Glorious Day: Episode 16

GD 16.30

The hunt for Jae Woo’s girlfriend is officially afoot as the elders spend the entire episode trying to discover her identity. Meanwhile, In Woo and Uncle Nam, who both know that Da Jung holds Jae Woo’s heart, try in their own ways to give the love novice, Jae Woo, all the necessary advice from their many years of playing the field…not that they’re playing the field now. 😉

 You can watch the raw video of Episode 16 here or here

Recap: (Confession: I was planning on translating several conversations for you all but decided to just recap in order to get this post out to you sooner rather than later. I hope you enjoy the recap…even without all the fun translations that I had originally planned to do!)

GD 16.6

The episode resumes with Jae Woo giving Da Jung a hug and the two of them being surprised as Shin Ae happens upon them and calls out to Jae Woo. Although Jae Woo is not at all embarrassed to be caught hugging Da Jung, Da Jung is absolutely mortified and terrified of being caught in his embrace and begs him to please take her away from here.

GD 16.7

Sensing the panic in her voice as she pleads several times, Jae Woo then smiles and hoists her up in the air.

GD 16.8

The accompanying music/sound effects underscores the “superhuman” strength Jae Woo exerts in lifting his little turtle love in the air. He tells her to hang onto him tightly, and then with only that warning…

GD 16.9

….he makes a dash for the nearby park…with Da Jung’s face conveniently shielded from his mother’s prying eyes.

At Jae Woo’s completely unexpected behavior, though, both Shin Ae and Goong Young rush over in stunned shock. Shin Ae, of course, is furious that her staid and obedient son could run away from her like that when she knows that he heard her calling for him and insists on following his trail. Thankfully, Goong Young decides to tag along in his efforts to help Jae Woo. Heh.

GD 16.10

When they enter the little park, Goong Young notices Jae Woo’s head peeking out from one of the bushes and begins to sing a Korean children’s song that children sing while they play hide-and-seek. He sings it loudly enough for the hiding Jae Woo to get the hint that his head is visible. Immediately, Jae Woo ducks down even more.

GD 16.11

When Shin Ae takes him to task about singing a song about hiding instead of helping her find her errant son, Goong Young switches to an equally inappropriate song. Pfffft.

GD 16.12

Meanwhile, Jae Woo whispers to Da Jung, “Why are we hiding?”

GD 16.13

Without any thought of what she’s saying, Da Jung tells him, “If your mother discovers that I like you, I’m going to get killed by her!”

GD 16.14

At her unexpected “declaration” of love for him, Jae Woo is momentarily stunned, especially since he didn’t expect her to answer him so quickly.

GD 16.15

He quickly understands exactly what Da Jung inadvertently let slip and smiles broadly at his discovery…all thanks to his mother. Ah…Shin Ae’s meddling does come in handy once in a while after all. 😉

GD 16.16

Goong Young convinces Shin Ae to search in the opposite direction, and the two poke their heads out from the bushes to ensure that the coast is clear.

GD 16.17

Da Jung breathes a sigh of relief…until she notices how close she is to Jae Woo and promptly freaks out.

GD 16.18

She tumbles backwards, and Jae Woo crouches down again in concern.

GD 16.19

At a loss for how to respond to such a lovable moment from his heart’s love, he does the only thing that he can think of…and ruffles her hair. *chuckles* Oh, Jae Woo…

GD 16.20

He then smiles at her and thanks her for answering him so quickly and in such a romantic way–that she’s risking death from his mother because she likes him. Pfffft. Well, phrased like that, it does sound rather romantic. Heh. Leave it to Jae Woo to put such a positive and romantic spin on Da Jung’s comment about being discovered.

GD 16.21

Realizing–finally–her slip, Da Jung gasps, messes with her hair in her agitation, and then tries to explain that she didn’t quite mean what he just said. Of course, Jae Woo stops her short and tells her that she can’t take back what she’s already told him. Aw…they are just too cute together!

Da Jung, already flustered enough by his mother’s sudden appearance, is even more flustered and gets up to put some distance between her and her unexpected declaration of love/Jae Woo.

GD 16.22

At least, that was her intention until she hears Shin Ae’s voice again and promptly squats down beside Jae Woo…again.

GD 16.23

Jae Woo smiles and tells her that if she wants, she can hide in his arms again and motions for her to do exactly that. *chuckles* Definitely Too. Cute. For. Their. Own. Good!

GD 16.24

Goong Young finally convince Shin Ae to return home, and while their unpack the groceries from their shopping, Shin Ae plots what she’s going to do once she gets her hands on her son. When Goong Young points out that Jae Woo’s not a kid and that it’s all right for him to date, Shin Ae points out that this type of behavior is just totally not Jae Woo. From In Woo, she would expect, but not from Jae Woo, a fact that makes her even more upset and dying with curiosity to know the woman’s identity.

When Goong Young tries to take the groceries that he bought specifically for Song Jung (Aw….), Shin Ae–upset as she is–won’t let him have it and insists that she’ll deliver it to Song Jung herself since it’s so late tonight for Goong Young to do so.

GD 16.25

Meanwhile, Da Jung and Jae Woo relocate to a little cafe and celebrate the confirmation of their affections for each other with a little cake. You can read the translation to their conversation here.

Jae Woo cuts the cake so that they can share the small portion and save the rest for her family. Incidentally, Jae Woo marks the top 1/3 for Dr. Kang and Eun Chan…so thoughtful of him, huh? The bottom 1/2 is for Song Jung, Da Ae, and Da In.

GD 16.26

When Da Jung apologizes for asking him to keep their relationship a secret from his family until she’s comfortable with everyone knowing–she doesn’t want to wreck havoc on his family again, not when the grandparents just reconciled and there’s also the issue with briefly having liked In Woo–Jae Woo tells her that he’ll wait to tell them then and invites her to “hide” in his arms any time she wants until then. Pfffft. Nice, Jae Woo! He’s become quite the smooth talker, huh? 😉

GD 16.27

The two end their little scene sparring with spoons over exactly what part of the cake Da Jung can eat now that they’re saving the bulk of the cake for her household.

GD 16.28

Of course, while Jae Woo and Da Jung are on their romantic little impromptu date, Shin Ae decides to ransack Jae Woo’s room for any clues of the mystery woman, much to Goong Young’s dismay. He’s unsuccessful in stopping her, so when Grandmother enters the room wanting to know what all the ruckus is about, Goong Young explains the situation to her in the hopes that she’ll be able to talk some sense into her daughter.

GD 16.29

Heh…like mother, like daughter…Grandmother is pleasantly surprised/shocked by the news and helps Shin Ae looks for clues. All the noise from Jae Woo’s room wakes up In Woo, who had decided to go to sleep early, and Goong Young apprises him of the situation. Goong Young whispers to In Woo to make sure that Jae Woo doesn’t say anything about his girlfriend. Both men, experienced in this area, tacitly agree that keeping Da Jung’s identity a secret from the elders, especially Shin Ae, is the best course of action at this point.

GD 16.30

Unable to find one iota of clue in Jae Woo’s room–Shin Ae was hoping to find at least a picture–the elders convene and strategize on how best to get Jae Woo to talk. Shin Ae tells them that it’s best if each of them approach Jae Woo in the order that she suggests since she seriously doubts her son will tell her. After all, he ran away from her. LOL

GD 16.31

Soon after they figure out their game plan, Jae Woo walks in from his date. Thankfully, In Woo is there, having gone to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice.

GD 16.32

When the parents ask why Jae Woo is so late, In Woo intervenes and makes a show of handing his big brother the glass of orange juice to drink. During this diversion, he quietly warns Jae Woo not to say a single word about Da Jung. With his message delivered, In Woo then bids the elders good night and walks upstairs.

Alone downstairs with the elders, Jae Woo is able to field the elders’ questions and comments without revealing Da Jung’s identity. When Shin Ae pointedly asks if he heard her calling out to him, he answers in his usual truthful manner, “Yes” and then immediately wishes them a goodnight, following In Woo upstairs and leaving Shin Ae and the other elders without any answers and no closer to the truth. Ha~! He’s so good at truthfully answering without revealing anything pertinent. Seriously, he’s becoming quite the masterful talker! 😉

GD 16.33

Meanwhile, Da Jung returns home with the cake in high hopes of sharing the “miracle” cake with her family when Da In shows her the new furniture that Dr. Kang purchased for her before he and Eun Chan moved out. She then shows Da Jung the letter from Dr. Kang, which thanks Da In for the beautiful picture in the mid-garden and that he’ll always treasure it. In the letter, Dr. Kang tells Da In not to feel burdened by the cost of the furniture, which Da In had first thought Song Jung had finally purchased for her, because it’s his payment for her photo. He doesn’t consider it extravagant since he has every confidence that Da In will become a famous photographer in the future. He thanks her for the honor of having his photo taken by her.

Learning of this news, Da Jung tells Da In that they’ll eat the cake tomorrow morning; comforting Da Ae is more important right now. When Da In asks what the cake is for, Da Jung simply answers that the day was a meaningful one for her, one that she wanted to commemorate with a beautiful cake and leaves it at that.

GD 16.34

Back at the Seo household, Grandfather decides that he’s not going to stoop to Shin Ae’s subterfuge and calls Jae Woo into his room. In the privacy of the room, Grandfather then proceeds to tell an attentive Jae Woo the story of how he met Jae Woo’s grandmother.

GD 16.35

At the tale end of his story, he asks if Jae Woo has met the woman of his destiny yet, and when Jae Woo smiles, Grandfather scoots closer to Jae Woo to learn her name and identity.

GD 16.36

However, when Jae Woo tells him that he can’t say anything right now and instead asks Grandfather how soon after meeting his grandmother he decided to propose marriage, Grandfather impatiently tells Jae Woo to leave, completely dismayed that he failed in his mission to uncover the identity of Jae Woo’s girlfriend. Aw…Gramps, you missed the clue! Jae Woo was asking you for advice. Since he’s so like you, he was wondering just how long he should wait before he decides to propose marriage to Da Jung. Aw…missed opportunity! *tsk tsk*

GD 16.37

Of course, the rest of the elders are outside, waiting with baited breath. Ha~!

GD 16.38

When Jae Woo leaves the room, the three of them scatter away from the door and pretend to be doing something else…as if Jae Woo can’t tell that they were eavesdropping. Heh.

After Jae Woo bids the three goodnight and returns to his room, they rush into the room to learn the details from Grandfather…who has NOTHING! LOL.

GD 16.39

Grandmother announces that if anyone is going to succeed in getting an answer from Jae Woo, it’s going to be her and goes upstairs on the pretext of taking Jae Woo some fruits. After making some small talk, she wonders why her grandson is looking even more handsome these days than usual. Could he be dating someone perhaps? (There’s a saying in Korean that when someone is dating, that person starts to look more beautiful/handsome.) When Jae Woo smiles at her comment, Grandmother asks if he’s really dating someone. Ever truthful, Jae Woo tells her that he is and that the girl is just like his grandmother. When he is with her, he just feels happy. Aw…

GD 16.40

Grandmother, of course, wants a name, so when Jae Woo tells her that he can’t tell her right now, her face falls, and she, too, brusquely wishes Jae Woo a goodnight.

GD 16.41

Enter Min Shik as the last player in this Learn-The-Identity-Of-Jae Woo’s-Girlfriend game, but before he can even sit down on Jae Woo’s bed and make small talk, Jae Woo tells his father that there’s nothing he can tell him right now. Min Shik leaves within seconds of entering. Pfffft. *rolls on floor, laughing with tears in eyes*

GD 16.42

With all of his beloved elders so concerned about his girlfriend’s identity and his inability to be transparent with them, Jae Woo frowns and spends some time in deep thought over this situation.

GD 16.43

Meanwhile, Da Jung and Da In go into Eun Chan’s emptied room to cheer up Da Ae. On the receiving end of her two dear sisters’ concern and love, Da Ae soon decides to get a hold of herself, not cry, and instead find a solution to this. If she’s this hurt, she can only imagine how much Dr. Kang is hurting to leave so abruptly without even saying bye to her. While she has her sisters to comfort her, Dr. Kang has no one. Da In makes Da Ae promise that she won’t cry then and gets her oldest sister to pinky-promise. The penalty for breaking the promise? Da Ae buys Da In the camera that she’s been eyeing. *chuckles* No one would ever accuse you of not being the maknae, Da In. LOL

GD 16.44

Song Jung, in the privacy of her own room, is likewise disturbed by Dr. Kang’s sudden departure…more so than she expected. Her frown and concern deepen as she reads Dr. Kang’s generous letter of thanks for allowing him and Eun Chan residence within her household and the time to meet with Da Ae. He also tells her that his faith in his ability to make wise decisions is shot now as a result of his disastrous marriage to Eun Chan’s mom and indicates that he’s decided not to pursue Da Ae any further.

As Da Jung gets ready to sleep, she’s still bothered by the suddenness of Dr. Kang’s departure and texts him a request to meet her the next day. And what is Hyun Bin doing? We learn that Eun Chan has dyslexia (a medical disorder in which letters and/or numbers are processed by the brain differently, making it difficult to read and write properly without special treatment/education). Dr. Kang spends his post-work hours researching the condition and how best to help his son.

While waiting for Dr. Kang’s text, Da Jung receives one from Jae Woo: “I’m sleepy.” She immediately calls him and learns that he’s sleeping early tonight because he has to be up early for Nature’s photoshoot. When Jae Woo asks where she is and Da Jung replies that she’s about to sleep and that Da In is already asleep, Jae Woo ends the call waaaaaaay earlier than he originally wanted.

GD 16.45

Having wished Da Jung a good night’s rest and about to sleep himself, though, Jae Woo opens his eyes again to retrieve his phone. Why? *chuckles* So that he can place the phone closer to him…on his bed…right by his pillow…as though the mere proximity of the phone makes Da Jung seem that much closer to him. LOL. Oh boy~! Our turtle has it bad. LOL

GD 16.46

Da Jung, on the other hand, receives another text, one that she thinks at first is from Jae Woo. However, it’s of a more serious nature from Dr. Kang that completely wipes all thought of Jae Woo from her mind. His text reads: “Can you drop by my office/hospital before you leave for your school?” Da Jung quickly replies, “Yes.”

GD 16.47

Early the next morning, Jae Woo is all smiles and wishes In Woo a good morning. *swoon* What a megawatt smile! 😉

GD 16.48

Of course, In Woo can’t stomach such brilliance so early in the morning and grouches at his brother, pinching him and telling him that if Jae Woo keeps this up, In Woo plans to take photos of him and Da Jung and reveal their relationship to everyone. Heh.

Like the good younger brother that In Woo is, though, he gruffly offers his big brother some dating advice, especially advice on not telling their Shin Ae shi.

GD 16.49

He then smooths the wrinkles from his brothers windbreaker and returns to his room after telling Jae Woo to be on the lookout for their mother. Aw…I love this sibling pair!

GD 16.50

And just as In Woo suspected, Shin Ae tails Jae Woo as he leaves the house for his usual morning run. Even though she has difficulty keeping up with Jae Woo, she’s still within sight to see Jae Woo meet up with a female jogger, and her eyes widen as she sees her son chatting brightly with the mystery woman.

GD 16.51

The mystery woman, of course, is Da Jung, who explains–when Jae Woo asks about her baseball cap–that she’s wearing the cap for sun protection now that the sun has gotten so strong.

Where’s Shin Ae, you ask? Totally left in their dust, huffing and puffing as to where these two sprinted. Heh. Yeah, I doubt that the body of a no-exercise woman in her fifties can keep up with the well-honed bodies of young people in their twenties and thirties. Hee~! Nice try, Shin Ae!

GD 16.52

After her jog, Da Jung goes to meet Dr. Kang and lets him know that she knows that he left their house abruptly because of something related to Eun Chan. When Dr. Kang remains silent, Da Jung encourages him to at least send Eun Chan back to school. She then leaves him two pieces of her “miracle” cake and tells him that the cake has significant meaning to her and that she hopes things will work out well with Eun Chan…whatever the problem may be. She supports him and her sister.

GD 16.53

Da Jung then goes to school to tender her resignation. Her supervisor wishes her well, so well, in fact, that Da Jung comments that she was hoping that the supervisor would at least show some regret. Her boss reminds her that Da Jung is the one who has decided to leave and that Da Jung need not worry about leaving the school short-staffed. There’s a long enough waitlist for her position that a replacement has been called already to start work tomorrow. Ouch.

Da Jung asks about the position her boss mentioned at the school near her house, and the woman reassures Da Jung that she’ll be receiving a call from the school shortly. Da Jung thanks her and for the last time walks down the hallway of the school and away from the job that she had treasured so much after finally getting hired after three years of unemployment. Hmm…I’m hoping that her boss actually pulled some strings for Da Jung at that school close to Da Jung’s house, or I’m going to want to cry for our little nutritionist. 🙁

GD 16.54

Meanwhile, Dr. Kang opens the cake box to find two slices of a beautifully decorated cake along with an encouraging message about how it’s a miracle to find someone who likes you back, referencing her conversation with Jae Woo. She reminds Dr. Kang that she is rooting for him and her sister.

GD 16.55

Like mother, like daughter…Song Jung is just as disturbed by Dr. Kang’s sudden change and wonders at its cause. Thankfully, Goong Young tells her that he is otherwise engaged today and for her not to show up for work. Relieved from her work duties, Song Jung sits on Eun Chan’s vacated bed and wonders again about Dr. Kang’s situation.

GD 16.56

To liven up the seriousness related to Dr. Kang’s situation, we next see exactly what Goong Young’s engagement is–a dental appointment with Dr. Seo In Woo. Ha~!

GD 16.57

After boasting about his pearly whites, Goong Young tries to coerce In Woo to go on a blind date. This way, he can help Goong Young distract Shin Ae from targeting Jae Woo so persistently. After all, In Woo is a player who likes women, right?

Our In Woo, though, has matured from his experience with Da Jung and tells his uncle that he’s not into meaninglessly dating anymore. He genuinely wants to find and date a woman who truly cares for him. And with that, he bids his uncle farewell and returns to work. *sniffles* Our little rascally In Woo is growing up! *wipes proud tear away*

GD 16.58

Meanwhile, Da Jung comes across Eun Chan as she leaves her school for the last time and wishes him well. She thanks him for the video message, which allowed her to at least say what she wanted to say before leaving. Then implying that she hopes things work out well between her family and his, she tells him that she hopes to see him again soon…only to swivel around abruptly to mock-threaten him to eat the healthier school food instead of his “bad” food. Heh.

GD 16.59

As for Da Ae and Dr. Kang, Hyun Bin finally goes to see Da Ae, who is on a cleaning frenzy to keep herself busy. Da Ae, reminiscent of their earlier days together, offer him a yogurut (Korean yogurt drink) and keeps up her cheery chatter.

GD 16.60

When Dr. Kang tells her with a heavy heart that he think it best that they break up, Da Ae doesn’t cry as she did in the past. Instead, she steadily looks at him with a smile and then tells him that no matter how often he shows her his back, she won’t flinch anymore because she knows how warm his back is; she experienced it directly when she backhugged him. She then places a piece of candy in his hand and tells him that he’s always been a cure-all for her. Like a lump of sugar that made everything horrible seem bearable, Dr. Kang has been that lump of sugar to her. Her voice wavers a bit as she apologizes to him for not being able to be such a piece of sugar for him when he obviously needs one. She closes his hand on the candy and continues to smile at him, implying that she plans to be that lump of sugar for him now.

GD 16.61

Jae Woo, on the other hand, loads up his car with his family’s dduk and prepares to drive to the photoshoot location. When his father comments that he put in a white, heart-shaped dduk for him to share with his girlfriend, Jae Woo smiles and thanks him. Heh…both of his elders think erroneously that Jae Woo’s sweetheart is a co-worker. *ponders a bit* Well, I suppose we can count Da Jung as a co-worker…sort of. 😉

GD 16.62

On his way from the rice cake shop to his house to change his clothes to more appropriate outdoor attire for the photoshoot, Jae Woo is pleasantly surprised to see Da Jung walking along the road.

GD 16.63

Of course, our turtle simply has to stop the car and offer Da Jung a ride. He even invites her to accompany him to the photoshoot since she’s off work.

GD 16.64

Wanting some time alone to deal with her resignation, Da Jung feigns a headache, but Jae Woo–perhaps in his desire to spend as much time with her as possible–urges her to come with him since the outdoor fresh air can sometimes alleviate headaches.

GD 16.65

After changing clothes and on their way out, Jae Woo spots Shady X-Husband and briefly tells Da Jung about the suspicious-looking man loitering around her house. He decides that he had better notify the police. Oh yes, please, Jae Woo! Call the police on that shady toad of a man!

GD 16.66

Said loathsome toad forces his way into Song Jung’s house and extracts a promise from her to put in a good word for him with Goong Young, the “hotel CEO with money.” *gags* I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a character so much in recent years as I do this awful man. 😛

GD 16.67

From one mother’s problem, we go to another’s as Shin Ae tries to sort through where Jae Woo could have possibly met his girlfriend. She reasons that her son only knows home and work…so, the woman must be someone from work who also happens to live nearby enough for them to go on morning jogs together. Heh…if you only knew, Shin Ae. 😉

GD 16.68

Of course, too much thinking causes her head to ache, and Shin Ae soon grimaces in frustrated pain…

GD 16.69

…until Min Shik calls with his news about what he’s learned–Jae Woo’s dating his co-worker. This confirmation reinvigorates Shin Ae, who bounds out of bed and plans to meet Min Shik to strategize their next step–how to meet this potential daughter-in-law of theirs. Heh. She reminds him that Jae Woo is simple and very much like her father. Once he makes up his mind, nothing can shake him.  *celebrates* Too late, Shin Ae…Jae Woo’s made up his mind already! 😉

GD 16.70

On her way out to meet Min Shik, though, her mood suddenly sours as she overhears Da In tell Ji Ho about tagging along for the photoshoot to meet Jae Woo, not to spend time with Ji Ho.

GD 16.71

Shin Ae quickly switches to Plan B and postpones her meetup with her husband. Instead, she redirects to taking Goong Young’s groceries for Song Jung over to Song Jung’s house. There, she subtly chats with Song Jung, asking if any of her daughters, especially the youngest, is dating. When Song Jung says that her daughters, including Da In, have no boyfriends, Shin Ae offers to look out for their welfare and look into marriage prospects for her…since they’re now “related” and all. Oh dear…Song Jung, of course, is none the wiser and takes Shin Ae’s offer at face value as a kind gesture.

GD 16.72

At the photoshoot, though, a true matchmaker is at work. Director Yoo teases Da Jung about how Jae Woo is openly dating now…even bringing his girlfriend to work with him if possible. At Da Jung’s puzzled look, Director Yoo points out Jae Woo to Da Jung…

GD 16.73

…who catching her eye waves enthusiastically at her, megawatt smile in full force.

Da Jung denies that he’s smiling and waving at her. Heh. Not likely, Da Jung. Director Yoo is likewise unconvinced and jokes that Jae Woo must be waving and smiling at her then and calls out, “Yes, dear!” Immediately, Jae Woo’s face loses its brilliance, and he formally bows to Director Yoo. LOL. Oh yes, our boy has it bad. 😉

GD 16.74

Director Yoo decides to tease Da Jung a bit more and warns Da Jung to be wary of tents today. She fabricates a story about how Jae Woo is intent on getting her inside a tent for a kiss. And to emphasize said smooch, she puckers her lips in front of Da Jung’s face for good measure. Ha~! This woman kills me!

GD 16.75

Coincidentally, Jae Woo is at that very moment helping to pitch a tent, and Director Yoo points out how strong and enthusiastically Jae Woo is helping out. Heh. Ah…poor Da Jung. She just doesn’t know when she’s being teased. *chuckles*

GD 16.76

Of course, it doesn’t help that Jae Woo choose that exact moment to look over at the two women and throw another megawatt smile in Da Jung’s direction. The poor girl’s going to die of heart palpitations before Jae Woo even gives her a first kiss. 😉

GD 16.77

A minor dilemma occurs unexpectedly, though, when Ji Ho’s age comes up again as Director Yoo asks for his paperwork to finalize their modeling contract with him. Of course, Hee Joo is immediately suspicious again, so Ji Ho cockily reverts back to Japanese to ridicule Hee Joo and how a college student can’t even understand Japanese. Yes, he says in Japanese, he’s in high school, but Hee Joo will never know.

Unfortunately for our cocky little high school student, he apparently doesn’t realize that major companies like Nature only hire highly educated employees, and that one of those hiring requirements is fluency is a second and sometimes even third language.

GD 16.78

Having understood Ji Ho’s Japanese words, Director Yoo looks over at Jae Woo nervously in anticipation of complications with paperwork processing, and Jae Woo steps in to deal with the situation, asking Ji Ho if he can speak to him privately.

GD 16.79

The “privately” turns out to be not so private as Hee Joo eavesdrops on the conversation and comes at Ji Ho swinging. Jae Woo restrains Hee Joo while Da In rushes to comfort Ji Ho, who totally takes advantage of his “poor Ji Ho” situation. Hmm…Hee Joo has an interesting way of playing the brother role. He’s not as brotherly with Da Jung or Da Ae…only with Da In. Hmm…very interesting.

GD 16.80

Meanwhile, Shin Ae comes across the mid-garden picture and is startled to find Da In pictured right next to Jae Woo…and with her arms linked with his. Heh…the wrong impressions that picture gives. Hee~! Shin Ae is further troubled when she comments that the frame looks like a frame from her house, and Song Jung confirms that Jae Woo framed the picture and presented it to them.

GD 16.81

Unaware of the storm brewing within his mother’s mind, Jae Woo continues supervising the photoshoot, and various members of the staff become concerned that the two models don’t appear like a couple together.

GD 16.82

As Jae Woo discuss the problem with the photographer, who wonders if this awkwardness between the models is because they’re dealing with amateurs, Director Yoo looks over at Da Jung and gets one of her brilliant ideas: As a backup plan, they should take photos of Ji Ho with Da Jung as well…just in case the photos with the selected model don’t work out at all.

And so the modeling continues, this time with Ji Ho and Da Jung.

GD 16.83

Right before the pictures featuring the tent, as Jae Woo reiterates the importance of the tent pictures to the photographer since the tent is one of the main items of their marketing campaign, Da Jung begins to get nervous, remembering Director Yoo’s comment about being careful around Jae Woo and tents. LOL.

I don’t suppose it helps her anxiety level any when Jae Woo stops by to adjust her clothes…she can barely make eye contact with him due to his close proximity. LOL

GD 16.84

Assuming that her odd behavior is because of her “headache,” Jae Woo makes her even more nervous by massaging her head. Pfffft. I guess this is what Da Jung gets for lying to her turtle. 😉

GD 16.85

The shoot finally comes to an end, and Director Yoo notices that Da Jung has fallen asleep.

GD 16.86

Jae Woo, following her gaze, comments that the entire day’s probably been exhausting for Da Jung.

GD 16.87

Our impish Director Yoo then teases Jae Woo about his missed opportunity. They’ve taken down the tent. LOL. Oh dear…I guess Jae Woo’s comment about how a kiss associated with a tent would be appropriate but not with a bike (think back to Ji Ho and Da In’s photoshoot audition) is coming back to haunt him. *chuckles* Director Yoo must really want Jae Woo to kiss Da Jung. Heh.

Of course, Jae Woo is completely clueless. His response to her wistful comment about the tent being disassembled? It’s only natural that they be taken down since we’re finished with the shoot. LOL.

GD 16.88

It’s only when she tells him that kissing Da Jung while she’s asleep is a no-no that he finally gets her meaning.

GD 16.89

Then step by step, she tells him that he should wait to see the girl’s reaction.

GD 16.90

If the girl opens her eyes and then closes it again, she’s giving the guy permission to go ahead and kiss her.

GD 16.91

New food for thought for our turtle. He processes this information in stunned silence. Either he hasn’t thought about kissing Da Jung, or he’s just surprised by the news of the eyes being used to give permission. LOL

GD 16.92

Meanwhile, his mother has taken to her bed and wailing to her husband about how she fears their son has lost his mind.

GD 16.93

With the rest of the staff nowhere in sight, Jae Woo approaches Da Jung. Kneeling by her side, he quietly tells her, “Don’t worry.”

GD 16.94

And with his calm words of assurance, Da Jung’s eye slowly open to see Jae Woo kneeling before her…and then close again a short moment later.

GD 16.95

Remembering Director Yoo’s advice, Jae Woo looks down at Da Jung for a moment before slowly leaning down…

GD 16.96

…inching closer to her…

GD 16.97

…and closer…

GD 16.98

…until his lips meets hers, and our two little turtles share their first kiss together.


Since I’ve already seen this scene before while writing up the “Episode 16 Clip 1” post (here), I don’t feel the need to fangirl again…However, please don’t let me stop you from fangirling if you still have the warm fuzzies and squees to expel. 😉

A few thoughts before I publish this little labor of love tonight:

1. Director Yoo…I LOVE her! Seriously, what would our turtle pair do without that woman?! With Goong Young, In Woo, and Director Yoo aiding Jae Woo and Da Jung, it’s no wonder that our affectionately-dubbed turtles are moving as quickly along the path of romance as they are. 😉

2. The kiss. Granted, it’s the first one that Jae Woo and Da Jun have shared as boyfriend and girlfriend, but I have a strong suspicion that it’s actually the very first kiss for both of them as well. If not for Jae Woo, it’s most certainly the first one for Da Jung, who demonstrates quite visibly the signs of a woman receiving her very first kiss. Aw…she’s so adorable in her nervousness.

3. Shady X-Husband. *deep sigh* Can we just have him disappear? I really don’t think we need him as an antagonist. There’s plenty of “drama” with Shin Ae around. Truly. I promise that I’m completely satisfied with the amount of conflict that Shin Ae brings to the story. Really!

4. Plot pacing. Excellent. Enough said.

5. OK, I lied. I’ll say this about the plot pacing…I appreciate that the conflicts aren’t extended unnecessarily but instead kept bearable with resolutions within one to two episodes. Take for instance In Woo’s jealousy of Jae Woo and Da Jung…or the grandparents’ fight…or the parents’ fight.

*happy sigh* I’d better stop typing now. I’ve been remiss in my Real Life duties today as I frolicked a bit too much in Kdramaland. In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading this recap…even though it’s sorely lacking in all the lovely dialogue translations that I wanted to include.

Until my next Glorious Day post…!

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14 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 16”

  1. Me too, I don’t think it’s JW’s first kiss. Is this first time he’s in love? It can’t be right?

    Anyway, want to see the BTS of the kiss…haha

  2. Shin Ae is not as high as the shady ex-husband but I don’t understand why she lied that he was dead! I really don’t understand that. As I’m seeing the effects of that type of lie in Wonderful Days, it is not a good thing to do. Otherwise, I LOVED this episode!! LOVED IT!!

    1. Song Jung probably didn’t want to tell her young daughters that their father discarded/abandoned them for another woman and instead chose to give them a “good” memory of the father by just saying that he’s dead. I mean, what mother wants her children to know that their despicable human of a father just up and left them to pursue another woman, leaving the wife and young daughters completely without means to support themselves? I doubt she ever imagined her ex seeking them out again. In either case, so sad…to have to lie to one’s children like this in order to protect their innocence.

      It’ll be interesting to watch how the show deals with this huge lie…and what the repercussions will be.

      On a brighter note, I’m so glad that you’re REALLY LOVING this series! Hee~! You even squeed! 😉

  3. I’m late, but I just had to add my thanks, ST! This was a sweet episode and events are moving along at a steady pace.

    I love Director Yoo, too! And I am so grateful the brotherly angst wasn’t dragged out for longer.

    I have to say I completely empathised with the family’s attempts to ‘identify’ JW’s girlfriend! When my parents and I heard my niece (oldest grandchild) was dating, the level of excitement and curiosity in the room was palpable! I felt like running around in circles and waving my hands in the air – I don’t know why, but that’s just how I felt 😀

  4. I am so glad I found your page! I was trying to find the recaps for this series after I’ve been continually hearing how cute this couple is…. And they are so adorable together!!! I’m more of a mini series fan and don’t watch too many long series, but with the help of your recaps this is totally great! I absolutely loved that scene in Ep 15 when DJ is in the bus and JW is running beside her outside the bus and he gives his mega-watt smile and wave. I had a grin plastered on my face. And SW is so charming…. I can’t help but like him! Thanks again for your hard work! Looking forward to the future recaps!

    1. Welcome to our “Musings” community! I’m so glad that you’re joining us for this Glorious Day adventure! 🙂

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