Glorious Day: Episode 14 Preview with English Translation

GD 14 Preview 1

With Jae Woo’s darkened mood concerning his relationship with Da Jung, especially now that In Woo is actively courting her, Jae Woo’s approach towards her takes on a deeper level of seriousness. Hopefully, with Director Yoo’s help in bridging the communication gap between these two, Da Jung will be able to not only come to a realization of her feelings towards Jae Woo but also make her feelings for him plainly understood.

As usual, you can read the dialogue translation below. 

Dialogue Translation: (loose translation in certain parts for easier translation)

Song Jung: Drink all of the broth, please!

Grandfather: (at Song Jung’s efforts) Feeding us the meals as they do, this family is going to be greatly troubled/inconvenienced by us.

Min Shik: I’m dying/burdened by their hospitality, too!

Min Shik sneaks back into his house.

Min Shik: (whispers) Honey…without you next to me, I can’t fall asleep.

Song Jung: (to Goong Young) Why are you like this to me?

Goong Young: You’re…like a noona.

Song Jung: Look here! Who’s your noona?!

Goong Young: N00na is correct!

Song Jung: That’s enough!

Goong Young: Hey, noona!

He gets kicked out of her house.

Goong Young: Fine. Song. Jung. shi. Hey, Song Jung!!!

Ji Ho: (Kisses Da In) You’re dating me now, OK?

In Woo: (to Da Jung) Do you like Seo In Woo or Seo Jae Woo?

Da Jung: (looking up into Jae Woo’s eyes as he adjusts her collar) Get a hold of yourself, Jung Da Jung.


Episode 14 should be a good one, especially since Da Jung becomes aware of Jae Woo’s feelings for her…and subsequently, of her own feelings for him. Heh…gotta love Director Yoo as our resident cupid!

Off to recap Episode 13…In the meanwhile, here’s a closer look at Jae Woo with Da Jung. 😉

GD 14 Preview 2

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  1. It’s getting exciting 🙂

    Now, kdrama reality talking – this is a 50-episoder, right? So we’re talking major obstacles for a while? Still remembering King’s Family; when the OTP got together fairly early they were then kept apart by family disapproval and noble idiocy for a long time. Not to mention A Thousand Kisses. Shudder. These weekend dramas always seem to start off well, but can’t maintain the tone and energy 🙁

    Thanks, ST!

    1. Doh! Let’s not even think the possibility, shl! Here’s hoping for a bearable 50-episode series. 🙂

  2. OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG – just look at the way he’s looking at her! *high-pitched squeals* How can she not know how he feels? Aigoo!

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