Glorious Day: Episode 13 Preview

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The “technical” work week is almost over for me, so I thought that I would treat myself to a quick break and see if the video preview to Episode 13 had been released yet.

Nope…not yet. *crushed* I’m realizing that SBS is slow to release their odd-numbered previews, huh? However, what I did find is a written paragraph outlining the basic gist of this Saturday’s episode. If you’re curious, keep reading! 😉 

Source: SBS (here)

“철수와 민식이 집을 나간 후 꺾이지 않겠다는 의지를 보이는 순옥과 달리, 신애는 민식과 순정의 사이를 의심하며 불안해한다. 한편, 재우는 철수와 민식의 가출이 장기전이 되지 않도록 하기 위해 함께 집을 싸서 다정네로 가고, 이를 본 인우도 재우를 따라 나서는데…”

English Translation: by Snoopy’s Twinkie

Chul Soo and Min Shik leave their house and are determined to not waver in their stance. Soon Ok and Shin Ae continue to regard Min Shik’s relationship with Song Jung suspiciously and with great anxiety.

Jae Woo, in order to prevent/minimize the length of his grandfather and father’s stay at Song Jung’s place, decide to move into Da Jung’s house himself. In Woo, seeing Jae Woo pack his bags, resolve to follow his brother…


Ack! I don’t know about you, Twinkles, but this little sneak peek at Episode 13 just made my Thursday a whole lot brighter. It looks like we’re in for some very high hijinks this Saturday! 😉

Imagine! Jae Woo and Da Jung together in the same house!!! *swoon* Oh, the fun we’ll witness this Saturday! 😀

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7 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 13 Preview”

  1. Staying in the SAME house!!!! OMG I can’t wait 🙂 after a crazy week, and a stressful day, I mean a REALLY stressful day, I needed this.
    Now only if In Woo wouldn’t follow. In Woo has his plus points if you want somebody who is hyper, spoiled, and immature. Basically my high school self might have crushed on a guy like him, but now give me my TDH (tall, dark, handsome), polite, honest, smart, and mature Turtle any day!

  2. Know who I’m looking forward to seeing the most (their reactions): Nam Gong Young & Yoo Ji Ho. The jealousy they will display has got to be priceless. I am so in love with this drama.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome!!!! They are all living together!!!!!! I’m very excited about this!!!!!

  4. What a hilarious and entertaining plot! Futhermore, the actors excell themselves and are well picked. Great scenario with surprising endeavors from week to week. Good Job!

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