Glorious Day: Episode 14 Clip 1 (Jae Woo and Da Jung) + Bonus Ending Translation

GD 14.1

I haven’t recapped Episode 13 yet, but there’s a scene in which Jae Woo changes Da Jung’s ID name on his cell phone from “flying squirrel” to “Jung Da Jung.” If any one of you missed the significance of that name change on his phone, that significance is made quite clear in this little clip from Episode 14.

I thought I’d take a break from finals mode tonight and translate this delicious little pearl of a scene for you. Just a warning, though: Be prepared to swoon. Now that you’ve been sufficiently warned, proceed with reading and watching the scene with caution. 😉 Here’s clip #1 (there are three that I plan to translate) plus a bonus translation of the last scene from Episode 14!

You can watch the RAW video here

Dialogue Translation: Jae Woo, his father, and grandfather eat two dinners (one of noodles and another of chicken soup) because of Song Jung. Jae Woo calls Da Jung outside for a late night walk to work off the unexpected second meal.

Da Jung: (spotting Jae Woo) Oh, Seo Jae Woo shi!

Jae Woo: You came? I had too much for dinner and thought to try to digest some of it/work off some of it.

Da Jung: (smiles at he approaches but then averts her gaze as she becomes self-conscience after their previous hand-holding and her developing feelings for him…she quickly starts to walk ahead of him) Ah…I see.

Jae Woo: (catching up to her) I heard that you suggested Da In as my company’s “every day” advertising model.

Da Jung: Yes, Da In should do well since she’s familiar with taking pictures and having her picture taken.

Jae Woo: In terms of image, you’re more suited.

Da Jung: Me?

Jae Woo: Mmm. (aka “yes”) The concept for this advertising campaign is something that I thought of when we went to the Han River.

Da Jung: (puzzled) What did we do?

Jae Woo: We built a tent. We rode bicycles. We ran.

Da Jung: (surprised) That’s the concept?

Jae Woo: Mmm. Camping. Running. Bike. Focusing on these three, we’re going to run the campaign with this theme:. “Real Outdoor People.” That’s why you’re suitable for it.

He smiles broadly at her, and Da Jung, seeing his megawatt smile turned on her, shifts her gaze quickly away.

Da Jung: Eh…yes.

She coughs to cover her awkwardness.

Jae Woo: You do everything well with so much enthusiasm. That’s why I like you/that attitude. (The Korean phrase can be interpreted either way, so his comment gives Da Jung further pause.) Did you have a good day at school today?

As Jae Woo turns his head to look directly at her, Da Jung freaks out and again quickly averts her gaze.

Da Jung: It was…so so.

Jae Woo: Did something happen again?

Da Jung: (not looking at him and shakes her head) No.

At her silence, Jae Woo stops and looks at her intently, prompting Da Jung to look away.

GD 14.2

Da Jung:  W…what?

At his continued silence, Da Jung reluctantly looks at him.

Da Jung: What?

Jae Woo: (with purpose and meaning as though he’s imparting a new beginning for them) Jung. Da. Jung.

Da Jung: Huh? (stammers and asks quietly) What, Seo Jae Woo shi?

Jae Woo: Why didn’t you answer my phone call?

Da Jung: That…I was going to call you earlier…but Director Yoo said that you were busy, so I decided not to call you for fear that I would be interrupting your work.

Jae Woo: In the future, ask me directly.

Da Jung: Huh?

Jae Woo: Whether I am so busy that I can or cannot answer your phone call, don’t ask someone else. Ask me directly.

Da Jung: Well…you weren’t busy?

Jae Woo: (with a smile) I was busy.

Da Jung: (scoffs in disbelief) What’s this then?

Jae Woo: Don’t forget. If I have something that I want to say to you, I’ll talk to you directly, too. (After a moment) Ah! Let’s bet who can race faster from here to the dduk store and then back.

Da Jung stares at him for a moment before taking off in a sprint.

Da Jung: (Calls back to him from ahead) Only start after counting to 100. This way, it’s fair.

Jae Woo: I can’t. I have to win this time, too…99, 100!

Jae Woo takes off running after Da Jung.

*happy sigh* Such a sweet moment between our two principals. Jae Woo’s comment about telling Da Jung something directly becomes quite significant by the end of this episode when his “thinking” is all done. At the end, when Da Jung is about to leave the hospital and In Woo waylays her with a request to give him a chance, Da Jung can’t get herself to answer her phone in such a tense situation. When her phone stops ringing, In Woo’s phone immediately starts to ring, and of course, it’s Jae Woo calling. He asks to speak to Da Jung before In Woo can even say “hello,” and In Woo asks why Jae Woo would be calling when he knows that she’s here with him.

Here’s a translation of the last few moments of Episode 14…just a little treat for you before I delve back into grading. 😉 Enjoy!

Last scene of the episode:

In Woo answers the phone.

Jae Woo: Let me talk to Jung Da Jung shi.

In Woo: Why do you call when you know that she’s meeting with me? You agreed to play fairly.

Jae Woo: (Seriously in hyung mode) This isn’t a game. My thinking’s done. Let me talk to her. (*swoons at his no-nonsense tone of voice*)

In Woo: (thrown for a loop and starting to panic) What’s the conclusion of your thinking? Are you telling me that you like Jung Da Jung shi? Hyung, do you like Jung Da Jung?

Hearing In Woo’s portion of the conversation, Da Jung’s eyes widen in surprise.

In Woo: (As if taunting his brother to answer his question within the count of five) 5…4…3…

As In Woo counts down, the camera shifts to include Jae Woo, who just walked into the hospital, in the shot.

In Woo: 2…(a significantly longer pause as In Woo spots Jae Woo and processes the significance of his brother’s sudden appearance at the hospital)…1. No?

Da Jung decides not to listen anymore and pivots to walk away…and sees Jae Woo standing Right. In. Front. Of. Her. *swoon*

Jae Woo: I’ll tell her directly myself.


ACK!!!! Jae Woo’s making good on his promise to tell her of his feelings directly! Woohoo~! *swoon* Oh yes! Saturday’s Episode 15 is going to be incredibly awesome!

Just two comments before I slip back into Real Life duties: 1) Jae Woo doesn’t want any risk of miscommunication or confusion; he wants Da Jung to hear things from him directly and 2) his changing of Da Jung’s name on his phone and his slow and significant way of calling her name so emphatically during the night walk signals his intention to step up his pursuit of her on a whole new level.

*happy sigh* Our Jae Woo is definitely stepping up and acting very much like the man that he is. Nice!

*very happy sigh*

I hope these two translated scenes tie you over while I deal with the pesky aspects of Real Life. I’ll be back throughout the week to bring you the other translated clips as well as the recaps to Episode 13 and 14…hopefully before Episode 15 airs this Saturday. Until then, have a blessed week!

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  1. She is so aware of him!!! He is so hot and my god when he smiles at her, we all melt.thanks Unni for translating the two scenes because I really wanted to know what he said. “I’ll tell her myself.” Oh oppa why you so hot for? I can’t wait for next week.

  2. When i was watching this without subs I didnt know what was said but based on Lee Sang Woo’s delivery i can’t help but swoon, but thanks to your translation i swooned even more:)

  3. So missed call after in woo called is from Jae Woo right? If not then in what scene? Oh i’m so confused, why da jung don’t want to answer his call.. I love this movie so much.. With lee sang woo smile, even the gloomiest day will be brighter..

    1. There’s actually a short little scene in which Da Jung notices that Jae Woo called, but she doesn’t get a chance to call him back.
      Welcome to “Musings”! I’m glad that you’re joining us on this adventure! 😀

      1. Yes.. Thank you very much.. I’ve been on soompi and i saw someone post a link of preview, and i took a sneak peek, voilaaa~ i scream excitedly.. LOL.. Thank you once again..

  4. Thank you! You are an Angel!..LSW’s best smile in this episode is after the talk with uncle Nam at the bar. I’m sure you didn’t miss that one. Did you?

  5. Oh, thank you so much for this, Snoopy’s Twinkie! :*
    Anyway, thanks for the warning. However, it doesn’t work. 😀 *swoon* *squeal*

  6. Interesting that InWoo says “No?” when he’s done counting – which is a very good reason for JW to insist he will tell DJ things himself. If he hadn’t been there, it would have been misunderstanding #2083 with her thinking he doesn’t like her because of InWoo. (I’m hoping he’s not going to cause problems deliberately)

  7. I was in Korea last week and I thought am gonna able to watch one episode during my stay, but sad to say, I was busy outside, exploring the streets. 😀

    I totally miss Lee Sang Woo and the last four episodes. I am completely swoon by their exchange of words. I need to catch up!

    1. Awww…lucky! Did you take any pictures that you want to share with the community? If so, let me know… 🙂

      Happy catching up~!

      1. Sure, but I don’t know what kind of pictures to share?

        I’ve got an interesting story.. My sister accompanied me in this travel. As we arrived at the airport and waiting for the train to transfer to claim our luggages, my sister noticed Shin Sung Woo of Roommate
        (Shin Omma) on the other end. It’s not we see famous people on every trip, so I took the courage to have our photo taken. Hehehe. I still can’t believe I saw him in person. 🙂

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