Glorious Day: Episode 16 Preview and English Translation – Video Clip

GD 16

*chuckles* Tomorrow’s episode promises a great number of hilarious moments as Shin Ae suspects Jae Woo is dating someone and schemes to discover the mystery woman’s identity…recruiting the help of various family members. After all, her firstborn has never dated a woman–at least not to her knowledge–and a mother’s got to know, right? 😉

In addition, if the preview can be believed, Da Jung is done with her “thinking” and inadvertently lets Jae Woo know. *happy chuckles*

Below is the usual translation…enjoy! 

Dialogue Translation: 

Shin Ae: Jae Woo has a woman whom he’s meeting. Who do you think she is?

Da In: (to Ji Ho as Shin Ae eavesdrops) I’m not on my way to see you. I’m on my way to see Jae Woo oppa.

Song Jung: (as Shin Ae looks at the framed picture from the mid-garden welcome party) I was told that your older son brought it over.

Shin Ae: (clinging to Min Shik in panic) What do we do about our son? Our son seems to have gone crazy!

Da Jung: (hiding behind some bushes with Jae Woo as Uncle Nam and Mama Seo search for Jae Woo and his mystery woman) If your mother discovers that I like you, I’m going to get killed by her. (She gestures her neck getting chopped off for good measure.)

Jae Woo: (whispers back as he processes her inadvertent slip) You like me, but if you get caught, you’ll die?

Da Jung looks at Jae Woo in dismayed shock over what she’s just disclosed while Jae Woo…well, I think a picture will describe more aptly what a thousand words can’t, right?

GD 16.2

He turns his megawatt smile on her, thoroughly pleased with her unwitting confession. 🙂


Yes! Annnnnndddddd, we’re off! The love train has officially started for Jae Woo and Da Jung! Woohoo~!

On a more serious note, though, even though Da Jung suspects that Jae Woo’s mother will flip at discovering their relationship, my personal prediction is that Shin Ae will “welcome” Da Jung after suspecting the unsuitable Da In as the object of Jae Woo’s affections. LOL

Now that the two families are back on friendly terms, and even Goong Young reconciled, be prepared for some hijinks as Mama Seo recruits Uncle Nam to discover just who Jae Woo’s mystery love is! Heh…can’t wait! 🙂 I hope you’re duly excited as well! Until later then…have a wonderful Saturday, Twinkles!

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  1. It just occurred to me that they’re wearing the same clothes as the bus ending of 15 (awww, adorable scene ;_;;) so that means this scene will probably happen at least relatively early on in 16, right? And at the very least, JW will have his inadvertent ‘answer’ pretty darn quickly! Heh, ‘slow turtes’ are sprinting ’round here! 😛

    1. I’ve found that the last scenes in previews are often early in the episode! Yup I think it’s a continuation of the bus stop scene where they are hiding from JW’s mum 🙂

      1. Yup! You’re absolutely right, shl! They are hiding from her…and her inadvertent disclosure to him! P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!

    1. LOL. I watched it more than 10 times! And I questioned myself, what happen to me? I never be this crazy about Kdrama. I thought I’m the only one! LOL

  2. Oh, just a cherry on top of an ice cream on this preview translation!!!! Thank you so much!! I so appreciate your efforts!!

  3. Hahaha, so excited read your recap for this episode
    Really love how dajung confess to jaewoo
    So excited so much….

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