Glorious Day: Episode 14 Preview with English Translation

GD 12.18

Since the written preview for Episode 14 is already up on the SBS site, I thought that I should include this little snippet for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 Again, only keep reading if you’re a sucker for spoilers…like me! 😉 

Source: SBS (here)

“현빈은 은찬이 학교 적응을 잘 못하고 있는 수준이 심각하다는 것을 깨닫고 아들을 신경써주지 못한 죄책감에 혼자서 눈물을 삼킨다. 한편, 다정은 인우에게 저녁을 함께 먹자고 약속 신청을 하고, 이를 알게 된 재우는 다정이 신경쓰이는데… ”

English Translation: by Snoopy’s Twinkie

Realizing the full extent of just how difficult/serious school life is for Eun Chan, Hyun Bin (Dr. Kang) is racked with guilt at not being able to help/care for Eun Chan. When alone, he struggles to hold back his tears. Meanwhile, Da Jung arranges to have dinner together with In Woo…(as she promised him a while ago). Upon learning of this, Jae Woo is bothered by the news…


So…the pictures for Episode 14 are obviously not available, and so I had to make do with a frame from Episode 12 that showcases this developing love triangle between the two Seo brothers and Da Jung.

As I anticipate the broadcast of Episode 13 this Saturday, followed quickly by Episode 14 on Sunday, I am starting to see the hints of “major” conflict…and we know how I personally feel about those. 😛 Thankfully, thus far, the various conflicts have been tolerable because of the roles they play in the story’s overall trajectory. However, I’m sensing the beginnings of some heartache for us…Let’s hope that this premonition of mine stays just that–a premonition. I keep seeing flashes of A Thousand Kisses and how that series showed so much promise…before veering off the deep end into a completely different story around the early 20s.

We’re only on Episode 14, which gives this writer plenty of time to create some massive heartache for us…well before the 20s, but I’m personally hoping that this writer (Moon Hee Jung) stays away from all of that and instead remains firmly planted in delivering to us–week after week–delightful stories of how the Seo family develop closer ties to the Jung family. Here’s hoping that Glorious Day is one of Writer Moon’s hits, not misses. 😀

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  1. My fears exactly Grace, not only from ATK but also the last couple of dramas like Passionate Love and Give Love Away!
    You know the saying, once bitten…

    Lets hope GD stays on track!

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