Glorious Day: Episode 15

GD 15.20

Our little turtle pair are off to a grand ol’ start, and none too soon! I’m liking how Jae Woo moves when his little turtle love is in trouble. 😀

I couldn’t resist blogging again after I finished watching this episode. I’m sure many of you are glad that I have such weak will-power when it comes to this series, huh? 😉

Without further ado, let’s get cracking on this truncated recap!

You can watch the RAW video of Episode 15 here.

Recap / Nutshell:

The episode resumes with Jae Woo calling In Woo and telling him that he’s done “thinking.” You can read that scene’s dialogue here.

GD 15.3

Once they leave the hospital and Jae Woo tells Da Jung exactly what he had wanted to say when he dropped her off at the hospital earlier that night, he takes them to a place more conducive for his “confession.”

GD 15.2

At the hiking summit overlooking the city, Jae Woo tells Da Jung that he’ll wait for her answer. Meanwhile, In Woo goes into Jae Woo’s room and reflects on what he’s missed…and tells himself that Jae Woo and Da Jung are mean but that he, Seo In Woo, is the worst. Aw…No matter what In Woo’s feelings are for Da Jung, he’s man enough to realize when he’s lost and to step aside for his older brother. *warm fuzzies*

When Jae Woo and Da Jung return to their respective homes, it’s to hear In Woo playing and singing a song in the mid-garden.

GD 15.4

Jae Woo, to smooth things over with his brother, goes in and drinks In Woo’s beer and soon, the two brothers are wrestling and joking around with each other again.

Before he goes to sleep, Jae Woo contemplates sending Da Jung a short text message–“Good night”–but rethinks it and texts her to call him. When she does, he tells her that things are all right with In Woo, reporting to her that he even drank In Woo’s beer and wrestled with him. Aw…I love that he’s so thoughtful of both his brother and Da Jung. He then invites her to view his room to see his desk, his books, etc…and ends with his bed. Pfffft. LOL. Why the bed that you sleep on, Jae Woo? 😉

Da Jung tells him that as much as she’d like to invite him to view her room, it’s too noisy with her two sisters. When Jae Woo comments that it’s quiet now, Da Jung explains that she’s outside. Of course, Jae Woo then tries to meet her outside to talk, but Da Jung tells him to stay put in his room since it’s late, and the two bid each other good night.

GD 15.5

The next morning, the entire family is gathered together for a breakfast prepared by Dr. Kang. The grandparents had finally reconciled the night before, and Song Jung had invited the Seo family over for the early breakfast as a celebration of the grandparents reconciling. Grandfather even has Min Shik call Goong Young and invite the scamp over for breakfast as a way to resolve all of the conflicts in the family. Aw…I love how the entire family is gathered together…foreshadowing future family gatherings. *wiggles eyebrows*

At the table, Goong Young teases Song Jung as “noona” when Min Shik tells Goong Young that he should call Song Jung his older sister. And sharp-eyed business that Goong Young is, he notices that Jae Woo is smiling an awful lot at Da Jung while In Woo is uncharacteristically sullen.

GD 15.6

He puts two and two together and confronts Jae Woo as the man crawls back into bed after breakfast for a short morning nap. Goong Young grabs Jae Woo’s wrist and repeats what Jae Woo had said to Da Jung so long ago in front of the hotel. Mimicking the way Jae Woo had grasped Da Jung’s wrist back then,  he asks if the taxi girl is Jae Woo’s mystery woman.

When Jae Woo asks how he knows, Uncle Nam tells him that he can’t marry Da Jung, not when Song Jung can finally breathe a sigh of relief and his mother is calmed down. Aw…I love how Goong Young thinks about Song Jung first. 🙂

GD 15.7

At Uncle Nam’s mention of marriage, Jae Woo smiles and goes to sleep. LOL. I guess our turtle likes this idea…a lot! 😉

Later that morning (since breakfast is always at 3am for the Seo family), Jae Woo catches up with Da Jung on her morning jog and gives her a pulse meter. Of course, Da Jung gets nervous from Jae Woo’s close proximity and sprints ahead, leaving Jae Woo worried that she’s running too fast. Aw…

GD 15.8

In Woo comes across the couple on his morning jog as well, and noting their couple pulse meters, teases them: “Jung Da Jung, I’m going to get revenge on you! Seo Jae Woo, I’m going to crush you!” I’m so glad that In Woo isn’t going to go crazy on them and instead maintain his good relationship with his brother…and ultimately Da Jung, who should be, if all goes well in Kdramaland, his future sister-in-law. 🙂

As for Goong Young, he tries to prepare Song Jung for the news that Jae Woo is interested in Da Jung, but she misunderstands and thinks that Goong Young is angling for one of her daughters. LOL. Of course, she flips out and shoos him away, much to Goong Young’s dismay at being misunderstood. Poor Uncle Nam….

GD 15.9

At work, Jae Woo buys his department a round of iced coffee and, even though he learns that Da Jung hasn’t been selected as the company’s model, smiles and carries on as usual. Suspicious, Director Yoo follows him outside and overhears Jae Woo on the phone with Da Jung, making arrangements to pick her up after work.

GD 15.10

When, in the course of the conversation, Jae Woo makes a comment about Da Jung’s unending popularity, Director Yoo barely manages to not choke on her coffee and teasingly grouches for Jae Woo’s attention. She demands to know if this is what she can expect now that he’s dating, and Jae Woo says that they’re not dating…yet.

GD 15.11

She asks what she can look forward to then once he actually begins to date, and Jae Woo abashedly says that he’s not sure…since he’s never dated, you know. LOL. I LOVE THIS!!!! He’s so adorable! I totally love his relationship with Directory Yoo! They’re the perfect office couple. LOL. Have you noticed that one of the signs of a solid series is when the main characters have awesome relationships with the minor characters, too? 😉

GD 15.12

Before returning to the staff meeting, Jae Woo makes a phone call to Da In and lets her know that Ji Hoo has been selected as Nature’s male model for their upcoming campaign. Da In tells the good news to Hee Joo, who’s over at her house eating some home-cooked meal, and Da In introduces Hee Joo to her mother as her new assistant, her new free assistant…at least until he enters the military.

As Song Jung welcomes him and Hee Joo comments to Da In that she promised him free home-cooked meals, Song Jung learns from Hee Joo that his mother recently passed away and that he’s without any family now. Aw…this explains why he’s living alone now. *deep sigh* Poor Hee Joo…his dad probably wasn’t a good dad to him and a good husband to his mother, either. Boo on Mr. Shady X-Husband! *blows raspberries*

Later that day, Jae Woo calls Da Jung on his way to pick her up from work and is told by Da Jung that he should go home alone since her work will end later than she expected. However, Jae Woo spots her on the street and follows her inside to see exactly what has caused Da Jung to lie to him.

GD 15.13

Once inside, he overhears Da Jung meeting with two of the three troublesome students’ mothers as she shows them a video clip that Eun Chan had recorded while the three boys bullied him at school earlier that day.

GD 15.14

Quietly taking in the scene, Jae Woo listens as Da Jung calmly teaches the students and the errant mothers the proper behavior of students and their mothers. Da Jung also reveals that she’s been offered a job at a different school, but regardless of whether she takes that job or not, she wants them to understand that she won’t be transferring because she’s afraid of the students or the rumors they spread about her; she’ll be transferring because of the school food. It breaks her heart that they don’t eat the food that she’s taken so much thought and effort to prepare for them.

Of course, the mothers, in an attempt to save face, leave in a huff with their naughty children in tow.

GD 15.15

Back at home, Dr. Kang begins his process to move out of Da Ae’s life…permanently. With Eun Chan’s recently discovered learning disability, he realizes that he needs to focus on his son, rather than on his love life, especially since he feels it unfair to ask Da Ae to share in this hardship with him. Earlier in the day after breakfast, he had gone to see Song Jung and tell her of his intentions to move back to his place with Eun Chan. Even when Song Jung, sensing something deeper than what Hyun Bin was telling her, pressed him to tell her the truth, Dr. Kang had remained mum and stoically just told her that he understood what his moving out would mean for him and Da Ae and thanked Song Jung for her consideration.

Of course, when Da Ae discovers that Dr. Kang has moved his and Eun Chan’s stuff back home, she’s heartbroken and asks if her mother had anything to do with this. She then calls Hyun Bin, who tells her emotionlessly that he’ll talk to her the next day. Completely in the dark as to why her happy relationship has suddenly soured, Da Ae collapses into tears.

GD 15.16

Meanwhile, Jae Woo, upon his return from the cafe, comes across Shady X-husband peering through Song Jung’s house and demands to know who he is.

GD 15.17

When the loathsome toad tells Jae Woo that he’s bought the rights to Song Jung’s book and that he’s also her ex-husband, Jae Woo gets really mad–I love that he’s already protecting his future in-laws!–collars the offensive man, and threatens to call the police on him. He then throws the man off the premise and goes to report the suspicious man to Song Jung, who decides to withhold the Shady X-husband’s identity from Jae Woo. After all, she doesn’t want anyone to know and has told her daughters that their “wonderful” father is dead. Hmm…I wonder how Jae Woo is going to feel about having manhandled his future father-in-law, no matter how disgusting of a human being he is. LOL

GD 15.18

Goong Young, for his part, accompanies Shin Ae to the supermarket and tries to test the waters about Jae Woo and his possible future bride, but Shin Ae firmly tells him that she doesn’t want any affiliation with the Jung family other than the one established by her father as the two families being now “family” via Min Shik and Song Jung. She then teases Goong Young about being interested in one of the daughters, never imagining that his attention might fall elsewhere. Ha~!

GD 15.19

As Da Jung returns home later that night, Jae Woo decides, after waiting impatiently for her at home, to greet her at the bus stop. He catches her eye as she’s about to get off the bus and flashes her a welcoming smile. Aw…

Sensing her bruised heart and her need for comfort, Jae Woo opens his arms wide and tells Da Jung that he’s here to comfort her, Nutritionist Jung Da Jung. Aw…he purposely calls her “nutritionist.”

GD 15.20

Overwhelmed by the day’s events, her disappointments, and Jae Woo’s warm welcome, Da Jung rushes into Jae Woo’s embrace.

GD 15.21

Unfortunately, Shin Ae drives by with Goong Young at that exact moment and sees Jae Woo hugging a woman. Despite Goong Young’s attempts to distract her, she calls after Jae Woo.

GD 15.22

And Da Jung looks up in surprise…right into Jae Woo’s eyes. *swoon*

GD 15.23

The episode ends with the two looking into each other’s eyes, even though Shin Ae is just a few seconds away. *happy sigh*


I think it’s safe to say that Episode 16 is going to be one fun little ride for us tomorrow. 😉 And Da Jung’s answer to Jae Woo’s love declaration? Heh…Let’s just say that the preview (here) shows us just how “quickly” our little turtle mate is going to be moving herself. 😉

OK, I’ve really got to get going. I just couldn’t resist quickly recapping this episode for you all. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed! I’ll see you again tomorrow! Until then, have a wonderful Saturday, Twinkles!

Oh! One last comment before I really go…I absolutely love how Da Jung solves her problem at school on her own without Jae Woo’s help and how Jae Woo knows better than to try to step in and help. He merely sits there as a way to lend her his support, even though Da Jung doesn’t know he’s there. And then when she returns home, he’s there to welcome her with open arms to comfort her after her horrible day. *warm fuzzies* Yup, I love that this relationship is going to be an “equal” one in which Jae Woo and Da Jung can help each other out, not just have Jae Woo be the proverbial Knight in Shining Armor who always comes to the distressed damsel’s aid. Looking forward to Episode 16! 😉

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  1. I agree with you there about Jae Woo just listening and not stepping in. he’s a great guy who knows his boundaries and he knows what da jung is capable of. He sees her as a strong and independent person and that they’re equal. I find it refreshing since most dramas don’t portray relationships as that.

    1. AND THANKS FOR RECAPPING. Even though I watch and can understand the story a bit, I still enjoy reading your recaps just because! And those for all the previews and translations 🙂

  2. SO THANKFUL to you TL, for the speedy posting of the recap.
    I am delighted and grateful for all your hard work!

    Hurray TL!!(✌゚∀゚)/

  3. Thanks ST for squeezing this in amidst your grading! I watched the raw episode last night and could figure out what was going on, but really wanted to know what everyone was saying!!

    Did the Uncle object to JW’s relationship because that would imperil his own relationship with DJ’s mum? I remember ATK – lots of stickiness about in-laws marrying?

    I loved that JW and IW ‘made up’. If I got it right, JW was apologising for something? Looks like IW is not such a bad guy?

    Thanks again, and may your arm be strong!

    1. Hi, shl! You are very welcomed!

      As for Uncle Nam’s concern about JW’s relationship with Da Jung, it’s mainly because he knows that it will cause another ruckus with Jae Woo’s mother, and he doesn’t want any more problems for Song Jung. As you can probably tell, he’s been steadily and stealthily working to clear her life of that Shady X-husband of hers. Given the writer’s reputation, I doubt that we’ll have a repeat of ATK’s craziness.

      Also, JW was apologizing to IW for being so slow so that IW developed these feelings for Da Jung. Jae Woo’s implication was that had he been faster, he would have saved all of them this heartache of a love triangle. And yeah, I think In Woo is one of the good guys…just a bit self-centered, but with this recent rejection from Da Jung, perhaps he’ll mature and change his ways. 🙂

  4. i love this drama very much not only because i love both lee sang yoon and park se hyeong, but because of the moral values it has given to. i feel sad that this has a low rating in korea. thank you very much for the recaps

    1. LOL I used to get the names confused too in the initial stages when I discovered both of them:)

      Did you know they have both acted in the same drama? It was in Life is Beautiful and Lee Sang Yoon was paired with Nam Sang Mi and later in Goddess of Marriage, Lee Sang Woo gets to act with Nam Sang Mi again:P

    1. Hmmm…not yet. I’ll put up a notice on this Sunday’s bulletin board. You may also want to check the soompi forum for Glorious Day. People there might know as well. 🙂

    2. I know this is SUUUPER late but in case you were still wondering, the song is 40 ‘듣는편지’ 뮤직비디오. Just copy and paste and I’m pretty sure you can find it on YouTube.

    1. Welcome to our Musings community!
      It’s been a while since I last saw Glorious Day. Perhaps one of the Twinkles knows. 🙂

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