Glorious Day: Episode 17 Written Preview and English Translation

Glorious Day

As much as Shin Ae’s histrionics concerning her sons can be quite annoying, I love the fact that her efforts to separate Jae Woo from his new “girlfriend” is going to backfire on her. :) Seriously, the mother needs to remember what her elder son’s characteristics are like, especially when he’s decided upon the woman of his dreams. *chuckles*

Below is the written preview to Episode 17 from SBS…Enjoy! I’m most definitely looking forward to Saturday’s episode! Read on, and you’ll see exactly why! 😉 

Source: SBS (here).

“송정은 영에게 책 투자를 부탁하기위해 함께 술을 마시고, 영은 술에 취해 눈물을 보이는 송정을 안쓰럽게 바라본다. 한편, 재우와 다인의 사이를 계속 의심하던 신애는 세자매를 데리고 선을 보게하고, 이를 알게된 재우는 선 보는 장소를 찾아가는데…”

English Translation: By Snoopy’s Twinkie

“Song Jung shares a drink with Goong Young in her efforts to get him to invest in her book (as she promised that loathsome X-husband of hers), and Goong Young looks upon the teary-eyed, inebriated Song Jung with sympathy. Meanwhile, suspecting  Jae Woo and Da In’s relationship, Shin Ae arranges blind dates for all three siblings. Jae Woo, learning of this, goes to the blind date meeting place…”


I told you that you’re going to be looking forward to Episode 17, didn’t I? 😉

It’s going to be fun seeing Jae Woo morph into a “green-eyed monster” before our very eyes as he tries to stop Da Jung from meeting another man. Yes, even though that meeting is instigated by his dear meddlesome mother and not by Da Jung herself.

Wait a minute! If Jae Woo assumes the jealous “green-eyed monster” form, will that make him our green-eyed turtle? *wiggles eyebrows* 😉

OK, all kidding aside, I hope this little tidbit brightens your day! I can’t wait to see Jae Woo’s reaction to Da Jung going on a blind date with another man now that the two of them have agreed to date. I keep thinking back to the first time that Jae Woo had dropped Da Jung off at the hospital and how he was so exasperated when he asked, “Are there other men besides In Woo that you’re meeting?” LOL. And that was before he had declared his feelings for her and received confirmation of her feelings for him. Imagine what his expression is going to be like after the two have started dating, and he discovers her on a blind date to meet another man. Hee~!

*skips happily away to translate the written preview for Episode 18*

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9 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 17 Written Preview and English Translation”

  1. I love this drama seriously. I have watched a lot of k-drama for 3-4 years, but this is my favourite:D:D:D I like rom-com style, but with this innocent, warm, good feeling, not too much drama cheer me up:) Perfect!!! I hope it will be until end:)
    I can’t wait for weekend:) Blind date will be interesting.
    I already imagined grabbing wist (1),
    taking her away from the table (2)
    quarrel why she went to blind date (3)
    in the end promise she will never meet with men (4):D:D:D
    I’m curious my imagination will be “real” and this will happen. it would be funny if later blind-date man and DJ meet again (for example in school about her new job) causing further annoyance to JW:) I would like to see DJ’s jealousy, but maybe too early because she is too shy (and maybe give up on JW).

    1. These would be awesome to see! However, Jae Woo is not our typical guy, so I’m not sure if we’ll get to seeing all three.
      Having said this, though, Jae Woo did lead Da Jung away from the hospital by the hand when he “took” her away from In Woo, so who knows. LOL. Saturday seriously can’t come fast enough. 😉
      Welcome to our community!

      1. Really, there was such scene with InWoo:D I’m curious how will be this blind date’s scene:) Possible that DaJung will not meet with the man… And all three daughter will have date??? It would be funny if JiHo, Dr. Kang and JaeWoo go together as gang to the placeXD Although I doubt strongly this happens.

  2. I’m wondering why Da Jung still wants to go to the blind date? She’s sure know that will make Jae Woo uncomfortable, jealous, etc. Maybe, she doesn’t know it’s a blind date. Maybe Shin Ae just asks the three girls to go there for some reasons.
    Oh this drama is getting more and more interesting week by week.

  3. Jae Woo as a jealous green-eyed monster turtle?
    I’m instantly reminded of that comic/movies series “Ninja Turtles”.
    The Woo-Jeong couple are too cute, so I keep thinking of them in kiddie terms and images. 🙂 😀 LOL…

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