Glorious Day: Episode 13 Clip 3 (In Woo and Da Jung)

GD 13 Clip 3

As In Woo had suggested to Da Jung, she’s now beginning to see him as just a friendly neighbor. Unfortunately for In Woo, his feelings for her have undergone a radical change, and he now wants something more than neighboring friendship from her.

*sigh* Ah, In Woo…my heart is starting to break for you as you approach Da Jung…this time with sincerity. :'(

You can read the translation of the dialogue below…as usual. 🙂

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Dialogue Translation:

In Woo comes across Da Jung gently smoothing the pillows that Jae Woo used the previous night.

In Woo: You can buy me dinner tonight.

He walks over to Da Jung, who is still seated on the floor by the pillows.

In Woo: I don’t think I’ll have time during the weekend. Please buy me dinner today. (At her continued silence) Why? Do you have another engagement?

Da Jung: Ah, no. (She gets up from her position) There’s nothing like that…

In Woo: (after a moment’s silence) To be honest…the opportunity for you to meet with me…without declining…for some reason, I thought that this might be my last chance, so I was hoping to save it for a later time. However, if I keep dragging out the time like this, I get the feeling that I may end up regretting it even more in the future. You’re not going to buy me dinner twice, right?

Da Jung: Huh?

In Woo: If I promise to eat small portions and really cheap meals, can’t you extend the promise to two meals? (Aw…In Woo, you’re breaking my heart!) Then I think that I can meet you really comfortably today.

Da Jung: (to ease the awkwardness and In Woo’s earnestness) Later when I get my paycheck, let’s all get together and eat again. I’ll treat.

In Woo: (reluctantly accepting her concession) Today, come to the hospital.

Jae Woo walks out of the bedroom.

In Woo: The hospital food is really delicious. There’s a nutritionist at my hospital, too.

This comment elicits a smile from Da Jung.

Da Jung: By what time should I get there?

Jae Woo, unnoticed by the two, sharply looks up at her question.

In Woo: Ah! (In Woo takes out his cell phone) Your phone number…I’ll text you the time.

Da Jung hesitates.

Da Jung: (quietly) Ph…hone…

In Woo: (ruefully) Only telling my brother…that was mean of you.

Hearing In Woo put things that way, Da Jung reluctantly takes his cell phone and inputs her number into his phone’s memory.

In Woo: There’s something I definitely want to tell you, so you can’t break your promise today, all right?

Da Jung: (quietly) All right.

All this time, Jae Woo observes the exchange, unnoticed by these two, and his concern for this situation with his brother grows.

GD 13 In Woo and Jae Woo


Hmm…it’s pretty clear from Episode 13 that Jae Woo–at least for now–has no intentions of backing away from his pursuit of Da Jung. He’s just hoping that In Woo isn’t truly serious about her, or else….

On the other hand, though, witnessing this scene between Da Jung and In Woo and knowing that Da Jung has also given In Woo her phone number does nothing to brighten Jae Woo’s mood so early in the morning as evidenced by his reaction to Director Yoo when she asks about his date with Da Jung. Hmmm….I’ll save my thoughts on this for the full Episode 13 recap.

Stay tuned for the Episode 14 Preview and then the full Episode 13 recap. Until then, Twinkles…have a wonderful day! 🙂

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  1. have very little sympathy for In Woo. He is a spoiled brat. Hides that he has his own apartment and a really nice car from his own family. The way in conspired with his Uncle early on. Treats women like crap in the beginning. I am sorry but just because his competitive side has been challenged by his hyung does not help me like him any more. I will be irate if his hyung steps aside for him. He does not deserve her at all. OK! My rant is over.

    1. LOL. You poor dear…In Woo makes up for his previous bad behavior in Episode 13. 🙂 He’s maturing…That’s all I’m going to say for now. 😉

  2. Hmmm… I want to thank you for the translations but I’m really not a fan of IW. 🙁 Why step up now? Hmp. Keke

    1. I know, right? LMAO, I agree – is he only stepping up because his hyung likes her? (which tells him she’s a great catch) Pffttt.

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