stand behind Da Jung with his arms on either side of her. 😉

Jae Woo: This…this goes here. And this…here. Even though they look alike, they’re all different.

Da Jung: (turning to look at Jae Woo) What about this one?

GD 18.2

They freeze at the close proximity, but before anything “romantic” can happen, Min Shik walks into the store, and Da Jung quickly ducks out of sight while Jae Woo uses the momentum of his arms that were moments ago bracketing Da Jung to pretend to do some morning stretches. *chuckles* Oh, these two are good! When have we ever seen turtles move this quickly?! 😉

Jae Woo: Ah! Father, you’re here?

Min Shik: Yes.

Da Jung: (pops up from her hiding place, much to Min Shik’s surprise) Hello.

Min Shik: What are you two…what are you two doing here?

Jae Woo: (still enthusiastically stretching his arms LOL) I came to help Grandfather after getting his call for help.

Da Jung: I came to see how rice cakes were made and…

Min Shik: Ah…that’s good of you. (Noticing Jae Woo’s continued stretches) Are you sick somewhere?

Jae Woo: N…no. I feel really good. (Heh…I’ll bet. LOL) Father…do you want to try this, too?

Min Shik: No no. I’m good. Continue…continue with what you were doing.

With suspicious eyes, Min Shik slowly walks away to the kitchen.


*happy sigh* Such cuteness overload, right? 😉  If you haven’t seen Episode 18 yet, you’re in for a delightful 55 minutes as Jae Woo and Da Jung continue their antics. And In Woo…Just as I suspected, In Woo assumes the role of Cupid’s helper and positions himself–literally–to give Jae Woo and Da Jung some privacy and dating time. Aww…I really love the two brothers and their relationship with each other. *warm fuzzies*

For now, I think that’s all the comments I’m going to make. I’m sure some of you have been waiting for this translation and would like it sooner rather than later. 🙂 Enjoy!

OK. I’ll make one last comment before I go. 🙂 I personally think that Jae Woo is trying to get caught. Take a look at Episode 18 and tell me if I’m right or if I’m right. 😉 He insists on being obvious and only backs down when Da Jung is too uncomfortable. LOL. Yup, I think I’m going to have to call Jae Woo “Speedy Turtle” from now on. 😉 I mean, who counts 1 to 100 as “99, 100!”? *chuckles*

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  2. *squeeee* Adorable! Didn’t Sang-Woo say this character was most like his real self? *hee* I love that he’s this playful and ‘ornery in real life, what a glorious man.

    1. Seriously, there are so many adorable phrases! Jae woo’s way of counting to 100 as simply “99, 100!” is fast becoming one of my favorite! 😉

  3. Love their chemistry! Refreshingly cute:)

    But seriously, they are so lovey dovey with each other, how can they even keep their relationship under wraps!

    I also like the scene whereby In Woo sat at the stairway to block any “intrusion” to JW and DJ’s privacy in JW’s room.
    Such a thoughtful brother:)

  4. DaJung loses at every game they play. The most important thing is she wins his heart..haha.

    JaeWoo is like to be close to her. Never thought it’s in his character, love changes you.

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